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Introduction 1 In my second year of entering this medical school, I experienced an unprecedented event: relocating. In recent years, the municipal government has discovered that because of the disorderly mining of coal resources in the past, we have put ourselves in a dangerous situation-unknowingly, most of our cities have been destroyed. Included in the subsidence zone. As a result, the government finally launched a 30-year city relocation plan and decided to move the city's political, economic and cultural center to 25 kilometers west of the urban area.The first batch of relocated units are mainly government agencies, schools and some light industry-based factories.


In my second year of entering this medical school, I experienced an unprecedented event: relocating.

In recent years, the municipal government has discovered that because of the disorderly mining of coal resources in the past, we have put ourselves in a dangerous situation—unknowingly, most of our city has been included in the subsidence zone Inside.

As a result, the government finally launched a 30-year city relocation plan and decided to move the city's political, economic and cultural center to 25 kilometers west of the urban area.

The first batch of relocated units were mainly government agencies, schools and some light industry-based factories, including our medical school.

And this weird thing happened on the seventh day of our formal classes in the new school building. It was on this day that I decided to commit suicide. The reason is simple, my boyfriend who has been in love for three years suddenly moved on, and I can't stand such a blow. After a bit of effort, I got a syringe of potassium cyanide and kept it with me at all times, planning to show it to him on our anniversary. That day is not far away, just a week later.

It was also a self-study class that day, and I was studying at my desk when I heard Manna at the same table say to me: "Feifei, look quickly, there is a monkey stealing corn over there!"

I looked up at the direction she was pointing out of the window. It was a corn field about 200 meters away from the school wall. Sure enough, there was a monkey in the field holding a corn stalk and competing with the ears of corn on it. It looked clumsy. Hilarious and cute. Although I was in no mood as the death date was approaching, I couldn't help exclaiming excitedly: "Wow, it's so funny!"

My cry immediately attracted almost half of the students in the classroom. In the blink of an eye, the front and rear windows were crowded with heads watching the excitement.

At this moment, a girl screamed, "Look, look, there's another little monkey over there!" Her shout made everyone turn their heads to that side. Sure enough, a young monkey that was much smaller than it was wandering out of the forest and heading straight for the big monkey. The moment the young monkey got close to the big monkey, it suddenly attacked the big monkey with lightning speed, and in just a few seconds, it knocked the big monkey down. on the ground.

The classroom immediately became extremely quiet!

At this moment, the young monkey squatted on the ground and tore at the big monkey. Not long after, it stood up holding something in its two front paws, then turned around and fled to the depths of the forest.

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After class that day, at least a dozen students who had never seen a real wild monkey left the school and flocked to the back mountain. In that cornfield, we saw the big monkey that was still lying there and had died long ago. But when everyone got closer and saw more clearly, a few girls who were very curious but timid finally screamed loudly or vomited on the spot.

Seeing that the few girls crowded in front retreated back, I took the opportunity to follow behind the boys Ji Yaopeng and Zhu Jie, and approached the place where the monkey corpse was placed.

"This is simply a massacre scene!" Zhu Jie, holding a stick in his hand, said while playing with the monkey's corpse with the stick.

At this time, Ji Yaopeng looked back at me and Zhu Jie with a mysterious smile, and said, "However, I thought of the use of this monkey corpse. Maybe we can carry it back and practice dissection. I think everyone has never dissected a monkey before." ?”

After saying this, he took out his mobile phone, walked aside, and started calling the head teacher. Two or three minutes later, he came back and said, "Okay, the head teacher has agreed to let us take this monkey back, come on, Zhu Jie, let's carry it away!" Only then did he realize that Zhu Jie had already gone.

He asked me, "Feifei, where's Zhu Jie?"

I pointed in the direction of Linzi with my hand and said, "Zhu Jie said he was going to track down that little monkey, so he went that way."

I looked at the back, and there were a few boys who seemed to be in a bad mood and had already slipped far away, so I had no choice but to say, "Let me help you!"

The monkey was not heavy, I think it weighed only thirty or forty kilograms, and Ji Yaopeng and I carried it to the school gate with ease. Just as we were about to enter the door, the doorman, Old Dong, suddenly jumped out of the reception room and yelled at Ji Yaopeng and me: "What are you two children carrying?"

