Horror Ghost Stories: Jails To Read Online

Bang clang, just a sound of being in prison. –Inscription


Su Mo opened his eyes and found himself in a huge container, like a hot pot. That's right, a hot pot in action! Of course, Su Mo didn't know how hot the hot pot was, but he believed that it must be hotter than the hot pot. The scalding heat could almost evaporate his soul, and all his thoughts were occupied by an indescribable burning sensation. So hot! So hot! He tried to get his mind together, to converge on one point, and instinctively, he felt that if he didn't do this, it wouldn't be long before he dissipated.

Wait… Dissipate? Su Mo shuddered, how could such a word be used suddenly. At this moment, a sharp scream interrupted his thinking, and he saw a transparent human-shaped gelatinous body not far away somehow ignited, blue flames quickly covered the whole body, the gelatinous body twisted and rolled continuously, and two claw-like things were desperately scratching the ground, looking very painful. Once again, Su Mo felt the presence of instinct. He looked at the blue flame in horror, and his feet stepped back involuntarily. "Why is this happening?" He had already discovered that his control over his body was extremely weak, and that instinctive power had inadvertently been increased to a terrifying multiple.

"Hey, kid, you're about to hit me! Tsk tsk!" Su Mo finally heard the same voice. He looked around, but there was only a blue jelly in front of him. "Boy, don't look for it anymore, tsk tsk, I'm right in front of you." The blue jelly said. Su Mo was taken aback, but he couldn't easily control his legs, so he could only stand there, like a child whose parents found out that he had done something wrong—with a trembling soul.

"Tsk tsk, boy, you are new here, no wonder, newcomers are like this, you look at your own hands and body, and then you will feel much better. Tsk tsk." The blue jelly said.

Su Mo raised his hands, and when he saw the same blue jelly, he panicked, and a blue flame burst out.

The blue jelly jumped up and shouted: "Tsk tsk, quick, quick, kid! Hurry up and concentrate, the souls that don't concentrate in hell will quickly dissipate. Tsk tsk"

However, the flames on Su Mo's body were not under control. His head was in a daze, as if he had returned to his original home, a beautiful wife, and an excellent son. Gradually, my eyesight seemed to be getting worse and worse, my thinking seemed to be boiled in a hot pot, and a group of skeletons died of boredom , and I couldn't tell what was what.

"Damn it, this kid still retains the memory of his previous life? This is too bad, he's probably going to die, tsk tsk." The blue jelly stopped shouting, and looked at Burning Su Mo with some regret. The blue flame was like the hem of a witch's skirt, dancing gently, taking away the slightest bit of sobriety from him.

The salesman Su Mo walked in through a door, the big boss Su Mo got off the helicopter, the star Su Mo took his beautiful girlfriend by the hand, the writer Su Mo was respected by the whole world, her husband Su Mo was pleased to see his son, his son Su Mo was running around for his parents, the genius Su Mo drove the teacher to death, and the baby Su Mo suddenly returned to the origin of life.

There was a voice, "Su Mo has made outstanding contributions to the country and the people throughout his life, let us remember him and carry forward his spirit." Then there was thunderous applause and silent tears.

Su Mo told himself that he should be very happy to be able to leave so much wealth to future generations, but he couldn't be happy at all. He was dead, so what's the point of everything.

At this time, the angel Su Mo fell down, grabbed his collar, and said bitterly, "Su Mo, you corrupt official, you are destined to go to hell in this life."

He suddenly remembered that he was still in hell.


"Su Mo!" Ma Mian shouted majestically.

A group of little ghosts pressed Su Mo and staggered to the side of a big turntable. Ma Mian took out a red pen from the turntable, and drew something behind Su Mo. "Next!" The kid pushed Su Mo forward.

Now, Su Mo didn't even have the strength to lift a little finger, and his surroundings were getting hotter and hotter, and even the brats couldn't bear it any longer, and complained over there. Once again, very instinctively, Su Mo developed a fear of the front. Although he was not sure what was ahead, he already felt fear, which was something more difficult to express than intuition.

As a result, his body became uncontrollable again, as if he had suddenly turned into a King Kong, beating his chest continuously. The little ghosts laughed at Su Mo, but they didn't react in any other way. They had already seen the blame and treated it like a circus. Soon, a burst of exhaustion hit Su Mo. Hearing the sound of someone pulling the power in his head, Su Mo lost consciousness instantly.

