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A week after enrolling, Liang Ku heard some legends about this university. Just like every school has its haunted legends, such as figures in the corridor late at night, knocking on the door in the toilet, and some people said that this university is haunted. The original site of the school was a cemetery…but the most convincing thing is the strange incident in the girls' dormitory because there is physical evidence.

The male dormitory building of this university used to be the female dormitory building. Even now, you can see the words "Girls dormitory, boys are not allowed to enter" written on the wall. I heard that it was because a girl once committed suicide on the balcony of her dormitory. Girls often heard the sound of washing clothes in the water room at night. After students and parents reported to the school many times, it was finally decided in the second year to swap the two male and female dormitories at that time, which led to the current situation.

The most coincidental thing is that the dormitory where Liang Ku lives now is opposite the balcony where the legendary girl committed suicide. Therefore, classmates often make fun of this matter. Liang Ku always said that he was not afraid and laughed it off.

Liang Ku is now a freshman. Because there are too many new recruits to accommodate, Liang Ku and some other freshmen live in the same building as seniors. So I have heard many versions, such as being under a lot of pressure to study, being abandoned by your boyfriend and committing suicide because of love, all kinds of legends…

Liang Ku has always been a very popular person, and he soon became brothers with a senior next door. The good thing is that the senior never talks about those boring legends with him.

During the Qingming Festival holiday, because it was only three days, neither of them went home. The senior also moved to Liang Ku's dormitory to keep company with him. They drank until midnight. Suddenly, a woman's singing came from the toilet. The senior was drinking. He was drunk, but now he trembled and asked, "Did you hear me?"

"No, what are you listening to?" Liang Ku looked like he was about to get drunk.

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The senior trembled even more, "Didn't you really hear me?"

"I said, you are a big man, how can you be so timid? When you were a freshman, you didn't see anyone dead here. You were so scared that you dropped out of school. Why are there so many things? You can tell me where the noise is coming from, and I will go and have a look. "Liang Ku said impatiently.

"Toilet~~" The senior's voice was trembling.

"Toilet, right? Wait, I'll go take a look." Liang Ku stood up and walked towards the toilet, followed closely by his senior.

After a while, they arrived at the door of the toilet, "Is it over here?" Liang Ku pushed the door open and heard the senior scream and fainted.

"Damn, it's just a poster, right? Huh? Isn't this my mp3? Why are you here?"

Accidentally sit a rabbit to death_A rabbit sits on a chair to death_A rabbit sits to death on its butt

I saw a poster of a beautiful woman on the wall of the toilet. I couldn’t tell who it was, but I just thought it looked familiar. Liang Ku tore off the poster, threw it in the trash can, put away the mp3, and dragged the senior back to the bed in the dormitory. The senior slept well and didn't wake up until 9 a.m. the next morning. When asked about what happened last night, he couldn't remember anything. Liang Ku laughed and said, "If I had known I would have taken a photo of it for you, you would have been so cheap!"

The senior didn't refute, but his brows looked a little tired and he said, "I dreamed that someone wanted to take revenge on me. It's too real."

"You still believe this, right? Why write a novel?"

"Oh, you don't understand."

In the next few days, the senior still lived in Liang Ku’s dormitory. The strange thing is that on Tomb Sweeping Day, Liang Ku just fell asleep when he heard a noise from his senior. He thought he was going to the toilet, so he shouted: "Don't scream so scary this time!" There was no one there. After agreeing, Liang Ku opened his eyes and found that no one was on the senior's bed. If the senior wants to go to the toilet, he will definitely pass by him, so he should have left the dormitory. Liang Ku thought to himself: Why is he going out this late at night? Could it be that he can't sleep and goes out for a run? No matter, go to bed first and talk about it tomorrow.

Early the next morning, Liang Ku woke up and saw his senior sitting on the bed reading a book. He lay on the bed and asked, "What did you do last night?"

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The senior looked confused, "I'm sleeping, what else can I do?"

"Isn't it? I obviously saw you going out in the middle of the night, don't deny it."

"Why did I lie to you? Really, I was sleeping the whole time."

"Damn it, you can't be sleepwalking, are you? Why haven't I heard you say, don't strangle me in my sleep without knowing it!"

"Impossible. I don't have the habit of sleepwalking. How about my roommates for four years didn't tell me? You were dreaming, and you still talked about me?"

"I…" What he said was reasonable, and Liang Ku didn't know how to refute it, but he knew that he must not have been dreaming last night.

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It was night, and the senior went to bed early. Liang Ku held on and waited. He must figure out what was going on. Sure enough, Huang Tian paid off his hard work. When Liang Ku was almost unable to hold on anymore, there was some movement from the seniors. Liang Ku suddenly became energetic. The time came to prove that he was not dreaming. He grabbed his mobile phone. , turned on the camera function and waited, and soon saw the senior mechanically getting dressed and walking out. Liang Ku thought to himself: I don’t think I’ll catch you. Then I followed him out, saving a lot of time because he kept his clothes on.

