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The Story of Xiaoxiao and Longji_The Princess of the Ghost Doctor County Wu Xiaoxiaotxt_The Story of Xiaoxiaoghost

1. Conspiracy

The wind was getting stronger and stronger, a dim yellow lamp was hung on the mast rail, and the light shone in all directions, casting several reflections on the ship's surface. The man at the bow was as motionless as a sculpture. Zhou Heng moved his body to the side. Sitting next to him was a man in his thirties, fair-skinned, with black-rimmed eyes, gentle, like a profound scholar. He looked at Zhou Heng, but his body didn't move.

Zhou Heng looked back, and the person sitting behind should be a couple, about twenty years old. The woman leaned against the man, her eyes slightly closed.

A light spot in the distance is emitting a faint light. It looks like a light source on the sea surface, and it is a lighthouse guarding the sea. The boat cabin is not big, it can only accommodate three people, but now there are four people sitting on it. The sea breeze blew in through the window, and Zhou Heng felt flustered. So he stood up.

You, sit down. The man standing at the bow turned around and pointed at Zhou Heng. Zhou Heng was taken aback, wanting to say something. You, sit down quickly. The man added another sentence, with an undeniable tone.

Zhou Heng shook his head and sat down.

Hold on, the man next to you suddenly spoke.

Zhou Heng looked up at him, but didn't speak.

My name is Lin Chengzhi, and the man next to me spoke again.

Oh, my name is Zhou Heng. Zhou Heng replied.

My name is Chen Hao, and this is my girlfriend Zuo Ling. said the boy behind.

Lin Chengzhi smiled and nodded to them, Zhou Heng looked ahead without moving.

See that lighthouse, go there and land. Lin Chengzhi looked into the distance and said.

The lighthouse's spot of light grew bigger and bigger, and finally approached. Under the light, Zhou Heng saw the land behind the lighthouse.

The boat landed, and the man who had been standing at the bow picked up the reins beside him and threw it to the shore, then jumped to the other side. The boat slowly moved closer. Zhou Heng and Lin Chengzhi stood up and jumped onto the shore.

Chen Hao supported Zuo Ling and jumped to the other side.

Uncle Bao, is everyone here? A deep female voice suddenly sounded.

It was only then that Zhou Heng realized that there was a woman standing opposite, because she was wearing a black suit, and under the dim light, if she didn't look carefully, she couldn't see it at all.

Well, the man nodded.

All right, now everyone please show your invitations. The woman walked under the lamp, and Zhou Heng finally saw the woman's face clearly, her face was pale, but elegant, like a proud plum blossom.

Zhou Heng followed the others and took out the invitation letter.

My name is Mei Gu, and I am the tour guide here. There are three numbers on the left side of the back of your invitation, that is your room number. It's very late today, everyone go back early to rest. Gu Mei's voice was not loud, but it was heard clearly in everyone's ears.

Zhou Heng looked at the number on the back of the invitation letter in his hand, 007. Pretty good number.

After Meigu finished speaking, she led them inside. Turning the corner, Zhou Heng saw a building with bright lights. It was like night and day with the darkness behind.

Walking inside, Zhou Heng quickly found his room, 007. Zhou Heng glanced at it, Lin Chengzhi's room was two different from his own, it should be 009.

The room was well furnished. Zhou Heng looked around and sat down on the bed.

After a pause, Zhou Heng took out his own invitation letter, which was a piece of ordinary rice paper folded in four.

Two words were written on the cover, Mingyuan Island Invitation Letter.

The content on both sides of the middle is to introduce the routes and rules of travel.

Zhou Heng flipped back, and his eyes fell on the back cover, which was also the biggest reason for Zhou Heng's trip this time. On it was written four red letters in italics, Hongyan Tianshu.

Two days later, Zhou Heng was in class in the lecture theater when someone knocked on the door looking for him.

It was a man in his forties with a gloomy expression. He handed Zhou Heng a red invitation letter and left.

There are two words written on the invitation letter, Mingyuan Island Invitation Letter.

The font is elegant, like a pattern of claws.

Back in the dormitory, Zhou Heng looked at the invitation letter, feeling uneasy for some reason. After much deliberation, he decided to go to Professor Zuo and ask him something about the Heavenly Book.

