Green Sac Shroud Part 4: Gu Ren

Early in the morning, in the misty swamp, on the small road among the bitter bamboo forests in Bowang Mountain, three people walked along, their trouser legs already wet with dew.

"Feiwu Cave is in front of us." Secretary Xing wiped the sweat from his forehead and walked five feet from Yunnan to Guizhou. Two hours. So far, I haven't found any physical discomfort. Perhaps the physiological structure of the creepy man is different from that of ordinary people. It takes a little effort for Peng Gu to assimilate in seven days.

"This mountain is shrouded in steam and mist, and the purple air is pleasant. It is a good place to live in seclusion and practice." The fairy son slung the cloth bag of the Zhenwu Seven Star Sword behind his back, and praised in his mouth.

Song Laoguai walked at the back panting, looking around vigilantly. He knew that coming to rescue Aunt Ke'er might not go well this time, so he paid extra attention.

The entrance of Feiwu Cave is surrounded by thornbush trees, and the sound of gurgling water can be heard from the natural stone gap between the two cliffs, which is dark and humid inside.

"Secretary Xing, does Xian Lingzi, the poor Taoist brother, practice in this cave?" Xian Shengzi asked.

"Xian Lingzi's cave is halfway up the mountain, but he often comes to Feiwu Cave to collect numbers from Lu Xue, the grandson of the slippery ghost . He might be in it right now." Secretary Xing said nonsense, he didn't want to take the lead first The temple master went to his junior brother, wasting his own urgent time.

The three walked into the cave and walked along the slippery stone steps.

"Heaven and earth have righteous energy, mixed with manifolds. The lower part is the river and the mountains, and the upper part is the sun and stars. In the dim light, Professor Wudeng is still sitting cross-legged in the corner with his eyes closed. , reciting Wen Tianxiang's "Song of Righteous Qi".

"Who's here?" Hearing footsteps, he slowly opened his eyes.

"Professor Wudeng, I'm Secretary Xing." Secretary Xing greeted with a smile.

"The old man is asking about the person behind you. He looks like a fairy with a high level of cultivation, but it's a pity that there is a murderous aura on his body. My brother, you are not nice to meet people." Professor Wudeng sighed.

The Immortal Son smiled slightly when he heard the words, and said: "I heard that there is an expert in Bowang Mountain who is cultivating here in seclusion. It is indeed true to see him today. The poor Daoist Mingfeng Mountain Taihe Palace Immortal Son made a special trip to visit Dao to find friends. "

The Grandson of the Slick Ghost Lu Xue Episodes_The Grandson of the Slick Ghost Lu Xue Special Chapter_The Grandson of the Slick Ghost Lu Xue

"Oh, I came all the way from Yunnan. I don't know who I want to visit?"

"My impoverished brother, Xian Lingzi, do you know where he is now?" Xian Shengzi said humbly, it was the first time he stepped into this Bowang Mountain, besides, the depth of the water in this cave was unknown, so he couldn't easily offend others.

"Well," Professor Wudeng's tone softened, "So it's Xian Lingzi's senior brother. He's been in the water for the past few days and hasn't left yet."

Secretary Xing pointed his finger and said, "Shangluoshui is inside, please follow me." After saying that, he waved his hand at Professor Wudeng, and hurriedly led Xianshengzi and Song Laoguai to continue on, and walked up the road. natural bridge.

"Ker, this secretary is back." As soon as he got on the bridge, he shouted at the top of his voice.

"Don't be afraid, aunt, I, Song Laoguai, are here to save you." Song Laoguai called out not to be outdone.

Ke'er's surprised figure flashed out of the cave, and "Deng Deng Deng" jumped into Secretary Xing's arms in a few steps, and sobbed with tears in his eyes: "Sir, I really want to die as a concubine."

"It's so disgusting, I have goosebumps all over my body." Peng Gu's disdainful voice suddenly sounded in Secretary Xing's ear.

"What do you know?" Secretary Xing scolded angrily, "Ker is my secretary's confidant in need, a class sister, a comrade in arms, and a lover. How can you worms understand the lofty proletarian revolutionary sentiment of mankind."

