The Strange Story Of "Face To Face In Time And Space"

I have been hesitant to write this story today because the plot is a bit too bizarre to be true, and I am very worried that readers will suspect that I made it up out of my imagination. After careful consideration, I really think it is mysterious and interesting . It would be a pity not to record it. For this reason, I would like to start by asking you to be merciful. If you find it unbelievable, you can just treat it as a novel and enjoy it.

I heard that this story originated from my husband’s invitation to have dinner with his master’s tutor about five years ago. Although the tutor is nearly fifty years old, his temperament is well maintained and elegant, showing no trace of the hardening of time.

I asked my instructor with sincere envy whether it was because I was engaged in functional food and nutrition research that I could rejuvenate my appearance scientifically and rationally. The instructor laughed and said that in fact, she almost chose another major. She changed to nutrition because of a strange experience, which she still finds difficult to explain.

Nearly thirty years ago, the tutor studied bioengineering as an undergraduate at a nationally renowned science and engineering university in Northeast China. In the winter when my senior year was about to graduate, it was already late at night after my tutor completed the key experiments of my graduation project.

There was no one on the campus in silence at midnight, and only the clear moonlight cast a layer of elegant gauze on the scenery that we were used to seeing on weekdays. The instructor was walking along the campus path and was about to go back to the dormitory to sleep, when he saw a person walking towards him.

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As soon as they came and met each other, the instructor said that after many years, she still remembered the feeling of sadness and joy in her heart, as if she were seeing a relative she had never seen again.

Under the dim light of the street lamp, the instructor felt that the facial features of the visitor were indescribably similar to her own, so that when the two stood face to face in the dark night, she actually had the feeling that she was looking in the mirror. weird feeling. It's just that the other person is obviously much older than me and seems to be in his late teens.

The man's attire was very strange. In the harsh winter, he only wore a half-length windbreaker with nylon silk cover. It was said to be a windbreaker but it didn't have a waist cinch. There was a zipper on the front that ran from top to bottom. The instructor wondered, could this person be from a minority group? Isn't she cold?

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While he was thinking about it, the man smiled at the instructor and asked naturally: "Just finished your work? Thank you for your hard work." Seeing the instructor staring at him suspiciously, the other person smiled and explained: "I am here too. The graduates are considered your… seniors." The instructor was surprised what a former graduate was doing on campus in the middle of the night, but he didn't ask her.

The man looked directly into the depths of the instructor's eyes and said to her seriously: "Listen to my advice and don't continue studying bioengineering as a graduate student. I am someone who has been there, so you must be right to listen to me. Ten million, ten million!"

The mentor was completely confused and petrified, and he didn't know how to react. After speaking, the man patted the mentor's shoulder affectionately and disappeared into the night.

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That night, the instructor was tossing and turning in confusion and uneasiness. How could a stranger know that he was preparing to take the postgraduate entrance examination and continue his undergraduate studies? There was also that indescribable strong sense of familiarity, which made her feel strange, curious and uneasy.

Half a year passed in a hurry, and the tutor was admitted to graduate school by the school with excellent results. When deciding on her major, she once again fell into anxiety.

In her heart, she wanted to continue her undergraduate studies and make achievements. But the mysterious midnight visitor's solemn reminder to her always came to mind and lingered in her mind. When she was struggling, the college added a new major in bionutritional medicine. The instructor felt that God had made a choice for her, so she decisively learned this new subject.

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Time flies, the sun and the moon fly by. The mentor has been working in this field for more than ten years and has achieved fruitful results. Over the years, she has never forgotten the mysterious person she met on campus late that night.

Unexpectedly, something even more bizarre happened later. The instructor said that she could not remember the specific time. It was probably after she was thirty-five years old that she began to repeat the same dream frequently.

In the dream, the tutor was busy with scientific research in a laboratory room at first, and then the scene changed to show her struggling on the hospital bed with a ventilator on her face, with carbuncles festering all over her body, which was very scary. In the dream, the instructor clearly felt the burning pain all over his body, which was worse than death. Professional knowledge told her that she was probably infected with some serious and dangerous virus.

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The instructor didn't pay much attention to it once or twice, but when she dreamed of such a scene repeatedly, she felt that it was extraordinary. I was stupid and couldn't understand it at the moment, so I asked the instructor, who said that there are many reasons for nightmares. Why do you think this dream is unusual?

The instructor told me that her current appearance and temperament really resembled the mysterious visitor she met late at night on campus many years ago. She would think of that person almost every time she looked in the mirror. The "four different windbreakers" that surprised her back then have become very popular, and they are just like the outdoor jackets that can be seen everywhere in the streets.

Therefore, the instructor boldly made a scientific guess that the mysterious guest he met back then might be himself twenty years later, using some kind of technological means to travel through time and space to warn his younger self. So what is the destiny direction that my future self wants to avoid and prevent? The instructor said that maybe it was the recurring dream.

It has been so many years, but if I had not written this post, I might have forgotten the scientific imaginings I had at my husband’s tutor’s dinner. With my extremely limited theoretical knowledge, it is really difficult to understand and analyze such a difficult hard scientific proposition. I just vaguely feel that the law of conservation of energy does not seem to hold true when two selves from different periods meet face to face.

If human technology really realizes time and space travel, can we find ourselves back then, and can the future be rewritten and overwritten as a result? The answer is in the eye of the beholder.

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