Chapter Fourteen

When Blind Chen saw Kunlun Mole risking his life to save him, he dismissed the bandits for the purpose of gathering gangs, and the word "loyalty" is the most important thing. As a leader, how can he only care about his own escape? With a low growl in his throat, he shook off the two thieves who were dragging him away, stepped on the ground, and rushed back to the main hall, kicked up a piece of white ash from the raised foot, and drove away the centipedes that climbed up the dumb's thigh.

At this time, the mute was holding up the wooden beam, already overwhelmed, staring at the bull's eyes, breathing heavily, seeing that the bandit leader, who is the leader of the world's gang of thieves, risked his life to come back to rescue him, he was very grateful, his eyes full of red silk almost shed tears Come, but being oppressed by the heavy beam, it is impossible to get out, and it is difficult to hold on for a moment. He intends to let the leader retreat quickly, but he is too painful to speak, and just stares at Blind Chen.

Blind Chen is worthy of being the leader of the thieves, he really has the quick wit to respond when he sees a broken centipede hanging from the mountain ladder and is thrown aside, he immediately lifts his foot hook and grabs it in his hand. This bamboo ladder can be long or short, in fact there is no section, it can be disassembled and assembled at will to continue to use, and it is light and tough, which is not comparable to ordinary bamboo utensils.

While Blind Chen was holding the bamboo ladder in his hand, the dumb Kunlun Mole couldn't hold on anymore, and fell down like a catastrophe, followed by the big wooden beam. It was too late and then soon, Blind Chen erected the bamboo ladder in his hand and stood it under the beam. The wooden beam was pressed on the bamboo ladder and paused for a while. The toughness of the bamboo ladder could no longer withstand the huge force. With a sound of "crack", the half of the centipede hanging on the mountain ladder shattered into pieces, and the wooden beam crashed to the ground.

The falling of the wooden beam was delayed for a while, and Blind Chen took the opportunity to grab the mute and get him out from under the beam. One hair moved the whole body, and the collapse of the beam caused the entire Xieshan Hall with double eaves to collapse, and the earth and broken tiles fell down.

Blind Chen dragged the dumb Kunlun Mole out of the palace gate, and called "burn" to the thieves outside the gate. Those few people understood, and hurriedly threw the lantern into the hall. The lantern smashed the lamp on the red lacquer pillar, and the kerosene and fire inside flowed out. It burned, and groups of centipedes were burned to death in it.

Blind Chen took advantage of the chaos to check if the mute was injured. This Kunlun Mole turned back and forth from the Hall of Hades, as if he had already died. Even though he was a fierce and courageous person, he couldn't help but look tired, until he vomited a mouthful of blood, and his chest The breath that was suffocated by the heavy pressure was calmed down, and he waved his hands repeatedly to everyone, indicating that he would not die.

A group of thieves set fire in the ancient tomb, trying to find another way out. Outside the gate of this hall is a garden-like courtyard, which is also a historic site in the cave, but there are also poisonous substances hidden in those rockery gardens. Surprised by the fire in the hall, they all came out from the cracks in the rocks and roots. People's eyes are also dazzled. The few surviving people were trapped in the underground palace with no way to advance or retreat, so they had to sign to each other to climb the cliff back from the top of the hall where the fire started.

But the rest of the centipede hanging ladders were placed on the top of the hall. Although the group of thieves had the ability to turn their heads high, the hall was too high to climb. Miss Hong, who was watching the wind in the gap, heard that there was something wrong with the movement below, so she brought a few robbers down to meet him. Seeing the danger, she hurriedly lowered the bamboo ladder. Blind Chen and the others grabbed at straws, they dared not delay in this extremely poisonous underground palace, they climbed up the bamboo ladder and fled up like burning buttocks.

Blind Chen climbed to the top of the hall, and felt the roof tiles trembling under his feet, and it was unbearably hot. Unexpectedly, in the time of a cup of tea, more than twenty brothers died in the side hall of this ancient tomb, and I couldn't help feeling sad. This time I was really careless, but who would have thought that there are so many centipedes in the underground palace, and the poison is so strong that ordinary anti-virus secret medicines can't do anything to them. But the moment of life and death is not the time to regret and remorse. He immediately gritted his teeth and led the people to stretch out the bamboo ladder and climb up from the knife-sharpened cliff to the exit of the mountain.

The remaining few people use the Baizi mountain hook at the front end of the centipede hanging mountain ladder to lock the rock cracks, or directly hang on the branch of the pine tree that grows out, and use a few bamboo ladders to climb on the mirror-like cliff. And up. Among these people, the dumb Kunlun Mole is the best at climbing. The more dangerous the place is, the more he can display his ape-like abilities. He and the red girl stayed by Chen Xiazi's side, followed the crowd higher and higher, passed through the white mist, saw a glare of sky light, and saw that they were about to escape.

