Monster Tincture Of Ghost Story


How much is this good luck wine? Chen Yang swallowed his saliva, his heart was moved by my words.

He has had a lot of bad luck in the past year. First, he quit his job as a real estate agent and wanted to be a screenwriter, but he didn't get any grades. Now he even spent all his savings, and his girlfriend often quarreled with him.

ten thousand. I hold out a finger.

If this glass of wine doesn't work, can I refuse to pay?

sure! I showed a professional smile, this store never cheats consumers.

1. Secret

After sending Chen Yang away, the clerk Zheng Ping asked me with a smile: Boss, this wine is so good, why don’t you drink it yourself?

I replied, rules are rules.

When my grandfather passed the store to me, he set three rules and asked me to kneel down in front of his sickbed and swear that I would never violate them.

First, only sell three glasses of good luck wine to one customer; second, only sell one glass of good luck wine a day; third, never try it yourself.

The doorbell rang softly, and I looked up to see two policemen walking in. They showed their IDs and said they wanted to ask a few questions about Boss Feng’s disappearance last month—boss Feng was a regular customer of mine.

Some people reported that some time before his disappearance, he had very frequent contact with you. He seemed to beg you to sell him a kind of wine, but you did not agree—what kind of wine was that?

Zheng Ping at the side was eavesdropping pretending to be cleaning the table, I glared at him, and he left resentfully.

Thirty-year-old whiskey aged in sherry casks. I don’t have much in stock, so I didn’t sell it to him. It shouldn’t have anything to do with his disappearance.

The two policemen looked at each other and said: Thank you for your cooperation, we will come again.

Late that night, I was awakened by the movement in the wine cellar. I have always been a light sleeper, so I came to the wine cellar with a flashlight and saw Zheng Ping doing something sneakily: What are you doing?

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Being bluffed by me like this, he was so frightened that he trembled all over, and stammered, "Boss, I heard something and worried about a thief, so I came down to have a look."

Who allowed it? I should have told you, absolutely no entry into the wine cellar!

Zheng Ping vowed that he would never dare next time, so I told him to get out.

The scale of the bar is not big, except for a few part-time college students, there is only one guy, Zheng Ping. A few years ago, when he went to the city to look for a job, he was cheated out of his money and lived on the streets. I took him in because of his pity.

However, I gradually discovered that although he looked honest, he had a lot of thoughts, so I had to be careful.

I reached out and lifted off the cloth, and underneath was a cylindrical glass vessel. A strange baby curled up was soaked in the amber liquor. Its head was disproportionate to its body. Its nails are curled up like the mouthparts of an insect, and its body surface is a zombie-like wax color. If you look closely, you will find that its chest is slightly undulating, and small bubbles pop out of its snout from time to time. This thing is Live.

No one can see the true colors of good fortune wine for the first time and not be shocked. In my childhood, when my grandfather lifted the cloth with wrinkled hands and told me that it was our family's biggest secret, I was terrified. I cried on the spot.

I checked it and found that the mouth of the bottle seemed to have been tampered with, and I felt suspicious for a while.

Two, being investigated

Boss, your glass of wine is amazing! A week later, when Chen Yang came to the bar, he was as excited as a chicken blood.

He said that as soon as he got home that day, his agent called and said that his script was good and had already submitted it to the director for him.

In the next few days, everything went smoothly for him, even his girlfriend changed her mind.

After all, he threw a big envelope on the bar counter, saying that he had won the Mark Six lottery with the money. I clicked, and there was 20,000 yuan in it, and I looked at him puzzled.

Give me another drink! Chen Yang was eager to try it out, the feeling of being lucky is so cool, he couldn't stop it, let's have another drink!

I calmly offered 10,000 yuan and returned it to him: I told you last time that a customer can only buy three glasses of "lucky wine" in a lifetime, are you sure you want to use up your second chance casually like this?

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He begged repeatedly, whether his script could be approved by the director, just in the past few days, so he needed luck extremely.

In the end, being impatient with him, I had no choice but to agree. I came back from the cellar and pushed him a glass of wine. After he drank it down, he frowned: It would be more perfect if this wine tasted better, it stinks.

After that, I took care of the bar every day, chatting with customers, listening to music, and occasionally offering incense to my grandfather. During this period, a breakthrough was made in the case of Boss Feng's disappearance. The police pointed the finger of suspicion at one of his mistresses, but after a period of investigation, they reached a stalemate again.