He was woken up by the heat, a feeling that could only be felt in an old country house that hadn't been equipped with air-conditioning back then. In addition, his feet were also shackled, making clanking noises. The little ghosts brought Su Mo close to a crater, or at least a place that looked like a crater. They brought Su Mo to the edge of the crater, and smiled at him again, only to hear "clang"——Su Mo's body turned into countless water droplets, and the water droplets were turning into molecules, which seeped into the magma like dissolved coffee.

It's not like Su Mo didn't feel it. The salesman Su Mo he saw turned out to be a spy, the big boss Su Mo was arrested for tax evasion, the star Su Mo was an emotional liar, his son Su Mo was greedy for his father's wealth, his father Su Mo was a moody psychopath, and the baby Su Mo was strangled to death by abortion drugs.

"Ah!" Apart from being frightened, Su Mo found that the only good news was that he could control his body. It felt so good, as if he was alive again. At this time, the angel Su Mo came again. He pointed down and asked, Su Mo, what did you see then?

I saw that the hot magma was tumbling with flames – Su Mo was gone.


Su Mo woke up. He opened his eyes and found that he had returned to the original time when the birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant. The waking air and morning sunshine were so charming that he seemed to embrace the world with open arms.

At this time, he discovered something, he panicked, he was at a loss, he wanted to show his teeth but couldn't, he could only watch silently but couldn't leave a trace that he was still alive in this world.

He can't control this body anymore! To be sure, he can get up, he can run and jump, he can yell, but none of that is done physically. No matter what strange actions the blue jelly body made, it couldn't cause any ripples. At this moment, Su Mo believed that he really went to hell once, and then, he had nothing to do with this world.

Su Mo lay down peacefully, returned to his body, and used his eyes and ears to recall everything in the past. He thought of the most beautiful days in his life. At that time, his career was successful, the company he ran was developing rapidly, he was well-known in the industry, and he had many business partners.

He was a big boss, he was rich, but he died inexplicably before enjoying a day of his beautiful life. It was just a prick, and when I woke up, it turned into a blue jelly.

Su Mo thought about his company, and there were still a lot of things to deal with. Without him as the head of the company, he didn't know what kind of virtue it would become now, whether someone would lose their jobs, or whether it would eventually be reduced to the fate of being annexed. There is also the virtuous wife and excellent son. The orphans and widows must have suffered a lot and received a lot of stares. In particular, Su Mo left in such a hurry that he didn't even leave a will. This property has always been a big trouble!

After thinking about it, Su Mo felt tired, rubbed his nose, and fell asleep.


Su Mo was woken up by a burst of crying, and like a swarm of menacing mosquitoes, they got into his ears. He saw a group of people kneeling under him, wearing white cloth and a white headscarf, with black cloth pinned to their shoulders, kneeling on the ground, desperately wiping away tears. He suddenly found it very funny, a group of people obviously couldn't cry, but they just put on a show, and one guy was holding half a bottle of eye drops, just for fun.

Scanning the crowd, the first few were his relatives, uncles, aunts, and cousins. They usually asked themselves to do things. The work of the second aunt's son was only obtained by giving him a lot of gifts, and the uncle borrowed a lot of money from himself, but never paid it back. Su Mo knew the people in the front, but the faces in the back seemed unfamiliar to him. They must be distant relatives far, far away. Su Mo knew, but he talked a lot about the exact distance. I'm afraid these relatives wouldn't even know their own names if he didn't die.

Su Mo sighed and felt a sudden panic in his chest. He proved one thing, even if he became a soul, he couldn't get rid of the emotions and desires, and even if he didn't feel it, he still felt heartache. He looked at the people below again, they were all relatives! Instinctively, he became terrified again. He seemed to see a barren cemetery in front of him, with only swirling fallen leaves and a golden coffin with the lid open.

Fortunately, there is also the wife in the corner who comforts him. His wife's eyes were red and swollen, and her complexion was very haggard, and she hardly left her hand with a handkerchief. Su Mo was very distressed, and couldn't help reaching out to touch his wife's forehead, and the blue arm passed through her body as soon as it touched her body. The wife still paid attention to her feet blankly, everything was as it was before. Su Mo was very sad, especially when she saw her beloved being sad for herself in front of her eyes. He jumped, yelled, made faces, talked and ran in front of his wife, but she still stared blankly at her feet.

