Worship With Strangers

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Zuo Ming and Zhou Hui are a young couple. Since "Soldier Assault" hit the air, they have become military fans. They were going to get married soon, and the two had a whim and wanted to make a wedding DV with military themes. Zuo Ming contacted a wedding company and paid 30,000 yuan in advance.

Soon, the director of the wedding company called: "The DV script has been written, and the background is set during the Anti-Japanese War. In the play, Zuo Ming plays an instructor of the Eighth Route Army, Zhou Hui plays a village girl, and the two are childhood sweethearts…" Listen After the plot, the two were very satisfied. After that, the stylist tried on the outfits for the two, and the director instructed them to act. Three days later, the charming Feifei warrior ghost costume was filmed by DV in Phoenix Mountain, 25 kilometers away.

That evening, everyone went up to Phoenix Mountain early. After Zhou Hui changed her outfit, she couldn't wait to say: "Director, let's get started!" The director nodded and said: "Cameraman, get ready…" Before he finished speaking, there was a deafening cannon blast. Immediately, thick smoke filled Zhou Hui's eyes. When she opened her eyes, Zhou Hui couldn't help being stunned. For a moment, the sky suddenly darkened. Zuo Ming disappeared, and even the director and cameraman disappeared, leaving her alone. Zhou Hui thought to herself, is the filming officially started? That's right, in the first scene, Zuo Ming sent someone to pick her up to pay her respects. Zhou Hui waited quietly on the spot. Soon, there were footsteps in front. It turned out that it was an elder sister of the Eighth Route Army and two young soldiers. The eldest sister said with a smile: "Elder sister, have you been waiting for a long time?" Sure enough, what she said was the lines in the play. Zhou Hui also followed the lines and said shyly: "No, I'm here too!" The eldest sister put a red hijab on Zhou Hui's head and said with a smile: "Let's go, the instructor can't wait!" hold her hand.

Star Charm Feifei_Charm Feifei's warrior ghost costume_Charm Feifei

In the dark, I walked for about 15 minutes. Finally, the eldest sister stopped and shouted: "The bride is coming in!" Suddenly, a pot exploded inside: "Look at the bride…" Zhou Hui has long been familiar with this plot. She knew that this earthen temple was the base of the Eighth Route Army. At this time, the banquet has been set up inside, just waiting for her to worship. Zhou Hui wanted to enter the door, but the eldest sister hurriedly said: "Be careful of the brazier!" Zhou Hui was startled and almost burned her trouser legs. Everyone laughed loudly: "The bride wants to pay her respects, I can't wait!" Zhou Hui was so ashamed that her face flushed.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Zhou Hui entered the door, gunfire rang out in the distance. There was a sudden silence in the room, and someone quickly blew out the candles. In the dark, the eldest sister asked anxiously: "Instructor, what should we do now?" The instructor glanced at Zhou Hui and gestured to her. The eldest sister nodded: "Okay, I will stay and protect the bride!" Everyone picked up their guns and left in a hurry.

It took a long time for Zhou Hui to realize: Is this completely different from the script? She tore off the red hijab and asked in surprise, "Sister, what happened?" The eldest sister held Zhou Hui's hand and comforted, "It's okay, the instructor will be back after beating the devils!" Zhou Hui understood, The director must have changed the play temporarily, wanting to test her acting skills. So, Zhou Hui resolutely said: "Sister, I also want to go out to fight devils?" After finishing speaking, she ran away. The eldest sister raised her leg and chased after her, shouting: "Sister, stop…" Zhou Hui would not listen to her, maybe the cameraman was hiding in the dark to take a close-up shot of her.

Charm Feifei's warrior ghost costume_Charm Feifei_Star Feifei Charm Feifei

Intensive gunfire came from the east of the grove. Zhou Hui guessed that Zuo Ming was over there, so she followed the sound and left. After running for three miles, the elder sister caught up and said in a panic: "Elder sister, it's dangerous!" Before she finished speaking, a few stray bullets "swished" past. Zhou Hui couldn't help laughing secretly, these are empty bombs, what's so scary? Unexpectedly, the eldest sister was hit by a stray bullet suddenly, and she staggered and fell down the hillside.

Zhou Hui nodded secretly, never expecting the extras playing the eldest sister to be so dedicated. She thought, there must be firewood placed under the hillside, and the eldest sister would not be injured by the fall. Zhou Hui continued to run eastward amidst the hail of bullets. She happily thought, such a picture must be extremely beautiful in DV.

After Zhou Hui ran for a while, she suddenly found the bodies of several Eighth Route Army soldiers lying on the side of the road. Some were shot in the chest, others in the head. Further forward, several corpses of Japanese devils appeared. They died tragically, some lost arms and legs, and some even lost half of their heads. Zhou Hui secretly admired the make-up artist, she was so vivid. At this time, a big tree shook. Zhou Hui understood that the cameraman was hiding in a tree. So, she cried and said to the corpse of the Eighth Route Army soldier: "Comrades, I will definitely avenge you!" Then, with tears in her eyes, she continued to walk eastward.

