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I don’t know why, but the article I posted today is either an angel or a devil. Hey, it’s purely a coincidence~ I am a zombie, a very old zombie. Of course, I mean my age. If calculated according to human methods, I must be over two thousand years old. It sounds like a long time, but it actually feels like a long time.

I vaguely remember that at that time, my name was Ying Zheng, a very powerful man, I had everything, and I was young, but I was very scared, because I was unwilling to be in such an environment, but I could not enjoy it forever. But I must die like everyone else, so I found a man named Xu Fu to find the elixir of immortality for me.

I never thought that immortality was possible. When I was worried about a monster, a blood-sucking monster, a blood-sucking monster in my land, I placed my hope on the Heavenly Master Ma Ling'er and sent General Kuang Zhongtang. When I was protecting her and helping her to eliminate monsters, Xu Fu came back. He told me that immortality is possible, and it is eternal life – immortality. Many years later, I can't tell whether I should hate him or not. Xu Fu should still thank him, because it was him who turned me into a zombie – immortal beyond six lifetimes.

When I knew that Tianshi Ma Ling'er was my natural enemy, I used my own methods to threaten Kuang Zhongtang to kill Ma Ling'er.

He did that, but he also committed suicide. I didn't understand. I didn't let him die, I just wanted Ma Ling'er to die. Many years later, I knew that he loved Ma Ling'er.

That was a long, long time ago. My life, oh no, I only have life, no life. Zombies are immortal. Without death, how can there be life? My name is Riley now, and I live in an old castle in England. There is a forest there. It is said that there are many elves there. If you are pure, you can hear their stories.

I have a maid, she is my kind. We zombies will not appear in the same place with our kind, because we are destined to be alone forever.

However, Jenny was willing to let go of the nobility, mystery, and even the pride of loneliness that her tribe valued and followed me for four hundred years, ever since I first arrived in this town.

I do not want to describe the source of our necessities – blood, nor do I want to describe our loneliness in the dark. What I want to describe is the story of me and my favorite.

I have a stone. In the eyes of humans, it is a diamond that is too big to be measured in value. In my eyes, it is just a beautiful stone called Angel's Tears. Although, from the moment it appears, it has a Rumor has it that it is an ominous ornament, but to me, any ominousness is nothing significant. When I play with it, I often think: the angel's tears dripping on the back of my hand are the same as mine. Is blood as cold or does it warm my skin? Until a woman appeared, I decided to put away the angel's tears: so that its ominousness would not hurt her, and also so that after having her, angels would not shed tears.

She is an angel, with long golden hair that is naturally curly, as noble and gentle as the moon, with a mysterious face and bright eyes. When I first saw her in the forest, she had tears like diamonds in her eyes. Because her Lele dog died, for a moment, I didn’t know if my immortality existed just to wait for her, but I had already decided that she was mine, so I smiled. After years of loneliness, I was exposed to the sunshine for the first time. I listened to her tearful complaints: My little Lele is gone, but you still smile so evilly. I said with pity: Angel, I will take you. Will you listen to the elf? They will tell you: Your Lele dog is happy in heaven now, because there is another person who can give you happiness now, so stop crying, angels should laugh.

The beautiful woman lowered her head shyly: I'm not as good as you said. I have a name, Shiya, not Angel.

Shiya, listen, the elves are saying: Shiya is an angel, Shiya is an angel…, do you hear it? "Really!" I heard the elf say loudly and sing a beautiful song, a beautiful angel with a sunny smile.

I fell in love with a human being, an angel. I wanted to give her happiness, I wanted to give her joy, I also wanted to give her protection, and I also wanted to give her normality, so I tried to eat human food, even though it would My stomach and intestines were tortured because I couldn't stand the fireworks in the world other than blood. I slowly no longer feared the day and the sun. I even fell in love with humans other than Shiya, like Shiya's parents and the people in the small town who helped us. Bless others.

I decided to make Shiya my partner and my wife.

When a zombie chooses a person as his partner, it means that he will never betray or leave.

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We invite everyone in the town to our wedding in three months.

Shiya that day was really a beautiful angel. Her white wedding dress made her beauty show in my happy and passionate eyes. I stretched out my hands and waited for the beautiful angel to come to me from the other end of the red carpet. All People all share our happiness. When I put the angel's tears on Shiya's elegant neck, no one knew what the ominous stone would bring to us in the next moment.

