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Walking into the bathroom, he kept rinsing his naked body, and the water slid along the skin, swimming along the smooth skin drop by drop. As for me, I kept washing his satiny black hair, strand by strand, around my fingertips. The fragrance of gardenia permeated in the hot air, which made my tired body lose its relaxation little by little, and my muscles were no longer tense. It was like being in his arms, quiet and comfortable. The tall and slender figure can always wrap my petite me. A pair of eyes that were as cold as the underworld, could never read what he was thinking, and had no choice but to guess what. I went head-on into the water, desperately trying to get rid of his shadow, trying to wash away all kinds of memories about him, but I couldn't get rid of his shadow, I couldn't get rid of it. Those sad and angry eyes, that look should never appear on his face, never should… I turned the faucet to the end of the ice water, and the bone-piercing ice water gushed out and penetrated the whole body , Let me wash away all the information about him, until a huge sneeze sounded, I jumped out of the bathroom in a hurry.

The phone in the living room rang one after another. I wrapped myself in a gauze and jumped out. A big silver dog stood in front of my eyes, looking exhausted. I squinted at it, and it seemed that it had completed the task I assigned. I picked up the phone with one hand, and stroked its head with the other. It stared at me quietly, with its night-black eyes, like its master. I closed my eyes and stopped staring at these dark and clear eyes. "Hi, I'm Xueyi, what can I do?" I asked politely. "I want to entrust you with something." The other party should be a man in his thirties, I guessed. "Please tell me, if it's something I can do, I will definitely do my best." Every time the ending is always the same, I feel numb. "I want to find my wife. I want to ask her to forgive me, and I also hope that she can let me go. I didn't leave her unintentionally." "Student, if you are looking for a wife, you should go to the detective, not me." I was a little annoyed that my wife disappeared, so I thought of looking for it, just like him. "She passed away…he killed her in front of my eyes." He was talking intermittently for a long time. I was taken aback, and then gasped. "Can I help you with something?" When he came to me, he should have told me a little about me, or else he shouldn't have come to me. "Sister-in-law Ling asked me to come to you. She said that you can help me with this." It turned out to be sister-in-law Ling. She is my colleague. The only difference is that I am a little deeper than her. "Tell me where and when she killed him." "On the 11th of last month, he jumped from the roof of the 12th floor of our house. Can you help me?" He asked suspiciously. "I don't know, can you tell me your address?" "Building A, No. 45, Chang'an Street." I quickly wrote down the address, "OK, I will go there tomorrow morning." I quickly hung up the phone, because I'm not too happy to have any contact with such a man.

Death God Spirit King's Left Hand_Death God Spirit King Right Arm_Death God Spirit King's Right Hand

"You have something to tell me, don't you? Lingyi." I looked at it, which had just returned from the underworld. "Pluto, how are you? Then let me take good care of you and ask me to bring you the snow bowl robe for protection." I glanced at the snow bowl robe. Wearing it, ghosts like Baili have no choice but to get closer to me, so how can I send ghosts? I glanced at Lingyi, "What did you tell you to pass on?" "Your hundred-year promise is about to expire, if you still haven't changed your mind, he will return you at ease, and you don't have to avoid His Highness anymore." Already." I smiled sweetly, isn't this what I expected? I have been looking forward to the freedom for a thousand years, and I will succeed. "Your Highness won't disturb your life, and you won't be ignorant of other people's deep vision. You will lose birth, old age, sickness and death, and the free life you long for." Lingyi smiled. "That's enough, don't talk anymore, Lingyi, you go and run to this address for me to see if the female ghost is still there? If she is there, tell her that I will look for her tomorrow, during this time Don't make trouble, or I will let her try the taste of annihilation, and find some information for me, why this woman would kill him." I felt that Yuanren's voice was getting deeper and deeper. Lingyi muttered: "You are so soft-hearted, I'm afraid you can't even bear to hurt the ghost, and you will let the ghost be wiped out. I think you don't want to be beaten to pieces by the ghost."

