Black And White Animals At Night

There is a strange saying in our hometown: When you go out in the middle of the night, if you encounter any animal lying there motionless on the road, you must not go forward, let alone chase it. Especially black or white ones. Those are transformed by ghosts! The black ones are called "Old Hei" and the white ones are called "Old White". They usually appear at intersections and also disappear at intersections.

In fact, there are such sayings in other parts of China. Some places call them "false white geese" or "false white rabbits".And many people have seen it, some people lost their way after chasing after it, and some saw the changes of "them"

Liangzi from my grandma’s village met me once, and he told me about the experience of the ghost:

He was only fourteen years old that year, and once he went to play at a classmate's house, it was already very late when he came back. Because it was a full moon night, the road was clearly visible, and it was not too difficult to walk.

Walking on the road, there are only insects calling occasionally, and there are faint tree shadows not far away. A gust of wind blew by, and I couldn't help shivering, so I quickened my pace and slowly turned into a trot. He could hear his own footsteps, "tita" behind him.

At an intersection, turn left, only one-third of the way home. He stood there to rest for a while, taking a breath.

Suddenly, he found a fuzzy white shadow at the intersection to the right, still moving. Because he was already familiar with this road, and it was not too far from home, so he walked over to have a look if he was a little more courageous.

It turned out to be a big white rabbit. The local hares were all gray, so he decided that the domestic rabbits had lost their way and escaped. (Household rabbits are generally very honest and easy to catch)

The white rabbit was grazing there motionless, seemingly defenseless. So Ryoko walked over and knelt down slowly, trying to catch it. However, just when his hand was about to touch the white rabbit, the rabbit jumped forward and escaped. But he didn't run far, and stopped four or five steps away from him.

Liangzi chased after it for two steps, and continued to catch it, but this time it was just a little bit short.

In this way, the rabbit always kept such a distance from him, and every time it almost escaped when it was about to catch it. Before they knew it, they had come a long way.

At this time, Ryoko was sweating all over and dreamed of many dead rabbits , and he began to feel very strange. Why don't rabbits always run far? Do you only run when you are about to touch it? It's completely unreasonable.

He stood up straight and looked around, feeling his back was sore, and he didn't know how long he had been chasing. The rabbit was still grazing not far away.

He suddenly found that the place he was in was very strange. It stands to reason that he didn't run very far to dream of many dead rabbits , and the nearby roads should be very familiar!

The moonlight was miserable all around, two rows of big trees separated the two sides of the road, and there was a very wide river on one side. Liangzi began to be afraid, because he knew that there was no such a big river within dozens of miles near his home!

The rabbit not far away was gone, but a white object as tall as a person appeared out of thin air. Just like clothes, they are still swaying in the wind. He took two steps back.

But the white thing gradually grew bigger, taller than a cow standing up! And still growing.

Ryoko closed her eyes in fright, and screamed at the bottom, terrified to the extreme.

At this time, he heard a dog barking, and then a slippery tongue was licking his face——

"Is it Liangzi?" A very familiar voice rang in his ears, and he couldn't open his eyes from a bright light.

When the light came closer, it was his brother and his father who could be seen clearly. But the one lying on him and licking him was his family's black dog.

The trees on both sides of the road have disappeared, there is no river on one side of the road, and the white monster is gone. There are graves not far from him. He recognized the place! This is seven from his home. Eight miles away, a desolate cemetery.

It turned out that his brother and his father came out to look for him when they saw that he hadn't come back. When he arrived at his classmate's house, the classmate said that he had left early. So on the way back, they walked this way, planning to try their luck.

After listening to him, I couldn't help breaking out in a nervous sweat. I thought, if his brother hadn't gone in time, what would have happened?

So, here is still a warning. When you are on the road late at night and see black or white animals, don't touch them. Otherwise, you may encounter the same experience as Ryoko. I wonder if you are as lucky as him! …in vain!

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