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Night vigil is called spirit vigil in our country, that is, after a person dies, the sons and daughters will stay by the side of the deceased for three days to avoid cats! dog! Wait for the creature to get close to the corpse, causing a corpse change.

Not long ago, an old man Liu Laohan died. He has two daughters, the eldest Liu Qing and the second Liu Fangyu, both married and have children. Four sons, the eldest son is Liu Dezhu, the second son Liu Deliang, the third son Liu Deyu, and the youngest son Liu Deneng. They are very filial, the only thing is that his youngest son's marriage has not yet been settled, so it can be regarded as death.

On the day the old man passed away, their children were very sad. They had been busy all day for their father's death, and they had to keep vigil for their father at night, so they were very tired. They fell asleep without knowing it.

This horrible thing started at this time, the kitten I fed came here smelling the aroma of offerings. It ate most of the enshrined stewed chicken. When the cat was full, it squatted next to the corpse and kept sniffing. When the cat smelled the nose and mouth of the dead body, it was amazing. The corpse moved slowly, grabbed the cat with both hands, and tore it in two, blood splattered everywhere. ——The corpse was cheated.

The corpse jumped up, smelling the anger, and came before the night watchmen. There was a strange sound of "clack…" from the throat, which made people hear it, and it was creepy, and the scalp was numb.

These night watchmen knew nothing about what was in front of them, and they were all asleep.

The corpse's pale hand reached out to the younger son, but because the corpse was stiff, he couldn't bend down, so he failed. Walking around, went to the back room and there was no movement.

Suddenly, a scream woke everyone up from their dreams, and they all asked, "What's the matter! What's the matter! What happened.

It turned out that Liu Dezhu's eldest son, who couldn't sleep for a while, burned paper for his grandfather, and was very frightened when he saw that his grandfather's body was gone. He saw that the cat had died terribly, with blood everywhere, so he screamed.

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The scene in front of everyone's eyes was also quite surprising. The body was gone, and he must not be able to get it back. So the adults went outside to look for the dead body, leaving the child at home.

The adults were not far away, and the corpse came out slowly, smelling the anger.

Liu Dezhu's child said to the other children: "You stay here and look at grandpa, I'll go find dad and them back." After saying that, they went to find dad.

These are still left at home, the children don't know that grandpa has cheated on the corpse, and they think grandpa has been resurrected! They all shouted, "Grandpa, you are alive."

The fraudulent corpse stood up stiffly and looked directly at the child.

The children didn't know the danger, so they jumped at their grandpa with joy—the fraudulent corpse…

Liu Dezhu's children approached the adults and told them about the family situation. The adults will believe it, and when they see the child's words are true, they will follow the child back with doubts.

When they got home, they saw that the old man's body was still on the altar.

If the child stays at home, tell the adults: "Grandpa, you are alive."

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Adults would not believe it when they saw the lifeless corpse.

The child said: "Really, grandpa lived, but he fell again and died again."

It turned out that when the children rushed towards the fraudulent corpse. That fraudulent corpse is going to bite the child. Unexpectedly, it was inconvenient to move, and I tripped over the stool and fell down. The cat was so angry that it fell out of its mouth. It turned back into a corpse again to keep the children safe.

The adults didn't think of cheating the corpse, and thought the children were talking nonsense, so they reprimanded the children. The children were wronged and dared not say anything.

It was also daylight, and they were busy entertaining the wounded guests, so they didn't take this matter to heart. What happened next was even more terrifying.

At night, these virtuous and filial sons and daughters kept vigil again. Although they had been busy all day, no one dared to sleep for fear that what happened yesterday would happen again. I was too sleepy again, chatting and talking.

Suddenly, Liu Deliang yelled: "My father is moving."

This voice frightened them, screaming and making a mess. They panicked for a long time, looked at the corpse, still lying there, unchanged.

They all complained about the second child. After listening to the child's words, they were paranoid and confused.

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The third child, Liu Deyu, joked: "Our father is going to get up, will you run away?" Liu Dezhu smiled: "Of course you will be the first to run." But Liu Deyu said: "I will not run away if anyone runs away." Liu Deneng asked: "Third brother , when did you become so bold?" Liu Deliang looked at the third brother and said, "I think he was too scared to run." The third nodded and smiled, "By the way, I just wanted to say it, but my second brother said Out."