As soon as he got to the downstairs of the teachers' dormitory, Zhou Heng saw a group of people coming down the stairs, and there were women's cries among the noisy footsteps.

Zhou Heng's heart sank, nothing will happen.

Walking over, Zhou Heng saw the squad leader standing aside, Zhou Heng asked him what's wrong.

The monitor looked at Zhou Heng and said that Professor Zuo had a heart attack last night and passed away.

Zhou Heng's heart skipped a beat, and he didn't recover for a long time.

How is it possible, I have been with Lao Zuo all my life, how could he have a heart attack? Professor Zuo's wife cried on the side.

Zhou Heng hesitated for a few steps, then returned to the dormitory.

Just after returning to the dormitory, the phone rang. It was a hidden number. Zhou Heng answered the phone with some doubts.

Tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the evening, leave on time, and remember to bring the invitation letter when the time comes. The voice was cold, without a trace of warmth.

Zhou Heng wanted to say something, but the phone hung up.

Zhou Heng felt very strange, how could there be such a mysterious travel agency. Zhou Heng picked up the invitation letter again and looked at it. The route inside was a waterway, and finally landed at a place called Hongyan Island, and then discussed to solve the secret of the heavenly book.

Zhou Heng put down the invitation letter, looked out the window and sighed.

3. Ming Song

It was late at night, and Zhou Heng hadn't slept yet.

There was wind blowing in from outside the window, carrying the fishy smell of sea breeze.

Suddenly, a faint singing sound came from outside, intermittent like a wave. Zhou Heng listened carefully. It was a woman's voice, accompanied by low-pitched music. Zhou Heng felt very familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere.

Mingge, suddenly, Zhou Heng thought of a word.

In his sophomore year, when Zhou Heng was studying ancient history, he saw Mingge in a book. Mingge is a sad song sung during sea burials in ancient times, and it gradually disappeared with the passage of time. In order to deeply understand the customs of sea burial, Zhou Heng even downloaded a Mingge music from the Internet and listened to it. Mingge's music is very stylish, similar to Yue opera, so Zhou Heng was more impressed.

Could it be that the tradition of the year is still preserved here. Zhou Heng thought to himself.

Ming Ge rang intermittently for a while, and then disappeared. Zhou Heng fell asleep in a daze.

The Story of Xiaoxiao and Longji_The Story of Xiaoxiao and Longji

The next morning, Zhou Heng was awakened by a hasty knock on the door.

Zhou Heng opened the door and saw that it was Lin Chengzhi who knocked.

Something happened, Meigu let us go to the lobby. Lin Chengzhi said with a serious expression.

Oh, Zhou Heng nodded, closed the door, and followed him to the hall.

When turning the corner downstairs, Zhou Heng was about to turn left, but Lin Chengzhi pulled him and walked to the right.

It was only then that Zhou Heng discovered that the layout of the hall was symmetrical, and if he didn't pay attention, he would go wrong.

In the hall, Meigu stood there, still wearing the black dress from last night, with a solemn expression. Zuo Ling and Chen Hao sat on the side, and there was a person lying on the ground, Uncle Bao.

Seeing Zhou Heng, Aunt Mei spoke, and now everyone is here.

Uncle Bao? Zhou Heng looked at Lin Chengzhi and asked.

Dead, the time of death was around 10:30 last night, the tongue was turned out, the eyelids had red spots, and he died of suffocation. Zuo Ling who was sitting next to her said.

Zuo Ling, Chen Hao, Lin Chengzhi, Zhou Heng. You are all recruited from the Internet to decipher the Red Rock Heavenly Book. I believe that you must have your own strength. Mei Gu looked around at them and said.

Is there anyone else on this island? Zhou Heng asked suddenly.

Mei Gu was stunned for a moment, then said firmly, no.

Then what is the purpose of our coming here, and Uncle Bao died, why didn't we call the police? Zhou Heng asked the question in his heart.

I will deal with the story of the Laughing Ghost after Uncle Bao’s death. The purpose of your coming here, I have already said, is to crack the secret of the heavenly book. Aunt Mei said.

Hmph, how to crack it, as far as I know, Hongyan Tianshu is at least dozens of miles away from here. Chen Hao said with a sneer.

