Mother Snake's Revenge

Since my six-year-old daughter watched the beautiful domestic animation "The Origin of the White Snake" in the first half of the year, she couldn't control it. She was deeply fascinated by the oriental love fairy tale that has been passed down through the ages.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, I recommended to her the classic that Wei Niang never got tired of in her childhood – "Legend of the New White Snake". The little girl entered the pit smoothly, and watched the drama for half an hour every day. I have already seen the jade rabbit spirit Hu Meiniang go online.

The night before yesterday, my daughter was playing and humming: "Hahaha~hahaha~ Beautiful scenery of the West Lake~ March day~~" My husband was lying on the kang playing games, and he said casually: "You just look at the white lady. You are beautiful and kind, snakes are not easy to mess with, they are famous for their wisdom among the animals who cultivate immortals, but they are also famous for their strong hatred!"

As soon as I heard this, it was obvious that there was something hidden. I snatched the phone in the past and asked him to "deep eight" without hesitation. My husband still knows the "policy" very well, if you don't talk about the game, you can't play it. So there is today's little story about the revenge of the spirit snake.

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The story still happened in the county below their hometown. One year in midsummer, near the Dragon Boat Festival, the weather was extremely hot and unbearable. There is a woman who has been pregnant for more than eight months, and it is really boring to stay at home all day to raise her baby. To pass the time, she went to a relative's house at the entrance of the village with her already huge and bulky belly. Chatting and joking at the relatives' house all day, in the afternoon, before it was dark, the woman walked home slowly with a relaxed and happy mood.

When she walked to a crossroad not far from her home, the woman saw a large pile of things on the ground from a distance. She approached cautiously and saw that it was a big snake with the thickness of a bowl! In the middle of the snake's body guard, there are several white snake eggs. Apparently, this big flower snake gave birth suddenly at the intersection, and after giving birth to a nest of snake eggs, it was exhausted and unable to crawl.

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The woman looked at the big flower snake, and the snake was also looking at her with its bulging eyes, and the bright red snake letter spewed out one after another. She couldn't explain why, but the woman clearly felt that the snake was asking her for help at that time, and motioned for her to help herself and the snake eggs leave the intersection where cars were passing by.

Most women are afraid of snakes, let alone such a thick and long snake. What's more, the woman was pregnant and her whole body was sore and lazy. She hesitated for a moment, then gritted her teeth and turned away. After turning her back, the woman clearly felt the big flower snake's pleading and helpless eyes staring hotly at her back, but she didn't stop, and walked away without looking back.

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After a while, the woman found that there was no ginger when cooking, so she crossed the street and went to the non-staple food store across the street to buy it. When she walked through the crossroads, she saw that the big flower snake was crushed by passing cars, and its belly was swollen, and the blood and internal organs mixed with the crushed snake eggs were smeared all over the ground. The strong stench made the woman squat on the side of the road and retch for a long time. She hurried home without buying ginger, and went to bed early without eating dinner.

After more than a month, the woman gave birth. Due to the dystocia, it took a lot of effort, and after many twists and turns, a thin baby girl was finally born. I don't know whether it was because the birth canal was squeezed for too long or the midwife did not operate properly. The baby was born with a pointed head, which looked very weird and frightening.

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The baby girl grew up slowly, and could not speak a whole sentence except for simple words such as "Dad" and "Mom". The most common thing to do was to sit still and stick out her tongue. And the family members were very frightened to find that the child's head was getting longer and sharper, with a pair of small bean eyes and a mouth full of fangs that went in and out, making her look like a snake!

Two years later, other children of the same age were already running around and having fun, but the girl still couldn't walk, and her two slender legs were as limp as noodles. She can only crawl, stretching forward with both arms, and then poking her butt up high, driving her body to move forward. The family took the girl to seek medical advice and went to all major hospitals in the city, but none of the doctors could tell why . After the examination, it was found that the girl was normal from the brain to the limbs.

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When the girl was about to turn six years old, it was also a hot and sweltering summer. After putting her daughter to sleep, the woman went to the neighbor's house next door to play cards for entertainment. After sitting down for a while, before the round of cards was played, someone outside exclaimed. The big guy ran out to see that the woman's child ran outside at some point and was run over to death by a car at the intersection. How a child with mental retardation who can't even walk can move to the intersection in such a short period of time is really puzzling, and the more I think about it, the more panicked I feel.

The woman looked at her daughter who was curled up in a pool of blood. The blood all over the floor and the large section of intestines dragged out of the child made her feel very familiar, as well as the pungent stench. Everything was exactly the same as before, as if it happened again yesterday Generally make women completely dazed.

Later, an old man who understood said that the child born to the woman was reincarnated by the big flower snake back then to seek revenge. If she could save the snake and its eggs with some effort at that time, she would definitely get unexpected rewards in the future. Unfortunately, the woman made the wrong choice.

In fact, each of us has good and evil fighting in our hearts every day. Sometimes good thoughts win, and sometimes malicious thoughts gain the upper hand. But even if you don't get immediate rewards right now, you still have to work hard to be a generous and kind person with a clear conscience. Don't do good because it is small, and don't do evil because it is small.

Because good and evil are right and wrong , there are all kinds of things, and every account is clearly recorded by God. If others owe you, or you harm others, there will always be a day of reckoning sooner or later.

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