Sister In The Middle Of The Night

I haven't been able to sleep lately.

In the middle of the night, I always see a sister in a floral skirt walking back and forth on the opposite road from the window. Sometimes the night wind blows on her body, and the thin skirt flutters gently, like an angel who does not eat the fireworks of this world.

She always appeared at night, always walking back and forth on the road alone, with a touch of sadness on her beautiful face.

Although I am only fifteen years old, I also know how to appreciate the opposite sex.

Such a beautiful woman always appears on the road opposite my house at night – I really can't restrain my desire to peek at her.

This is the third time, this is the third time she has appeared outside my window, and the third time she is walking back and forth alone on the road. Why is such a beautiful sister with no one around her?

The building I live in only has three floors. My house is on the top floor. Opposite is a luxury serviced apartment with more than 20 floors. My father works as a security guard inside, and I sometimes sneak in to play.

I was born in this old building with only three floors. I am very familiar with the neighbors nearby. I can be sure that this sister who walks back and forth downstairs in the middle of the night does not live in the same building as me. Neighbor.

Then why is she always walking back and forth across from me? Are you waiting for someone? After dozens of days of observation, I discovered a pattern: as long as the leftmost room on the seventeenth floor of the hotel opposite is lit, the sister downstairs will appear.

Oh, I understand, maybe the sister downstairs is waiting for the person in that room.

But I never saw the person she was waiting for come out to pick him up.

This day I sneaked into the hotel to play again. There was no one in the elevator, so I ran into the elevator.

I would sit on the top floor first, and then press the buttons on a bunch of floors with my eyes closed. I would open my eyes every time I stopped.

It stopped once on the 25th floor, once on the 21st floor, and once on the 18th floor…

When I reached the 18th floor, I suddenly heard an angry voice: "You brat , come out quickly. How many times have I told you not to play in the elevator!"

Oops! Dad saw me on the elevator surveillance video!

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If I go down now, I will definitely be dragged into the security room and kicked by him. I don't want that.

So I walked out of the elevator on the eighteenth floor.

1804, 1805, 1807… I am counting the room numbers one by one.

This is another original game of mine: walk down the corridor with your eyes closed, then suddenly open your eyes to see if you guessed the room number correctly.

After counting this floor, I walked to the seventeenth floor.

1706, 1708…, I still guessed it accurately, because I have guessed it too many times, and the location of each room is very familiar.

Suddenly I heard a burst of laughter and I was startled.

It turned out that a man and woman came out of room 1717. The man put his hand around the woman's waist, and they were talking and laughing intimately.

When they passed by me, I felt that the man looked familiar, but I couldn't remember who it was.

1703, 1701…

1616, 1623…I continued my game.

In this way, I wandered around the building until night, and didn't go home until I was hungry.

There was no one at home and the food was already on the table.

Fortunately, my father went to play cards again in the evening and had no time to lecture me about what happened during the day. Since his mother passed away, he went home less and less.

After eating the already cold dinner, I watched TV boredly, changing channels frequently.

Huh! Isn't this the man I saw during the day? When it switched to the local station, my eyes widened.

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On the screen, he was reporting local news.

No wonder he looked so familiar. It turned out that the man I met on the seventeenth floor was the announcer of this city!

It seems that this celebrity lives in Room 1717 in the building opposite! I was excited for a while. My classmates must not have known about this.


Room 1717, isn't it on the far left on the 17th floor? Could it be…

Could it be that the sister who appeared downstairs in the middle of the night was just waiting for this man? Looking at the announcer's handsome face on the TV screen, I suddenly felt that he and the beautiful sister in the floral dress downstairs were indeed a perfect match…

I suddenly felt a little sad…

Apart from a hint of jealousy, I felt sad for the sister in the floral dress who appeared in the middle of the night, because I saw during the day that the person she was waiting for was holding another woman in her arms.

Does Sister Huaqun know this? Does she know that this man has another woman?

That night, there was no light in room 1717 on the far left of the 17th floor, and the sister in the flower skirt downstairs did not appear either.