Come with me, Mei Gu said, turning around and walking inside.

On the left is a side door, Mei Gu pushed it open and walked in, followed by Zhou Heng and others.

The sight in the room surprised everyone.

In the middle of the room is a rockery. On the front of the mountain, there are a few lines of red characters engraved, which is the Red Rock Heavenly Book.

This is the Hongyan Heavenly Book we copied, not much different from the real one. So, you can study with confidence. Aunt Mei explained.

Zhou Heng had seen pictures of Hongyan Tianshu on the Internet, and it was exactly the same as the one in front of him.

It's really the same as Hongyan Tianshu, Chen Hao walked over and said tremblingly.

Hongyan vs. Baiyan, gold and silver are carried eighteen times, whoever can see through them, Lei Dayan went to carry the scales. Lin Chengzhi said softly.

What Lin Chengzhi said, Zhou Heng once heard from Professor Zuo, was a nursery rhyme about Hongyan Tianshu. It is said that the secret of Hongyan Tianshu lies in those few words.

Zhou Heng looked around, and Aunt Mei had left the room at some point. Looking at the copied Hongyan Tianshu, Zhou Heng frowned.

4. Diary

Zhou Heng looked at the font on the paper, it looked like seal script and pictographic symbols.

Zhou Heng thought of countless font symbols, but they were all denied. He froze for a moment, then opened the door and walked out.

After wandering outside the room for a while, he walked to the door of Lin Chengzhi's room and knocked on the door.

The door opened, it turned out to be Chen Hao, Zhou Heng looked at the house number again, 009, yes!

busy? Chen Hao looked at Zhou Heng asked sharply.

No, sorry, Zhou Heng smiled.

Turning around, Zhou Heng saw Lin Chengzhi coming out from the next room. Zhou Heng looked at the room number, 005.

What's wrong? Lin Chengzhi looked at Zhou Heng and asked.

Oh, wrong room. Zhou Heng said.

Well, the layout of the rooms here is a bit special. Lin Chengzhi said with a smile.

I also feel here,

Before Zhou Heng finished speaking, Lin Chengzhi pulled him into the room.

Lin Chengzhi closed the door, turned around and said, you must pay attention to your words and deeds here.

Why? Zhou Heng asked.

You came here also for the treasure in the Hongyan Heavenly Book? Lin Chengzhi asked back.

No, I want to explore Hongyan Tianshu as my graduation project, what about you? Zhou Heng said.

Lin Chengzhi did not speak, but lit a cigarette, and the smoke quickly diffused.

I came here to find someone, and Lin Chengzhi spoke. Three years ago, my younger brother joined a secret tour group to crack the Red Rock Book of Heaven, and then disappeared. I have been looking for him.

Could it be? Zhou Heng asked in surprise.

I don’t know, there are a lot of tour groups that seem to be mysterious like this, but they actually want to cheat tourists out of money. This is the fourth time I have participated in the past three years, but the copy of the book we saw today is the same as the real one. Lin Chengzhi said.

It was almost eleven o'clock when I came back from Lin Chengzhi's room. Zhou Heng felt very uneasy. Everything here is too strange. After Uncle Bao died, Gu Mei never appeared again. There seemed to be only a few of them in the entire hotel, empty.

Zhou Heng was lying on the bed, twirling around with a lighter in his hand, inadvertently, the lighter fell into the crevice beside the bed. Zhou Heng stretched his hand into the crack while lying on his side, but failed to find it for a long time, when his hand suddenly touched something.

Zhou Heng took it out suspiciously and saw that it was a blue leather diary covered with dust. Zhou Heng shook the dust on his hands and was about to throw it away, but was attracted by a sentence on the cover of the diary, which read, Hongyan Tianshu, May 4, 1998.

Zhou Heng froze for a moment, and opened the diary.

May 1, 2003

Today is the first day here, and Xiao Liu secretly told me that Uncle Bao and Gu Mei, one with a dull expression and the other with a cold face, are a good match.

In the middle of the night, I heard someone singing outside the window, like a white song sung by the dead in the countryside, bad luck.

The Story of Xiaoxiao and Longji_The Story of Xiaoxiaoghost _Ghost Doctor County Princess Wu Xiaoxiaotxt

Before dawn, Xiao Liu woke me up and said that Uncle Bao had died.

