Chapter 239 The Extinguished Ghost Candle

"Are you kidding me? Are you embarrassed?" Zhang Han was dumbfounded. He couldn't even hear the struggle of the ghost controller inside.

A toad must jump a few times before it dies, and even if it fails, it will twitch its thighs.

Zhao Kaiming sneered and said: "Who can blame you for committing suicide? I really thought that I could be unscrupulous after controlling a ghost. This is a ghost that is completely in a state of recovery. The incident has been defined as S-level. The ghosts in you people and this It’s not on the same level at all.”

"Once targeted, I'm afraid that I will definitely die, and I don't care about my own worth. You know, that guy Ye Feng is finished."

After hearing his words and seeing the scene just now, the others felt a chill in their hearts and their whole bodies felt cold.

Wang Xiaoming also saw it in his eyes, but he remained indifferent and just said: "Keep going, stay away from the door next to you, and don't touch it."

"Still going forward? Professor Wang, if this continues, we will all die here. How about we think of other ways?" Sun Yi said with some fear.

Wang Xiaoming said, "You will die, and I will die too. I am not afraid of an ordinary person, so why should you be afraid?"

Isn’t that what you said? You are a world-famous professor, and I am a poor bitch who hasn’t even paid off my mortgage? How could it be the same? Sun Yi was heartbroken and felt that he was most likely to die here.

The ghosts here kill people without taking a breath.

Seeing Wang Xiaoming continue to move forward without hesitation, the others had no choice but to follow.

"Yang Jian Pluto boss, ghost-eyed little wife , think of a way. I'm afraid it won't work if this goes on. A ghost controller died in just ten minutes. If this goes on, we're afraid we won't be able to get out of this hospital. "On the way, Zhang Han came over and said in a low voice: "Wang Xiaoming is making nonsense, we can't follow him."

"Actually, he is right. If we don't solve this supernatural incident, we will all die. It seems that we have many choices, but in fact we have no choice but to fight hard." Yang Jian said calmly while pushing the cart.

"But it's not right to sacrifice in vain." Zhang Han said: "You have to fight hard and choose the right direction."

Yang Jian said, "Wang Xiaoming is looking for direction now. Do you think that person's death was in vain? No, Wang Xiaoming still used that person's life to test out the ghost's behavior. What's more surprising is that that person is a bit weak, and Or maybe the ghost was a bit stronger and died a bit faster than expected."

"What? Is that so?" Zhang Han looked shocked and couldn't believe it.

Wang Xiaoming is actually so cruel, risking the lives of us people for experiments?

"It doesn't have to be like that. As long as you can survive after being attacked by a ghost, nothing will be a problem. If you can't survive, you can't blame others." Yang Jian said.

And…the blue-black arms just now looked like a pair of children's arms, which was the second stage of a ghost baby.

Maybe it's somewhere between stage two and stage three.

All in all, it is absolutely impossible to reach the third stage.

In other words, there is more than one ghost here.

"My ghost eyes are getting more and more unclear now. They are eroded by this black and blue color. In the competition between each other, my ghost eyes are at an absolute disadvantage. They are now suppressed." The red part of Yang Jian's ghost eyes The world disappeared rapidly, and gradually returned to a dim world of black and blue.

The ghost eyes are drowsy. The boss of Pluto, the ghost eyes, and the little wife want to close up, even a little out of control, and want to sleep forever.

Normally, this would be good news for him, but now, this is obviously very bad news.

"Wang Xiaoming, wait a minute."

After walking forward for a while, the passage could not be exited. At this time, Yang Jian also found that the ghost eyes had been closed, and had no choice but to call out to everyone.

"What's the matter?" Wang Xiaoming asked.

Yang Jian said: "I will lead the way. If we continue like this, we will never get out of here. Although we are not deceived, we can be sure that everything here has been changed beyond recognition under the influence of the power of the ghost. After walking so far, the ghost knows Still somewhere."

"Yang Jian, what can you do to hurry up?" Sun Yi said hurriedly.

Yang Jian didn't hesitate and took out the ghost candle from his backpack.

"Do you plan to use it at this time?" Wang Xiaoming frowned: "There are still two-thirds left, and it won't last long."

He is the developer of the Ghost Candle, so of course he knows the function of the Ghost Candle very well.

But he felt that this thing should be used when dealing with the source. When no foreign aid could be obtained, this was the last strategic level material.

"Now doesn't seem to be the time to save money, and if I guess correctly the thing you are going to retrieve from your office should be that finger." Yang Jian said.

Wang Xiaoming said calmly: "Yes, we will be more certain of winning if we get that thing."

"That's right." Yang Jian walked in front and lit the ghost candle at the same time.

Weird green flames danced, illuminating the surroundings.

Immediately, the black and blue aura that filled the area quickly dissipated, and everything around him regained some brightness.

The nearby roads can be seen clearly.

However, at this time, Yang Jian found that the ghost candle in his hand was burning at an alarming speed. It seemed to be accelerating and began to burn rapidly. The green flames crackled, as if all the energy and something were about to burst out. Confrontation.

While the ghost candle was burning, everyone could see their surroundings clearly.

What he saw immediately made people take a breath of cold air.

Below the previous sign was the door to the clinic. All the people standing there were people with black and blue bodies, stiff and motionless. No, they could not be considered human beings anymore. They were all growing. Ghost babies…are real ghosts.

These ghosts closed their eyes tightly and stood motionless, as if they had not woken up.

It turns out that the outpatient clinic that I saw before was all transformed from ghosts. No wonder the person who kicked open the door died. It must be a ghost that was kicked awake by that guy. If you don't kill me, I'll kill you.


But the next moment, Yang Jian felt someone blowing on his ear.

In an instant, the ghost candle went out.

The surroundings fell into darkness again.

"Impossible." Yang Jian was shocked when he looked at the extinguished ghost candle in his hand.

From the moment he got the ghost candle to now, this was the first time he encountered the ghost candle extinguished.

And he was certain that it was definitely not extinguished by himself, but was blown out by something.

The coldness was like a ghost blowing on his shoulder.

Look in the direction from which the coldness comes.

Yang Jian saw Zhao Kaiming's gloomy expression.

Does what just happened have anything to do with him?

Or was it Zhao Kaiming who used his ghost power to extinguish his ghost candle?

"Everyone follow me."

However, before he could think about it, Wang Xiaoming took the lead and ran forward immediately.

The firelight emitted by the ghost candle just now allowed him to clearly identify the road ahead and knew how to get out of this ghost place.

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