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People often use "eternal sleep" to describe death. The world of the dead should be peaceful, but on the island of Barbados in the western Indian Ocean, a terrible incident happened in the tomb of a wealthy family, where the coffin moved by itself. Are the dead in the tomb really "sleeping" quietly as people imagine?

moving coffin

On the island of Barbados, there is a demure and elegant church cemetery. The cemetery is located among a coconut grove and flowers, and the scenery is pleasant, but walking in the cemetery, people will only feel creepy. Because, the cemetery has a terrible legend that has been passed down for hundreds of years, that is, in the tomb of the Chase family in the center, the coffin will "walk".

The Chase family is a prominent family on the island, and their cemetery is magnificently built like an underground villa. The door of the tomb is made of expensive marble. Inside the tomb is a tomb cover made of coral. The entire tomb is 3.6 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and more than 70 meters deep. The walls, steps, and floors in the tomb are all made of limestone, and the tomb is built quite solidly.

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The first horrific and strange event happened in the tomb was in 1812, when the 10-year-old daughter of the Chase family, Durkas Chase, died unfortunately. When the workers put her coffin into the tomb, they suddenly discovered that the layout of the tomb had undergone earth-shaking changes. Those coffins that had been neatly laid out were picked up by someone, and their orientations were changed. Some crookedly leaned against the tomb steps, and some leaned against the wall like tired people. The funeral workers were stunned by the scene before them. It took a while for people to regain their composure. Everyone comforted themselves that someone must have broken into the tomb and moved the coffin as a prank. But it is clear that this possibility is extremely small. The door of the tomb was locked well, and there was no sign of being pried at all.

The Chase family couldn't figure out who broke into the tomb. After some fruitless investigations, the only thing they could do was to strengthen the guarding of the tomb. They put another large lock on the marble door of the tomb.

Five weeks later, Thomas Chase, the man of the Chase family, died. A grand funeral was held for him and he was buried in the family vault. This time, it is gratifying that after opening the tomb, it was found that all the coffins inside were neatly arranged together.

The Chase family finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that the big lock sealed on the tomb door has worked. Who knows, this is just the beginning of the nightmare.

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evil spirits

In September 1816, the Chase family held the funeral of a baby named Samville Brusda Ems. This was the first time they had to put the coffin in the family vault since the death of the Earl of Chase. They unlocked the great lock of the tomb door, and entered into the tomb with Samville's little coffin.

After entering the tomb, the Chase family was once again stunned by the sight in front of them. All the coffins in the tomb were moved and placed together in a haphazard manner. Even Thomas Chase's expensive coffin, so heavy that eight strong men could lift it, had visibly been moved. Everyone present shuddered. The two heavy locks on the gate of the tomb were intact, and the cemetery was managed by special personnel. It is not easy for anyone to sneak into the tomb of Chase's family. What's more, after entering the tomb, they have to move the coffins without anyone noticing and mess them up.

The Chase family was angry that the tomb was repeatedly vandalized, and at the same time, they were terrified by this kind of vandalism that left no trace. They tidied up the tomb in a hurry, locked the tomb in a panic, and then left the cemetery without looking back.

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Dozens of days later, they opened the tomb again to bury their relatives, and suddenly found that the situation in the tomb was even worse than the previous one . Not only the coffins were moved, but some coffins were also severely damaged. One of the coffins was still cracked open, and the hands of the corpse stretched out from the coffin. The Chase family was exhausted physically and mentally, and they dared not delve into the reason why the coffin moved. And the fact that his family's coffin can "walk" soon became a horror legend on the island of Barbados.

It is said that the Chase family's tomb is haunted by evil spirits.

People once used cement to make a seal on the tomb door of the Chase family's tomb. No matter who broke into the tomb, they would break the seal. However, the tomb was destroyed, but the seal was intact. People also sprinkle white sand on the steps of the tomb. If someone enters the tomb, they will definitely leave footprints on the white sand. However, the tomb is still destroyed, but there is nothing on the white sand. What is even more shocking is that once, Thomas Chase's huge coffin was even moved to the top of the tomb steps. The more the Chase family thought about this grave, the more afraid they became, and finally had no choice but to move the family grave to another place.

In the view of believers, the seal on the tomb door is intact, indicating that the "destroyer" did not sneak into the tomb from outside the tomb, and there are no footprints on the white sand, indicating that the person who moved the coffin was definitely not a person or an animal. In this way, only "evil spirits haunting" can explain the strange thing that the coffin has been moved repeatedly. The Chase family is a big family on the island, and their relationship with the people on the island is not so harmonious. During the period from the completion of the tomb to the relocation, there were several rebellions against the Chase family on the island, and each time they were defeated by the Chase family. It was suppressed in a bloody way. Those who died against the Chase family may turn into evil spirits and vent their resentment by destroying the coffin of the Chase family.

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The tomb of Chase's family was injured more and more seriously every time. At first, only the coffin was moved, but later, the coffin was destroyed and the corpse was implicated. This is very much like the result of the wrath of evil spirits. Of course, these evil spirits may also come from the Chase family buried in the tomb. They may not have lived a carefree life during their lifetime, and quite a few of them failed to calm down naturally. die.

unique geographical environment

Many people disagree with the "evil spirit theory" of the Chase family cemetery. They point out that those who believe in evil spirits have overlooked a crucial factor, that is, the geographical environment of Barbados where the tomb is located is very peculiar. Barbados is located in the western Indian Ocean, and it happens to be on a very active volcanic belt. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods often occur. The tomb of the Chase family is more than 70 meters deep, and changes in the island's geographical environment are bound to affect the tomb.

Many experts and scholars have gone to Barbados to explore the reason why the coffin can "walk", and try to interpret it scientifically from astronomy, geography and other angles.

But for now, none of the explanations can fully prove the reason why the coffin moves by itself. If it is said that the earthquake caused the movement of the coffin, and the coffin was moved several times, then the earthquake cannot be just one or two, and the magnitude must reach a considerable intensity. But why didn't the tomb itself leave any trace of the earthquake? Every time the coffin was moved, the members of the Chase family would carefully tidy up the tomb. In a place like Barbados where earthquakes often occur, even the slightest damage to the tomb due to the earthquake would attract the attention of the Chase family.

Some people have speculated that the flood changed the geological conditions under the tomb, causing the coffin to shift. It is likely that the flood water seeped through the cracks in the bottom of the tomb and poured into the tomb, causing the coffin to float like a boat in the ocean. When the flood receded, the coffins could no longer return to their original places, and could only be dumped in the tomb in a mess, and some of the coffins with bad luck were washed away by the flood. But this raises another question. There are different sizes of coffins in the tomb. Why are the heavy and heavy coffins that move a lot and are severely damaged sometimes, while the small coffins that hold the corpses of children are often broken? Intact in its place? It is hard to believe that this is just a coincidence.

In addition, there is another detail worth noting. That is, people sprinkled white sand on the floor of the tomb in order to find out who destroyed the tomb. Regardless of whether it is an earthquake or a flood, as long as it happens, it is impossible for this layer of white sand on the ground to remain unchanged.

Is it true that the tomb of the Chase family is haunted by evil spirits? Simply pushing the unexplainable things to the so-called "evil spirits" is also puzzling. Why didn't similar things happen after the Chase family moved the coffin to another tomb? The "walking" coffin on Barbados has thus become a mystery. Someone once wanted to quietly place a camera in the tomb to observe the scene in the tomb.

But this is actually very difficult to operate, not to mention, no one is willing to put the coffin in this "turbulent" tomb.

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