"Sir, who are you talking to?" Ke'er asked in a tender voice.

"Wow" Peng Gu vomited.

Not far behind Ke'er, stood Xian Lingzi in a tattered gray sermon robe, looking towards this side with his hands behind his back.

Lu Xue, the Grandson of the Slick Ghost

Xian Shengzi took a few steps forward, and asked loudly: "Is the person in front of you the junior brother of Xian Lingzi from the Supreme Harmony Palace?"

Xian Lingzi was taken aback when he heard the words, and after taking a closer look, he was stunned: "You, you are Xian Shengzi"

"It's the poor way," Xian Shengzi stroked his beard under his chin, and said with a smile, "Brother, forty years ago you left without saying goodbye, and I was very worried about you. So you hid here."

"Who is your junior brother?" Xian Lingzi's face was ashen, "You and I have long since broken up our relationship. After decades, what are you doing here again?"

Xian Shengzi was still amiable: "Junior Brother, you are still angry about what happened back then, not to mention Junior Sister has passed away for many years."

"Hmph," Xian Lingzi said angrily with bloodshot eyes, "you and master forced my younger sister to death. Forty years ago, Pindao had already severed with the Supreme Harmony Palace and had nothing to do with it."

"Hehe, even though you betrayed the master in a moment of anger, now that the master has passed away, the senior brother is the head of the Supreme Harmony Palace. As long as the junior is willing, he can return to the Supreme Harmony Palace at any time."

Xian Lingzi straightened his neck, his veins bulged, and said loudly: "The poor Taoist disdains to be with you."

Xian Shengzi glanced around and saw no one else in the cave, he couldn't help feeling suspicious, and frowned slightly.

"Secretary Xing," Xian Lingzi turned his head and asked, "Why are you with him?"

"Oh, I met at the Fuhuayuan Restaurant in Kunming. I knew that I had grown up here and followed me. I said that I was a brother who had been separated for 40 years. I miss him very much." Secretary Xing explained.

"Hahaha," Xian Lingzi laughed wildly, "What a miss, Xian Shengzi, are you thinking about the secret that my junior sister refused to tell until she died?"

Lu Xue, the Grandson of the Slick Ghost

Xian Shengzi said coldly with no expression on his face: "Xian Lingzi, among all the brothers and sisters practicing in the Taihe Palace, you are the most stupid in terms of talent, appearance and intelligence. It's really good luck, master and the poor Dao never thought that Junior Sister He would be so stupid as to tell the secret to you idiot."

"That's right. In terms of these innate conditions, the poor are indeed inferior to you. But if a person is cunning and impure, and is a person who forgets righteousness for profit, no matter how good his talent is and how glamorous his appearance is, Junior Sister He will never entrust him to you." .You and your master tried your best to obtain the secrets of the Bo people and killed her by all means. Fairy Son, forty years later, you have tracked down here again. Don't even think about it." Xian Lingzi reprimanded righteously.

The two brothers and sisters were arguing fiercely on the sidelines over decades of grievances, and the smell of gunpowder gradually became stronger.

Secretary Xing felt a little sore in his stomach just now, and thought that Gu Peng must be causing trouble. It seems that she has begun to invade his body, and he must get rid of it quickly.

"Where is Senior Qiubo?" Secretary Xing looked at the depression in the stone wall in the vertical hole of the tiankeng, but he was not seen.

"Sir, since you left, senior has gone to the mountains to gather herbs, and said it will only take three to five days, but he hasn't come back yet." Ke'er said.

"It's broken," Secretary Xing was shocked when he heard the words. The old woman was not there at the most critical moment. From this point of view, Peng Gu won. He couldn't help sighing in grief and indignation, "I never imagined that my majestic county party secretary would turn into a dirty corpse."

"Sanggong, what are you talking about?" Ke'er looked at him in bewilderment.

Secretary Xing grabbed Ke'er and asked in a hurry: "Where did senior Qiubo go to collect the medicine?"

"She climbed up the vertical hole of the tiankeng and disappeared." Ke'er replied nervously.

