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The night was very dark and quiet, there was no light in the room, only the pale light of the monitor and the flying fingers on the keyboard, it was like a ghost jumping from somewhere.

After typing the last word, Xiao Zhe let out a long sigh of relief. After saving, he quickly clicked to shut down the system. The darkness like a black hole suddenly enveloped the entire room.

"Crackling…" The door behind him suddenly opened slowly.

"Ah…" A shrill scream came from the night sky outside.

Xiao Zhe's hairs stood on end all at once.

The other person, a woman walking on the street at midnight, was frightened by the scream and stopped in her tracks. She was holding a flower umbrella, under which was a beautiful but terrified face, looking around in a panic, but only saw the drizzle, reflecting the gloomy light under the dim street lamp.

The screams seemed to have frozen in the air, she felt a little suffocated, and began to walk quickly towards the direction of the residence.

Her name is Xueting, she is 23 years old, single, and she just came out of the company after working overtime.

Apart from her, there was no one in the street, not even a taxi, and all the shops along the street were tightly closed. It was pitch black inside, and there was no breath of life.

It was late at night and it was freezing cold.

Passing through an intersection, Xue Ting suddenly felt that there was an extra person behind her, but she couldn't hear footsteps. She didn't dare to turn her head, her two slender legs staggered forward desperately, her body trembling a little, not just because of the cold.

A long shadow appeared in front of Xue Ting. She looked along the shadow, and a person was walking towards her. She also held a flower umbrella, which covered her face. She was wearing very bright clothes, and her legs were slender, but they seemed a little different from Xue Ting's slenderness.

The moment they passed by, Xue Ting subconsciously turned her head, her heart almost stopped beating.

That turned out to be a man! What's even more frightening is that he only has half of his face!

Next, Xue Ting stumbled and walked back. When she came to the door of the residence, she leaned against the door for a long time before taking out the key. Because her hands were trembling badly, she finally opened the door with great effort.

As soon as he opened the door, he could faintly hear groans and gasps from Yuyan's bedroom.

Really! She couldn't help complaining.

Yuyan is her close friend who lives together, and the two rent a house together. Not long ago, Yuyan had a boyfriend named Chu Feng. The relationship between the two did not expect to develop so fast, and now they have brought them back to the nest, and they are still there at such a late hour!

When passing through the closed door, the groans and gasps became louder, Xue Ting couldn't help smiling wryly, she was so sleepy that she was still in shock, and she lost consciousness within a minute after going to bed.

She didn't wake up until noon the next day. Yuyan's bedroom door was open, and she had long since disappeared.

It was the weekend, not long after Xueting woke up, Yuyan opened the door and walked in, her charming face was full of smiles.

"How was it? Did you have a good time last night? It was so loud!" Xue Ting had a smirk on her face.

"Last night? What did I do last night?" Yuyan looked at her blankly, as if she didn't know what she was talking about.

"Still pretending! Pretending to be quite similar!" Xue Ting laughed even more.

"I slept at a friend's house last night and never came back!"

Seeing Yu Yan's serious expression on Black Tooth Ghost , Xue Ting believed that she was not lying. What about the voice in her bedroom last night? Thinking of this, she suddenly shuddered, and her whole body became stiff.

"What's the matter with you?" Yu Yan looked at her with straight eyes.

After a while, Xue Ting began to slowly describe the half-faced man she met on the street last night, and the gasps and groans of ecstasy in Yuyan's bedroom after she came back.

After listening, Yuyan's face turned pale.

"Maybe it was all hallucinations last night." Xue Ting comforted.

"I'm going to see my sister, how about you go with me?" Yu Yan hurriedly changed the subject.

"Okay! It's okay anyway."

Black tooth ghost_ghost tooth_tooth ghost work ball

Yuyan's younger sister is Xiaoshi, a sophomore in medical school.

Walking into the gate of the medical school and looking at the smiling faces on the campus, Xueting suddenly felt inexplicably sad. She thought of many lost days of youth. It has been two years since she graduated. The society is far more complicated than the school, which often makes her breathless.

Xue Ting went to the College of Liberal Arts, which is much more romantic than here. She even felt a little weird here, maybe because of psychological effects, medical school always makes people think of organs, anatomy and so on.