Liang Ku knew the senior was sleepwalking just by looking at his dull eyes. He also knew that he couldn't wake up a sleepwalker casually, as something would happen. So she followed him quietly and slowly went downstairs. Because students always come back early during holidays, the dormitory door was open that night. In this way, Liang Ku followed his senior down the third floor and came to the lawn outside the dormitory. The senior stopped and Liang Ku looked around, but there was no one there. When he looked up, he found that where the senior and himself were standing, they could clearly see the balcony on the third floor. Liang Ku's scalp tightened when he thought of that legend. "No way? Why do I keep catching up with 'good things'?"

While Liang Ku was still cursing his misfortune in his mind, he suddenly heard his senior kneeling on the ground crying. He staggered with fright. He only heard the senior crying and saying, "I'm sorry, I killed you." Liang Ku started to feel uncomfortable. Could it be that he killed the girl? In such an emergency, Liang Ku didn't forget to take pictures with his mobile phone until he heard his senior yelling and started rolling on the ground holding his head. He was so frightened that he dropped his mobile phone into the grass. Liang Ku had just found his cell phone from the grass when he saw his senior standing up and walking towards the dormitory building expressionlessly. Liang Ku quickly followed. After all the tossing by the senior, how could Liang Ku still sleep? Seeing the senior go back and fall asleep, he could only feel envious.

Finally at dawn, Liang Ku plucked up the courage to tell his senior what happened last night. At first, the senior didn't believe it , but when he found out that Liang Ku had taken out the video he had taken, he was also stunned. He knew it was himself, but how could he be sleepwalking, and how could he say such words…

Finally, under the combined efforts of the two of them, Liang Ku accompanied the senior to see a psychiatrist. With the senior's consent, the doctor performed hypnosis on the senior. Hypnosis was conducted twice, because the senior seemed to be particularly resistant the first time, resulting in hypnosis failure. The second hypnosis was successful. After the senior woke up, he asked Liang Ku how he was doing. Liang Ku couldn't describe it, so he had to seek help from a psychiatrist. The doctor said: "Listen and see for yourself, are you ready?"

"Yes." The senior was very determined. He had been prepared to find the truth before he came, so how could he refuse.

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The recording started to play, and the senior's expression remained solemn until after listening, his brows relaxed and he said seriously: "I think I remembered."

It turned out that the senior had dropped out of school the year the girl committed suicide. According to the senior, he had actually seen the girl commit suicide. He saw the girl putting a rope on the iron pole where clothes were hung. But I didn't take it to heart until I passed by again that day and happened to see the girl's body being carried out. When he arrived in front of him, the white cloth that happened to cover the girl's face was blown away by the wind, and then he saw clearly that it was the girl who had put up the rope during the day. His tongue was so long that he looked like he was hanging. At that time, the senior wanted to vomit, but suddenly he noticed that the girl's eyes seemed to be open all the time, as if to say: "Why didn't you stop me? It was you, you killed me!" "

Since then, the senior has had nightmares every day, often dreaming of a female ghost seeking her life. Sometimes she would scream in the dormitory in the middle of the night, causing the whole dormitory to suffer from mental breakdown. There was no other way, so the senior's parents went through the formalities for him to suspend school and took him away. During this period, he received psychological treatment in an attempt to erase his memory. By the second year, when the dormitory buildings were being switched, the senior had almost recovered, and his parents thought it was okay, so they sent him back. It wasn't until he was frightened by the song played on the poster and MP3 in Liang Ku's dormitory that day that the memory in his subconscious revived, which led to his sleepwalking. The root cause was his sense of guilt, which cannot be erased by hypnosis.

The truth was finally revealed, and the senior had figured it out a lot. Sleepwalking never happened again, and Liang Ku never mentioned it again.

Finally, I want to say that Liang Ku is actually the younger brother of the girl who committed suicide. When his sister died, he saw a boy and was so frightened by his sister's body that he fainted and remembered him at that time. A few years passed quickly, and by chance, Liang Ku was admitted to his sister's former university. And he became friends with the boy, whom he always suspected was related to his sister's death. The mp3 players and posters in the toilet were all deliberately placed by him. It wasn't until the boy was hypnotized that he realized that actually everything had nothing to do with him and that he had found the wrong person. Liang Ku's identity will become a secret, but will his investigation into the cause of his sister's death stop?

Do you sleepwalk? Don’t rush to answer. Have you ever worn clothes before going to bed but found them neatly placed next to your pillow when you woke up? Do you know what you did?

I am Long Yu, and I am asking you now.

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