Deadly Spell

Mary's usual hobby is to search for treasures in the ancient book market. On this day, Mary found an old magic book, which was not unusual at all, but before leaving, the boss's advice aroused her curiosity-"Please don't try any of the spells on it, because I heard a master Said, it will call death!"

Mary couldn't bear the curiosity about the spell, so she asked her boyfriend Peter to invite friends Jim and Trish to try the spell together. In order to add a sense of mystery, Mary also invited her friends to a cabin next to a suburban cemetery. As crazy as it sounds, Jim and Trish, best friends growing up, keep their appointments on time.

In the middle of the night, the four young people met. When Jim saw all kinds of weird props in the log cabin, he couldn't help complaining to Mary: "I said, Miss Mary the Clever, what do you think? A toad's tongue, a turtledove's ears, a bat's feet!"

Mary, who was dressed as a wizard, didn't say anything, she just gave Jim a mysterious smile, and then, she couldn't wait to put those strange objects into a jar and started to stir…

God of Death Title_Lethal Current Three Seconds Deadly_Miyuki’s Spell

Suddenly, everyone heard a "bang bang" knock on the door. Could it be that the witchcraft took effect immediately? Peter opened the door cautiously, and saw an old man in the dark holding a long sickle, dressed very much like the legendary god of death.

Peter couldn't see the old man's face clearly, so he raised his voice and asked, "Who are you? What are you doing here?" The old man giggled, "I haven't asked you why you are here yet? Young man, have you seen a coffin? I I searched for a long time and couldn't find it, and if I can't find it, I'm going to be in big trouble!" Everyone shuddered when they heard this, and shook their heads and said no.

After the old man left, everyone was a little scared, but Mary was not affected at all, and she began to recite the spells in the ancient books with style. But as soon as the words fell, there was a "bang", and the whole room was shrouded in complete darkness, and everyone heard Mary's scream.

Jim was timid. He hurried to touch the light switch, but the switch seemed to be broken. He frantically turned on the flashlight, only to find that Mary had disappeared, leaving only her shoes and socks on the ground. Peter and Trish also came over, Jim's face was solemn: "Let's get out of here, call the police and find someone to help! Yes, find that old man."

Spell_Title of God of Death

Trish was also obviously frightened, and said incoherently: "No! We can't find him, maybe it's his fault. Isn't he dressed like a god of death?" Peter also disagreed with calling the police, he said: "We Go find Mary, maybe this is another spell ceremony." But Jim didn't want to toss about the spell anymore, and shouted to leave. At this moment, everyone suddenly heard Mary's cry for help: "Peter, come and save me!"

Peter hurriedly searched for the sound, but within a few steps, there was another call of help in the darkness: "Jim, there is a monster here, I can't see it clearly!" Jim hurriedly took the flashlight to shine it, and the corner of the room was empty—even Peter was missing Yes! Jim took out his cell phone in a panic and wanted to call the police, but there was no signal on his cell phone!

Seeing that Jim was about to rush out the door, Tracy became anxious: "No, don't go looking for someone! I dare not stay in this room alone. We chanted a spell to cause this to happen. There must be a solution in the book. "As she said, she opened the ancient book by the light of the flashlight, searched for a spell, and said aloud: "Come, I summon you! Show up! Bring back the two people who disappeared!"

There was a terrifying echo in the darkness: "I'm here, I'm here because of your call!" Although the light of the flashlight was not strong, the two still saw a huge black-haired creature slowly walking towards them. The monster grabbed Trish, put it on his shoulder, and ran into the dark. Jim wanted to escape, but the monster was already blocking the door. Jim felt the monster's furry skin and fainted.

When Jim woke up, he found himself in a coffin. The monster's eyes stared at him through the gap that gradually narrowed. With a "bang", the coffin was closed. He heard the sound of the hammer falling: the monster is going to nail the coffin to death! I don't know if it is a psychological effect or it is true, Jim feels that it is getting more and more difficult to breathe…

Outside the wooden house, the three young men laughed loudly.

"Let me just say, Jim must have been scared to death this time!" It was Mary who had disappeared earlier who spoke. It turns out that the so-called spells and monsters are all carefully designed jokes. There is an inconspicuous secret door in the wooden house, and Mary, Peter and Trish all "disappeared" in this way. The black-haired monster is played by Peter, and the mobile phone signal is interfered by the signal jammer hidden in advance. So, no matter how dangerous it is, Peter and Trish try to persuade Jim not to call the police.

Trish laughed loudly: "Okay, enough joking, let's let Jim out, or he will suffocate." Trish was eager to release Jim, and there was another reason: the three of them wanted to get Jim out. Put it into the coffin, and yesterday I worked hard to move the dead body out of the original coffin. So before the old man came to the door, the three instigators lied that they didn't know. But at this moment, they knew that they had to have the beginning and the end, and moved the dead body back into the coffin.

However, when the three of them went to the car to get the tools and came back, they were all dumbfounded: the coffin was gone!

Mary felt very disturbed: "Jim is locked inside and can't move. Could it be that we really faked it and summoned the god of death?" Peter shook his head: "Someone must have been here, let's look around."

Tracy yelled: "I see, it's that strange old man! We'll find him soon, it must be his fault."

The three of them walked out of the wooden house. Under the moonlight, they saw the mysterious old man digging the soil with a shovel, and there was a coffin beside him. They hurriedly ran and shouted: "Old man! Don't bury it, there are living people in the coffin!" When they got closer, there was a long sickle on the haystack beside the coffin, which was used for weeding.

God of Death Title_Lethal Current Three Seconds Deadly_Miyuki’s Spell

The old man stuck the shovel in and said firmly, "No, I have to bury this coffin! And I have to bury it deeper than ordinary ones!"

Mary and the others explained the ins and outs of the matter in a panic, but the old man shook his head: "Young man, what are you kidding! These red-labeled coffins are all highly contagious patients sent by the CDC, and they have to be buried very deep. Don't say your friends are not inside, even if you are inside, you can't live."

Mary, Peter, and Trish suddenly felt itchy all over their bodies. They opened their palms to the moonlight, and they were covered with scarlet rashes.

After a long time, the old man picked up the long sickle and left. The three looked terrified, as if they had really seen Death.

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