Xiaoshi, like Yuyan, has a very charming face. The difference is that she has a very good figure, which can be described as a devil-like figure. In contrast, Yuyan's figure looks more like a younger sister than an older sister.

That night, all three of them slept in Xiaoshi's dormitory, and none of her roommates were there.

"His eyes are very sharp, and he smiled at you. Is that cool person you met at the entrance of the cafeteria your classmate?" Xue Ting asked.

"Him? He's a weirdo in his junior year. He hasn't taken much class since his sophomore year. He's actually obsessed with literature. You won't fall in love with him, will you?" Xiaoshi teased.

"What's his name?" she asked again.

"Xiao Zhe."

Chatting and chatting, the two sisters, Yuyan and Yuyan, soon fell asleep, Xueting somehow did not feel sleepy at all, she looked at her watch, it was two o'clock in the morning, and there was a dead silence all around.

Suddenly footsteps came from the other end of the corridor, and the sound was like men's leather shoes, echoing thrillingly in the whole building.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and finally stopped in front of the door of their dormitory! Then it fell silent.

Xue Ting only felt her scalp go numb, wondering who is that? She couldn't help but looked at the bed where Yuyan's two sisters were sleeping. They didn't respond at all, obviously sleeping soundly.

At this time, a black shadow suddenly appeared in the tall window beside the corridor, peeping inside for a long time, and finally the shadow disappeared, and there were thrilling footsteps in the corridor, walking farther and farther…

Xue Ting let out a long sigh of relief, she finally felt a little sleepy, her consciousness gradually blurred.

At around three o'clock in the morning, she woke up again, got up and walked towards the bathroom.

When she came back, she found that there was only one person left on the bed of the two sisters, and she didn't know whether it was Xiaoshi or Yuyan under the quilt.

Maybe go to the bathroom too, she thought.

It took another hour for Xue Ting to fall asleep again. The strange thing is that no one came back during this hour. It doesn't take that long to go to the bathroom, right?

"Sleepwalking!" A concept flashed through her vague consciousness.

Waking up in the morning, there were two people on the bed of the two sisters again, Xue Ting asked curiously: "Which of you two went out last night?"

No one answered. Could it be that someone was sleepwalking, or was it all a hallucination last night, including the footsteps made by the men's leather shoes?

"Where's your Chu Feng?" Xue Ting asked Yu Yan after walking out of the gate of the medical school.

"He invited me as a guest at noon, you must accompany me!" Yu Yan said excitedly.

Chu Feng's first impression of Xue Ting was the typical Prince Charming type, tall, handsome and rich, not to mention, he could tell the dead into the living with just one mouth. When Yu Yan looked at him, he seemed to be fascinated.

He is indeed a very attractive man, Xue Ting has to admit this.

When Yuyan left during the meal, she noticed that the way Chu Feng looked at her had changed, and her heart suddenly beat violently a few times.

Xue Ting is a little sad, maybe she has been alone for too long.

The next day when Xue Ting got off work, it was midnight again. As soon as she walked out of the company gate, a gust of extremely cold wind blew, and she couldn't help shivering.

The more she doesn't think about what happened that night, the more that thing lingers in her mind, the man in floral dress and trousers on the street at midnight! half face!

tooth ghost work ball_ghost tooth_black tooth ghost

Xue Ting could only move her slender legs as quickly as possible, the sky was still drizzled with cold and cold, and she was still holding a flower umbrella.

Suddenly there was another person behind her, and she only felt a chill behind her.

This time she finally couldn't help turning around, and a figure flashed into the small alley behind her.

Her scalp was a little numb, and she suddenly turned around and moved her legs faster.

Soon the person with the umbrella appeared in front of her again, and Xue Ting's breathing became short of breath. She covered herself with the umbrella, but she just stared at the road under her feet and walked forward with a stiff neck.

near! She saw the man's feet, wearing as strange a pair of shoes as possible, and she felt suffocated and just wanted to walk past him as quickly as possible.

"Wait a minute…" The man suddenly made a hoarse and deep voice.

Xue Ting felt terrified, and her intuition told her that there was a crisis, so she ran decisively, and the man was chasing after her, her heart seemed to burst out of her mouth.

