Blind Man Changed His Life

A few days ago, an old friend gave me another "miracle" of the blind man. After listening to it, I couldn't help feeling that the old man not only possesses special skills, but also is so kind and kind. He is indeed a rare kind person. nice guy.

Speaking of which, the blind uncle is also a poor man with a miserable fate. In his generation, his family is a serious single heir for five generations, with only one seedling. The blind uncle's parents died early, and he grew up with difficulty relying on the charity of his neighbors for food and clothing. Later, the only distant relatives took over the land of the blind uncle and drove him out of the house.

The blind man suffered from diabetes when he was in his early fifties, and finally lost his sight in both eyes due to complications. Once when he was walking at night, he accidentally ate the tribute that others put on the roadside. After his life, he actually had supernatural powers.

So the blind uncle said to everyone that there is no unparalleled road, and God will not starve to death blind sparrows. Now the blind uncle has no children and only lives with his wife in a dilapidated house. My wife has bad legs and feet, and her brain is a bit dull. She is an old lady who doesn't speak much and is a bit dull.

One year, the old lady of the easternmost family in the village fell ill. The hospital gave her a diagnosis of advanced lung cancer. The doctor suggested that she should not spend money on treatment. what.

The family members were naturally overwhelmed with grief when they heard the news, but they dared not tell the truth to the old lady. This old lady is a well-known optimist in the whole village. She smiles carefree all day long, and she is the first to help when any family in the village encounters difficulties. How many times she has given money and effort to help others solve their urgent needs, but she doesn't take any money and doesn't ask for anything in return.

Everyone heard that the old lady was terminally ill, and they all wiped their tears behind their backs, feeling that God does not have eyes, and good people have no good lives!

One day, the blind man asked someone to call the wife of the sick old lady, and said to him, "Your daughter-in-law has twenty years to live. Do you want her to live? If you want, you have to listen to me." The wife naturally cried and begged. The way to keep my daughter-in-law alive.

The blind man said: "Tomorrow at twelve o'clock in the night, take incense candles, apples, roast chicken and white wine, go to the crossroads in the east of the village, arrange your things and kowtow to the east, and say "God is above, please let my wife come back." Bar! ", such a full seventy-seven forty-nine heads. Can you do it?"

The old man nodded his head and said that he must do what you said. Uncle Blind said: "This is not the most difficult thing. After you kowtow tonight at midnight, let your daughter-in-law take to the streets for three consecutive days, and go to places with a lot of people, but you must avoid people of similar age. What's more, she can't say hello to anyone, and can't pass a word. Remember?"

When the old man heard this, it was pure nonsense. No one in the village knew about my daughter-in-law's fiery personality. It would be as impossible for her not to speak and greet her acquaintances as to let water flow to a high place. Even so, the man still respectfully agreed to the blind man.

When the grandfather was about to leave, the blind uncle told him again and again: "I will tell you today, don't leak anything to your wife, if she knows everything in advance, it will be in vain. For three days in a row since you kowtowed, be careful!" Grab it, but these three chances!"

Although the man didn't take it seriously and was not completely convinced by the blind man's words, but he thought about using a dead horse as a living horse doctor, let the old woman try it for the time being. So he went to kowtow forty-nine big heads with tributes as instructed by the blind uncle, and said to his old woman early the next morning: "You always lie at home and have nothing to do, why don't you just go to town today?" Come around, bring me two bags of weed-killing spirits, and you can relax."

The old woman heard that the old man's idea was not bad, so she went out early the next morning, went to the town to buy herbicides, and came back just before noon when she entered the village. Before I got home, I ran into an old sister who was usually close to her and was sitting on the side of the road with her little grandson in her arms.

The old lady went inside without knowing it, and she didn't know that she needed to practice "stop talking" to save her life. When she saw that the little grandson was chubby and cute, she went over to pick up the little grandson in three steps and two steps, kissed and teased her, and talked to the old sister for a long time about parenting before returning home full of satisfaction. .

On the first day, rushing to the street…

In the early morning of the next day, the old man made another excuse to ask the old lady to go to the big market. The big market was full of crowds, and the old woman naturally couldn't care less about chatting with people. Near noon , the old man knocked on the door , and the old woman returned to the village. It happened that everyone was eating lunch, and I didn't meet anyone I knew along the way.

Just when she was less than a mile away from her house, two villagers got into a fight on the avenue.

The old lady listened carefully, and it turned out that one person suspected that the other had stolen the corn from his field. She happened to know both of them, and seeing the two talking to each other, the smell of gunpowder became more and more intense, and they were about to start fighting.

