What Are Ghosts Afraid Of Buddha Statue Chapter 31 Asura Worm

The stall owner reached out to take a hundred yuan and said, "Grandma, two bowls of shredded chicken and rice noodles are ten yuan, ninety yuan for you."

The Hakka nanny waved her hand: "No need, the food expenses of the monks on this table will be counted together, is it enough?"

"Enough is enough," the stall owner said with the money in hand, "Please, please, my place is about to close." He was afraid that the two tables would quarrel and fight, so he still wanted to persuade them to leave.

"Where's my money?" The drunk driver made a noise, and was dragged back by several companions. They were also puzzled in their hearts. They saw the money on the table, but it disappeared in the blink of an eye. They thought that there must be someone on the table. The drivers often travel long distances and are well-informed. It is better not to cause trouble Okay, so I packed up and left in a hurry.

The old monk Wuyu smiled slightly at the Hakka nanny: "The benefactor is very skillful. I have only seen it in my life. It is really an eye-opener."

"It's a trivial skill, which makes the master laugh. The old woman is just angry and wants to teach these young people a lesson." The Hakka nanny said modestly.

"The benefactor should be regarded as a top expert in the Jianghu. Now this outfit is very rare in the mainland. I don't know how you call it?" The old monk Wuyu laughed.

"Hakka nanny."

"Is the benefactor coming to Kunming for tourism? It's so late at night, it's easy to get lost if you don't know the place, and the social security is not very good, so you have to be more careful." Wuyu old monk said with concern.

"It's been a while since the old woman came to the mainland. After visiting Yunnan, I'm planning to go to Xingwen in southern Sichuan to see the hanging coffins of the Bo people." The Hakka nanny deliberately guided her to her destination.

"Xingwen" Wuyu old monk looked at her.

"Well, it is said that there is a Feiwu Cave in Bowang Mountain in Xingwen County, where there is a hanging coffin hidden thousands of years ago, which is very mysterious." The Hakka nanny said as if she didn't care.

The ghost is afraid of the corpse. The forest master is busy_Is the ghost-eyed little cute wife and husband afraid? What is the ghost? Is the wife and husband afraid_Ghosts afraid of Buddha statues_Ghosts are afraid of the corpse Tuo Lin Lord busy

As soon as these words came out, the air seemed to freeze for an instant, Xuanjizi and Xuanzhenzi looked at each other in dismay, and they both thought in their hearts, could this Taiwanese old woman also go for that secret?

The old monk Wuyu was even more suspicious. The origin of this person was unknown. It was understandable that he came to the mainland from Taiwan for sightseeing and wanted to see the world-famous hanging coffins of the Bo people, but the choice of time and place was too coincidental. This trip to Bowang Mountain is very secretive, and no one in the Jianghu knows about it. The sudden appearance of this old woman has to be guarded against.

"Master, it's the first time I've seen the old woman 'Asura worm' just now. There are often insect-eating stink bugs in the mountains and fields of Miaoli, Taiwan. When they are caught and dried, they become the nine-scented worm in traditional Chinese medicine, which is the best among insects. If you fry it and eat it, you can taste the nine kinds of aromas in nature, and it is a rare medicinal delicacy. But it is slippery in nature, and you may move your stool and ears, so it is not suitable for soup." The Hakka nun said.

"It turns out that the benefactor is so proficient in medical principles, which really amazes the old monk," the old monk Wuyu smiled slightly, "Although the 'Asura worm' is similar in appearance to the farting worm, it is very different. When Wu Sangui, the king of Pingxi, came to rule Yunnan , a foreign monk brought an asura worm from Tianzhu to pay tribute to Chen Yuanyuan. After three hundred years, dynasties changed, things changed, but this "Buddha worm" has been sitting in meditation in Taihua Temple up to now, feeding on incense ash and growing The ancient Buddha accompanied by the blue lantern is the treasure of my Xishan Township."

"The old woman is ignorant and ignorant. I don't know what is the magical effect of this 'Asura worm'?" The Hakka nanny asked the truth. Since these people are going to go to Bowang Mountain, it is unknown whether they are enemies or friends. Knowing more about the opponent's strength is always good. .

The old monk Wuyu glanced at her, and replied cautiously: "Asura is one of the six ways of Buddhism, and also the evil god among the ancient gods of Tianzhu Kingdom. Later, he believed in my Buddha and became one of the eight guardian gods of heaven and dragons. The name of the insect is 'Asura', and it is irritable and aggressive. After coming to our middle land, although it has been influenced by Buddhism for hundreds of years, it still cannot realize enlightenment, so it is sealed and suppressed."

It seems that the old monk is unwilling to reveal more about the worm's secret, the Hakka nanny thought to herself.

