Chapter 702: The Shouter At Night

Night fell again.

The peaceful and peaceful village was once again shrouded in darkness. Only scattered street lamps in the village were still emitting a yellowish light, and some street lamps were not lit at all because they had not been overhauled.

Yang Jian did not leave the old house during this period.

He has been staying in the room where the portrait is placed, paying attention to the movement here, like a wooden man without any unnecessary movements.

But it's a pity.

Except for the footsteps before, Yang Jian didn't notice anything.

He guessed that the nightmare was still going on. The ghost in the dream left this place and would not come back for the time being.

"Yang Jian, what are you doing? I've been looking for you for a long time." Jiang Yan appeared cautiously outside the corridor at this time, and took a sneak peek inside.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Yang Jian in the room.

"What do you want from me? Go to bed if you have nothing to do, it's getting dark." Yang Jian had heard the movement a long time ago, so he wasn't surprised.

Jiang Yan came in and said, "I want to tell you what happened just now. Guess how much money I borrowed just now? Your relatives seem to be crazy, and I was almost surrounded. Sure enough, this good man can't do anything."

"You take care of it yourself, I'm not interested in knowing about such trivial matters." Yang Jian said.

"Small things? How about a few million?" Jiang Yan said, "It's enough to support me for a lifetime."

"Where's my mother?" Yang Jian ignored it and asked instead.

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Jiang Yan said, "I just went back to my room to sleep, on the first floor, what's the matter?"

"Just ask if you have nothing to do." Yang Jian said.

At this time, Jiang Yan came over, grabbed Yang Jian's neck from behind, and said with a smile, "It's so boring for you to sit here alone, why don't I accompany you, it's rare for us to get along, is it really good to waste time like this?"

After finishing speaking, she pressed against Yang Jian's ear, looking very intimate.

Yang Jian was as cold and indifferent as a piece of wood. He glanced at him slightly: "I have a hunch that things will go wrong in this village tonight. I will keep watch at night. You don't want to be like Lin Xiaoxi during the day, suddenly attacking yourself and cutting off your own head."


Jiang Yan was so frightened that she shrank back: "Are you scaring me again?"

"I didn't scare you. I originally thought about leaving Meishan Village overnight, but after thinking about it carefully, I didn't deal with more things, so I decided to stay for another day. My decision was actually a bit reckless, because if an accident happened, you and my mother would probably be involved."

Yang Jian was silent for a while.

"But I was worried that if I sent you away, in case you were in danger in Dachang City, and I might not be able to rescue you in time here, so I made this decision after thinking about it."

"Hee hee, you really care about me the most." Jiang Yan's focus was a bit strange, but at this moment she laughed happily.

She felt that she had become very important and began to be taken seriously.

But in the end, Yang Jian drove her to the next room to rest.

Because he wants to make sure nothing goes wrong before he leaves tomorrow.

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However, as time goes by.

The night deepens.

Yang Jian was still sitting alone in the room, facing the portrait on the table, while also paying attention to the movement around him.

It should have been past eleven o'clock by this time, and most of the village should have fallen asleep. It was very quiet outside, and there were no strange sounds, not even the roar of passing cars.

Falling asleep in this environment believes that the quality of sleep must be very good.

But Yang Jian still didn't sleep, he didn't dare to sleep for fear of having another nightmare.

But it was about one o'clock in the morning, Yang Jian's expression moved slightly, because he heard a movement, a sound made by a person passing by the side alley, although the movement was very slight, if he listened carefully in this silent night, he could still hear it.

It was night and someone was walking around the village.

But is it really a human being who walks outside at this time?

Judging roughly from the location of the sound, that person seemed to be passing by his door.

Yang Jian decided to go out to watch the audio novel of Ghost Catch Ghost , but just as he was about to stand up, he suddenly heard a person downstairs calling himself.

"Yang Jian, are you there?"

This is not the voice of my cousin Xiaoyuan, but the voice of a strange man, a stranger who has never met before, because Yang Jian has no impression in his heart.

