7 Ghosts 523 Retribution For Reincarnation Of The Third Generation

During the Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a wealthy family named Gong in Shunyi County. The family had a lot of property. In middle age, they had a son Gong Qingyou, and a servant of the Gong family also gave birth to a son named Li Fu. At the servant's request, the Gong family agreed that Li Fu would accompany Gong Qingyou to study with the same old gentleman. When the two children were fourteen years old, one night Li Fu dreamed that the gate of heaven was wide open, and two gods and men descended into the courtyard. One god man pointed to Gong Qingyou and said, "How is he?" The other god man said : "He is a man of all blessings, a scholar at the age of seventeen, a scholar at the age of nineteen, a second-rank official position, and a life of glory and wealth." Pointing to Li Fu and asking what will happen in his life, the god-man said: "He is a poor man. I have no share in fame and fame in my life." After speaking, the two gods and men ascended to heaven and left, and the gate of heaven was closed. After waking up, Li Fu was puzzled and told his parents and friends about the dream.

Li Fu has always paid attention to Gong Qingyou's situation. At the age of seventeen, Gong Qingyou was indeed selected as a scholar, but Li Fu stopped studying at this time and started farming at home. Gong Qingyou is mean and violent, he can be said to have done a lot of evil, but since he was a scholar, his official career has been smooth, and later he became a second-rank official. After becoming an official, he corrupted the law and harmed the people.

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Li Fu believed that such a villain as Gong Qing would be rewarded badly, but Gong Qing lived until he was over seventy years old, with a wealth of wealth and a prosperous population, and he even predicted his own death. Many people think that after doing evil, they will not receive immediate retribution, and thus become confused about the principle of karma. Li Fu was like this, and he was quite upset in his heart, thinking of the underworld to see what happened. On the day Gong Qingyou died, Li Fu also died and came to the underworld.

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Li Fu found out that Gong Qingyou was treated politely in the underworld, so he became even more indignant, and then sued his confusion to the king of the underworld, who ordered the judge to open a book, and saw that it recorded Gong Qingyou's life and death, good and evil. Pluto said: "He did a lot of great good deeds in the previous life. The evil deeds in this life will consume a lot of the virtues accumulated in the past, but there are still many. He will enjoy the blessings in the next life, but not as great as this one. As for his evil deeds, That's not the time for retribution." He told Li Fu 7 ghosts 523 to return the tribute, saying that Li Fu did not do good deeds in his previous life, so he should have suffered in this life. , so having enough food and clothing is not bad, and you will enjoy the blessings when you reincarnate.

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Pluto specifically promised Li Fu to reincarnate with Gong Qingyou, only to see that Gong Qingyou was reincarnated in a wealthy family, and Li Fu himself was reincarnated in a middle-class family. Gong Qingyou became a county magistrate after he grew up, and he still cruelly abused the people, corrupted the law, and framed goodness. He once tortured and forced a confession to goug out a person's eyes, and in another case he chopped off a person's legs. He died of a sudden illness at the age of seventy.

Li Fu still did good deeds and accumulated virtues in this life, and began to practice hard. After Gong Qingyou died, he was able to go out of his body and go to the underworld to see what happened. I saw that Gong Qingyou was judged in the underworld. The book records that Gong Qingyou's merits have been exhausted. When he was an official, he gouged people's eyes and feet. There is no merit to compensate for these things. He had to repay the debt with his own body, so he was punished and reincarnated into a poor family. He was blind in both eyes and crippled in both feet. He begged on the street all day long.

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Li Fu saw that Gong Qing had the karma of the three lifetimes, so he practiced more vigorously, hoping that he could get rid of the suffering of reincarnation as soon as possible.

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