Liu Deyu faced the corpse, Liu Deyu turned his back to the corpse, the eldest and the second sat sideways.

Liu Deliang shouted again: "Our father is up."

How could Liu Deyu believe it? He turned around and looked back, but was speechless at the time. Suddenly, he saw his father standing behind him. While waiting for him to dodge there, he grabbed his neck.

The vitality of the corpse is not yet complete, and it is slowly stored, gathering more and more, and it has an effect, and the corpse is acting mischievously again.

Everyone thought that his father would not die with peace! So I tried hard to persuade. That fraudulent corpse had no emotion, he just didn't let go, Liu Deyu was strangled until he couldn't breathe.

This noisy, many people came. Experienced old people know how to cheat corpses. Everyone stepped forward to drag the corpse, and rescued the third child from the corpse. He knocked the corpse to the ground again.

The old man said, "Your father's corpse must be burned with fire."

The sons and daughters resolutely refused, and people persuaded them one after another: "The fraudulent corpse is a terrible thing. We have only heard of this matter, and no one has experienced it. We are afraid of something, so let's burn it!" Cremation is cremation anyway."

The children were helpless, so they agreed. Everyone tied up the fraudulent corpse. Because, there is no diesel, only cooking oil is poured on the corpse.

Everyone found the brave one with a lighter and set fire to the fraudulent corpse. Even though the man was brave, he couldn't help setting the fraudulent corpse on fire with trepidation.

Suddenly, the zombie broke the rope, and the man threw the lighter and ran away. Then how can I run, and I was suddenly bitten by the neck by the fraudulent corpse. In an instant, the blood flowed down, and that person was struggling! Shout! Terrible.

None of the crowd dared to step forward, and watched helplessly as this person was bitten to death by the fraudulent corpse. The corpse cheated the man to death. After throwing away that person's body, he went to bite everyone.

The crowd scattered and fled, and the corpse chased them, yelling all over the sky, crowding each other, and some old people fell down when they were crowded, and they ran for their lives by rolling and crawling.

Someone called the police, and it was not clear in a few words. It took a long time to make it clear.

It wasn't long before the police arrived. Did you think that the person who called the police was talking nonsense? Arrived here to have a look. Sure enough, it was a case of cheating corpses and biting people. Also panicked.

The policemen lined up in a row to protect the common people as they were brave.

The fake corpse rushed towards the police officer frantically, and the policemen shot at the fake corpse one after another. The fraudulent corpse was made of cooking oil, and those bullets hit the fraudulent corpse's body and sparked. The sparks burned all over the body of the corpse. The fraudulent corpse was scrambling and scratching in the raging fire, indeed, it was terrifying.

The people present were frightened to death, two ghost deeds were burned , and three people fainted.

No matter how cruel the fraudulent corpse is, it can't stop the ruthless fire. The fraudulent corpse collapsed and was finally burned to ashes by the fire.

The police checked the number of people, two were killed by fraudulent corpses, five were bitten to death, and six were frightened to death.

This is a supernatural event, block the news immediately.

Brother Liu Dezhu buried his father's ashes in a coffin and buried them in the ground for safety.

The incident finally passed, and a peaceful day passed.

At around twelve o'clock that night, when Liu Deliang and his wife were sleeping soundly, they heard a loud "boom". Liu Deliang opened his eyes and looked, startled, there was a figure in a trance in front of him.

He hastily turned on the light and saw that the person standing in front of his bed was his third brother Liu Deyu. I saw blood all over my body, my eyes were straight, and my face was ferocious.

Then Liu Deyu was bitten by his father, the corpse, but it was a slight bite, which was not noticed at the time. The corpse poison slowly broke out in Liu Deyu's body.

On this night, he lost his humanity, suddenly went berserk, and killed his family. Relying on memory, I came to my second brother's house. The power to deceive corpses is infinite, knock down the door, come to the second brother's bed, go up and grab the second brother's neck…

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