Tired, Su Mo really didn't have the strength to complete the next move, even if he still had a little faith. He was just about to go out when a young man entered the ancestral hall. Su Mo immediately recovered a little spirit. He is Xiaodong, a good business partner of Su Mo. Su Mo didn't know how to describe his mood at the moment. It seemed that God had treated him well, at least he still had a close friend after so many years. Xiaodong dressed very low- key , he walked up to Su Mo's wife to comfort him, and then lit a stick of incense and sent it up.

Su Mo thought in his heart: Old friend, I have seen everything you do, and if there is an afterlife, I will definitely repay you.

Then, Xiaodong knelt down and kowtowed three times to Su Mo, and quietly retreated under his wife's grateful eyes. Su Mo saw Xiaodong's back, his thin body trembling faintly. At the moment, he hates the blue jelly without tears!

The day's worship was over, and the guests all went back. Su Mo could hear the hearty laughter of the satiated guests from afar. It seemed that the food was really good. Su Mo was so hungry that he could eat several cows. He rushed to each dining table to show his teeth and claws, but all he could eat was the laughter echoing in the mess. So, Su Mo covered his throat, a fishbone got stuck in it.

In the ancestral hall, those relatives had already stood up and quietly hid a few bottles of eye drops. They surrounded Su Mo's wife, chattering about something. Su Mo approached and concentrated, only to hear the uncle say: "After Xiao Su left, the life of your orphans and widows is not easy. You can move to the uncle's house in the future, so that you can take care of them. As for the business that Xiao Su left behind, the uncle will help you take care of it first, and Xiao Su's son will be called back to him when he grows up."

Su Mo was so angry that he was trembling all over. This was clearly an idea to see his wife as a weak woman who was easy to bully and try to move the inheritance. Never agree! Su Mo didn't care whether his wife could hear or not, so he yelled at the top of his voice.

Su Mo's wife rejected the uncle's "kindness" with a wry smile, and said, "Thank you uncle for your concern, but I think I'd better take care of what my husband left behind. It was not easy for him to fight alone before. I couldn't share anything with him when he was alive, so I had to let him have nothing to worry about after he died."

At this time, the second aunt jumped out, and said in a broken voice: "Xiaoye, I think girls are precious, so it's better not to work too hard, otherwise Xiaosu won't worry about it down here. You see, we are all Xiaosu's relatives, and we are also a family with you. We will help you when you encounter difficulties. Now you take care of the children, and leave the rest to us."

Su Mo's wife glanced at the corpse and waved her hand: "Thank you everyone, Xiaoye, but now Xiaoye is confident that she still has the energy to take care of it. If Xiaoye can't do it in the future, I will ask everyone for help."

The pungent second aunt jumped up all of a sudden, pointed at his wife and said angrily: "Xiaoye, we are kind enough to help you, don't be ignorant of flattery, do you think we can't see that you are greedy for Xiaosu's family property? Let me tell you, we will not let you succeed!"

After hearing this, the wife felt wronged for a while, covered her face and ran out sadly.

Just as Su Mo was about to chase after him, his eyes suddenly went dark.


Su Mo heard a clang, and then flames burst out in all directions, and two little ghosts pressed him down a deep path. A little ghost said: "Boy, you are lucky. You jumped into the lake of flames and survived. Lord Yan can only order you to be put in death row."

With that said, they led Su Mo to a room with cages on both sides. He saw a big dark man rolling over and over on the ground, screaming miserably. Su Mo was scared out of his wits. Is this the death row? very scary!

When the two little ghosts led Su Mo past the big man, Su Mo discovered that he turned out to be a deceased big boss. The big man seemed to recognize Su Mo, and murmured a long paragraph of incomprehensible words to him.

"He's asking you to scratch his itch," said a kid.

Su Mo saw that the big man was holding jewelry and diamonds in one hand, and a real estate certificate and property certificate in the other, but he couldn't even scratch the simplest itch. Su Mo stepped forward to help him grab the ants on his back, and then went to his cell.


The night was already deep, and then yesterday's footsteps devoured the warmth of the world, and the cold moonlight cut off the human flesh piece by piece, leaving only a huge skeleton, waving its gloomy sickle in the dark.