In the hall, Mei Gu looked at each of us coldly. I pulled Xiao Liu, feeling suddenly very scared.

May 3, 2003

I kind of regret taking this tour, every place here scares me. I told Xiao Liu, but Xiao Liu didn't care. He said that if he could crack the secret of Hongyan Tianshu, he would get rich.

I only now deeply understand a sentence, curiosity killed the cat.

May 4, 2003

Liang Zikun, who lived in 009, died this morning. People panicked, so they called the police but were stopped by Mei Gu. She said that this is an isolated island, and no one can leave without her leading the way.

The rest of the people panicked, and everyone seemed to be in opposition at once. Nobody knows who the murderer is. So doubt each other.

I suddenly felt that this was a conspiracy.

May 6, 2003

Someone else died.

Only Xiao Liu and I are left here.

I'm so scared, who will be next?

Mei Gu said that the only way to leave is to find out the secret of the Heavenly Book.

I need to get out of here.

May 8, 2003

I saw ghosts.

5. Prophecy

The diary disappeared on May 8, 2003. The diary on the 8th only had one sentence: I saw a ghost.

There seemed to be a drum in Zhou Heng's heart, beating non-stop.

The things in the diary made him tremble with fear.

Mingge, then Uncle Bao died, and then continue.

Zhou Heng didn't dare to think about it any further. He took out his mobile phone and found that there was no signal. How is it possible, before coming here, Zhou Heng bought a mobile phone with the best signal, but now there is no signal.

It seems that the diary is right, this place is a scary place.

The sky lit up little by little, and Zhou Heng stayed up all night.

Bang, there was a knock on the door, Zhou Heng's body shook violently, and he got out of bed to open the door.

Lin Chengzhi was outside the door, and he murmured that something happened to 009's Chen Hao.

Zhou Heng's mind exploded with shock, and he sat down on the ground.

Zuo Ling looked at everyone with tears in her eyes, and said, Chen Hao was murdered, and I want to call the police.

No, this is an isolated island. If the police come, it will be taken back by the government. Aunt Mei said coldly.

But now that someone is dead, Zuo Ling shouted to her.

If you want to leave here, you have to crack the secret of the heavenly book. Mei Gu slammed down a sentence forcefully.

Zhou Heng's mind was in a mess, everything that happened now was exactly the same as what was mentioned in the diary. There must be something wrong here. He looked at Zuo Ling and Lin Chengzhi and said, we must calm down now. Otherwise, we will be the next to die.

Yeah? Zuo Ling looked at Zhou Heng with strange eyes.

Zhou Heng briefly told them about the diary. After listening to Zhou Heng's narration, Zuo Ling's mood stabilized a lot.

So what happened before, we are experiencing now. Lin Chengzhi said.

Maybe, that Uncle Bao wasn't dead at all. Zhou Heng expressed his thoughts.

Impossible, I checked his body that day and it was indeed dead. Zuo Ling denied it.

I went out to take a look last night. Except for this hotel, the rest of the island is grass and there are no houses at all. Lin Chengzhi said.

Aunt Mei is too suspicious, I think she and that Uncle Bao are responsible for everything. Zuo Ling analyzed.

Lin Chengzhi was thinking about something while frowning, and Zhou Heng was also lost in confusion.

Chen Hao's body was sent to a small cave not far downstairs, and there was another corpse in it, covered with a white cloth, it should be Uncle Bao.

The temperature in this cave is very low, and the corpse will not decompose. As long as you decipher the secrets of the Heavenly Book, they will most likely come back to life. Aunt Mei said.

Zhou Heng looked at Lin Chengzhi, without saying a word, and withdrew.

The other corpse in the cave was not Uncle Bao. After coming out, Lin Chengzhi said softly.

not him? Zhou Heng was startled.

Yes, Uncle Bao often goes to sea and throws cables, so there should be thick calluses on his hands. But the one lying in the cave just now had smooth hands, definitely not Uncle Bao. Lin Chengzhi said firmly.

Could Uncle Bao do all of this? Zhou Heng asked.

I don't know, I can only wait and see. Lin Chengzhi said.

6. Spirit position

Zhou Heng regrets it now, he shouldn't have come here rashly.