Death God Spirit King's Right Hand_Death God Spirit King's Left Hand_Death God Spirit King's Right Arm

I stared at the dissipated Lingyi without saying a word, hugged Yuanren alternately, and kept thinking about what he said. Then I buried my head in my knees, I bit my lips lightly, my eyelashes trembled non-stop, and mist filled my eyes, I tried my best not to let the tears in my eyes drop a drop, just following the memories, they swelled in my heart. Unknowingly, I have stored up a sea of ​​thoughts for him in the past hundred years, quiet and transparent, and a sea of ​​tenderness for him, gentle and lingering. But these are things I don't want to convey to that wayward and stubborn man, the supreme king. Everyone in the world wants to obey him, but I want to go against what he said, I want to learn from him what love is like the sea. But he is still the supreme king, and I am still me. The thoughts slowly, slowly go away…

Death God Spirit King's Left Hand_Death God Spirit King Right Arm_Death God Spirit King's Right Hand

In the early morning, the red and white light made me unable to open my eyes. I didn't wake up hastily until I got used to bathing in the sun. A night of curling made my body numb. The hair that goes to sleep without care is now as fluffy as a ball of cotton, with countless large and small knots, just like the knot that he and I will never get rid of. Combing my long hair, Lingyi appeared in front of my eyes unknowingly, which shocked me a little, and I couldn't help complaining about its silence. Lingyi glanced at me, and then read out what I was thinking. "You can't blame me either. I'm a spirit beast, and I don't need to walk. I float around every day. How do you want me to keep my voice back! To accompany you, my little woman, my wife and I have been away for a hundred years. Every day I will do things for you, and send ghosts to you, an irresponsible ghost soldier, so that I can go home and see my wife." Lingyi swallowed bitterly. "It's not what I thought, you can go back immediately, to that distant, dark hell." I rolled its eyes, and I knew that it didn't want to, but that it had the king's order. The two of them were born for me, one must protect my soul, and the other must protect my spirit that stays in the underworld. "I'm sorry, I owe you what I owe you. If I have the chance, I will repay it." It looked at me angrily, "We were born for you, maybe you can't, the king will not inject spiritual power into both of us." Under the guardian stone, Lei Yu and I can only look at each other from a distance, but cannot meet each other." "Then you should thank me, shouldn't you?" I touched its white and smooth hair, "I don't understand the decision I made "Lingyi lowered his head, "Why don't you want to see the king for a hundred years, every time you see him mention you, you are always very sad." I smiled at it, "There is no reason, well, don't say it Me and him. Tell me, what's the result of your investigation?" I was combing my knotted hair, and it was troublesome when the hair grew. Unlike in the past, there was always someone to comb it for me, whether it was for a human being or for him. wife. "The woman's name was Wang Qian. She was 30 years old this year. She died on the afternoon of the 11th of last month. The reason was that she jumped off a building and killed her. Afterwards, there were many people present, but none of them could persuade her. Her husband had an affair. She was pregnant with her husband's child and asked her husband to divorce her, but she refused, so the woman threatened her husband by killing him. Later, she hacked the woman twice and took the woman to the roof of her house, planning to She died with that woman, but at the last second, she let go of that woman, jumped off the building and killed him in front of her child and her husband." Ling Yi said while describing the situation afterwards. It is true that I am a ghost pawn, but I am most afraid of bloody scenes, which makes me feel sick. "That's enough, I've said it, you're tired too, go and rest?" "Do you want me to accompany you?" I waved my hand, took a thin unlined garment and went out.

The right arm of the god of death_The right arm of the king of death_The right hand of the king of death_The left hand of the king of death

The night is very dark, the stars of nothingness are shining, lonely and lonely. Standing on the roof, thinking about the woman standing on the roof in the future, glanced at the bottom of the building, imagined the state of death in the future, and shivered uncontrollably. Why did she choose to jump from here? It takes a lot of courage, and it is in front of the eyes of Yuanren's children. A female voice resounded faintly, "Did you come here for me?" I turned to the right hand of the Fire God King , "You are Wang Qian." I looked up and down at this female ghost. She has very delicate facial features and a petite figure. She is the kind of woman who belongs to a good wife and mother. Why do she have so much resentment to kill people with a knife? And so much courage to jump from such a high floor. "I'm Wang Qian. Who are you?" I smiled slightly, calming down her timidity and making her trembling heart lose a bit of warmth. "The one who takes you away." "Wherever you want to take me, I won't go anywhere. I just want to watch my child and guard him." She said sadly. "Since you love her so much, why did you kill her in front of him? You know that this will make his young heart always have the motion of a mother's killing." I said excitedly, a little angry, a little compassion for the child. Heart. It hurts deeply, just like when my mother killed my father, and then he killed him again. "I don't even want to, it's that woman, she ruined my home, my warm home, I want to kill her." The female ghost became more and more excited, her bright red eyes, and her mournful roar disappeared. This quiet shady. I hummed the song slightly, this is the hypnotic song she would sing to her son every night, "Sleep quickly! Baby, it's dark outside the window, the birds are returning to their nests, and the sun is resting. Sleep quickly! baby……."

