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Ghost House July 17, 2023 [School Ghost Stories] People have been watching [Typeface:]

Introduction On that winter night, several female classmates and I sat around the classroom, sharing scary ghost stories. In it, I told a ghost story on a glacier, in which a child who was playing on a frozen river fell into the river and drowned. But the next day, his friends saw him alive and cold. It wasn't until class, when the teacher announced that the child was dead, that his friend realized that he had seen a ghost. Another girl told her story at the funeral home. She said that one night when she passed the room where her grandfather's body was kept, it was pitch black. But the cat's eyes told her that something was looking out. She was so frightened that she screamed and fled back to the room. The next day she knew that the monks had already left. The third girl said she saw a peace ghost. After her grandfather passed away suddenly, when she went to the New Year's Eve dinner, she found an extra pair of bowls and chopsticks on the table. She later understood that it was in memory of a loved one who had passed away. The last girl told about the horror experience in the toilet. In the toilet of a coffee shop, she heard the sound of paper being wiped from the cubicle next door, but when she came out, there was nothing in the cubicle. These stories terrify us, but also make us cherish our friendship with each other all the more. We realized that when we told scary stories, we might attract real ghosts to listen to our stories. And this experience also makes us braver and stronger, and we will cherish our lives and the people around us even more.

In school before, I often liked to gather together a few female students to tell ghost stories after school.

Winter nights always come earlier. The tables are scattered.

Because our teaching building is an art building, except for the piano room, dance room, an office, a studio, and an abandoned utility room, only our classrooms are left on the entire floor.

I remember that time there were four girls. Sit tight, one next to each other.

I was the first to tell a ghost story. I told them ghost stories on the glacier.

It is said: There was a child and his good friends playing on the frozen river after school. One of the children fell into the river and did not climb up, so he drowned, but the one who survived went to school the next day and even watched Here comes the kid. He felt very strange, thinking that the child was not dead, but was rescued.

So he played with him with a playful smile. The child was very cold, and he found that the classmates around him were looking at him strangely.

When it was time for class, all the students came in, only the kid stood at the door, staring at him. He felt gloomy and suddenly a little scared.

And just when he wondered why the child did not enter the classroom door, the teacher walked in with a sad face and announced to everyone that the child fell into the glacier yesterday and died.

He was terrified, and looked at the door suddenly, but the child had disappeared.

The second girl told a ghost story about the funeral parlor, which I still remember very deeply.

The version of the story is not very scary, but the eerie look of the girl scared me. And this story is particularly frightening, and I can't help shivering when I think of it.

The story goes like this: The tutor brought by a classmate said that her grandfather passed away. Because it belongs to a minority, according to ethnic customs, some monks must be invited to perform chanting and superseding.

That night she passed the room where the grandfather's body was kept, but she didn't see the monks. She was curious, so she looked in through the door. But it was pitch black inside.

Why is the door and eye dark?

Under normal circumstances, it should be somewhat bright.

Thinking of this, she felt a chill rushing from the soles of her feet to her heart, and her scalp was numb.

Because there was another pair of eyes looking out from the inside at that time, looking at the cat's eyes and her!

She backed away screaming. She crawled back to the room, her younger sister was under the quilt, she sat on the bed and pushed her hard, as if she wanted to die, she wouldn't wake up anyway. So she got into the quilt, hugged her sister tightly and fell asleep.

The next morning, she asked about her mother, and her mother said that the monk left early last night, the door was locked, and there was no one inside.

nobody. Except for her deceased grandpa.

After hearing this story, each of us shivered.

The third person told the story of Anle ghost.

A third person said that she met the Anle ghost at her friend's house. His grandfather suddenly seemed to pass out, lying motionless on the ground. Everyone thought his grandfather was joking. After walking over and pushing for a long time, there was no response. After checking for breath, I found that I was out of breath.

When it was Chinese New Year, her parents were out of town, and she went to that friend's house for a New Year's Eve dinner.

In addition to the bowls and chopsticks that everyone has on the dining table, an extra pair was deliberately placed. She felt strange and asked her friend, is there anyone else coming?

Her friend had a weird expression on her face, she kept staring at the door, and then pointed to the portrait of her grandpa on the wall. Students understand now. It is this habit that people who have just passed away are more terrifying than ghosts , and they must put bowls and chopsticks on New Year's Eve. As the saying goes, ghosts will come back to visit loved ones.

The classmate felt a little cold and didn't speak all the time. But she didn't really believe this, so she didn't care too much, thinking that it would be over when the adults said the banquet was over.

Suddenly the door was blown open by the wind.

When the students thought about it, they felt that it was wrong. The door was obviously locked. And this building is on the third floor. How can the door be opened properly.

Speaking of this, everyone just felt that there was a cold wind blowing straight.

Speaking of the last story about the toilet, a bizarre thing happened in the classroom.

One time when a classmate went to the toilet, she said that it was in a coffee shop with a good environment. She was going to go through the door inside.

Suddenly she heard the sound of wiping paper from the outside door, she didn't pay attention, after entering, she closed Xiaoge's door, just in time to see a woman squatting in the next room, the woman had braids, her head was bowed, and she couldn't see her face

The classmate still didn't care, but when she came out, she found that the door of the grid outside was still closed, and there was still the sound of wiping paper, non-stop…

So she finally couldn't help but leaned over to look into the grid…

The saying goes that curiosity killed the cat.

The sound of wiping paper in the grid stopped the moment she stretched her head over to look, there was nothing in the grid. The girl just now didn't know where she went.

She feels scared. So I wanted to run away. When he turned around, the sound of wiping paper sounded again.

Speaking of this, a dark wind blew in the classroom.

One of the girls said, how could there be wind even though the windows and doors were closed.

Another asked, do you know that there is a legend that when you tell ghost stories, people are scarier than ghosts , and real ghosts will be attracted, and ghosts can't do anything, they just put their heads in it On a person's shoulder, listening to your stories.

"Ah—" suddenly a girl screamed with a pale face.

Everyone scolded her to be afraid if she was afraid, so don't scare others.

The girl hesitated for a long time before saying: "No. Look at that."

So, we looked back stiffly, and there was a red plastic bag floating in the sky above the classroom. There was no wind, but it kept spinning in mid-air…


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