"Let's go, Ke'er, let's go find her." Secretary Xing couldn't help but dragged Ke'er and ran into the water. The Wudeng professor has practiced here for many years, so he must know the place where the old woman in Qiubo gathers herbal medicine.

The two hurried across the Tiansheng Bridge and entered the Luoshui Cave, but they searched the corners of the cave and did not find Professor Wudeng.

The Grandson of the Slick Ghost Lu Xue Episodes_The Grandson of the Slick Ghost Lu Xue Special Chapter_The Grandson of the Slick Ghost Lu Xue

Secretary Xing was so anxious that his forehead was sweating, he had no choice but to take Ke'er and ran out of Feiwu Cave, but he was still nowhere to be found outside.

"Strange, where did Professor Wudeng go?" Secretary Xing froze like a deflated ball.

"Xianggong, what happened?" Ke'er was a little scared. Xianggong had never been so nervous and flustered.

Secretary Xing sighed, stared at her with serious eyes, and said in an unusually solemn tone: "Ker, listen to me."

Ke'er nodded sensiblely.

"An ugly and evil corpse bug named 'Peng Gu' got into this secretary's body. If you can't find senior Qiubo to deworm it, it might assimilate your husband-in-law." Secretary Xing said painfully.

"Assimilation? What will happen?" Ke'er didn't understand.

"Hee hee hee" came Peng Gu's lewd laughter, "Secretary Xing, that worm is a worm, and Peng Gu is also a worm, why should one favor the other? From now on, you and I will assimilate into a man and woman who eats everything." Is your love not good?"

"Peng Gu, you are wishful thinking!" Secretary Xing scolded with righteous indignation, "There is a famous saying, 'Communists are made of special materials', you may be able to grab the body of this secretary, but you will never be able to change it. The lofty beliefs of communism."

Seeing Secretary Xing's impassioned statement, Ke'er was so moved that he clapped his little hands, and asked in amazement, "Sir, you speak so well, who said that famous saying?"

"Stalin." Secretary Xing told her softly.

While talking, he suddenly heard a familiar voice from above his head: "Secretary Xing, has the ghost pot been stolen?"

Secretary Xing raised his head and looked anxiously. A graceful figure descended from the canopy of the prickly nan tree. It was an old woman with a mask on her head and a medicine basket in her hand.

"Senior, you are finally back." Secretary Xing almost wept with joy, but also heaved a sigh of relief.

"Senior Qiubo, my husband said that there is a bug in his body," Ke'er hurriedly said.

"Have you brought the ghost pot?" the old woman with Qiubo was still asking.

"I got it." Secretary Xing said quickly, taking out the small cloth bag from his pocket and handing it over.

The old woman in Qiubo took the cloth bag in her hand and untied it, and there was a small yellow-brown skull in it

The old woman in Qiubo stared intently at the head of Fenghou Zhuyou, the originator of Zhuyou five thousand years ago, her eyes were moist. In the past dynasties, countless rare treasures dreamed of by experts and strangers in the rivers and lakes have been quietly lying in her hands, and she has already felt that strange and powerful magnetic field.

"Hahaha" She let out a long and desolate laugh.

"That's right, this is the 'Ghost Pot', Secretary Xing, you didn't disappoint the old woman." Qiubo said the old woman.

"Senior" Secretary Xing hurriedly told how he was invaded by Peng Jiao, the lower corpse.

"Let the old woman come and take a look." The old woman Qiubo stretched out her slender hands and pressed the fontanel on Secretary Xing's head.

Lu Xue, the grandson of the slippery ghost, collected numbers for a long time, and the old woman slowly withdrew her palm, and said slowly: "The three corpses are objects, and they belong to ghosts and gods. However, when the host dies, the upper corpse and the middle corpse dissipate. The orthopedic traces of the dead peng are indelible, the color is blood red, and there are two inches of pekoe. Once it enters the body of the new host, it will be moved into the 'Weilu Pass' within seven days, and the medicine will not be able to do it."

"Senior, what do you mean?" Secretary Xing asked urgently.

"It's already fit, and it can't be expelled." The old woman in Qiubo shook her head and let out a long sigh.

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