The man ran very fast, and his heavy breathing reached Xue Ting's ear in a blink of an eye.

"Ah…" There was another scream in the night sky, and she almost fainted.

Suddenly Xue Ting bumped into a person, the person took a few steps back, and then supported her, she subconsciously raised her head to look at that person.

With sharp-edged face and sharp and deep eyes, Xue Ting felt familiar. He was staring at the man behind her, a trace of panic flitted across his face, but he quickly regained his composure.

"What do you want?" he snapped, staring at the half-faced man.

The man smiled stupidly, then turned and walked away.

"What a horrible face," he said to himself.

Xue Ting let out a long sigh of relief, only to find that she was still leaning on his chest, her face blushed slightly.

"Thank you!" She stared at him again, trying to remember.

"Xiao Zhe!" She remembered that she met once in the medical school, the weird person Xiaoshi spoke of.

"How do you know my name?" he asked in surprise.

"A friend of mine's sister is in medical school."


"Where are you going so late?" Xue Ting asked.

"It's like this. In the past few days, I always heard someone screaming at midnight, sometimes several times a night, which made people sleepless. So I came out to see what was going on."

"That man just now was scary."

"There seems to be another person behind that person, and it disappeared in a flash." Xiao Zhe said suddenly.

Back at the residence, Xueting looked towards Yuyan's bedroom, the door was closed tightly, and it was quiet inside.

She suddenly remembered the groans and gasps that came out of this bedroom that night, and her heart beat faster.

She lay on the bed exhausted, and soon fell asleep as if dead.

During the sound sleep, Xue Ting vaguely felt that someone was walking in the living room. The person finally stopped in front of the door of her bedroom, turned the doorknob and did not open it. Because the door was locked, that person began to tinker with the door lock.

Xue Ting tried hard to open her eyes to regain consciousness, but she couldn't do it anyway. She was so sleepy, and finally sank into a deep sea-like sleep again.

tooth ghost work ball_black tooth ghost_ghost tooth

As soon as she woke up in the morning, she was in front of the door lock of the bedroom. There were obvious signs of prying on the lock. Fortunately, it was not pried open. The more she thought about it, the more terrifying she felt.

Yuyan's bedroom was still tightly closed, she knocked on the door, and Yuyan responded softly, she hadn't gotten up yet.

"Did you hear anything last night?" Xue Ting asked.

"No, what's the matter?"

She checked the outermost anti-theft door, which was intact.

"Have you ever given your key to anyone?" she asked again.

"No." Yuyan looked at the traces of Xueting's bedroom door lock being picked, and her face suddenly turned pale.

Time flies, and the weekend is here again.

"How about having a big dinner together? You and me, my sister, and Chu Feng." Yu Yan suggested.

"Okay! I want to add another person, because he saved me that night."

"You mean that Xiao Zhe, I heard from Xiao Shi that he is very talented, and he is two years older than you, you don't want to give him your body, do you?" Yu Yan teased.

The weekend campus seemed much lonely. Xiaoshi found Xiao Zhe and talked about the dinner party. He readily agreed. Xiaoshi smiled brightly. Looking at her devil-like figure, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and the two walked side by side towards the outside of the campus.

It was the first time Xiao Zhe met Chu Feng. For some reason, he had a strange impression of Chu Feng. He even found that when Chu Feng saw him and Xiaoshi coming side by side, something inexplicable and difficult to detect flashed across his eyes. That discovery made Xiao Zhe feel chills.

But that was just a flash, and soon Chu Feng acted very bright and talkative, which made Xiao Zhe deny the discovery just now.

"Cheers!" The five cups collided together, making a pleasant sound.

Hearing that Xiaoshi said that Chu Feng was her sister Yuyan's new boyfriend, he pretended to look casually at Yuyan. She was looking at Chu Feng obsessively, with a fascinated look on her face.

"Climb the mountain after eating!" Xiaoshi suggested.

"Ulla!" the three girls yelled.

"If you want to climb, climb a remote mountain and sleep on the mountain at night! Are you afraid?" Chu Feng had a smirk on his face.