Now not only did he have no clue about the secret of Hongyan Tianshu, but he was also in danger of his life.

There was a violent wind and waves outside, and the weather was fine in the morning, but it was gloomy in the afternoon. Zhou Heng went to the window to close it, but saw a figure below, who seemed to be Lin Chengzhi. Zhou Heng was stunned. With such a strong wind, where would he go?

Zhou Heng watched as Lin Chengzhi got into the cave where he sent the corpse in the morning, and it took him a long time to get out of it. Zhou Heng felt a little strange, did Lin Chengzhi discover something.

The rain came quickly, and it fell like crazy.

The Story of Xiaoxiao and Longji_Ghost Doctor County Princess Wu Xiaoxiaotxt_Laughing Ghost Stories

Zhou Heng sat down on the bed bored, thinking about the series of things that happened, but couldn't figure it out.

While thinking about it, Zuo Ling's scream came from outside. When Zhou Heng heard this, he hurriedly stood up and ran out.

Zuo Ling sat on the side in panic, and there was a person lying on the ground, which was Lin Chengzhi.

Zhou Heng went over to see that, like Uncle Bao, Lin Chengzhi must have suffocated to death. Zhou Heng looked at Zuo Ling and said, come on, let's carry him to his room.

Zuo Ling nodded and stood up.

The rain outside gradually subsided, and Zhou Heng and Zuo Ling came to the cave.

The temperature in the cave was very low, Zhou Heng looked around, and then walked inside. He knocked on the cliff of the cave, and suddenly stopped.

Then, he pressed to the side and suddenly sank. A stone door suddenly appeared. He looked at Zuo Ling, and then walked in.

Inside is a passage, very deep, Zhou Heng can only go down by feeling.

Zuo Ling pulled his clothes and followed behind.

After walking for about five minutes, Zhou Heng vaguely saw a bright light. Zhou Heng couldn't help speeding up his pace.

At the end of the passage was a rectangular stone chamber from which the light emanated.

There is a kerosene lamp on the table, and a spiritual tablet next to it. On the spiritual tablet is written small characters in black seal script, the tomb of the late Duke Shao Yuanshan. There are some offerings under the spiritual tablet.

Shao Yuanshan, how could there be his spirit seat here. Zhou Heng had doubts in his heart.

You see, Zuo Ling suddenly pointed to the corner next to the stone room, looking from a distance, there turned out to be a side door.

Zhou Heng looked at Zuo Ling and walked over.

There is a staircase in the side door, and Zhou Heng stepped up.

At the end of the stairs was a small door. When he opened the door, Zhou Heng saw the imitated book from heaven.

The passage actually leads to the side door of the hotel lobby.

Just as Zhou Heng wanted to go up, he heard someone talking, so he couldn't help but stop.

Is it done? It was Meigu's voice.

All going according to plan. The voice is Uncle Bao's. Sure enough, he was not dead, Zhou Heng turned his head to look at Zuo Ling, Zuo Ling was also surprised.

How many are there? Aunt Mei asked again.

One, do you want a man or a woman?

Don't be busy, let's have a look. Aunt Mei said.

Then they went out and the door was closed. Zhou Heng leaned against the wall and panted heavily.

From Meigu and Uncle Bao's words, it was obvious that their next target was either Zhou Heng or Zuo Ling. Now Zhou Heng really felt the fear.

Zuo Ling didn't go back to her room, but went into Zhou Heng's room.

The room was quiet, Zhou Heng and Zuo Ling didn't speak, the cramped atmosphere made people breathless.

Why did you come to this tour group? After a long time, Zhou Heng broke the silence.

Oh, it was Chen Hao who insisted on letting me come. Zuo Ling replied.

How long have you known Chen Hao?

Not long. We met in the museum. Chen Hao majored in archaeology and he is very knowledgeable. Zuo Ling said simply.

Suddenly, the pendulum on the wall rang, and it was time to eat.

Zhou Heng looked at Zuo Ling, then stood up.

Aunt Mei was sitting at the dining table in the hall. She changed into a white dress, and she looked a little thin.

The meals are the same as before, four simple dishes and a pot of seafood soup.

The atmosphere was very dull, Mei Gu lowered her head and ate by herself. Zuo Ling looked at Zhou Heng anxiously.