Ji Yaopeng quickly replied: "Uncle Dong, this monkey was not killed by us, it was killed by a baby monkey that was much smaller than it, and we want to get it back for practicing dissection, you If you don’t believe me, all the students in our class can testify.”

After hearing what he said, Old Dong frowned, motioned for us to put down the monkey carcass, and then he bent down to check. However, the moment he saw the wound on the monkey 's chest, his face suddenly became extremely pale. His body took two steps back as if out of control, and he said repeatedly in horror: "Oh my God! It's a mandrill, it's a mandrill, how is this possible? They haven't appeared for many years!"

Ji Yaopeng and I were a little surprised by his terrified appearance, and I asked Old Dong, "Uncle Dong, what is a mandrill?"

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Old Dong seemed to be in a daze, still staring at the monkey corpse without saying a word.

At this time, Ji Yaopeng said to me: "The mandrill is also called the ghost baboon. It is a kind of protected animal in the world. It is mainly distributed in the south of the Sana River in Cameroon, Africa, Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Congo…"

At this time, Old Dong suddenly interrupted him roughly, and said: "What you are talking about is only a kind of monkey, not a real mandrill at all. A real mandrill can change at will, taking the lives of all animals invisible, and only with the animals' It feeds on the heart. It is said that it has a very strange secret ability, it can mix among the beasts at will, wait for the opportunity to prey on the beasts, until its identity is exposed, it escapes in a hurry, and then finds the next one for it to hunt Speaking of this, I think you all know that it is not one of the beasts, it is actually an evil elf or demon. In all the legends related to it, there is no attack on humans , but for the sake of safety, I still advise you to avoid going to the back mountain in the future. In addition, when you dissect it, you can also pay attention to whether the heart of this monkey is still in its body?"

Old Dong's words and actions that day were so weird that it aroused all our curiosity. That night, we dissected the dead monkey, but the result was that everything was right: the monkey's heart was no longer in its body.

Could it be that the monkey's heart was held in the paws of that young monkey that day? It was horrible, my God!


At noon the next day, we found that Zhu Jie was missing and immediately reported to the principal's office.

In the afternoon of that day, under the leadership of the teachers of each class, almost all the students in the school flocked to the back mountain and began to conduct a carpet search of those hills and forests. But unfortunately, until the evening, we did not find anything. Just when the headmaster was about to order the soldiers to return to school, he suddenly received news: bloodstains and a sneaker were found in the mountain stream below.

After getting the news, we rushed over quickly. When I got there, I recognized at a glance that the shoe definitely belonged to Zhu Jie, but the direction of the blood was towards the river. So, a few students who volunteered decided to wade across the river to check where the blood was going. But when they got to the other side, they found that there was no blood on the other side.

Things started to become a little strange: if Zhu Jie crossed the river after being injured, there should be his blood on the other side; Shallow, not enough to wash him away. With the mentality of giving it a try, we tracked down the river for a while, but still found nothing. By this time, it was already dark, and the principal had ordered all the teachers and students to return to school.

On the morning of the third day, the principal called the main staff of the school to discuss the matter. Under the principle that the minority opinion obeys the majority opinion, they came to the conclusion: report the case and hand it over to the police.

However, the development of things later, we obviously did not expect it at all. At about two o'clock in the afternoon, Zhu Jie, who was in a panic, went back to school. As everyone can imagine, he has only one shoe on his foot, and his clothes are ragged, and he looks as if he has experienced a fierce fight. But the strange thing is that he didn't have any wounds all over his body.

Things seemed to pass like this, and the next day, Zhu Jie went to class as usual.

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But in an anatomy class a few days later, I suddenly discovered some weird and creepy behaviors of Zhu Jie. That day, Zhu Jie and four other classmates were in charge of dissecting a corpse. When we opened the chest cavity of the corpse and saw the heart, liver and lungs inside, I suddenly heard Zhu Jie, who was closest to me, say something like There was a sound of swallowing saliva. Subconsciously, I looked back at him. At this moment, I was stunned——Zhu Jie's eyes were terrifying! At this time, he was staring at the dead body's chest, the greedy light in his eyes, just like a hyena discovering a decayed animal corpse; and his mouth was making an uncontrollable purring sound, obviously to Swallow.