Since it is inconvenient to ask too deeply, Mammy changed the topic, she glanced at the two Taoist priests, and said calmly: "I heard that the two Taoist priests are breaking the abstinence from drinking alcohol, but the old woman saw that the two Taoist priests were breaking the abstinence from drinking alcohol. For some reason ?” In fact, the old monk was also drinking, and Mammy purposely talked about him.

Xuanjizi and Xuanzhenzi blushed, and said nothing.

The old monk Wuyu smiled lightly: "I have no desires, even if I eat meat and drink alcohol, I still have no desires."

Is the ghost-eyed little cute wife and husband afraid?_What Buddha statues are afraid of ghosts?

The Hakka nanny was thinking secretly, she had said that she was going to Bowang Mountain, the old monk would definitely have doubts in her heart, because she didn't know her own details, so she probably wouldn't let go easily. Thinking of this, he stood up and said: "It's almost dawn, the old woman will leave now, and go to hitchhike to Xingwen to visit the hanging coffin of the Bo people."

Xuanjizi and Xuanzhenzi exchanged glances quickly, and then looked at the old monk together.

"Well," the old monk Wuyu murmured, "Nurse, this old man is also preparing to go to the south of Sichuan. If you don't mind, how about we go together?"

"Going together?" The Hakka nanny pretended to be reluctant, and asked timidly, "Although the old woman is old, it is always inconvenient for lonely men and widows to travel together."

The old monk Wuyu chuckled: "It's okay, the old monk and the two priests are both monks."

The Hakka nanny thought for a while, as if after a fierce ideological struggle, she finally made up her mind: "Well, since the Master's Dharma name is 'No Desire', I think I won't have any unreasonable thoughts about the old woman."

"That's natural." The old monk Wuyu heheed twice.

Xuan Jizi and Xuan Zhenzi secretly laughed to themselves, this old woman is too high-minded, probably all Taiwanese are like this.

"Xuan Zhenzi, go to the parking lot and bring the car, we will leave immediately." The old monk Wuyu ordered.

Xuan Zhenzi got up and left in response, a brand new silver-gray van drove up and stopped in front of him.

Is the ghost-eyed little cute wife and husband afraid?_What Buddha statues are afraid of ghosts?

"Mommy, please get in the car." Xuan Jizi opened the car door.

"The old woman wants to sit in a row alone." The Hakka nanny said vigilantly.

"Hehe ghosts are afraid of Buddha statues , please do whatever you want." The old monk smiled calmly.

At dawn, the van left the city and headed toward Guizhou along the Yunnan-Guizhou Highway.

In the car, the Hakka nanny sat alone in the back seat. Outside the window were rolling mountains, high cliffs and deep ravines, shrouded in clouds and mists, flowers blooming in the valley, colorful and beautiful.

"Master Wuyu, the old woman always thinks that your 'Asura worm' is actually a farting worm, and she will never miss it." The Hakka nanny deliberately stimulated the old monk with words, she wanted to find out what the worm was. Skills, one is to know yourself and the enemy, and she herself is also particularly interested in things like those Gu worms.

"Asura worm", also known as "Buddha worm", is the treasure of Taihua Temple's Zhenshan Mountain. Speaking of other things, the old monk Wuyu doesn't care about it, but this "Buddha worm" cannot tolerate others' contempt and blasphemy.

"How do you know that?" Although the old monk was angry, but after all his self-cultivation was extremely high, he just said coldly.

The Hakka mother thought to herself that the old monk had taken the bait, so she said, "The 'fart bug' is also known as the stinky elder sister and the shit fart bug. Its abdomen can release a large amount of poisonous mist. In order to produce these pulse bombs, in There are a variety of chemical substances stored in the body and mixed, which are sprayed out through the vent holes in the exoskeleton. Sometimes it is even accompanied by a strange whistling sound to intimidate the opponent, which is the same as a person's abdominal distension and loud fart."

Wuyu old monk remained silent with a straight face.

Is the ghost-eyed little cute wife and husband afraid?_What Buddha statues are afraid of ghosts?

"Hahaha," Xuanjizi couldn't help laughing when he heard the words, and said with a smile, "Master Wuyu, is what this Hakka nanny said true? If the treasure of the Taihua Temple is a stinky Eldest sister, that's ridiculous." He and his younger brother were not satisfied with the fairy son, his uncle, calling the old monk Wuyu to go to Bowang Mountain together, why should Buddhism be involved in Taoist affairs, so the words were not without ridicule meaning.

" What kind of Buddha statue is the master ghost afraid of ? Can 'Asura worms' fart too?" Xuan Zhenzi understood the meaning of the brother's teasing, so he participated in it while driving.

Wuyu old monk with a pale face: "How can the two fellow Taoists be so disrespectful to the 'Buddha worm' of Taihua Temple and speak obscenities?"