A group of robbers, who somehow found out the whereabouts of Angel Tears, carried out a massacre at my wedding. Blood spurted out from the wounds of everyone attending the wedding. Blood, blood, blood, it was too late. , the sticky liquid instinctively stimulated my bloodthirsty nature, and my spirit slowly spread desire with the smell in the air. It was the desire for blood and the pursuit of instinct.

I'm no longer a human being, I'm just a zombie.

I heard my two normally normal but now deformed teeth slowly rubbing and lengthening. I heard the sound of them inserting into the flesh. I heard Shiya shouting: No, no, that’s not possible. It's my dad! But I don’t remember who Shiya is. I only hear the excitement and satisfaction of teeth meeting blood. I bite anyone I catch madly.

When everything finally calmed down, I saw Shiya in my arms. Her beautiful face was so pale, but her mouth was so red. It was stained with her blood. My love, she was hurt by a robber. She is dying! Oh no! No, I can't let her die, I want to save her, I can.

I slowly lowered my head and kissed Shiya's neck. I heard Shiya say weakly: No, I am your wife, you can't bite me.

However, I don't want her to die, so the only way is to bite her and turn her into a zombie, even if she needs to live on blood in the future.

I slowly and gently inserted my teeth into Shiya's neck, sucking gently, angel, will live forever! Shiya left me and the town that had no one left. Our wedding turned into a funeral for everyone.

She hates me because I turned her into a monster who will always feed on human blood. She hates me because I turned her into an immortal but eternally cold and lonely zombie.

She was leaving, and she left a vow: she would come back fifty years later, and she would take revenge.

I didn't look for her. After that wedding, our happiness became out of reach, and I didn't want to avoid it because of that vow. I often thought: If I could turn back time, would I turn an angel into a devil? Later I thought: Even if I could go back in time, I would still bite her because I love her.

I quietly listened to the sound of time passing by. Thousands of years have passed. Fifty years are just a blink of an eye.

This year, it’s time for Shiya to come back.

The town has gained new residents in the past fifty years, and Jenny has been looking for Shiya and Angel Tears in these fifty years. She hopes that she and it can return to me at the same time, because, Shiya It's The Man I Love Elf Ghost Quest , and Tears of Angels is Our Witness.

I didn't stop her. As her master, I gave her absolute freedom and the respect of my tribe.

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She will contact me regularly.

She heard the latest news: Angel Tears appeared in Hong Kong and were provided by a wealthy Japanese businessman as accessories for a fashion exhibition.

Jenny is a very beautiful zombie. All zombies are noble and heart-warmingly beautiful. Her plan is to sneak in as a model and take advantage of the opportunity to steal the tears of angels.

Then, we arrived before the fifty-year appointment to save Shiya’s heart and the possibility of being together with us.

There is one day left before the deadline. After today, Shiya will be back.

In the evening I went to the elven forest, and there was a woman there. She asked me for directions. Then, she asked: Why did she hear voices that sounded like children? I suddenly liked her because she could hear the elves.

I asked her what she heard, and she listened carefully. However, as if she heard something bad, she suddenly held her head and shouted loudly: No, she is your wife, you can't bite her, no. , No…, then, she fainted as if she had been hit too hard.

I carried her back to the castle, arranged for her to rest, and then waited for her to wake up.

She seemed to have heard what happened fifty years ago, so Shiya would really come back.

She woke up and I started asking her how she got here.

She said: Her name is Wang Zhenzhen, and she accompanied a friend to chase a diamond called Angel's Tears. The diamond was snatched away by a woman, so she came here with her friend, along with her boyfriend and her friend's apprentice. The friend's name was Ma Xiaoling, and she had already injured the woman.

I vaguely felt that I had some connection with the woman named Ma Xiaoling, but what I was concerned about now was Jenny. She had already grabbed the Angel's Tears, but she was also injured.

Zombies are immortal, but the Heavenly Master is the deadly enemy of zombies.

Then, she added: She was chased into the forest by that woman just now. She wanted to know why she heard such a tragic story? I was silent.

At this time, I felt that someone had entered the castle, so I went downstairs and saw a woman and two men. They were Wang Zhenzhen's friends, Ma Xiaoling, Kuang Tianyou, and Jin Zhengzhong.