Same thing the next day.

On the third day, the lights in room 1717 came on, and the flower skirt sister appeared again.

I looked at her beautiful figure in the night wind, and felt sad…

A week later, I came back from school and when I passed the hotel entrance, I saw the handsome announcer again. This time he was driving a red convertible sports car with a woman sitting in the car.

After he parked the car, he hugged the woman intimately and walked into the elevator.

The woman in his arms is not the one I saw last time on the seventeenth floor. The woman who was with him last time has short hair.

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That night, Sister Huaqun appeared on the sidewalk downstairs again. In addition to walking back and forth, she also looked up from time to time at the lighted room at the end of the seventeenth floor.

Looking at her slender figure, I feel that this sister is so pitiful.

I couldn't help it.

Although it is already past midnight, I really want to go downstairs…go downstairs and tell this sister what I saw.

But what if she wasn't waiting for the unfaithful person? Aren't I unnecessary?

I grabbed my hair and hesitated.

No matter so much, even if I could go down and see her face face to face, it wouldn't be in vain that I couldn't sleep because of her these days.

I put on my clothes and ran downstairs.

On the sidewalk, except for the sister in the flower skirt, there was not even a cat. Only the street lamps were giving off a cold white light in vain.

When I walked quickly to my sister in the flower skirt, she was pacing slowly with her back to me.

"……elder sister……"

Looking at her back, I whispered.

She turned around slowly. …

My open mouth can no longer be closed…

It was the first time I saw such a beautiful face…

"Are you calling me?"

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She looked calmly at me, who was only a few steps away, but her voice… sounded very far away.

"Sister…are you waiting for someone?"

"Yes, I'm waiting for someone." There was a sadness on her face that I couldn't describe.

"Is the person you are waiting for…the man in the innermost room on the seventeenth floor?"

"……how do you know?"

"My guess… Although there are many rooms in the hotel opposite, there are very few lights on in the middle of the night. And as long as the lights in the room on the seventeenth floor are on, you will appear downstairs."

"You are a very smart boy…have you been looking at me."

"I…have been looking at you for a long time…" I lowered my head because my face must be very red.

"Go back to sleep. It's very cold at night. Don't catch a cold." Sister Huaqun said to me with a smile.

Her smile made her look even more beautiful.

"Sister, there is something… I think I should tell you…"

"You tell me."

"The man you are waiting for…that man seems to often bring other women into his room."

"I know this…but how did you know?" She still smiled.

"…I sometimes bump into him at the hotel door." I'm embarrassed to say that I always sneak into the elevator to play.

"It is because he is with another woman that I am waiting for him here."

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"He is with another woman, and you still…wait for him?" I don't understand what this sentence means.

"I'm waiting for him here because I want to go with him." Suddenly a light that I couldn't understand flashed in my sister's eyes.

"But, doesn't he know that you are waiting for him here? You have been waiting so hard, but he seems not to know that you exist…"

"He really didn't know I was waiting for him, but as soon as he looked down from the window, I would take him with me."

I really don’t know what this sister in the flower skirt is talking about.

A gust of cold wind blew by, fluttering her long floral skirt.

As the floral skirt fluttered, it also revealed her long and slender legs… Well, she was actually barefoot!

The moment her long skirt was blown by the wind, I could see clearly that she was indeed not wearing shoes.

It is now the end of September, and although there is plenty of sunshine during the day, you still need to wear a coat at night.

On such a cold night, she was so barefoot…

"Sister, why don't you wear shoes?" I wrapped my clothes tightly around my body and asked her.

"You're so smart, let's take a guess first." She lowered her head, pulled up her skirt a few inches, and looked at her bare feet.

Sister, I really can’t guess, please tell me.

"After I tell you, you can go home and sleep, and stop looking at your sister, okay?"

"…Okay." That's all I could say.

"I don't wear shoes because… I was barefoot when he pushed me down from the seventeenth floor."…

What Sister Huaqun just said that I didn’t understand, now I understand everything.

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