The seniority of the old monk is equal to that of his uncle, Xian Shengzi, so Xuanjizi naturally couldn't be too teasing, so he smoothed things over and said: "Since it was a treasure that was paid tribute to Chen Yuanyuan back then, it must not be a farting bug, otherwise I will be with you all day long." Wouldn't it be an abrupt beauty to be accompanied by Big Sister Smelly?"

"Perhaps Chen Yuanyuan discovered the true face of this insect, and maybe he gave it to the monks of Taihua Temple because of his indecent taste." The Hakka nanny said harshly again, and the conversation could not end here.

"Pindao thinks it's entirely possible." Xuan Zhenzi couldn't see the height of his eyebrows, but also echoed.

In fact, although the old monk Wuyu is proficient in Buddhism, he is a layman in entomology. As for what kind of insects this "Asura worm" belongs to, he is not very clear.

"No matter what the 'Asura worm' is, after all, it has been meditating in front of the Buddha for three hundred years, eating incense ashes and listening to chanting scriptures. May I ask which eminent monk in the contemporary era has this cultivation level? All things have spirits, whether they are humans or insects. Forget it, as long as you devote yourself to meditation, you can achieve positive results." The old monk said seriously.

"'Buddha Bug' practiced meditation in Taihua Temple for 300 years, and the lifespan of a stinkbug as an arthropod is less than one year. This means that it has practiced for 300 lives. So, has it cultivated supernatural powers?" Hakka nun Said lightly, this is the crux of the problem, and it is what she is trying to understand.

"Of course I have supernatural powers." Wuyu old monk didn't know what to do, so he blurted out.

The ghost is afraid of the corpse. The forest master is busy_Is the ghost-eyed little cute wife and husband afraid? What is the ghost? Is the wife and husband afraid_Ghosts afraid of Buddha statues_Ghosts are afraid of the corpse Tuo Lin Lord busy

"What supernatural power?" Hakka nanny asked casually, as if she didn't care.

"That's right, what supernatural power does 'Asura Worm' have?" Xuanjizi also wanted to know urgently. When he was in Zhenwu Golden Palace last night, he once asked his uncle, but Xian Shengzi didn't mention a word, he just asked him and Xuan Zhenzi to send a message to Master Wuyu overnight, and they must bring the "Asura worm" to Bowang Mountain.

"Uncle Shi carries the Zhenwu Seven-Star Sword, the treasure of Taihe Temple, and the master brought the treasure of Taihua Temple, "Buddha Insect". It seems that this trip to Bowang Mountain will be very lively. "Xuan Zhenzi said hehe.

"What kind of treasure is that Zhenwu Seven Star Sword?" Hakka nanny asked cautiously.

Xuan Zhenzi smiled ostentatiously: "That is a legendary item of our Taoist school. It was the weapon of Wu Sangui, the king of Pingxi, and it weighed more than sixty catties. Think about it, how strong this arm is to use it. Only the uncle can play around."

"Zhenwu Seven Star Sword and 'Ashura Worm' are the treasures of Zhenshan. They are both objects from 300 years ago. Which one is more powerful?" Mammy continued to ask.

"Does it need to be said?" Xuan Zhenzi was rather disdainful, "One is a sword made of fine steel, and the other is an insect with a fleshy body. Just think about it."

"Amitabha," retorted the Wuyu old monk, "the sword is just the ear of a dead thing, but the 'Asura worm' has the root of wisdom and spirituality. How can the two be compared?"

"Master, the True Martial Seven-Star Sword in the Golden Hall of the Supreme Harmony Palace is not a dead thing, it is also spiritual, but in the late autumn rainy night, it often makes a whistling sound." Tian Jizi retorted angrily.

"Wu Sangui seems to have died of illness in Hengyang in autumn. Three years later, the Qing army broke through Kunming, and the 'San Francisco Rebellion' was put down." The Hakka nanny recalled, but I can't remember clearly. If Dudu was here, there is no one who doesn't know , this time went to Hong Kong with the ghost baby Shen Caihua.

"That's right," Wuyu old monk said, "Wu Sangui did die of illness in Hengyang, Hunan in the seventeenth year of Kangxi's reign. The lives of the common people are miserable, and their crimes are unforgivable."

"What the master said is different. Wu Sangui was originally a hero of the Ming Dynasty. He won the three armies bravely when he was young. Li Zicheng never betrayed him. As for the Qing army's ambition to annex the Central Plains, this was unexpected." Xuanjizi retorted.

During the journey, the two schools of Buddhism and Taoism in the car continued to argue fiercely, leaving Yunnan and Guizhou and entering Sichuan, and did not stop until they reached the foot of Xingwen Bowang Mountain in southern Sichuan.

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