When I first saw Ma Xiaoling, I knew that she must be a descendant of Ma Ling'er, they are so similar.

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Two thousand years ago, I killed Ma Ling'er, and if I meet her descendants two thousand years later, maybe something will happen.

I invited them to rest in the castle and offered to tell them a story.

Our dinner was very rich and we enjoyed it very much.

After the meal, I recounted what happened in the past fifty years. Ma Xiaoling looked at me sharply and asked: Mr. Riley is not the zombie, right? Wang Zhenzhen simply helped me clarify.

I could see Ma Xiaoling's suspicion, but I smiled calmly: No, that's just a story, a very beautiful but regrettable story.

I then invited them again to wait with me for someone they hadn't seen in years, and they agreed.

Today, Shiya will come back, but I can’t tell at what time. I am making all preparations and waiting for her to come.

Of course, before that, I have to entertain my guests.

I took them to visit the castle.

I can tell that Wang Zhenzhen is very close to the man named Kuang Tianyou and she loves him very much.

They let me see Shiya and I fifty years ago, and I wish them happiness.

After Shiya, I hope that all people in love can be happy. The zombies are humane and cute. They like loyalty.

In the evening, I prepared a sumptuous dinner. Just as the meal was about to begin, a woman wearing a black windbreaker and a cloak opened the door of the castle.

I watched her walk in gracefully, taking off the cloak on her head, revealing long golden hair and an angelic smile: "Riley, why didn't you notify me when guests came, so that I could entertain everyone?" , she looked at me slightly reproachfully, and then turned to the guests: "I'm so sorry, it seems like the hostess didn't entertain the guests well, it doesn't matter, we can start now."

I looked at Shiya calmly, the woman I had been waiting for for fifty years. Except for the coldness in her eyes, her face was still beautiful and moving.

After dinner, we and the guests went back to their rooms. Shiya and I entered the room. Her smile towards the guests suddenly disappeared, and she changed to a look of resentment and indifference.

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We didn't say anything. Finally, I asked: How are you doing? Like a volcano erupting, Shiya's angry and excited eyes looked directly at me: How are you doing? Do you think a person who has never harmed a bird in the past will suddenly become a blood-sucking monster and live well? Do you think a person who once had a happy family and suddenly turned into a lonely alien who can't find warmth and sunshine will live well? I'm going to show you today what kind of monster you've turned me into.

She rushed out of the door and disappeared.

I used my superpower to rush straight into Wang Zhenzhen's room and stopped Shiya, who had transformed into a zombie and was about to bite someone.

Because Shiya was turned into a zombie by me, she was just a fourth-generation zombie. She couldn't break away from me. I took her to the room: Why? "Because I hate all happy people. Why can she be so pitiful and cared for? Why can she have such a loving person, but I want to become a zombie. What have I done wrong? No, I want to "Revenge" she angrily melted into the night, I did not chase her, I will bear any punishment from her silently, as long as she can turn back into the kind, beautiful angel, even if she sucks blood.

Shiya came back, there were tears in her eyes, and she held the Angel Tears in her hand. "Jenny died. In order to get back the Angel Tears, she asked for my forgiveness." Shiya cried, "She gave me the Angel Tears before she died." Tears, tell me how much you love me, and let me go to the basement where you never allowed me to go, so that I can understand the truth, Riley, is there anything else you don’t know that I don’t know? Please tell me? Jenny has died because of this. I don’t want her to die in vain. I want to know the truth!” So, I took her to the dark basement, where there was a wall and a pair of iron chains.

Looking at the hard iron chains and the wall with many scratches, Shiya wondered, "What is this?" "Three months before our wedding, I made some tools to restrain my need for blood." I He said calmly.

However, Shiya knew the pain I had suffered. She touched the marks on the wall and tears fell down drop by drop in her eyes.

After all these years, she still loves to cry.

I really wanted to hug her, but maybe she didn't like such a hug anymore, so I restrained myself.

Shiya slowly turned around, and then gave me a smile: "Riley, after so long, I thought I would hate you, but I found that I still love you so much. If someone has sucked a lot of people's blood, Zombie wants to complete her wedding again, will you?" I stretched out my hands and waited for Shiya as before.

