The Human Skin Doll

In the dark hut, Hong Hong was tightly tied to the bed board, and she was still unconscious at the moment. In front of her was a man in black who was busy looking for tools, the noisy sound woke up the unconscious Hong Hong.

Hong Hong, who woke up leisurely, saw the darkness around her, and felt a little scared for no reason. She vaguely saw a figure with her back turned to her, and everything in front of her was very strange. She instinctively wanted to get up, but found that she was tied tightly to the bed board. She was a little terrified, and she screamed and struggled, "Ah! What is this place, let me out".

Hong Hong is a clever eight-year-old girl who looks like a little princess. Her parents are very busy at work every day, and they have no time to take care of her except going to and from school. There is a nanny to take care of her at home, but Honghong doesn't like her, she always finds opportunities to sneak out to play.

Today is Sunday, Hong Hong stared out of the window blankly, she saw adults and children from other people's homes walking outside to visit the park and play in the playground. And Honghong can only be at home alone, how she longs for her parents to take her out to play! Even just once.

"Auntie, I want to go out" Honghong said to her nanny.

"No, your parents told me to let you practice piano after homework, and paint after piano practice…" the nanny said in a rambling manner.

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"Okay, the stills of Ghost Doll Hanako 2 , okay, I just don't go out!" Hong Hong waved her hands annoyed, her face puffed up angrily.

When noon was approaching, the nanny went to the kitchen to cook, and Hong Hong took this opportunity to sneak out. As soon as she left the room, Hong Hong ran around happily like a bird released from a cage.

While she was wandering around, a familiar eye was secretly staring at her.

"Little sister, your father asked me to pick you up to the playground, where is he waiting?" A young man in a suit and leather shoes suddenly appeared in front of Hong Hong.

Although Hong Hong is only eight years old, she is still very eccentric. She bent her head and rolled her eyes and said, "Do you know what my father's name is?"

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But the young man didn't seem to be troubled by this, he said casually: "Your father's name is Deng Jianbin, and I also know your mother's name is Lin Ting." He even said the names of Hong Hong's parents.

"Then do you know where my father works?" Hong Hong then asked.

"Your father is…" The young man hesitated, but he obviously lost his patience. He took out the drugged handkerchief that he had prepared from his pocket, and quickly covered his red mouth and nose , Hong Hong immediately fainted. The young man picked up Hong Hong, and walked slowly into a van as if nothing had happened with his own daughter.

What happened next was the scene where Hong Hong was tied to the bed. The struggling Hong Hong seemed to have enraged the young man, but the young man turned around abruptly and shouted with an almost ferocious expression, "Why are you arguing, keep quarreling with me!" I'll kill you."

Hong Hong seemed to be frightened by him, and she didn't dare to move anymore, but after a while, "Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…" Imagine how normal it is for a little girl to cry in such an environment.

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Surprisingly, the young man didn't scold Hong Hong any more, he seemed to have changed his temper, his face suddenly softened, "Shhh, don't cry, uncle is just joking with you" as he spoke, he moved closer to Hong Hong , There was still a smile on his cheek, as if he was really joking.

It's just that Honghong didn't seem to buy into his comfort, and coupled with the young man's sudden change of character, Honghong seemed even more terrifying, and her crying became more intense. Weeping and saying: "Uncle, let me go home! If I don't go home, my parents will be anxious."

But the young man didn't pay attention to Hong Hong, he just looked at Hong Hong and said to himself: "What a lovely little girl! Wait a while and you will become the most perfect work in my hands."

After finishing speaking, he ignored Hong Hong who was struggling in vain, and turned around to leave the hut, leaving only Hong Hong with a terrified face. When he reappeared, he had already put on a white coat, but it was blood-stained and filthy, as if it hadn't been washed for many years.

He walked into Honghong slowly, and turned on the light above the center of the bed. The light was very close to Honghong, and the dazzling light hit Honghong's eyes, and Honghong immediately narrowed her eyes. The young man had a sharp scalpel in his hand at some point, which looked extraordinarily weird under the light.

I saw him approaching the terrified Hong Hong with a scalpel. He comforted Hong Hong, "Don't be afraid, uncle will be very light." His scalpel was slowly slashing towards Honghong's forehead, Honghong instinctively wanted to avoid it, but her head was tightly held by an iron band at some point, and she watched the scalpel slashing towards her forehead.

The sharp scalpel cut a long slit in Hong Hong's forehead, "Ah!" Hong Hong let out a horrific cry, blood overflowed from her forehead uncontrollably, and her small face was immediately covered with bright red blood.

However, this was just the beginning, and Hong Hong's screams made the young man extremely excited. He stuck out his tongue and licked the blood-stained scalpel, and shook the handle at the end of the bed, and the bed slowly stood up.

He approached Honghong again, his hands tore at the skin that had been turned up because of the scratched wound, the skin and flesh were tightly connected and very sticky, he tore hard. "Ah… ah…" The tragic cry sounded again, the voice was very shrill. Finally, the skin on Hong Hong's entire forehead was torn off abruptly by him, and Hong Hong passed out from the pain.

The inhuman torture continued, and then he brought over a bucket of silver liquid, which looked like mercury, what did he want to do with mercury. He lifted the bucket and poured the mercury down the wound on his forehead. Hong Hong, who had already fainted, let out a miserable scream. The pain was so painful that his body trembled unconsciously, but it was all in vain. .

The mercury flowed down the wound, and as the mercury dripped down, the overweight mercury immediately stretched the skin and muscles, until the mercury flowed to the soles of the feet, the entire skin and muscles were completely separated, and the detached skin was taken out by him , the bloody body was immediately exposed again.

And Hong Hong was on the verge of dying because of the inhuman pain of peeling, and gradually stopped breathing, a small life was tortured to death like this. There was no pity for her death, and perhaps her parents would be heartbroken, but they knew nothing of it.

A small, cold corpse lay there, the blood-red flesh exposed to the air, and the smell of blood filled the entire hut, making it look eerie.

Not long after, in a product showcase selling puppet dolls, a human skin doll that was different from other dolls and looked like a real person was placed in it, with a pair of eyes that were vivid and vivid, and those eyes seemed to move. .

At this time, Deng Jianbin and Lin Ting, who were eagerly looking for Honghong but failed, when they passed by this store, they stared at the human skin doll with wide eyes in surprise, as if they saw their own daughter…

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