In the evening, I went to the head teacher's office to hand in my homework. When he got to the door, two policemen walked out of his room facing him. When the head teacher sent the police downstairs, I asked curiously, "Teacher, what are the police looking for you for?"

The homeroom teacher smiled and said: "It's not because of Zhu Jie. They found a corpse a few kilometers downstream of the river. Except for the chest cavity that was ripped open and the heart removed, all other body parts were intact." Intact. Although we have withdrawn the report, the police still compared the photos we provided in the report, and then determined that the deceased was Zhu Jie. It is strange to say that there are people who look the same in the world!" said the head teacher with. He handed me a few photos, and said, "This is the photo of the deceased brought by the police. Take a look, does the deceased look very similar to Zhu Jie? But I have already explained to them just now, we have I found Zhu Jie, or in other words, he has come back automatically."

I took the photo from the head teacher, and after just one glance, I was stunned: it was obviously Zhu Jie!


In the cafeteria, I found a few classmates who took the anatomy class with me today, Ji Yaopeng, Su Yue, Doudou and Xiao Tian, ​​and I asked them: "Then do you know where Zhu Jie is now?"

Su Yue replied: "Except for Zhu Jie, I was the last one out of the dissection room, but when I came out, Zhu Jie was still standing beside the corpse. I thought he had some problem and didn't understand it. So a person was thinking and researching there alone, so I didn’t call him, and I came out first.”

I asked them again: "Since you guys have already had dinner, come with me to find Zhu Jie."

As night fell, students from various classes converged into a bustling crowd, flocking to the classroom, preparing for self-study classes. The five of us headed in the opposite direction: the morgue. No one would want to come to the morgue at this time. It was dead silent as usual, and the two closed doors completely separated and confined the darkness, gloom and terror inside the door.

I pressed my face to the glass of the door, trying to see what was inside the door, but I was unsuccessful. I pushed the door with my hands, and after a creak, the door was easily pushed open by me, and a cold smell mixed with formalin and various medicines came to my face.

I had turned on the light switch in the room and stepped inside. The fluorescent lights screamed, flickered a few times, and then came on. Except for a dozen operating beds, the huge room was empty. I yelled: "Zhu Jie, are you here?" Then, I walked further inside. At this moment, I discovered something contrary to common sense: on the operating bed we practiced today, a corpse was still lying on it. I walked over to see that it was indeed the corpse we had dissected today. According to the rules, after our internship, this corpse should have been put in the freezer, but why is it still here?

I looked around again, and there was nothing suspicious around, only a few of my companions walked towards me half hesitantly and half dawdly, with undisguised panic evident on their faces.

But when I checked the corpse again, I quickly discovered something new—something was obviously missing from the dissected corpse—

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The corpse had no heart.

I greeted Ji Yaopeng, Su Yue, and Xiao Tian, ​​and said, "Come here quickly, the heart of this corpse is indeed gone. A few days ago, the monkey we brought back had its heart gouged out; just now, The police also came to the school to report that Zhu Jie’s body was found in the lower reaches of the river, but his heart was also taken out; and now, the heart of this corpse has also been taken out! Don’t you think this…”

At this moment, Su Yue interrupted me and said, "Stop, stop, Feifei, what did you just say? Did you find Zhu Jie's body?"

I said, "Su Yue, I'm not crazy. Everything I said is true. I just saw the photo of Zhu Jie's body in the head teacher's office. Those two policemen brought it to the school."

Su Yue said impatiently: "Forget it, my eldest lady, have you watched too many horror movies? Well, let's not talk about this, let's leave!" After Su Yue finished speaking, she turned around and walked outside . At this moment, the door of the morgue slammed loudly and then closed tightly. Only then did we realize that there was a person standing behind the door at some point. At this time, he walked from the shadow behind the door to the light. At this moment, we all saw him clearly. The clothes he was wearing belonged to Zhu Jie, but his face was definitely not Zhu Jie, but a familiar face. , but absolutely unknown faces.

Su Yue was walking in the front. She looked at this person's face, and then at the operating bed next to me. Suddenly, she screamed: "Oh my God! What's going on? What happened? ?”