Of course I know about Boss Feng's disappearance. In a sense, I was the last person he saw.

I suspected that Zheng Ping had sold alcohol to him in private. Firstly, I had no evidence, and secondly, even if I had evidence, it would be impossible to call the police, so I planned to find an excuse to fire Zheng Ping.

After being deliberately made things difficult by me for a few days, Zheng Ping couldn't take it anymore and packed up and left. The next day, the police came to my door and said that someone had provided important clues, claiming that I had sold a kind of good luck wine to Boss Feng.

The police asked me to take out the good luck wine. They wanted to take it back for testing. I smiled calmly and took down a bottle of tequila from the shelf. A soaked stiff larva of the South American black spot butterfly is visible.

I told them that in Mexican superstition, this kind of worm is the soul of agave, and there is one in every bottle of agave. If the worm is soaked, it means that the quality of the wine is not good. Legend has it that eating this worm Good luck will come.

After listening to my explanation, the policeman's cheeks twitched and he said bluntly: Thank you for your cooperation. I bowed politely: the two walk slowly.

3. Stolen

Chen Yang came again, and this time, his whole body was full of arrogance like a nouveau riche.

It seems that your career has been going well recently. I greeted with a smile, what would you like to drink?

He threw a heavy envelope on the bar, and said grandly: "Nothing else, just good luck wine, this time I will give you ten times the price."

no! I flatly refuse.

Chen Yang frowned: Don't you do door-to-door business? I'm going to a screenwriting awards show recently, and I need luck, it's a turning point in my life, please.

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no! I have seen too many people like Chen Yang. After they have tasted the sweetness, they rely on good luck wine like drugs. In the end, they will even kneel down and beg me to sell it to them.

I am naturally not a saint in this kind of business, but I also have a basic conscience, so I will always persuade them to accept it when it is appropriate.

Seeing that I refused to obey, Chen Yang left cursing.

A few days later, the police came to visit again. They showed the search warrant signed by the court and asked me to open the wine cellar for them to have a look.

I had no choice but to take them to the wine cellar, only to find that the lock had been moved. Based on my long-term professionalism with a smiling face, they didn't see any mood swings from my face.

Walking in the dark wine cellar, I murmured in my heart that if they saw the ancestor soaked in that bottle of wine, I would really be speechless.

Finally, they noticed the thing covered with the cloth and ordered me to lift it. I pulled the cloth off anxiously. When I saw what was underneath, the policeman frowned and showed a disgusted expression: This is what you call &lsquoLucky wine&rsquo?

uh yes!

There are many little mice soaked in the wine bottle. Someone secretly changed the good luck wine and replaced it with the bottle of rat baby wine that I have treasured for many years. I explained downhill that the so-called good luck wine is actually a Southeast Asian superstition. I almost believed it myself.

The police failed to find key clues and left disappointed. After they left, I suddenly remembered that I lost a spare key the day Zheng Ping left!

At that time, I thought I forgot where I put it, but I didn't expect this kid to go! There are people coming and going in the bar every day, and he has stayed here for two years, so it is not difficult to steal the good luck wine. I called his cell phone but it was turned off, and he had no relatives or friends in the city, so I really didn't know where to find him.

I lost the treasure of the town store, and I was restless for several days, until this day, I saw a piece of news in the newspaper: Newcomer Chen Yang won the best screenwriter title of this XX Cup.

Obviously Zheng Ping secretly sold wine to Chen Yang. He must have done this kind of thing more than once. After tearing his face, he simply stole my wine and did it alone.

This desperate kid, does he know what he stole?

I called Chen Yang, it was very noisy there, it was probably some kind of celebration banquet, he hung up without saying a few words, I persisted in calling him, and finally Screenwriter Chen answered the phone with a very contemptuous tone: Come on, I'm still busy here.

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Do you know where Zheng Ping is now?

I don't know, how could I know? Please don't bother me anymore.

He was about to hang up, so I lowered my voice and said, "Have you read the newspaper?" I told him in a cold tone that a month ago, a real estate agent surnamed Feng disappeared mysteriously. liquor.

Have you bought alcohol secretly, you know it in your heart, good luck!