The light in Su Wen's bedroom was still on. Through the window, Su Wen seemed to have grown two horns, and his overwhelmed head was lowered. Su Mo got in through the door. It turned out that there were thick piles of books stacked on both sides of his son, which seemed very profound.

Su Wen focused on every line of writing, concentrating like Luo Dan. Not to mention that he couldn't see his father now, even if he could see him, he couldn't quickly realize that his father was standing beside him. Su Wen is about to face the college entrance examination, such a once-in-a-lifetime event, for many people, it is a moment that determines the trajectory of life. Quiet, so he is very quiet, so quiet that he doesn't pay attention to the sounds of the world, he forgets when he is in, there are only books in front of him, and only books in his mind.

Su Mo has always been very proud of having such a child. When everyone else is eager to have fun, Su Wen can resist the temptation to go home and hold a book by himself at the desk. Su Wen was his pride, one of the reasons why he felt that he didn't come to this world in vain.

The door was pushed open, and it was the uncle who walked in. Seeing Su Wen who was still working hard, his eyes became very kind. "Nephew, your father's funeral is over," said the uncle.

"Oh." Su Wen lowered his head, his gaze never leaving the book.

The uncle stepped forward and stroked his head, "Nephew, forget about the pain for the time being. The college entrance examination is the most important thing for you. We will take care of father's funeral. You just need to concentrate on your studies."

"Oh." Su Wen lowered his head, his gaze never leaving the book.

The uncle nodded in satisfaction, "Nephew, then uncle is leaving first, you read slowly."

"Oh." Su Wen lowered his head, picked up another book and said.

Quietly, quietly, the shadow of the house deepened, and before one knew it, the murderer's white blade had been hidden in the cloud. It seemed that the wind was blowing, and Su Mo felt a little cold and even sad. It should be a good thing that his son understands righteousness so well. Su Mo thought that reading is the most important thing for him. But Su Mo still couldn't restrain the chill that gushed out from all over his body. The dew seemed to be particularly heavy tonight. Quietly, quietly, the lights of the world were dimmed, only the lights in Su Wen's room were still on, and Su Mo didn't know how long this could last. Because he fell into the darkness again, it is said that this is the way back to the "body".


As soon as I closed my eyes, there was a clang.

In the next cell, Su Mo saw a gray classroom with the words "College Entrance Examination" painted on the blackboard with blood. Below the blackboard, a thin figure was writing papers. Suddenly, he passed out. Su Mo looked at the time on the wall and it was getting closer and closer to the end of the exam. He couldn't bear it, so he tried to wake up the child.

"Pa-ta" the lights in the classroom suddenly turned on, and then there was a desperate cry of a young man. He was wearing an engineer's hat and sitting at the desk. On the table was a design drawing that got full marks, but the young man had an excellent drawing but couldn't put together the building he wanted no matter how hard he put it together. The young man cried in despair, and the building that had just been put together collapsed again with a "bang".


"Dangdangdang" The heavenly hymn was played as usual, and it was the first time Su Mo heard such a beautiful song, and something seemed to be churning in the blue jelly. It has been three days since he "died". He lived aimlessly like this. Looking at the world, his thoughts gradually faded away. As long as his son and wife are fine, everything is acceptable to him.

"Dangdangdang" Countless angels flew out from all directions, flapping their white and flawless wings, and staring at the sky devoutly. Su Mo was also devout, although he came from hell, but this did not hinder his belief. What a beautiful angel, what a pure heaven!

"Dangdang" the gate of heaven finally opened. The bright sky suddenly fell into a sea of ​​flames! fire! Fire everywhere! Raging fire! Inhuman fire! "Eat it, burn it, turn it into ashes!" a voice seemed to say. Countless white wings burned in the air, and heroic meteors slammed into the ground. The angels fled in panic, spreading the stench of barbecue in all directions. Gray spreads in the air, and choking smoke pollutes the clouds. It started to rain, and the fire went out, leaving only the scars.

Su Mo was stunned. Because he was once devout too. Vaguely, he felt that his body was slightly pansy, and the unpleasant smell of barbecue became more and more intense. When he looked down, there was a sea of ​​fleeing flames, a sea of ​​caught fire. Crackling, crackling, Su Mo heard the sound of non-existent bones being burned. He kept struggling, like a drowning person, flooding his panic aimlessly, constantly, constantly…

Suddenly, Su Mo's eyes darkened, it turned out to be a dream.

