Ghost Temple Dead Baby Wutai Mountain Journey

Due to the health of the elderly at home, my husband and I drove to Mount Wutai this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Needless to say, Wutai’s efficacy needs no introduction. Just looking at the dead babies in the ghost temple crowded with pilgrims in front of Wuye Temple, it is not difficult to imagine Wuye’s greatness and efficacy.

Last summer, I encountered adversity in my life. When I was in a state of depression, it seemed that I was destined to watch an episode of "Xiaosong Shuo" by accident. In the program, Gao Xiaosong talked about his mysterious relationship with Wuye Temple. I was so excited that I went straight to Dawutai with my husband during the summer vacation.

That time we took the high-speed rail to Taiyuan first, and took a ride on Didi early the next morning (it was not banned at that time, so it was really convenient). The young driver also went to worship the Wuye Temple to make a wish. When booking the car the night before, he repeatedly warned us that we must go to the Wuye Temple to make a wish before twelve o'clock at noon, otherwise it will not be effective.

So before six o'clock the next morning, we set off by car. It takes nearly three hours to drive from downtown Taiyuan to Wutai Mountain, and most of the roads along the way are winding mountain roads with pleasant scenery.

After arriving at the scenic spot, the young driver told us that when passing through a tunnel just now, he might have gotten up too early and lacked sleep. He even mistook the accelerator for the brake, and stepped on it several times!

These words really made my husband and I break out in a cold sweat! The driver boy said that it was really evil at that time. It stands to reason that if he stepped on the accelerator so hard, the car should have accelerated and hit the car in front, but he felt that the car was so slow and unsteady.

This is a true supernatural event that we personally experienced last year. Perhaps it is Manjushri Bodhisattva who is merciful and merciful, and bless all the sentient beings who come to visit him from afar.

This year was the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15th. When my husband and I arrived at the Wuye Temple, a crowd of devout men and women had already gathered in front of the temple, and they surrounded the temple gate like an iron barrel.

Please tell us the staff at the incense place that since today is the special day of the 15th, there are too many people who come to pray for incense, and the public security department stipulates that burning incense with open flames is not allowed. We invited incense and put it on the table in front of the temple after worshiping, and the monks in the temple will burn incense in the evening.

My husband and I finished worshiping as promised, and put the incense on the designated table. All kinds of tribute incense on that table have already piled up like a mountain, and there is almost no place to put them. My husband is a simple and straightforward person, so he said casually: "There are so many incense sticks, and you can't burn them to worship the Buddha yourself. Do you think they will re-package them in the evening and continue to sell them?"

The staff on the side were unhappy when they heard this, and said to my husband: "Who dares to take the things offered to the Buddha? If you corrupt them, you will be punished by the present world. We have a small temple under Taihuai County, and the old head Chen who runs it Wouldn't it be bad news?"

It turns out that there are more than 300 temples, large and small, in the Wutai Mountain Scenic Area. The old head Chen said by the staff was originally in charge of managing a small temple that was not well known. During the Lunar New Year holidays, when the number of tourists and pilgrims surges, the local public security department will restrict the burning of incense with open fires.

Old Chen's family was so greedy and stupid that they would repackage the incense offered by the pilgrims and continue to sell it, so they made a fortune and made a lot of money. Over time, someone discovered the way of "Old Chen Tou" to make a fortune, and kindly reminded him not to be greedy for this little money. Pilgrims offer incense and worship Buddha, which is equivalent to stealing the merits that originally belonged to the Buddha!

Old Chen didn't take it seriously, and later he intensified his efforts to get money from the merit box in front of the Buddha, filling his own pockets. Until one day their 15-year-old son suddenly had blood in his stool at school and was sent back. He was diagnosed with severe uremia. Lao Chen's family went bankrupt to treat their son's illness, but they couldn't find a transplantable kidney source. His son was blind at first, and finally couldn't defecate at all. He struggled in extreme pain like a wild animal for more than a month, and finally passed away.

Pixiu is a mythical animal that can only enter and exit in ancient legends. What happened to Lao Chen's son in the end is horrifying. It is obvious that the Buddha is punishing their family for their greed. Lao Chen's family spent all their wealth in order to treat their son's illness, and owed a huge amount of foreign debt. Many people around have heard about this incident, and everyone was terrified, and took it as a warning, and never dared to let greed make troubles, and stretched out their hands in front of the Buddha.

Hearing this story, my husband and I were also very embarrassed. We were talking about going out when we were suddenly stopped. Looking back, on the steps at the entrance of the temple, there was a teacher wearing a dark brown monk's robe and a bamboo hat. The teacher said to my husband with a serious face: "Young man, turn around and pray three more times in the direction of the temple!"

The husband turned around in a daze and bowed three times devoutly. Then the two of us carefully asked the teacher, what is the point? The teacher and father waved impatiently and said, "Let's go quickly after worshiping~"

In this way, this has become an unsolved case for my husband and I to savor and comprehend for a long time in the future, hoping that there will be a day when the mystery will be revealed.

This trip to Mount Wutai made me more convinced that we must keep the bottom line and be in awe of being a human being. Perhaps in the eyes of the Buddhas, all sentient beings like us who are full of five poisons are as worthless as ants and mustards. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will be sympathetic Forgiving. But if you have no reverence at all, and just indulge your demons and evil thoughts to run rampant in your heart, it is impossible for you Dharma Guardian King Kong to take it lightly.

All living beings are suffering, so please take care of yourself!

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