Amidst Chen Yang's yelling, I hung up the phone.

That night, Chen Yang really came, and he cried and begged: Boss, I admit that I bought wine from Zheng Ping, you must save me!

You take me to him.

The place where Zheng Ping and Chen Yang traded is a fast food restaurant, of course I can't stay here, the current situation does not allow for hesitation, so I called Hei Pi, and he readily promised to help me find Zheng Ping.

Hei Pi is a gangster. I helped Hei Pi once, but he had no money to pay me at that time, and he promised to pay me back the favor no matter what.

An hour later, a call came to my mobile phone, and Hei Pi said: Boss, I found this person, but I have to trouble you to come here yourself.

4. Clean up the corpse

Chen Yang and I walked into the dark rental room, and a strong smell of blood came to our nostrils. Hei Pi stood guard at the door, tsk tsk and shook his head: "It's so miserable, I can't even stand it."

I covered my nose with a handkerchief, the room was very messy, blood was everywhere on the floor and the walls, some banknotes were scattered on the floor, and a rustling sound came from the bedroom.

Chen Yang glanced at me in panic, and I signaled him to follow me. We walked towards the bedroom, and Chen Yang lay on my shoulder in fear. On the bed, the strange baby was lying on a pile of unrecognizable minced meat, chewing and making creepy noises.

Before Chen Yang screamed, I covered his mouth and signaled him to keep quiet.

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Putting on rubber gloves, I put the strange baby into a wine container, and asked Chen Yang and Heipi to help clean up the blood and corpses and put them in a bag.

This is not the first time I have done this kind of work. A month ago, I also cleared out Boss Feng in the same way. At that time, I thought it was his own luck that was too strong. After drinking three glasses of good luck wine, his luck has exceeded the limit that ordinary people can bear.

The greedy Zheng Ping must not be reconciled to simply selling wine, so he tried it himself, but his excessive luck brought bad results.

On the way back, I held the Lucky Wine in my arms. Chen Yang looked at it tremblingly while driving. I think he has no idea about the Lucky Wine.

My grandfather once said that a long time ago, my family was very prominent, but I did not know what kind of evil was involved, and the whole family suffered misfortune one after another. In the autumn of the same year, a woman became pregnant with a ghost.

In order to protect the family, the tribe burned the woman and the ghost fetus to death, but the ghost fetus was transferred to another woman inexplicably, and after killing three people in succession, they could only give birth to it in the end.

The clansmen thought of many ways to get rid of it, cutting it with knives and burning it with fire, but the ghost fetus is an immortal body. It survived for a day, and people around it suffered misfortune. Later, a strange man told them that the thing was a devouring demon boy and wanted to suppress it. It does have a way, which is to soak it in special medicinal wine.

This monster baby has been sealed in the family. Later, someone discovered that drinking this kind of medicinal wine can temporarily improve the luck, but you can't drink too much. When a person's luck is strong enough, the ghost fetus will wake up once and turn that person It doesn't matter whether he hides in the ends of the earth if he eats it all up.

After careful study, the ghost fetus is actually a kind of monster that feeds on luck. It stores unimaginable luck in its body. It is the limit for a person to ask it three times. Once the limit is exceeded, too strong luck will cause It's attention that ends up getting hotter.

After returning to the bar, I said to Chen Yang: Good luck cannot be forced. I advise you to be more pragmatic in the future, because I can no longer help you.

After listening, Chen Yang nodded desperately.

5. Forbearance

I looked at the strange baby in the bottle, and it was also looking at me. After a long look at each other, it closed its eyes and fell into a deep sleep again.

The police are still suspicious of my shop, and with Zheng Ping’s disappearance, I’m afraid there will be a lot of trouble recently, so I put a little good luck wine in a cup and sniff it under my nose. The stench of corpses.

Before he died, my grandfather told me that no matter what difficulties you encounter in the future, don't rely on the power of good luck wine.

In my family, there are countless lessons from the past. They swallowed the first glass of wine, blinded by the illusion of good luck, and couldn't help drinking the second glass, and the third glass until one day, they thought their luck was so strong. Can get away with it and swallow the fourth glass of wine as a fluke.

I woke up suddenly, startled by my own thoughts, and poured the glass of wine on the ground, a wisp of wine fragrance leisurely diffused.

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