Chapter 643: Curse Inheritance

Wang Xiaoming is not a person who likes to use intrigues and tricks. He always puts a reasonable plan in front of you for you to choose.

But there is no room for this choice, because you can't find a better way than his plan, and in the end you can only be forced to agree. Even if you kill him now, you will still choose his plan.

So this is a conspiracy.

He now made the failures and successes of the experiment very clear.

Only one of Yang Jian and Guo Fan can survive, and whoever survives in the end will have the body of Yang Jian and become the top ghost controller who can control three ghosts.

"Is this all your thoughts? You have thought of this plan a long time ago, so you agreed so happily before. As far as you are concerned, you will not suffer any loss in this matter. On the contrary, it was me who could have made the choice. The boss of Pluto, the ghost-eyed little wife , now has to gamble her life with you and is forced to accept this result."

Yang Jian's eyes were still staring at Wang Xiaoming.

He thought about Wang Xiaoming's plan to solve the music box curse, but he didn't expect that the specific plan was like this.

Once he agreed, it was equivalent to entrusting his life to Wang Xiaoming.

As for what will happen next, it is not up to Yang Jian himself.

"At least you still have a chance to gamble. Many people don't even have a chance to gamble. After controlling three ghosts and suffering the curse of the music box, your journey as a ghost master has come to an end. Conventional means can no longer keep you alive. If you go on, only a special and dangerous plan can possibly extend your life."

Wang Xiaoming ignored Yang Jian's cold gaze and said calmly, "You have experienced a lot, and there are many truths that you don't need me to explain now."

"That's true, but how do I know if you have any selfish intentions? After the consciousness and curse are successfully separated, will you willingly return my consciousness? Instead of being trapped in the spiritual position forever and occasionally offering me a few sticks of incense? If that plan succeeds, not just Guo Fan, but anyone can replace me."

Yang Jian said, the ghost eyes opened, and the ghost domain spread out to the surroundings instantly.

Now that the fifth level is not sealed, his ghost realm can penetrate to the outside, but the penetration speed is not very fast.

"Controlling three ghosts is not an easy task, so no one is more suitable than you. Guo Fan is just an emergency substitute, lest the ghost's resurrection after your death becomes a hidden danger."

Wang Xiaoming said seriously: "If you are really worried like this, then this plan cannot be implemented."

The boss of Pluto, his little wife with ghost eyes_Good night, his wife with ghost eyes_The boss of Pluto, his little wife with ghost eyes

"Since you said so, I have nothing to worry about. But since you want me to bet my life, it is not fair for me and Guo Fan to bet. We must bet together. From now on, no one can walk out of this building. You are not allowed to enter this building even a single step, otherwise you will be attacked by evil spirits,"

Yang Jian said coldly, these words were not addressed to Wang Xiaoming, but to the ghost boy.

The ghost realm is covered and his last order is delivered.

Those who leave the building die, and those who enter the building die.

At this moment, in front of a window upstairs, a strange child with blue-black skin and a cold body without any warmth actually started to move at this time. It was wearing a shroud taken off a dead person, holding a rotten dead head in both hands, and was actually in the corridor. Run quickly.

The ghost boy was given a killing rule by Yang Jian.

Killing everyone who enters and exits the building, and at the same time new commands appear, overriding the original commands to stay in place, so it has the ability to move autonomously.

That is to say.

From now on, a terrifying supernatural event begins to occur in this building, and a second-stage starving ghost will wander here non-stop.

"Is what you just said a threat?" Wei Jing stared at him and asked.

"No, I'm just taking some precautionary measures. Don't worry, I saw this building just now. There are not many people there, so if there is an accident, it won't cause many casualties. I don't want an accident to happen." Yang Jian said .

"Let the experiment begin. My curse will erupt at twelve o'clock tomorrow night. It is impossible to confirm whether this news is true or false, but this thing will not lie."

As he spoke, he took out an old wooden music box.

The music box was open at the moment, and it was pitch black inside. It was unclear what exactly was inside, but there was a strange aura everywhere.

"I have studied the curse of the music box. After the curse breaks out, the music box will close itself and return to its previous state, waiting for the next person to open it, so this thing is the best timer." Wang Xiaoming said.