"Who is afraid of whom!" Xiaoshi cried.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, five people stepped on the car to the suburbs on time.

"Just go to that special mountain." Chu Feng said mysteriously in the car.

"What's so special?" Yuyan asked.

"We'll know when we arrive."

Based on the route taken by the car, Xiao Zhe vaguely thought of the mountain. He often travels on foot, so he is very familiar with this area. That mountain is indeed a bit special.

As expected, when the cemetery appeared in the field of vision, Chu Feng started to call "Stop", Yu Yan and Xue Ting's faces flashed with panic, while Xiao Shi's face was full of excitement.

Today's weather is very good, autumn air is crisp. The cemetery was neither high nor low, with white tombstones dotted everywhere, and the surrounding was deadly silent, except for the footsteps of five people stepping up the stone steps, there was only one or two birdsong occasionally.

Xue Ting always walks beside Xiao Zhe casually, she feels very safe in this way.

Xiaoshi opened the way ahead, she seemed not afraid of anything, Chu Feng saw her incomparable figure from behind, and an imperceptible expression flashed across his face.

Yu Yan stopped in front of a tombstone beside the stone steps, staring blankly at the inscription on it, they all stopped and looked up.

Black tooth ghost_ghost tooth_tooth ghost work ball

"No matter how vigorous and vigorous it was during life, it will still turn into a pile of loess in the end." Chu Feng said with great emotion.

"Come on, I'm so sour." Xiaoshi said sarcastically.

The five of them walked straight up the stone steps, and the sky gradually became dark.

"Let's find a cave." Chu Feng said.

"You don't really want to sleep here at night?" Xiao Zhe asked.

"You don't dare?" Chu Feng looked at him with slightly provocative eyes.

"Of course I have nothing to fear, it's just…" Xiao Zhe looked at Xueting, then at Yushi and Yuyan.

"I haven't slept in a graveyard yet! I must try it!" Xiaoshi looked very excited.

Xue Ting looked at Xiao Zhe and nodded.

"You all stay here, of course I won't leave alone." Yuyan said.

Before it was completely dark, they finally found a cave halfway up the mountain. It was relatively dry inside, and there was even a pile of hay. They quickly found a lot of firewood and lit a fire. Under the light of the fire, there were five excited faces.

As the night gradually deepened, everyone began to feel sleepy. Xueting used the pile of hay to lay out two floor beds. The three girls slept on the inner one, and Chu Feng and Xiao Zhe slept on the outer one.

Soon the five of them fell asleep, as if they had forgotten that this was a cemetery.

The countless white tombstones outside the cave reflected a gloomy light under the pale moonlight, which seemed to be looking at the five young men and women in the cave with malicious intent.

A black shadow slowly crawled towards the entrance of the cave, its eyes were glowing green, but the flames blocked its way forward, so it finally crawled away reluctantly.

This whole process was watched by Xiao Zhe, he was not actually asleep, he was insomnia in this situation, and when he was insomnia, he watched an animal with green eyes trying to crawl in, this feeling really made his hair stand on end, he almost screamed out.

For some reason, Xiao Zhe suddenly felt that there was an eerie feeling spreading in this cave, and he suddenly remembered, this is a graveyard!

After tossing and tossing for a long time, he still didn't feel sleepy at all. Chu Feng next to him was soundly asleep, and the three girls were also sleeping with smiles on their faces. Xiao Zhe was really envious, so he got up suddenly, wanting to make it easier.

After walking away from the hole for a while, he suddenly stepped on the air and fell down, and then hit a hard place and passed out.

A tombstone not far from the cave seemed to be moving by itself. Accompanied by the dull sound of falling to the ground, the tombstone fell to the side, and a person came out of the tomb. His eyes were flaming red, and his body was as thin as a stick. He laughed with a hoarse voice, showing his thick fangs!

"Ah…" Xue Ting suddenly woke up from the nightmare, and she was horrified to find that she was the only one left in the cave, the fire was burning slowly, and white tombstones were vaguely dotted in the darkness outside.

Only then did she feel that the cave was very gloomy, and she couldn't help shivering.

"Xiao Zhe! Chu Feng! Yuyan! Xiaoshi!" There was no response at all, Xueting almost cried, where did they all go?