There are clouds and mist shrouded under the feet, looking down, one's heart is terrified, even if a group of thieves are so courageous, they escaped here after a narrow escape, but everyone's limbs are trembling and their calves are trembling, and they dare not look into the deep valley again.

Blind Chen was even more anxious. He climbed the bamboo ladder on the extremely dangerous ancient wall, but he was full of unwillingness. Jumping up to the top of the bamboo ladder, he lifted his breath and stepped on the bamboo ladder, and suddenly saw a red Ganoderma lucidum as big as a sea bowl growing in the crack of the bluestone in front of him. He was disturbed in his heart, seeing that it was a Ganoderma lucidum growing on the cliff, he stretched out his hand to pick it without thinking about it.

Unexpectedly, the Ganoderma lucidum was infiltrated by the poisonous mirage in the valley, it had already withered and had no shape, when it touched it, it immediately shattered into a ball of bright red powder, which floated away in front of him. Blind Chen's heart suddenly moved: "Poisonous!" In the palace of the ancient cemetery, the scene of Hua Maguai's whole body melting into hot wax immediately flashed in his mind. In a shock, he completely forgot that he was on the cliff in the deep valley, and just dodged the cloud of blood-red dust. He took the ladder away from the stone wall, and it was too late when he realized it, he was already suspended in the air, and with a sudden sound, he fell straight into the depths of the clouds.

The mute who was climbing under Chen Xiazi heard the wind was wrong, and hurriedly looked up. It happened that Chen Xiazi dragged the bamboo ladder down from mid-air. The dumb Kunlun Mole had sharp eyes and quick hands, and hurriedly stretched out a centipede hanging ladder that he was dragging in his hand, and put it on the end of Chen Xiazi's bamboo ladder, but the dumb man couldn't look forward and backward. The bamboo ladder he hung on the mountain wall was loose from the crack of the rock due to excessive force, and the two of them made a pile and fell to the bottom of the valley.

Blind Chen and Kunlun Mole fell less than a few feet, and it happened that there was an ancient pine growing horizontally in the crevice of the rock, and the two bamboo ladders hanging together were blocked by the pine tree. The centipede hanging ladders are made of special bamboo tubes with excellent toughness. The two of them each grabbed one end and were suspended in the air. The two bamboo ladders were suddenly pulled into a curved bow by the gravity of the fall. When trembling, the bodies of the two wobbled together and fell together like a balance, and their four legs kicked out of nowhere in the deep stream and flowing clouds. , I wanted to step on the uneven place on the mountain wall to stabilize my body, but the mountain wall was covered with green moss, and when I stepped on it, a mark slipped out, and the stone chips and green moss fell off one after another. The situation was extremely dangerous.

Before the two of them could move again, the Baizi hook at the front of Chen Blind's bamboo ladder couldn't bear the strength, and it broke into two sections with a muffled sound. Although the dumb man was still hanging on the pine tree, Chen Blind man fell down again. This time there was no obstruction, only the whistling wind could be heard in my ears, and the "buzzing" sound in my mind became blank in an instant. But Blind Chen has worked hard for twenty years since he was a child, and he has practiced a light kung fu based on the Southern School waist horse. At this critical moment, those twenty years of hard work finally showed its effect.

As he fell, he saw that the gap between the rock faces on both sides of the mountain was getting narrower and narrower. The big crack on Pingshan was about to end. If there was any hesitation at this moment, his head would hit the rock first. In mid-air, he poured all his strength between his waist and legs, and slammed the centipede hanging ladder that he had been holding tightly in his hand. With the ear-piercing sound of bamboo rubbing against rocks, the centipede hanging ladder With its length and tenacity, it got stuck between the two closed mountain walls.

Blind Chen was hanging under the bamboo ladder, feeling dizzy, his hands were cut many holes by the damaged bamboo, and when he swung the centipede from the mountain ladder, he frustrates his arm and almost lost the ring. At that time, it seemed that the two arms had been separated from the body, and apart from a burst of numbness, there was no pain at all.

This centipede hanging mountain ladder has exerted more than several times its own effect, and it is now at the end of its strength, if he hangs his body for a while, the ladder will definitely break, so he hastened to use his last bit of strength to climb back to the ladder. There was only a small protruding rock nearby to stand on. Without even thinking about it, I immediately stood up on it, stretched my arms, flattened against the cold rock wall, and chanted several times in my heart: "The patriarch shows his spirit."

Blind Chen slowed down for a moment, calmed down, looked around, and wondered where he was now? The top, bottom, left, and right are covered with white mist, and the front and back sides are steep mountain walls. The bottom is far from the bottom, but judging from the trend of the cracks in the rocky mountain, at least the bottom is more than ten feet deep to close. Because when going up and down, it is not necessarily a straight up and down direction to hang on the mountain in order to find the cracks in the rocks and rocks. This time, it has fallen far away from the main hall in the ancient tomb.