Yes, the moment Su Yue screamed, we all thought who this person looked like!

His skin color, eyes, all showed that he was the same as the corpse lying on the operating table, but at the same time, he was moving and approaching us step by step.

Su Yue, whose face was pale from fright, screamed and ran back towards me, but the monster's movements were obviously faster and its strength was boundless. Before Su Yue could run a few steps, he had already chased after me He fell on Su Yue and slapped Su Yue on the back of the head. Su Yue groaned and fell to the ground. Then he stepped over Su Yue with a stride, and rushed straight at me. I didn't even see how he made the shot, I just felt stares in my eyes and buzzing in my head, and then I squatted on the ground, lost perception.

When I woke up, it seemed that the night was already dark, except for Doudou who was sitting beside Su Yue with her back facing me, everyone else fell to the ground.

I called Doudou: "Doudou, are you okay?" She turned her head slowly, and then I saw her blood-stained mouth, grinning face, fierce eyes, and her hands Holding something bloody. Immediately afterwards, I saw Su Yue's blood-splattered corpse and the wounds on the corpse—for an instant, I understood that Doudou was no longer Doudou.

I was terrified. I looked towards the door, but it turned out that I was even more desperate. Not only was the door handle removed by it, but it also moved an operating bed over and pressed it against the door tightly. So, I gave up the idea of ​​running away, because reason told me that if I want to live longer, it is better not to attract too much attention from it.

The Mask of the Red Death Analysis_The Mask of the Red Death Analysis _The Mask of the Red Death Movie

It finally turned its attention away from me, and returned to the heart in its hand, which was Su Yue's heart.

I tiptoed back until I was in the farthest corner of the morgue, where there was a trash can big enough for me to hide in for the night. I knew that the wisest course of action for me now would be to wait patiently for daylight, when another class would have an anatomy lesson, and then they would find out what had happened in the morgue.


When I woke up again, I looked out through the gap of the barrel lid, and found that the outside skylight had been projected in through the glass of the door and window. I looked around, and it turned out to be quiet, there were no corpses of them, and I couldn't hear any movement. And where we fell to the ground, there were bloodstains all over the place.

I observed carefully again and found that the blood had gone to the freezer where the corpse was stored. I walked over, opened one of the freezers, and saw Su Yue's body inside. I opened the one next to it one by one, and what I saw was Ji Yaopeng's body. Then, I opened another one and saw Doudou's body. I continued to search, and the last one was Xiaotian's body.

My guess has been confirmed. Just as the gatekeeper Lao Dong said, this monster has a very peculiar ability, that is, it can eat a person's heart, and then change itself into that person's appearance, and then blend in with the crowd , waiting for an opportunity to prey on others.

So, who was the last person whose heart was eaten by it, now it will definitely change into the image of the last person. But where is it hiding now, and who has it changed? Just when I was thinking about it, I suddenly heard a slight cracking sound above my head, and I looked up at the top of my head in response to the sound, and I was frightened for a moment——it was Xiao Tian. At this moment, she was hanging upside down from the ceiling like a gecko, with fierce eyes, staring at me, waiting for an opportunity to pounce down. I yelled and ran to a corner, and at the same time, she also jumped to the ground and said to me with a grinning smile: "Hey, I've been looking for you all night."

I felt weak all over, and squatted in the corner involuntarily, knowing in my heart that I was going to die today. The moment I thought of the word "death", I suddenly remembered that today is the anniversary of our acquaintance with my boyfriend. yes! I originally decided to die today, but at this moment, I discovered that I was so greedy for life deep in my heart, and I was so afraid of death. But now, I'm doomed, it's too late.

My mind quickly flashed the scene of my death: this monster will eat my heart, then change into my image, wander around this school, and then…

In an instant, my mind became extremely clear, and I understood the value of my life, and maybe I could save many people. I touched the disposable needle in my pocket, and I knew that if I had the courage to end my own life now, I would be able to end the life of this monster. So, all the tragedies will come to an end here…

Although I hesitated for a while, I did it. At the last moment when the monster approached me step by step, I finally stabbed the needle into my heart…

I'm doing well because I'm a medical student and I know the correct position of the heart…


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