Happiness can actually come back, after so many things happened.

We decided that night to complete the wedding that we had not completed back then, and also to let the townspeople who died for us rest in peace.

Of course Wang Zhenzhen and others were invited by us to be our witnesses.

Still the same clothes, still the same church, still the same people, still the same wedding, we are completing a promise and a story that we failed to complete fifty years ago.

Now the story has a happy ending.

I took out the Angel's Tears and brought them to Shiya.

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However, it was this stone that ruined my wedding again, and this time, we never had the chance to start over.

As soon as Angel Tears appeared, Ma Xiaoling drew out her shining silver sword. Although Wang Zhenzhen blocked her, I know that we must not continue our peaceful life. It is the duty of the Heavenly Master to Slay demons, even zombies like Shiya. Although she is an angel in my eyes, she has sucked human blood after all. Therefore, I know that Ma Xiaoling will not let us go, so I request She asked us to go through with our wedding, she said yes and blessed us.

At this moment , Shiya and I only had eyes for each other. I finally made her my wife, and we will no longer be alone.

No matter what we have done or what we will do, I know that Ma Xiaoling will not let us go, but Wang Zhenzhen interceded for us, and Ma Xiaoling promised that as long as we hand over the tears of angels so that she can complete the task, but Shiya is not willing, that is with In exchange for Jenny, she would rather fight to the death with Ma Xiaoling.

So, she and Ma Xiaoling fought. I really didn't want to see such a scene, but I wanted to save Shiya, so I also joined the war.

Ma Xiaoling is powerful. She can fight both of us alone, but there is no chance of winning in one step. However, we have forgotten her apprentice. He is a silly boy, but he is Ma Xiaoling's apprentice after all. During our hot fight, he intervened and successfully separated the three of us. Ma Xiaoling and Shiya were fighting, but I couldn't help her. When I knocked down Jin Zhengzhong, I saw Shiya fall. The figure going down.

No, no, I flew over to catch the injured Shiya. She was stabbed by the sword. I held her and tears flowed out. I have had no tears for many years, but now I can’t stop my tears. , I know I can no longer save Shiya.

Shiya said in my arms: "Riley, don't seek revenge from Ma Xiaoling. I am willing to die in her hands. The past fifty years were the most painful days in my life. Now, I can be free." , you should be happy, but I'm sorry, I can no longer accompany you from now on. Please forgive me for not knowing how to cherish that day and only doing willful and bad things. I only hope you can understand now. I hope we can really have another date in the future. I I will wait for you to lead us and fulfill our agreement.

Goodbye Riley, I love you! "Then, my angel, she really went to heaven. Her body faded in my arms, faded, and then disappeared! When zombies are emotionally excited, they will mutate, but I didn't expect that I It will become so powerful: my hair has become very long, there are some painted-like shapes on my face, my eyes have changed from blue to green, which is the eye color of level 2 zombies, I upgraded No! I don’t care what Shiya said to me. I want to kill Ma Xiaoling. If not, she will kill me. I can no longer be alone in this world. Without Shiya, immortality is my biggest enemy. I I hope Ma Xiaoling can kill me, so that I can be freed.

Okay, I forgot that I have already upgraded. Ma Xiaoling cannot kill me so easily. I hope I can kill her to avenge Shiya.

Suddenly, I heard Ma Xiaoling reciting a mantra: Those who come, fight, and fight are all arranged in front of them to punish evil! Then I saw a huge golden dragon flying towards me and passing through my body.

I saw Ma Xiaoling sheathing her sword and walking towards me, but I couldn't move. Later, I lost consciousness.

The story is not over yet. I thought I was dead, but then I saw Shiya. She looked at me with such a happy smile. I couldn’t believe it was her. She showed me her wings, which were thin and transparent.

It turned out that she had become an elf, "You don't have to believe it, you are also an elf now," Shiya said.

Really, I looked back and saw my wings. I didn’t understand what happened in the middle, but I have never been so grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to be with Shiya again.

We went to the Elf Forest and saw Ma Xiaoling and her group there. It turned out that she suddenly changed her mind and buried Angel Tears under the largest tree in the Elf Forest.

Then she breathed a long sigh of relief, and I heard her shouting happily: "Zhenzhen, listen, the elves are singing, and I can hear it too. I am still a pure person!"

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