She looked at her watch, it was three in the morning.

Chu Feng was awakened by a strange sound, like a wolf howling, there are wolves in this place! His scalp went numb.

He turned his head, the three girls were sleeping soundly, but Xiao Zhe had disappeared! He walked out of the cave and shouted a few times, only his own voice echoed.

Where did this kid go? he thought.

Chu Feng turned around and went back to the cave, looking at the three charming faces sleeping soundly under the firelight, with an inexplicable expression on them.

He pushed Xiaoshi, Xiaoshi quickly opened his eyes and looked around.

Chu Feng gave a very strange wink, Xiaoshi suddenly laughed silently, her slightly flushed face appeared extremely charming.

Black tooth ghost_ghost tooth_tooth ghost work ball

The two walked out of the cave gently.

Yu Yan's narrowed eyes suddenly opened, and quietly followed behind them.

Chu Feng seemed to be quite familiar with this place, he kept turning left and right while holding Xiaoshi's hand, Xiaoshi's frivolous laughter came from time to time in the darkness.

Yuyan was extremely angry, and quietly followed behind.

"Is the thorn stimulating?" Chu Feng's voice came from not far away. At this time, his voice sounded like a hooligan.

"There will be more exciting things later…" He suddenly picked up Xiaoshi and disappeared after turning a corner.

It turned out that he entered another very hidden cave, and Yuyan walked over with a heartbroken heart.

She heard violent gasps and groans, and tears spread across her face. She never imagined that Chu Feng was such a person, and she even more never imagined that her own sister was such a person.

Desperately, she began to walk back.

In the cave, Xue Ting was sitting by the fire with her knees hugged and shivering. When she saw Yuyan walking in, she was as happy as something.

But Yuyan just sat beside her , Black Tooth Ghost , with straight eyes, without saying a word.

"What's the matter with you? What about them?" Xue Ting quickly realized that something unusual had happened.

"Sleep." Yu Yan only said two words in the end, and then fell asleep.

Xue Ting was stunned for a while, and finally couldn't resist the drowsiness, and fell asleep lying on the haystack.

After a while, Chu Feng and Xiaoshi walked in tiptoely. Their faces were full of tiredness, and they continued to lie down and fell asleep.

After a while, Xiao Zhe came in with tattered clothes, and lay exhausted on the haystack, with bloodstains from tree branches on his face.

As the night deepened, the entire cemetery began to be filled with white mist, and the moonlight became more hazy.

The next day, the five of them quickly descended the mountain. Yuyan looked indifferent, Xueting looked puzzled, Chu Feng and Xiaoshi talked and laughed like nothing happened, Xiao Zhe obviously noticed the changes in Yuyan and Xueting, but he didn't think too much about it, because he stumbled and fell last night, he was a little depressed.

When they were two, Xue Ting told him about the fact that she was the only one left in the cave when she woke up last night, and about the abnormality of the rain and smoke.

Xiao Zhe pondered for a long time, then suddenly said: "I will pick you up when I get off the night shift, please remember!"

"What's the matter?" Xue Ting asked suspiciously.

"It is very likely to be dangerous!"

That day after finishing the night shift and walking out of the company building, Xiao Zhe was waiting for her below, and the two happily walked along the street.

Halfway through, the half-faced man appeared in front of him again!

Xiao Zhe turned his head to the back suddenly, Xue Ting also turned his head to the back, and at some point followed a person with half of his face.

The two half-faced people got closer and closer, sandwiching them, Xue Ting leaned against Xiao Zhe tightly.

Suddenly Xiao Zhe punched violently, and the person behind fell to the ground in response, and a key fell out, which was exactly the same as the key of Xueting's residence.

Another half-faced person stood next to them, giggling, and the name of a certain mental hospital was imprinted on the collar of a piece of clothing inside.

"Who is that person on the ground? Is he also a mental patient?" Xue Ting asked in a low voice.

"I'll know soon!" Xiao Zhe touched the face of the man on the ground after speaking, and tore off a layer of mask.

Under the mask is Chu Feng's face!

Looking at the key that fell on the ground, and Chu Feng's distorted face, Xue Ting's previous doubts were all understood at once.

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