"If you are ready, go into that room now, lie down in the ghost coffin and hold up the coffin. Once the transfer of consciousness begins, there will be results soon. The ghost coffin is incomplete. Can it be suppressed? I don’t have much confidence in the out-of-control ghost in my body, so I will let Wei Jing watch.”

The boss of Pluto, his little wife with ghost eyes_Good night, his wife with ghost eyes_The boss of Pluto, his little wife with ghost eyes

Yang Jian didn't speak, and just walked into that special room with a cold face.

There are thick walls all around, which cannot be covered by the ghost domain. This is specially built. The only thing that can communicate with the outside is a small glass window.

When he walked in, the door was slammed shut and locked.

At this moment, Yang Jian felt that he was isolated from the outside. He couldn't even hear the sound. It suddenly became extremely quiet. In front of him, there were only a black coffin without a lid and a black coffin covered with dried blood. Dirty old spiritual place.

The black and white photo of the burial place shows Guo Fan's appearance.

His face was pale and his expression was frightened, as if he had been threatened by death. It was obvious that he did not transfer his consciousness to the spiritual position willingly. He was probably threatened by Wang Xiaoming, and finally had to choose to compromise.

Although Yang Jian did it voluntarily, he was forced to do so because of the situation.

"With his character, he would agree so easily? According to the file, he is not someone who is easy to compromise." Outside, Wei Jing's cold and weird voice asked.

He had read the files about Yang Jian and had a general understanding of the person. He knew that with Yang Jian's character, it would not be easy for him to accept this plan so quickly.

Yang Jian's attitude just now also proved this, and he almost didn't start a fight.

"This shows that the file is out of date. He has grown up, and he has not compromised. Instead, his methods have become more intense. He must have made some arrangements that I don't know about, but his arrangements have not yet worked." Wang Xiaoming He frowned slightly.

"But none of that matters now because the results will come soon."

At this time, he saw Yang Jian contacting the ghost coffin and executing the plan as he said before.

Yang Jian in the room didn't hesitate too much. He had done everything he needed to do, and the rest depended on the result. If he couldn't survive despite all the preparations, he could only say that he was not lucky enough. .

After approaching the ghost coffin, he took a look inside.

This time, there were no ghosts lying in the ghost coffin, and no other ghosts appeared. It just became an ordinary-looking coffin.

Wife_The boss of Hades, the little wife with ghost eyes_Good night, the wife with ghost eyes

The only thing worthy of attention is that the inside of the coffin is pitch black, like an abyss leading to hell, which makes people feel fearful.

"Last time I stole the ghost coffin from Guizhao, but as a result, Guizhao did not complete the pregnancy. Is the remaining supernatural power still left in this coffin? In this way, this coffin without a coffin lid became Guizhao. One of the more broken pieces of the puzzle…”

Yang Jian observed and roughly understood the situation of the ghost coffin, and then boldly stepped into the coffin.

As soon as he walked in, he felt that the ghost in his body was being suppressed, but this suppression was very special. It would not completely kill the ghost, but also allow the ghost controller to continue to use the ghost's abilities.

It was as if a shackles had been placed on the ghost controller invisibly.

After feeling his own condition, he set his eyes on the old wooden memorial tablet placed in front of the coffin.

"As long as there is continuous contact, the consciousness will be transferred into the spiritual position?" Yang Jian couldn't help but become nervous at this moment.

Whether the transfer can be successful depends on this. If it fails, the curse of the music box will be transferred along with his consciousness, then he will face the worst situation… The body may be taken over by Guo Fan, and the consciousness will Obliterated by the curse.

All the hard work will cease to exist.

Despite facing this risk, Yang Jian still had to do it because he had no choice.


He reached out and picked up the spiritual tablet.

The old wooden memorial tablet was covered with dried blood. It seemed that it had been through the hands of many people, leaving traces of some terrible stories. But when Yang Jian held it up, a cold breath instantly invaded his body, and his consciousness was in It was as if I was being pulled away at this moment, and that feeling was terrifying.

It seemed as if I was dying bit by bit.

At the same time, Yang Jian's expression also changed rapidly. From the calm and collected before, to the panic and uneasiness later, in the blink of an eye, the temperament exuded by his whole person seemed to have changed.

The black and white photo on the memorial tablet gradually became distorted, and the portrait also changed its appearance.