Don't want to say something? Zhou Heng put down the bowl and said.

Mei Gu looked up at him, and continued to eat with her head down without saying a word.

What are you going to do? It's time for a showdown. Zhou Heng was a little angry.

What do you want to know, Mei Gu gently put down the bowl.

Why did we come here, and Uncle Bao, why did the others die? Zhou Heng stared at Meigu closely.

You came here by yourself, Uncle Bao is dead, and in the end, why the others died can only be known after deciphering the secret of the Heavenly Book. After Meigu finished speaking, she got up and left.

Why is there a spiritual tablet in the dark room? Is the owner of the spiritual tablet Shao Yuanshan, a poet of the Ming Dynasty? Zhou Heng followed and stood up.

Aunt Mei suddenly stopped in her tracks, she turned around slowly, her complexion was pale , and she looked straight at Zhou Heng.

Zhou Heng's heart tightened, he took a step back, and sat down on the chair.

7. Genealogy

Meigu took a deep breath and spoke.

Hongyan vs. Baiyan, gold and silver are carried eighteen times, whoever can see through them, Lei Dayan went to carry the scales.

From ancient times to the present, people have used this nursery rhyme to decipher the Hongyan Tianshu. People think that the secrets of the Hongyan Tianshu are treasures. Human beings are greedy, and they have never stopped exploring the secrets of Hongyan Tianshu. This island was passed down by Shao Yuanshan, and the rules were also left by him. Although he used a poem to cover the Hongyan Heavenly Book at the beginning, what is the real secret of the Hongyan Heavenly Book has always been one of his last wishes.

No one knows when this island began to welcome tourists who cracked the secrets of the heavenly book. And the island has always been in charge of two people, one named Mei Gu and the other named Uncle Bao. Uncle Bao is in charge of leading the way, and Aunt Mei is in charge of receiving food and sleeping. When Aunt Mei died, her daughter would come. When Uncle Bao died, his son would come. For thousands of years, this has never changed.

Until a rainy day ten years ago, Uncle Bao went out to pick up someone, but never came back. I can't find him in every way. Later, I thought he died or some other misfortune happened to him. About a year later, he came back suddenly. I asked him where he went, but he couldn't tell.

After he came back, Uncle Bao became very strange, sometimes grumpy and sometimes obedient. Sometimes I sit alone in the house for a few days without going out, and sometimes I walk around the island alone. As if they were two people.

I have lived on this island for most of my life. For the first time, I had a feeling of fear about it.

Three years ago, Uncle Bao brought back four tourists who came to decipher the secrets of the Heavenly Book. They were four college students, and one of them was Xiaoxi, who was pretty and charming.

The first night they came, around midnight, I heard someone singing. They sang the ghost songs that were only sung during sea burials.

The next day, Uncle Bao died.

I remember that the seaside was at high tide that day, and after I put Uncle Bao's body away, it started to rain outside. When I passed the corner of the stairs, I saw a figure flash by. That figure looked like Uncle Bao. I thought I was dazzled and didn't care.

Later, another person died.

One by one.

In the end, only Xiaoxi and I were left.

Later, later.

Meigu suddenly stopped.

What happened afterwards, Zuo Ling asked.

Later, I sent Xiaoxi away. But Uncle Bao came back on the fifth day after I sent Xiaoxi away. It's as if nothing happened. Mei Gu looked forward and said.

Uncle Bao? Isn't he already dead? Zhou Heng was stunned.

Yes, he was dead, but he did come back. He knew nothing about what happened on the island. Maybe he wasn't dead at all, or maybe he wasn't the one who died. After coming back, he is very familiar with everything here, and I have no reason not to believe him. Aunt Mei said helplessly.

Now, Zuo Ling didn't say any more.

Everything seems to be the same as three years ago, Uncle Bao died again, followed by tourists. Aunt Mei sighed.

Then why not call the police? Zuo Ling continued to ask.

Call the police, if you call the police, the place will be taken back by the government. And the last wish of the ancestors will be terminated. Aunt Mei said quietly.

However, Zuo Ling wanted to ask something, but Zhou Heng held her back.

Aunt Mei left, her back was a bit bleak. Zuo Ling pursed her lips and said, she really didn't expect such a thing to happen in the middle.