The old lady hurried forward, stood in the middle and pulled the two of them apart with one hand, and said with a smile: "Oh, I said two brothers! They are all from the village for a corn? The old sister pays you for it." Is the corn in the middle? Boss at noon, I think you two are full!"

After being teased by the old woman, the two were embarrassed to continue the quarrel, and they parted ways with shameful eyebrows. Seeing that the two men had disappeared, the old woman turned around and went home, for fear that they would quarrel again.

The next day, rushing to the street…

On the third day, it rained heavily early in the morning. People in the village recalled that they had not seen such a pouring rain that covered the sky for many years. The old man complained early in the morning that his stomach was sour, and he insisted on eating the old pickles sold by the "Thirteen Fragrances" in the town. Now the old lady is a little bit annoyed, she said to herself that it's such a horrible weather outside, and I'm a sick person again, what kind of medicine are you selling in the gourd, you old man! ?

But seeing the pitiful look of the old man lying on the kang, sighing and groaning, the old woman finally couldn't bear it, took the umbrella and went out of the house. Since the rain was so heavy that day, she didn't meet many people at all from the time she went there to when she came back. The few acquaintances who went out on a rainy day were also in a hurry, and the old lady was not allowed to come forward to talk to them, and they had already gone away.

On the third day, he finally fulfilled the blind man's request. He went to the commercial street in the town where people come and go, and he didn't say hello to his acquaintances.

A week later, the grandfather took the old woman to the hospital for a reexamination. After a series of examinations, the doctor in charge of the small squinted eyes behind the spectacle lens was staring like a cow. He held up the film of the old woman and pasted it on the light box. After watching it for a long time, I finally said to my husband with a puzzled face: "The lesion has disappeared, which is incredible. Could it be that the inflammation was misdiagnosed? It's so strange."

The old man was worried, and took the old woman to the Municipal People's Hospital for an examination, but there was still nothing wrong with the nail outdoors.

After the grandfather returned to the village, he killed the only hen that laid eggs in his family and made soup, and sent it to the blind uncle's house in person. After entering the door, he put down the chicken and knelt on the ground, kowtowing three times to the blind uncle.

The blind man didn't stop him, he smiled and said to the old man: "Brother, you should thank me too! The heavy rain just now collapsed the roof of my thatched house, and I live with your old sister-in-law." It rained all day, and you know why?"

The old man was speechless, his bewilderment was written all over his face. The blind man said: "Because I offered a trick to save your daughter-in-law. This is a sin of revealing the secrets of heaven. I deserve my old bones to be soaked in rain. This is God's punishment for me."

Hearing this, the old man hurriedly stood up to thank him not long after he sat down, this time the blind man held him by the arm, and said seriously:

"At first, brother, you must have felt that I made those requests deliberately to embarrass you, and I didn't intend to help you at all, right? How can it be so easy to change your fate against the sky? You have to have an extremely tenacious and unbreakable diamond will. It is to let the whole situation develop according to your ideas without the intervention of any external force. The more impossible things are accomplished, the greater the power of your ideas. When the willpower is strong enough, you can change your life gone."

The old man seemed to be listening to a scripture from heaven, he didn't understand what the blind man was talking about in this big article, he just cared about thanking him with tears in his eyes, and nodded his head as much as the blind man said.

Now the grandfather has passed away for several years, but the old lady is still alive, in good spirits and in good health. She told the villagers that when she was in the hospital, she heard that she was terminally ill, but she still pretended not to know it. First, she didn’t want to disappoint the old man who worked so hard to hide it from her. I wish I could not accept this fact.

The old woman said: "I just thought that I would not die, so I can't die. My son hasn't married a wife yet. If I die early, who will give him a wife?" Did this obsession with survival also help her, and finally in Under the guidance of the blind uncle, he defied the destiny and survived from a desperate situation?

For some reason, this bizarre and mysterious story made me hear a bit of profound metaphysics. Can people change their lives? Yes, but that requires extraordinary opportunity and a huge price. The old lady in the story is warm-hearted and generous, and she has been kind to others all her life, only to meet a blind man like Uncle Blind who is so blind and so bright. Such kind of blessings, ordinary people like me can't get it if we try hard.

One fate, two luck, three Fengshui, and just keep being kind. Try to be an upright and upright good person, no matter how difficult and desperate you encounter in life, you can stick to the bottom line and not exceed the rules. When the opportunity comes, the natural peak will turn around.

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