The air at the bottom of the mountain is still a bit cold and damp, and the stone walls are covered with wet and slippery green moss. According to his estimation, the height from the bottom of the big rock crack is more than ten feet, and the visible distance in the white mist is only ten steps away. , Even with night eyes, he couldn't see the terrain below clearly. Taking a sniff, I could smell the burning smell in the ancient tomb, and I knew the approximate direction, which was more than ten zhang away. It is estimated that the bottom of this crevice is either rocks or a narrower gap. Jumping down is tantamount to courting death. The most terrible thing is that the centipede hanging ladder is about to fall apart and cannot be used anymore.

Blind Chen looked up again, but he couldn't see the sun in this deep gap, and the sound here was not very close, so he couldn't yell loudly to inform the mute and others, and he couldn't hear the people above yelling down. The only protruding rock on the cliff that can accommodate is narrow and steep. You have to spread your body and stick to the mountain wall to gain a foothold. After standing for a while, your legs and feet are sore. Climbing here, the day lily is also cold.

Blind Chen knew it well, now that he was in a desperate situation, he could at most maintain this posture and stand on the mountain wall for a cup of tea, and if his legs weakened, he would fall headfirst. Before I fall to my death, I can have two choices. The first is to wait for rescue, but the far water does not quench my thirst, so I can't all expect the rest of the bandits to find me in time; In the place, climb down to the bottom of the big crack and see if there is a way out of the mountain on both sides.

After thinking about it for a while, he figured out that the Qiankun Lingbao Pot Guiguyou had to rely on himself to survive, and the longer the time dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be. Enduring the stretched numbness in his waist and legs, he looked at the surrounding area. I want to find another foothold. But the fog is too thick, and a little far away is completely covered in fog, but there is a shadow looming in the white fog on the lower left side. If you look closely, it looks like a pine tree with a crooked neck growing on the mountain wall.

In order to make sure whether it could hold him there, Blind Chen first picked out a piece of gravel and threw it over. The stone hit the tree trunk with a "pop" sound, and then rolled down again. After a long time, the sound of the stone hitting the ground was heard, and Fu calculated the distance again. He could not run up in the air, and he was not sure about jumping directly. , but apart from the crooked-neck pine trees in the fog, there are almost straight up and down mountain walls all around, and there is no other place to stay. The hands and feet have become more and more numb, and it will definitely die after a while.

Blind Chen's legs had already started to tremble due to keeping one position for a long time. He gritted his teeth and decided to jump to the pine tree with crooked neck. The Centipede Hanging Mountain Ladder stuck horizontally in the gap between the mountains, and then jumped to the farthest crooked neck pine, this is the safest way, but the premise is that the Centipede Hanging Mountain Ladder can still withstand the force of his step.

Physical strength and time did not allow him to think for a moment longer, Blind Chen ignored the word of life and death, took a deep breath, gently propped his hands on the wall, stepped out sideways, and flew towards the centipede hanging mountain Tie, this is a bow without turning back the arrow, taking his own life as a leap, the step that determines life and death is leaped out in an instant.

As soon as the soles of the feet stepped on the bamboo ladder, it sank down suddenly, and the bamboo ladder was stepped into a curved bow. The remaining toughness shot Chen Xia up, and then the centipede hanging from the mountain ladder snapped and fell into the In the depths of chaotic clouds and mist. With the force of that bullet, he let out a roar, and leaped all over the air towards the crooked-necked pine tree in the cloud. He had done his best, bowed his body like a cat, stretched his arms, and the air was whistling in his ears, and his whole body fell towards the ancient pine obliquely below like a big bird. But at the moment when he was about to land on the ground, as the distance got closer and closer, the ancient pine in the fog became more and more clear. He saw that the pine tree among the chaotic clouds was trembling slightly in blackness, as if it was not a pine tree at all. .

Blind Chen was shocked, but his body had already fallen, even if he was a Da Luo Jinxian, he would not be able to turn around halfway. Before he could understand what the thing that he thought was the crooked neck was loose, his feet had already stepped on a place like a dead tree Where the skin fell, the body was immediately knocked down by the force of the fall.

The deeper the big crack, the darker the light, and the thicker the white fog at the bottom. Blind Chen had just landed on the ground, and his footing was not yet stable. He saw layers of dark and shiny carapaces where he landed, which looked like the head of a big centipede . One flower, "Boom" quickly rose to the sky like clouds and fog.

The huge impact inertia made Blind Chen stagger, he didn't even bother to see what was under his feet, he really knew what was under his hands, and his hands firmly grasped the place where he could start. The steep mountain wall hundreds of feet high in front of him quickly passed by, and his body was lifted up by a huge force, piercing through the clouds and mists, and rising higher and higher.

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