But the sea of ​​fire did not subside, on the contrary, it became more raging. Su Mo was so frightened that he wanted to run away, but an arm grabbed him. Taking a closer look, it turned out that the "flesh" was pulling him. The pile of lifeless rotten meat also showed a sympathetic look like a human being, and the face exactly like Su Mo's was crying, and it was unknown whether it was from the fire or really sad. Su Mo didn't care about "Su Mo", a bunch of rotten meat! With a flick of his hand, he stabbed "Su Mo" into the flames, using him to buy time for his escape. "Su Mo" tried to grab Su Mo again with his hands unwillingly, but unfortunately he was already prepared, he slammed in heavily, staggered, and the pile of rotten meat disappeared into the sea of ​​fire. Su Mo took advantage of the situation to stay away from the sea of ​​fire, and crawled out step by step while suffering from the scorching heat…

"Dangdangdang" he lifted the lid and fell to the ground.

Looking at the raging fire and the scalding crematorium, Su Mo felt lost. From now on, he will never find his way back to his "body".


Su Mo lost his body and could no longer dream. But a few fragments still flashed through his mind.


The kid pushed him away.

A blue sky appeared with white clouds floating. The sun is a bit eye-catching, but it makes everything picturesque.

Su Mo asked the kid, how could there be such a beautiful place in hell?

The little ghost replied with a smile, there is a mirror, and everything is just a reflection.

"Boom" –

The kid pushed Su Mo down and continued walking.


Feeling lost, Su Mo returned home, and the faint warm light seemed like a sedative to temporarily stabilize his turbulent heart and fear of everything. Su Mo felt as if he had done something wrong, and felt that everything was taken for granted. Fortunately, home was right in front of him. Although he could no longer feel his presence in this home, the place with his wife and children was Su Mo's home.

Su Mo made a symbolic gesture of pushing the door open, beating his heart to the tender position like a husband returning home. The light in the wife's room was on, and it was vague and eerie.

Su Mo walked over and called his wife's name.

The wife seems to have heard it! She started responding! But soon the response changed from yelling to moaning. The beautiful wife's jade body lay horizontally, and her enchanting body was crushed by a man. The slender waist surged with the man's breath like a snake, accompanied by psychedelic lights, interweaving into a march of flesh and desire. Su Mo's eyes widened. He watched his wife's breasts being raped wantonly by that man, watched the man's tongue lick every part of his wife's body, and watched his wife's face flush brighter and brighter. He even looked at this man and knew his name was Xiaodong! But he did nothing but watch. Instead of anger, there was excitement. The kind of excitement that itches to the bone is like a kitten scratching the softest part of his heart, and the blood all over his body seems to be boiling. This was an inexplicable pleasure, even he himself didn't know why, his soul became happy instinctively, if he didn't have a body, he might have rushed out to join the battle group.

Su Mo watched with relish, and at the same time found many reasons for his wife. A woman with such a large fortune, with children, had to rely on a man to help her guard it. She is also helpless. He also told himself that compared to others, Xiaodong was the best candidate.

The night goes on, everything goes on.

After an unknown amount of time, Su Mo heard the sound of the ancient clock outside the door, and his wife and Xiaodong also climbed to the peak of happiness. The "clang" of the ancient clock and the groans of men and women, the two sounds overlapped, like a bomb, instantly turning the brain into dust. Because the knife in the bone became pierced at the beginning, and it has already penetrated into the bone marrow in the past few years.

"Dangling, smashing, smashing…"

It was twelve, and Su Mo counted them all.

Xiaodong and his wife had already fallen asleep, and the watery moonlight sprinkled on their bedside, and the sweat stains on the two intertwined bodies were dazzling and crystal clear. The wind was blowing outside, as if to show a kind of desolation. But Su Mo didn't feel it at all. He walked in a wooden way amidst the chirping of summer insects, every step was the same size. He heard the voice of the night, and suddenly remembered that he came from hell, so the shadows of those little ghosts imprinted on his heart, and he felt a sense of kindness.


This time instead of a bell, a door opened.

Su Mo remembered that today was the day when his son went to the examination room.

The college entrance examination seems very far away——

He seemed to hear his wife exhorting his son, but he couldn't hear everything clearly. The son just perfunctory indifferently.

Su Mo was furious and just wanted to teach him a lesson.


It wasn't a bell either, but a door closed.

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