The boss of Pluto, his little wife with ghost eyes_Good night, his wife with ghost eyes_The boss of Pluto, his little wife with ghost eyes

Yang Jian's face appeared on it, but the photo of Guo Fan that was originally left on the spiritual throne quickly faded and disappeared… Finally, his face appeared on Yang Jian standing in the ghost coffin.

The identity replacement of the two people was achieved at this moment.

"Did it succeed?"

Wang Xiaoming was very curious about this matter. He quickly approached and pressed against the glass window to observe the situation inside.

"So who is the curse of the music box now? Is it on Yang Jian who is in the spiritual position, or is it successfully replaced by the current Guo Fan?"

The next answer determines who of the two lives and who dies.

At this moment, Yang Jian, who was standing in the ghost coffin, moved. He moved his head slowly, and there was a bit of confusion and hesitation in his eyes. It seemed that this consciousness had been in the spiritual position for too long, and it was not as normal as usual. Same, I didn’t get used to it for a while.

"Am I still alive?" Although the voice belonged to Yang Jian, the tone belonged to Guo Fan.

He looked a little surprised, then saw Wang Xiaoming standing outside the window, and then recalled what happened before.

Guo Fan remembered that he invited Wang Xiaoming to drink tea at his residence, and then he insisted on borrowing the spiritual tablet in his hand. A dispute ensued… In the end, he compromised.

I thought that I would definitely die after that time, but I didn't expect that there was a possibility of surviving.

It felt like he had slept for a long time. He had never stayed in the spiritual position for such a long time before. After all, the longer he stayed, the more he would be eroded by ghosts, and he might not be able to come back in the end. .

"Guo Fan, how are you feeling now?" Wang Xiaoming asked through the intercom outside the window.

This room blocked out the supernatural, but not the signal.

"It feels good. I seem to be back to normal, even better than before. Wait, something is wrong…" Guo Fan frowned, looked down and found that he was still holding the coffin. His instinctive reaction was , hurriedly took it back.

But soon he discovered that this body did not seem to be his.

The boss of Pluto, his little wife with ghost eyes_Good night, his wife with ghost eyes_The boss of Pluto, his little wife with ghost eyes

"Is this Yang Jian's body?"

He saw the black and white portrait on the spiritual throne, which actually looked like Yang Jian, and he understood all of this immediately.

Professor Wang actually killed Yang Jian and successfully rescued himself. This, this is really incredible. In other words, from now on, he is no longer the Guo Fan before, but Guo Fan who controls the ghost eyes of three ghosts?

Thinking of this, Guo Fan suddenly became excited. He could give up this spiritual position now. He did not need this thing to change the deterioration of his body, because he knew that Yang Jian had already reached the balance of the three ghosts, which was a new beginning.

He immediately threw away his spiritual position, and then impatiently tried to get out of the ghost coffin.

"It's best not to mess around. You can't control Yang Jian's ghost. You may die from the ghost's resurrection as soon as you step out of the ghost coffin." Wang Xiaoming reminded with a cold face.

Controlling three ghosts requires experience and cannot be achieved by changing one consciousness. The balance and suppression between ghosts require coordination by the living ghost controller. Once the balance is imbalanced, the ghosts will resurrect.

"Yes, yes, yes, Professor Wang, you are right. I was too reckless. I should observe more and become familiar with Yang Jian's body." Guo Fan still looked excited.

He felt like he was the protagonist in a movie. He was about to die, but he was so lucky to get such an opportunity.

Not only did he survive, but he also became a top ghost controller. He felt that his life had reached its peak.

Guo Fan even felt that after he went out this time, he should compete for the position of captain, so that Zhong Shan could follow him honestly from now on, and he envied him to death.

But when he was thinking so wildly, Guo Fan suddenly said: "But Professor Wang, can you turn off the music in this room first? Keep playing it over and over again. I'm a little tired of listening to it."


How could there be music in the room? There was only a phone.

Wang Xiaoming's expression outside the glass window moved slightly, then he ignored Guo Fan, and instead looked at the fallen spirit tablet next to the ghost coffin. Yang Jian's portrait was still there, with the same indifferent expression.

"Is luck still on Yang Jian's side?"

At this moment, he understood that the so-called music sound was the curse of the music box. Now this curse was inherited by Guo Fan, and Yang Jian successfully hid in the spiritual throne to avoid the risk of being killed by the curse.

But it seems that Guo Fan still doesn't know what he is going through now.

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