Do you take her word for it? Zhou Heng said with a sneer.

What, you think what she said was false? Zuo Ling asked back.

At least the whereabouts of Xiaoxi is false. Zhou Heng said seriously.


Meigu said that there have always been two people in charge of this island, Uncle Bao is in charge of leading the way, and Meigu is in charge of sleeping, eating and receiving. According to what she said, their division of labor should be very clear. The sea here is fierce, and it is impossible for ordinary people to go out. So Meigu will not go out, of course, Xiaoxi who came three years ago should not have left either.

Where did Xiao Xi go?

dead, or alive in another way.

Zhou Heng's words exploded in Zuo Ling's heart like a thunderbolt.

8. Dead

On a quiet night, the sea gently brushes the beach.

A figure quietly flashed out from one side, and under the moonlight, an anxious face was vaguely seen.

Suddenly, there was a rush of footsteps behind him, and he turned his head in a hurry with joy in his heart.

how? he asked anxiously.

The person who came shook his head, I couldn't find the key. The voice is thin, it is a woman.

Didn't he doubt it, he asked.


All right, take care, everything is going according to plan.

After the two finished speaking, they left quietly.

Zhou Heng smiled and walked out from under the stone next to him.

Zuo Ling tightened her clothes, the temperature in the cold cave was very low. On the stone slab opposite lay three corpses. Mei Gu glanced at Zhou Heng and said, what on earth do you want us to come here for?

tell a story. Zhou Heng said.

Stories, what stories must be told here. Zuo Ling's voice trembled a little.

Stories of the living and the dead. Zhou Heng said in a deep voice.

Zuo Ling froze for a moment, and let go of the hands that were holding each other.

This is a diary, and Zhou Heng put the diary on the slate. I found it under the bed in my room. Written by a girl in 2003. It is about the experience she and her companions encountered when they came here to decipher the Hongyan Tianshu.

Just like our experience, first Uncle Bao who led the way died, and then tourists. This is very similar to Meigu talking about her experience three years ago. Perhaps, the owner of this diary is the girl named Xiaoxi.

So what, Mei Gu said coldly without moving.

I also found the same diary in Lin Chengzhi's room, and I believe Zuo Ling and Chen Hao's rooms should have the same diary. Is it right? Zhou Heng looked at Zuo Ling and asked.

Yes, it is. Zuo Ling said expectantly.

I want to ask, Mei Gu, what is your purpose for doing this? Zhou Heng looked straight at Meigu and said.

Me, do I have to do this? Mei Gu's words were still cold.

Of course you have to, because you are not Meigu. Zhou Heng's words became tense.

You, hum, nonsense. Aunt Mei said in surprise.

Of course he wasn't talking nonsense. A voice suddenly rang.

The Story of Xiaoxiao and Longji_The Princess of the Ghost Doctor County Wu Xiaoxiaotxt_The Story of Xiaoxiaoghost

Who, Mei Gu was taken aback, and looked around.

I, speaking, sat up from the stone slab alone. He is Lin Chengzhi.

Aren't you already dead?" Zuo Ling looked at him in surprise and said.

If I die, won't some secrets be covered up forever? Lin Chengzhi said with a smile.

who are you? Aunt Mei asked in fear.

Haven't you been looking for the key to the darkroom? You have been here for three years, have you found it? Lin Chengzhi ignored her.

You, Mei Gu's face trembled.

Only the real Aunt Mei and Uncle Bao have the key, don't you know that? Lin Chengzhi's voice became more and more tense.

Of course she knew that it was Chen Hao who was lying down who was talking.

The atmosphere in the narrow cave instantly condensed.

Lin Chengzhi didn't die, and of course Chen Hao didn't die either.

Chen Hao stood up and walked to Zuo Ling.

Now it's all set, ha ha, Mei Gu suddenly smiled.

9. History

Do you know why this island is called Mingyuan Island? Lin Chengzhihuan glanced at the others and said, because this place commemorates Shao Yuanshan, a poet of the Ming Dynasty. It's just that some friends commemorate the deceased, but later it was spread more and more mysterious. In the end, someone also brought over the copy of Hongyan Tianshu.

