Chapter 280 Weird Sound

A strange voice hovered in the room, calling Yang Jian's name, looking for him like a ghost.

The voice started searching from the first floor, gradually went to the second floor, the third floor, and then came to the fourth floor.

The room on the fourth floor was brightly lit.

Jiang Yan was lying on the bed playing with her mobile phone, constantly posting her personal news.

"Recently, my boyfriend ignored me again. Now I am devastated. It is so desolate that such a big house saves me alone."

It turned out that the accompanying picture was Yang Jian's big villa.

And her last dynamic is: be a happy little licking dog, believe in yourself, and have everything you need until the end.

Further up the dynamics; my boyfriend gave me five million to buy a car, what kind of car should I buy?

Dozens of people responded to each post, all of whom were her high school, college classmates, and some relatives and friends.

"Sister Jiang, your boyfriend must not love you anymore, so hurry up and introduce him to me."

"How can you be so rich as a criminal police officer? There must be something wrong."

"When will you get married? Wait for your wedding wine. I heard that Dachang City is polluted by chemicals. Jiang Yan, are you okay?"

Jiang Yan was humming a song while flipping through the comments, replying from time to time for a few days, with a happy and satisfied expression on her face, even a little smug.

What she didn't notice was that a voice calling Yang Jian's name kept hovering around her, as if someone was standing beside her and whispering.

But Jiang Yan didn't respond at all. Even if the voice was entangled, she still didn't hear it.

Finally, the voice lingered for a while before leaving, and then went to the fifth floor.

"Yang Jian, Ghost Eye Detective Yang Jian…" The voice came all the way up the stairs, and finally reached the fifth floor.

One of the rooms on the fifth floor is Yang Jian's residence.

And this voice continued to linger in each room after going up to the fifth floor, and finally got into a room through the crack of the door. This room was a room with a ghost mirror. Although the door was locked, the voice But it was able to penetrate all holes, and directly drilled in.

There was nothing in the dark room except a ghost mirror covered by a black cloth.

When the voice lingered in the room, the ghost mirror suddenly vibrated slightly, and the black cloth covering the ghost mirror slowly slipped down.

"Yang Jian, come out quickly."

When the voice came to the ghost mirror, a person exactly like Yang Jian came out from the depths of the mirror. It stood in front of the mirror and seemed to be chasing the voice coming out of the mirror, but was blocked by the mirror. Down, unable to get out of trouble smoothly.

"Yang Jian, Ghost Eye Detective Yang Jian…" The voice still lingered in the room.

The Yang Jian in the mirror kept following the voice.

But still no effect.

Yang Jian in the mirror does not exist in this world and cannot get out of trouble.

The voice finally gave up and floated out of the room again.

After the voice left, the ghost mirror regained its calm, and Yang Jian in the mirror turned around and sank into the depths of the mirror.

Search room by room.

Finally, it came to Yang Jian's bedroom on this floor.

The voice gradually floated to the bedside.

Yang Jian, who was sleeping, felt as if his body was out of his control at this moment. He wanted to stand up, follow the whole voice, get out of bed, and leave here.

This kind of behavior is like sleepwalking, with a feeling of being guided and controlled by some weird thing.

But just for a moment.

Yang Jian suddenly opened his eyes.

The body trembled slightly , which one of the ghosts on the first floor was a ghost , and directly broke free from this restraint and control, and then stretched out his hand to grab the air.

The voice next to my ear stopped abruptly and disappeared in an instant.

"Yang Jian, what's the matter?" Zhang Liqin asked in a daze while holding his neck.

"court death."

A faint red light emanated from Yang Jian's body, covering the entire room, and then the red light radiated from the room, and immediately spread to the entire Guanjiang community. In just a few seconds, he had already seen everything around him, and found that After discovering the source of this weird voice, he spit out two words suddenly.

"You go to bed first, I'll go out for a while."

After a sound, he disappeared completely.