The right arm of the god of death_The right arm of the king of death_The right hand of the king of death_The left hand of the king of death

She hurriedly fell silent, calling the child's name incessantly. "Let's have a good chat. If some things are settled in our hearts too much, they will explode. People are the same, and ghosts are the same." I said softly, following the wind, I also floated up, and then sat on the edge of the roof , patted the position next to him, and went over. Wang Qian sat down, "You are very pretty, like an elf belonging to the night." "Thank you, you are the first person to describe me like that." I smiled shyly, and it was the first time that I was praised by a woman . "Why do you kill him, don't you mind telling me?" I chuckled softly. "For the person I love, when I was 20 years old, I married him without my mother's support. At that time, I was very happy. We worked hard for our life. We left everything delicious to each other. I felt sorry for him, and he took pity on me. .No money, but we live happily, no roses, but we have love. Life is good, the company I worked with him is on the right track, and our parents recognize our love. When there is bread, there is also love. I thought I would live happily in the love fairy tale he wove, but he broke away from me, from our love. I hate him, I hate that woman, I have worked so hard for so many years. But she honored us Complete family, I gave my husband a chance to reform, but she came to harass my family every day, I couldn’t give it up, so I killed her with a knife, one knife, two knife, blood, bright red blood, a lot, a lot.” She described excitedly. "I jumped down. At the last second, I saw my husband's eyesight, and at that moment I found that he still loves me. Of course, it was only a few seconds, and I found that the love of the new night is still soft and intoxicating. How much Thinking about it, how much I wanted to reach out and hug him in the future, embracing that dreamlike time. But there is nothing, only the remorse of my husband beside my dead body, and the calling of the child in my ear."

"Why, people always think that after death, there will be no pain, and everything is over. In fact, after death, the pain still exists, but it intensifies, and the people around you also suffer with you. Why bother? But there are countless women on the bridge. Wandering, still looking for the person they were obsessed with, and the person they were looking for. Why are they waiting when they are alive, but still have to wait when they are dead? The long-term helplessness, the long-term sorrow, the obsessive waiting, the bitter hope.” And I am also one of them, the only difference is that they only have to wait for a few hundred years, they missed a lifetime, and there is another life. and I? After waiting for a hundred years and another hundred years. Every day I waited at one end of the Naihe Bridge, hoping that he would come and see him off again. After sending it off, I waited foolishly, looking forward to it. I kept looking forward to his emergence, Wangfushi, the name sounds nice, thousands of years, I am enough, tired, tired. It turns out that a woman who is a king, in addition to possessing the temperament that matches him, also has to possess the right hand of an old heart-dead god king , and the perseverance to wait for thousands of years. "Do you love him? Hate him?" A faint sadness appeared in my heart. "I love him, I don't hate him at all. I love him so much that I am old. The moment I died, I realized that loving someone is inviolable. Can you do me a favor and take me to see him, I want Tell him that I have forgiven him." She looked at me, but instead of hatred, it was the mournful look of a woman who wanted to see her lover. That's the look that often shows up on my face too. I shook my head, picked up the ever-burning lamp with my left hand, took her transparent hand with my right hand, and walked downstairs.

I knocked on the door of her house, and it was a middle-aged man who opened the door for us. He looked as if he had suddenly aged a teenager, a weather-beaten feeling. My intuition told me that he was her husband. The child was sitting on the sofa, watching me come in, he smiled slightly, "It's mom, mom is back."

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