Grandma, Go And Burn Some Paper Money.

Many years ago, there was a child in my neighbor's house. I called him Pan Pan. He was about 3 years old and looked very cute. I often liked to hold him and play around, and he also liked to play with me. Until one day, his words scared me. Got to me.

It was summer, and the Ghost Festival on July 15th was not far away. After dinner, I sat in front of my house to enjoy the cool air. I saw Pan Pan playing in front of my house, so I started to tease him. It was starting to get dark, and I planned to hold him and play.

When we came to a corner, there was a small alley about 30 meters long. When we came to the entrance of the alley, I was about to walk in, and he started to struggle and said to me: How can I play if I don't draw ghost feet ? I dont go. "It's not like this usually. Why is he resisting like this today?" I asked him why and he told me that there was a cat at the other end of the alley.

Children usually describe things they don’t know and are afraid of as cats; after listening to his words, my scalp felt numb and I felt that my hair stood on end. I don’t know why, but at that time my feet I was a little trembling, and I was a little scared, so I returned home.

The next day, I heard from Pan Pan’s grandma that he had a fever. She went to the hospital for a fever-reducing injection and took medicine to rest at home. Two days later, I still didn't see Pan Pan, but I didn't care what happened to him.

Until one day, I saw Pan Pan’s grandma burning paper money at the entrance of the alley, and I casually asked: Did you start burning paper so early? ;

Grandma replied: I don’t know what’s wrong. My Pan Pan’s fever has never completely gone away. He always wakes up when sleeping. I asked him what was wrong and whether he was dreaming, but he asked me to burn some paper money so that his fever would be cured. of. ;

So, I told my grandma about the last time I carried Pan Pan to the entrance of the alley. After hearing this, grandma sighed and said: That may be because I touched something unclean. In this alley, someone jumped off the building a few years ago. It’s July and a half. Don’t let children walk around at night, especially in remote and unpopular places. Children can easily provoke those dirty things. ;

I nodded, feeling a little guilty, but grandma didn't blame me, so I went home directly. Behind her, only Grandma Panpandi was left burning paper over and over again, while muttering: Children are ignorant, don't blame me, my grandson's fever has never recovered, I will burn some paper money for you, please forgive me. ;

As a result , the next day, when I came home from running, I saw Pan Pan leaning on my grandma’s arms, sitting at the door of the house chatting with the neighbors. At that time, I was very confused, are there really invisible and inexplicable things in this world?

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