Chapter 303 Passengers In The Car

As the body of the bus driver fell to the ground, the entire bus lost control. Only then did the passengers in the bus realize the seriousness of the matter. It seemed that this was no longer as simple as the driver changing the route privately, because this bus was really weird. Incomparable.

The vehicle was obviously not started, but it was still driving strangely on the road, with no intention of slowing down at all.

When everyone understood the situation before them, panic broke out instantly.

Some people hurriedly called for help, some tried to open the window to see if they could jump out of the window, and some were scared to death.

Although the caller had dialed the number and was preparing to send rescuers, in this case, let alone waiting for the rescuers to arrive, even if they could wait, they might not be able to survive until that time.

This is a strange and strange bus.

Xu Feng, a local detective who had been on the bus, disappeared in the car. Yang Jian knew what this meant.

Something very scary must be happening in this car, but right now, something dangerous and strange has not happened yet.

"Damn, these windows don't open, they're all shut."

"The door can't be opened. The problem with this bus is that it's not really haunted."

"I have already reported the crime, and the police said they are dispatching and preparing for rescue. They asked us to wait."

Passengers began to think of ways to save themselves, but the results were not very good. Except for the normal communication by phone, all other means failed on this bus.

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"Zhang Hao, what should we do now? We must have hit something evil." Seeing everyone else in the car panicking, Zheng Yaowen was also frightened and at a loss.

Zhang Hao said with a sad face: "I don't know what to do. This is the first time this kind of thing has happened to me. No matter what, I should find a way to get out of here. If it is really haunted, it will be terrible. I don't want to be with that friend of mine." He also died in Dachang City. I told you a long time ago that there are real ghosts in this world, but you just didn’t believe it."

"But, how can we get out of this bus?" Zheng Yaowen asked stammering, he was already panicking.

Yang Jian ignored the panic of the passengers in the car at this moment. He chose to leave his seat at this time, stood up and walked towards the driver's seat.

It has been confirmed before that Zheng Yaowen pushed the driver's body until nothing happened. This proves that this behavior does not violate some taboo . The supernatural incident on Luoyang No. 9 bus is safe so far. Since it is safe, it is necessary to check the surrounding situation.

Passing through the panicked crowd, he came to the side of the driver's seat and took a look.

Someone was still trying to control the steering wheel and stop the vehicle, but to no avail.

Yang Jian looked around and found no clues, let alone any patterns. No matter how he looked at the current situation, there was no way to solve it. He felt that the people in the car were like being locked in a cell. There was no Any way out, maybe waiting for the car door to open automatically.

"What the hell is this car? It's just ordinary people being locked up here, even me is locked up."

He has no other choice but to wait for some kind of timing change to occur.

And just when he turned around and was about to return to his seat, suddenly.

He saw a black electronic display hanging in the middle of the bus. It was clear that the bus was not started, and the screen was not powered on but the lights were still on. The red lights combined into a line of words floating past, the current number of passengers: 2.

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"Number of passengers 2?"

Yang Jian was stunned for a moment, then glanced at the more than 20 people in the carriage. It didn't look like there were only two passengers. Was there a zero missing at the end?

"Maybe the number of passengers 2 does not refer to people…"

I don't know why, but such an idea suddenly came to his mind.

If the number of passengers on this display does not refer to the number of people, then it most likely refers to the number of ghosts on this bus. The light shows that it is a passenger, and this passenger does not have to be alive to be considered a passenger. Maybe a dead person is also It will be included.

Think of this.

Yang Jian couldn't help but feel a chill.

Are there two ghosts hanging out among the more than 20 passengers?


It was not that the ghost was among the passengers, but that twenty passengers were among the ghosts. This bus may not be operated by living people at all, and the other people just accidentally bumped into this ghost bus.

Looking at the passengers again, Yang Jian looked at them extremely carefully, trying to find those abnormal existences.

He immediately targeted several suspicious entities.

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The driver's body fell to the ground and was ignored.

Sitting in front was the rural mother-in-law who had warned Zhang Hao before.

And the back row of the car.

From the time they got in the car until now, they had not said a word, and the two people sat there motionless as if nothing was wrong.

One of the two people was wearing a windbreaker, with his arms folded and his head lowered. He was sitting on the far right side with his arms folded. The other person was wearing a peaked cap and long sleeves and was leaning against the car window with his head lowered.

The two people sat apart from each other, motionless, as stiff as corpses, revealing an inexplicable weirdness.

"The two passengers in the car don't mean them, right?" Yang Jian couldn't help but have another guess.

If, as I inferred, the two passengers were referring to ghosts, then it is very likely that these two people are right.

Not sure.

And even if Yang Jian confirmed the identity of the ghost, he couldn't figure out what the purpose was, and it seemed to have nothing to do with him.

Even if there are two ghosts in the car, as long as the thing doesn't actively start killing people, it won't have much impact.

What really matters is how to get out of here.

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Yang Jian didn't intend to be trapped like this forever.

"This kind of supernatural event is completely different from the previous supernatural events. They are two types of events. In the past, even if it was a starving ghost incident, it would be enough to fight against the evil ghost. As long as the evil ghost can be imprisoned, the incident will be over. But In this case, there is no need to fight with the ghost at all, as long as you want to leave like this."

He was getting a headache.

If it was a boss-fighting game before, now it has become an escape room game.

The risk factor is reduced, but the difficulty increases.

"Using my brain has never been something I'm good at. That's what Wang Xiaoming is good at. I'm still better at confronting people and finding solutions through contact with ghosts, instead of sitting here and thinking randomly." Yang Jian sighed helplessly in his heart. His deduction ability was limited. It was difficult to guess something out of thin air when nothing happened.

Go back to the table and do your job.

At this time, he noticed that his phone vibrated.

Opening it and taking a look at the supernatural incident on Luoyang No. 9 bus , Yang Jian found that it was a text message sent by Cheng Xiong from the previous police station. He just glanced at it casually and closed it after confirming that the previous handwriting had been analyzed and found out the good news. , now is not the time to be busy analyzing the ghost closet matter, he now has to find a way to solve the situation in front of him.

The panic in the carriage continued and gradually evolved into an inexplicable fear.

More people believe that they have been hit by something evil and there is something wrong with the bus.

"Brother, you discovered something was wrong with this car so quickly just now. You must have a way to get out of here now." After Zhang Hao experienced the previous panic, he calmed down a little and then noticed Yang Jian who reminded him just now.

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Although they didn't know each other, he felt that this person knew more than him.

Yang Jian said: "Didn't I say it before? Although I am calm now, I am actually very panicked inside. If I could help it, I wouldn't sit here stupidly all the time. I want to leave here more than you do. "

He shook his head and said he couldn't think of any good solutions.

"The only way to leave is to wait until the car stops by itself. Judging from the current situation, there is no other way to leave here."

"No, no, wouldn't it be very dangerous for us if this continues? God knows how long we will have to stay in this hellish place." Zhang Hao said.

Yang Jian said: "Didn't you say that you have been single for more than twenty years and you are not afraid of any ghosts? Are you still afraid of taking the bus?"

"I was bragging just now, how can it count?" Zhang Hao said.

But just as the two people were talking, this strange bus that had not stopped for more than half an hour suddenly began to slow down and gradually pulled to the side of the road.

It seems that the bus is about to pull into the stop.


Yang Jian immediately looked stern, stopped talking nonsense with Zhang Hao, and began to get ready to get out of the car.

As long as the door is opened, if nothing happens, his ghost realm will be able to extend, so that he can leave the car safely.

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