The originally peaceful island has become a place where people pursue greed. Some even believe that there is a treasure hidden here. Mei Gu is right, there have always been two people in charge of this island, one is Mei Gu and the other is Uncle Bao. However, Uncle Bao and Gu Mei left Mingyuan Island very early.

Three years ago, someone posted a post on the Internet, inviting people of insight to come here to decipher the secrets of Hongyan Tianshu. At that time, there was a lot of public opinion about Hongyan Tianshu, and there was even a saying that a reward of one million was offered. Many people don't know whether it is true or not, but some people still come. They are four college students who came here out of curiosity.

In fact, Hongyan Tianshu is just a cover, your real purpose is the darkroom inside the island. When they discovered your secret, you killed them.

If I let them come, why should I kill them? Aunt Mei asked.

Because you want to use their power to crack a secret, a secret about Mingyuan Island. Lin Chengzhi said sharply.

How do you know so well, you? Mei Gu stared at Lin Chengzhi and asked.

Of course I know, because my younger brother was one of those four people, and he wrote down the details and put them in one place. Through the marks, I found the information that my brother wrote to me. This island is an absolute isolated island. The layout of the island is made using topology, and all communication equipment has no signal here. So you can kill people at will here.

Only then did Zhou Heng understand why the mobile phone had no signal here. Chen Hao held Zuo Ling's hand tightly, and looked at Lin Chengzhi coldly.

who are you? Mei Gu asked with a livid face.

I am Gu Mei, and I am Gu Mei.

Lin Chengzhi's words surprised everyone present.

You, what, Zhou Heng wanted to ask him.

Aunt Mei doesn't have to be a girl, and Uncle Bao doesn't have to be a boy. Am I right? Zuo Ling. Lin Chengzhi turned to look at Zuo Ling and said.

You, what, Zuo Ling was shocked.

Our purpose is the same, the secret of this island may only be known to you and me. I'm sure your father must have told you when he died, right?

What does this have to do with Zuo Ling? Could it be Zuo Ling? Zhou Heng suddenly encountered something.

Yes, Zuo Ling is Uncle Bao's daughter, and Chen Hao expressed Zhou Heng's doubts.

Okay, really great, Meigu said with a smile, now I will reveal the final answer.

10. Truth

What is going on here, Zhou Heng felt that he was caught in a vortex where he could not see the end.

Meigu led the way, and the others followed. Now the other facts don't matter, what matters is what secrets the island holds.

The lamp in the dark room was lit, and just like last time, there was only one table inside, on which Shao Yuanshan's spiritual tablet was enshrined.

Mei Gu walked to the left corner and pulled out a brick below, then stretched out her hand and pressed the inside.

A stone door suddenly appeared next to it, and two copper locks were hung on it, which were stained with rust.

I don't know what material these two locks are made of, and they can't be opened no matter what. Meigu pointed to the lock and said.

Lin Chengzhi looked at Zuo Ling, then walked over, took out a key from his clothes, and opened the first lock. Zuo Ling followed and opened the second lock.

The stone door was pushed open, and what came into view was a coffin.

A black coffin lay alone in the middle.

Lin Chengzhi stepped forward, and the others followed.

The coffin had no lid, and there was a skeleton lying inside. The clothes on his body were rotten, and there was an indescribable smell.

how could this be? Lin Chengzhi lost his voice.

This is Shao Yuanshan's skeleton, Chen Hao pointed to the handwriting beside the coffin and said.

It turned out to be just a dream, haha, Mei Gu laughed suddenly, the laughter was miserable. I have been brewing for five years, killed the person I love the most, and killed so many people, but it turned out to be nothing. Ha ha.

Aunt Mei sat down on the ground and muttered.

Lin Chengzhi sighed and turned around.

Mei Gu gave Zhou Heng a map, and then found a boat from the island.

On the day we went back, the sun was shining brightly. No one spoke. Lin Chengzhi sat beside the boat holding his younger brother's ashes.

Zuo Ling looked at the seaside and sang softly.

Zhou Heng heard it very familiarly. Suddenly, he remembered that there was a woman singing Mingge outside the window that night. It was this voice.

He suddenly understood something in his heart.

Mingyuan Island gradually went away, Zhou Heng said softly to himself, no matter what, just treat what happened as a dream.

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