Star Feifei Charm Feifei_Charm Feifei_Charm Feifei's Warrior Ghost Costume

Unknowingly, the gunfire stopped, and there was silence in the grove. Suddenly, Zhou Hui found a black figure under a tree stump, moaning in pain. Zhou Hui tiptoed over. It turned out that it was a wounded Eighth Route Army soldier. Zhou Hui thought it was Zuo Ming, but who knows, the black shadow asked in pain: "Is…is it Xiao He?" Zhou Hui was a little disappointed that the charming Feifei's warrior ghost costume was not the voice of Zuo Ming. Zhou Hui gently supported him, and asked with concern: "Comrade, how are you?" Unexpectedly, the soldier fainted. At this time, Zhou Hui noticed that her hands were sticky. It turned out that the soldier's face was covered with blood. Zhou Hui added another line, saying emotionally: "Comrade, wake up, you can't die…" The soldier groped in a daze, and asked, "Xiao He, I know it must be you." Zhou Hui Only then did I realize that the little soldier was blind, and his right arm was broken, even the bones were exposed. Zhou Hui immediately screamed: "Zuo Ming, tell the director to stop, is an actor injured?" However, no one answered after shouting for a long time. There was no other way, so Zhou Hui had no choice but to tear off the soldier's shirt, bandage his eyes, and find a wooden stick to fix his arm. The soldier said sadly, "Xiao He, I love you so much, but unfortunately, I will never have the chance to marry you again!" At that moment, Zhou Hui's heart was about to break. Xiao He must be the girlfriend of this extra. It was all the fault of the pyrotechnician who accidentally injured him.

Zhou Huizheng didn't know how to answer. Suddenly, a fighter jet roared past in the air. The soldier shouted: "Lie down!" After saying that, he pressed Zhou Hui heavily under him. The bomb exploded more than ten meters away. The soldier was injured in both legs again, and passed out again.

Zhou Hui dusted off the dust on her body, and couldn't help yelling: "Director, are you still filming? It's going to kill you!" However, no one agreed. Looking at the soldier in her arms, Zhou Hui was almost heartbroken. If he hadn't covered it in time, he would have injured his legs just now. If it was Zuo Ming, would he do the same? Zhou Hui couldn't guess the answer. Thinking of Zuo Ming, Zhou Hui couldn't get angry at all. Up to now, there is no sign of Zuo Ming. Where did he hide this black light? Thinking of this, Zhou Hui said angrily, "Zuo Ming, come out!" In the darkness, the wind rustled the leaves, as if mocking Zhou Hui's downfall. The more Zhou Hui thought about it, the more angry she became, and she shouted angrily: "Zuo Ming, if you don't come out again, I… I'm married to someone else!" After waiting for a long time, there was still no response. Zhou Hui gritted her teeth and said, "Okay, Zuo Ming, don't regret it!" After that, she carried the soldier on her back with difficulty. At this time, Zhou Hui has only one wish, and that is to return to the Tumiao Temple and fulfill the soldier's last wish as Xiao He.

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After a long time, Zhou Hui struggled to carry the soldier back to the earth temple. She lit two candles, scooped up water and wiped the soldier's face. Everything was ready, and the warrior finally regained consciousness, and he seemed much better than before. Zhou Hui understood that it was a flashback.

Facing the mirror, Zhou Hui dressed up carefully again, and then walked gently to the soldier. The soldier happily held her hand and asked, "Xiao He, where is this?" Zhou Hui choked up and said, "This is the place where we worship. Everything is ready! Come, touch the red hair on my head." Hijab." The soldier trembled and said excitedly: "It turns out that all this is true!" Zhou Hui held back tears and shouted loudly: "One bow to heaven and earth, two bows to the high hall, couples bow to each other…" After the last bow , the soldier smiled and closed his eyes. At that moment, Zhou Hui cried heartbreakingly. Suddenly, there was a deafening cannon fire in the distance, and Zhou Hui felt dizzy for a while, but didn't know anything.

When she woke up, Zhou Hui found that Zuo Ming was hugging her, and the director, cameraman, pyrotechnician and all the people beside her were surrounding her. Zuo Ming anxiously asked: "Xiaohui, where have you been these two hours? The cannon went off just now, and you disappeared in the blink of an eye. Later, we searched around and found you lying here!" Zhou Hui rubbed her head , will go through it again. After hearing this, everyone was amazed. The director smiled and said, "All the actors are here, and no one was injured?" Zhou Hui was stunned. Could it be that she was dreaming?

Star Feifei Charm Feifei_Charm Feifei_Charm Feifei's Warrior Ghost Costume

At this time, Zhou Hui's cell phone rang. Her father told her that her grandmother had just passed away. Upon hearing this, Zhou Hui hurriedly left Phoenix Mountain by car. It turned out that Zhou Hui's grandma had been lying in the hospital for half a year. Several times, the hospital issued a critical illness notice, but she survived each time.

Three days later, when Zhou Hui was sorting out her grandma's belongings, she found an old photo. In the photo, is a young Eighth Route Army. For a moment, Zhou Hui was stunned. It turned out that he was the Eighth Route Army who worshiped him. At the bottom of the cabinet, Zhou Hui found another letter and a purple jade pendant.

After reading the letter, Zhou Hui completely understood. It turned out that grandma's nickname was Xiaohe. Back then, Xiao He and this Eighth Route Army soldier had childhood sweethearts and decided to spend their lives privately with a jade pendant. On September 3, 1939, the soldiers decided to take Xiao He to the station to get married. Unexpectedly, Xiao He waited all night and there was no sign of anyone. Later, Xiao He never married and adopted a son…

Zhou Hui suddenly remembered that the day when the wedding DV was filmed was also September 3rd. Could it be that the soldier received a temporary mission to snipe the devils back then, but died in the end, causing grandma to wait all night? Seventy years later, Zhou Hui's wedding DV accidentally fulfilled the long-cherished wish of the two old people. Now, grandma has nothing to worry about, and can finally leave with peace of mind.

Half a month later, a group of donkey friends found several skeletons and many rusty guns in Phoenix Mountain. One of the bones had a heavy purple jade pendant next to it. Soon, Zhou Hui retrieved the skeleton as a descendant and buried him next to her grandma's grave.

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