But before Yang Jian could do anything, his expression flickered, and then the room underwent a huge change.

The room quickly became old, and the lights went out in a flash. At the same time, the layout of the room was completely different from before.

The table where the portrait was originally placed turned into a single bed at some point. At the same time, there were some old objects in the room that were incompatible with the previous appearance. It seemed that the place had returned to more than ten years ago. All the furnishings looked very old.

Even, Yang Jian saw a pair of replacement leather shoes beside the single bed.

There are several more footprints on the ground, which are left by the soles of the shoes sticking to the mud.

"damn it."

Yang Jian realized something and immediately walked out of the room.

Immediately, his expression changed.

The village is no longer the one he is familiar with, but rather strange. Many houses and buildings have become more than ten years ago. The street lights at the door have disappeared, and the sky is dark and oppressive. There is no light at all, but the strange thing is that the surroundings do not appear dark, but they can see the surrounding environment clearly.

Is it a dream?

The nightmare started again.

Yang Jian realized that he was drawn into a nightmare again, but he himself felt incredible, because he was very sure that he hadn't slept at all just now, and his consciousness was very clear. If it was a supernatural event codenamed Nightmare, he could have avoided it if he didn't sleep.

Is it because you appeared downstairs and called my name?

He found something in common between the two nightmares.

The first time was my cousin Xiaoyuan calling my name from downstairs, and the second time was the voice of a strange man calling my name downstairs.

As soon as he called his name, he entered a nightmare.

It's just a flash of godly kung fu, and it's not something you can resist by staying awake. It's equivalent to a secret signal to start a supernatural event.

But don't wait for Yang Jian to think about it.

The door to the next room opened again.

Jiang Yan rubbed her somewhat messy hair, and said in a daze, "Yang Jian, what did you ask me to come out so late, I'm still sleeping?"

Yang Jian's gaze shifted to Jiang Yan in an instant, and he immediately became serious.

Was Jiang Yan also drawn into the nightmare?

Or is Jiang Yan a fake, a ghost pretending to be in a dream?

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Jiang Yan looked at Yang Jian with some doubts and blinked.

"I didn't call you just now, the person who called your name was not me." Yang Jian said calmly.

Jiang Yan said, "How is it possible? I just heard you calling me downstairs, and asked me to come out. I am so familiar with your voice that I can no longer be familiar with it. It is impossible to hear it."

"Do you believe in me, or in a voice?" Yang Jian said with cold eyes, "You have been called by a ghost, and now you have entered a supernatural nightmare . If you don't believe me, look around yourself. It's different from the daytime."


Only then did Jiang Yan pay attention to her surroundings, and she immediately froze.

It is indeed different. Standing on the balcony and looking around, many buildings are different from those in the daytime, and the Yang Jian downstairs who calls himself is in the corridor at this time, so the situation is not right.

"Ah? I'm really having a nightmare? I clearly don't feel that I'm dreaming, it's like I just woke up." Although Jiang Yan was uncertain, she wasn't so scared when she saw Yang Jian by her side.

Yang Jian said: "Can supernatural dreams be the same as ordinary dreams?"

Observed and sized up Jiang Yan for a while.

He couldn't find the possibility that Jiang Yan was a ghost for the time being, so he could only temporarily put down his vigilance.

And at this very moment.

Not just Yang Jian and Jiang Yan.

People from other houses in the village came out one after another. They were all villagers in the village, and they felt very puzzled at the moment, because they all heard a voice calling their names outside.

In the originally empty and quiet village, many people began to appear.

"Are you kidding, are so many people involved?"

Yang Jian saw quite a few figures, at first he thought they were ghosts, but when someone greeted him, he realized that they were not ghosts at all, they were all people from the village during the day.

"This ghost is even scarier than before. It seems to have drawn everyone in a village into a nightmare. It's already getting out of control… Maybe it has something to do with the dead body during the day."

Thinking back, the only thing involved was the separated body.

He moved the corpse by himself, and this happened at night. He wouldn't believe it if he was killed without any connection.

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