"My voice has disappeared, that Yang Jian is coming, be careful, he is scary…"

At this moment, in a rest pavilion in the community, Lin Luomei made a sound with a voice device.

"Scary? How scary?" Russell smiled and said, "Am I as scary as I am?"

Lin Luomei was just about to speak, but the next moment her face suddenly changed, and she flew up immediately, a straw rope was tied around her neck, and she was hoisted up.

Suffocation, powerlessness to resist, people instantly feel the fear of dying.

There seemed to be a pair of invisible big hands on the straw rope, clenched desperately, the strength was terrifying and somewhat frightening.

"Loose, let me go." Lin Luomei opened her mouth and spoke a few strange words with difficulty.

The ghost rope immediately loosened a little, but soon tightened again.

It worked, but not noticeably.

"Damn it," Luo Suyi and the man next to him jumped up.

They found that many strange grass ropes began to fall from the gazebo one after another. These rope loops seemed to be looking for targets, falling towards them.

"Luo Suyi, something is wrong. This is a revived ghost. Lin Luomei can't resist such horror." The man next to him said in horror.

And not just this gazebo.

In the community outside, countless ropes hung down from the sky, fluttering, as if they wanted to hang everyone up.

"Yang Jian, we don't mean which of the ghosts on the first floor are ghosts . We just want to ask you to meet." Luo Suyi said immediately.

He knew that there were still people living in this community. If there were ghosts here, there would be no living people.

The only answer is Yang Jian.

This is the method of ghost-eyed detective Yang Jian.

"You are not Interpol, you look like folk ghost masters, there are no people like you in Dachang City, are you from other places? If this is the case, I can charge you with assaulting Interpol and kill you on the spot , legal and reasonable, after all, you were suspected of doing something just now." Yang Jian's voice came from the front.

But he saw him walking step by step with a sullen face.

A ferocious ghost eye on his forehead moved restlessly, looking around.

An extremely dangerous person.

As soon as Luo Su looked into Yang Jian's eyes, he couldn't help feeling a little frightened, something was giving a strong warning.

"Yang Jian, we were just looking for you, to say hello, we didn't intend to attack you."

My heart suddenly became tense.

He felt that he seriously underestimated this Yang Jian, thinking that the three of them would be able to deal with all kinds of situations no matter what.

Who knew that the three of them were already in a desperate situation just by meeting each other.

The grass ropes hanging down from the sky, and a fully revived ghost, this is already the beginning of a nightmare, let alone Yang Jian hasn't made a formal move yet.

"You call that a greeting?"

A cold palm suddenly appeared in front of Luo Suyi, grabbed his neck directly, and lifted him up.

Yang Jian in the distance disappeared.

Then he appeared in front of Luo Suyi strangely.

Russell opened his eyes wide and subconsciously wanted to resist, but he was horrified to find that his body could no longer move. It seemed that a cold thing invaded his body and took over everything.

No, not only can't move, even the ghost in the body has no response.

"Are you kidding? This guy can even suppress ghosts?" The heart was already horrified to the extreme.

He has also met many ghost masters, but no one has ever reached this level. The Yang Jian in front of him is no longer at the same level as ordinary ghost masters.

"Yang Jian, calm down, we have no malicious intentions." The only remaining man next to him hurriedly said, not daring to confront Yang Jian at all.

He was already terrified just by being careful of those ghost ropes floating around.

"I'll give you five minutes to explain why you're here. If you don't satisfy me, the three of you will stay here today. I've always been a very impatient person. I don't want to talk nonsense when I can do it." Yang Jian stared at the man next to him. Said.

He didn't let go of Russell One in his hand.

Because I feel that this person's ability should be the strongest among the three, and the woman who was hung up is the weirdest, and her voice actually has a feeling of controlling people, no, even ghosts.

It's just that this ability is a little weaker,

But Yang Jian believes that if the ghost on this woman revives, or if she controls it perfectly, it will definitely be a very scary thing.

So suppress these two people first, and the remaining one will not be a threat.

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