A Real Gentleman Who Plays Chess Without Regret In Guangzhou

Lao Wu is a person who loves to play Chinese chess very much. Although he is only in his early twenties, his chess skills are quite superb, and he can be called a must in the community. I also often play against him, basically evenly, but nine out of ten wins are not martial arts, because I am always a generation of regretful chess masters. Once the fifth child was supposed to go to Guangzhou to participate in an amateur competition. I remember that it was the evening train, and I went to the train station to see him off. I originally wanted to go with him, but because of work reasons, I had to go to the mountainous area for a business trip , so I gave up the idea.

A week passed in a blink of an eye, and I was driving the night bus on my way home. Call Lao Wu but always can't get through. After driving for a long time, passing by a market, I saw a circle of people gathered there, so I stopped the car to see what they were looking at. It turned out that there were two old players on the side of the road who were playing chess. I couldn't help it, so I joined in like other onlookers. After waiting for a long time, it was finally my turn to play. The old man asked me to go first, but he would make exactly the same moves as I did. The more I played, the more impatient I became. After a stalemate for a long time and still no winner, I suddenly found a good move, so I left without thinking. He also proudly shouted: "General!" After a closer look, he found that he had given the opponent a chance to kill. So I explained that I seemed to have made a mistake, and the old man asked me if I wanted to regret the game.

I nodded with a smile, and then said: "We are juniors, you have to let us order, don't you!" After finishing speaking, I was about to pick up the chess pieces and start again, when the mobile phone rang. It was a text message, sent by the fifth child, with only a dozen or so words, "You are a real gentleman without regrets. If you make a wrong calculation, you will lose." As a result, a draw was played. I got in the car after I finished the game, and the family called me as soon as I started the car. Asked why I haven't come home yet, I said to my family while driving the car: "I'm back, on the way." Suddenly, the other side of the phone told a message that the fifth child had met with him on the train that night when he went to Guangzhou. The thief fought and died. I was stunned for a moment in Guangzhou Shizikeng . I opened the car window and looked at the reflector. There was a cemetery in the distance…

(Advice: A true gentleman does not regret a move, and a pawn crosses the river and does not look back)

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