Han Dali Smashed Oboi To Death

When Emperor Kangxi ① came to the throne, he was still an eight-year-old child. He could not manage the government personally, and all major affairs in the world were decided by the four assistant ministers. Emperor Kangxi had trained these hundred strong men, and he wanted to do something to Oboi! Emperor Kangxi, who was just twelve years old, showed his great talents in this round, and gave a blow to those ministers who dared to oppose him. ①Emperor Kangxi is the holy ancestor of the Qing Dynasty (1654-1722), Aixinjueluo Xuanye, reigned Kangxi, and reigned from 1661 to 1722 AD. … Continue readingHan Dali Smashed Oboi To Death

Ghost Submarine Full Story Chapter 14 Dragon Up Underwater

Although the sea air has melted away, a hurricane has formed on the surface of the sea. On the raging ocean where the sea is surging and the turbid waves are empty, our only hope is the sea willow boat "Tri-Halberd" carefully refitted by the British. They can withstand this test, but even sea wolves like Uncle Ming and Ruan Hei cannot judge how long this storm will last. … Continue readingGhost Submarine Full Story Chapter 14 Dragon Up Underwater

Chapter 46: Pangu Divine Veins

Ancient witchcraft was prevalent. At first, the Zombie Mountain was the Pangu Valley, which was a forbidden place to sacrifice to the necromantic witch gods. Hanging coffins were hidden in the crevices of the surrounding cliffs, and various bronze and jade ancient relics were buried in the ground, as well as countless small corpse vessels. sarcophagus. But what I am even more puzzled about is the "Ode to the Misunderstanding of Viewing Mountains" and those pictures. Isn't that the Dan Ding we're looking for? … Continue readingChapter 46: Pangu Divine Veins

Ghost Stories From Liaozhai: Injustice In The Mirror Read Online

When he was going to sleep at night, he suddenly had a dream. In the dream, he saw a beautiful woman in bright makeup bowing down in front of him and saying, "I have practiced underground for hundreds of years, and it seems that I am about to achieve great success, but tomorrow I will be able to do it." It is impossible to escape from a catastrophe, and only you can save me. When he was sleeping at night, Xie San dreamed that this woman came to him crying and said to him: "I have been refined, but you destroyed me. Daoxing, this is also a predestined doom, how can I hate you. … Continue readingGhost Stories From Liaozhai: Injustice In The Mirror Read Online

One Eyed Bride

Before I left, I glanced at Luo Lei, but I didn't expect that she was also looking at me. I was flustered and almost fell when I passed the door. I sometimes peek into her eyes for nothing, but see nothing. Like yesterday, Luo Lei complained that her eyes were sore, she didn't eat much and went back to her room. I rubbed my eyes and thought I was wrong, but there was clearly a red wedding dress in front of me, and she had already walked out of the back room. There was also one who claimed to have seen a girl's face with only one eye. "Ji Yan came over and pointed to the red eyes. Sure enough, the red part was slightly larger than before. There was a voice in the sky, and she said bitterly: "I will still stare at you in the future. See if you're lying. … Continue readingOne Eyed Bride

Sleeping Beauty

I seem to have slept all night, but I don't remember anything from last night, even the room in front of me is very strange to me. I looked at the girl's face in the mirror, as if I had met a stranger. This woman has been visiting you day and night since the beginning of your fall, always sitting on your bed and weeping, who else could it be if it wasn't your mother? A little girl about seven or eight years old in a hospital gown jumped up to me and said with a smile, "Sleeping Beauty, did the prince wake you up with a kiss? Mom said you were Sleeping Beauty. You have been sleeping for a long, long time. Until a prince will kiss you awake. … Continue readingSleeping Beauty

Be Careful Tattoos Attract Ghosts

After a few days, we couldn’t resist Wang Dong’s soft-heartedness, so we went. It’s strange that the tattoo shop didn’t have a single picture. He just gave us tattoos based on what the tattoo master had in mind, so he asked the young man what he wanted to ask. What? I asked why this happened. Later I found out that it was because of my friend’s tattoo. The tattoo was a Zhong Kui fortune teller who said that Zhong Kui beckoned ghosts, and you have a lot of Yin energy, which is why you have been in trouble, and you have seen dirty things. thing. … Continue readingBe Careful Tattoos Attract Ghosts

Lu Dongbin Playing Peony

It is said that Lu Dongbin, one of the Eight Immortals, was named Chunyangzi, and was said to be a native of Tang Jingzhao. In the legends about him, apart from Jianghuai killing dragons, Yueyang playing cranes, inn drunkenness, etc., there is also the theory of playing peony flower fairy. After a while, the Queen Mother ordered the Peony Fairy to present a flat peach to the Great Immortal. Fairy Peony came to Lu Dongbin hesitantly. Fairy Peony looked back and saw that it was Lu Dongbin. She hurriedly covered her face with her sleeves and said, "You, do you know the fairy rules?" Lu Dongbin said, "Really. When the Queen Mother saw the two great immortals talking about love, she said: "For the sake of the two immortals, the peony will not die, but it will be driven out of the Western Paradise and reduced to the common people! … Continue readingLu Dongbin Playing Peony