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While chatting with my sister on the phone, I learned that the old horse in my hometown had died. The death of the old horse reminded me of the supernatural events that happened in his home. Lao Ma has three sons and one daughter. They are the daughter, the eldest son, the second son and the youngest son in descending order of age. The protagonist of the incident is the second son (hereinafter referred to as Xiao Ma), who was the first of thirteen hanging suicides in the village at that time. Ladies and gentlemen, two supernatural events have happened to the pony.

The first one was the ghost hitting the wall that he encountered when he was more than ten years old. One day after dinner, I went to watch a movie in a neighboring village more than ten miles away. This was the main recreational activity for rural children at that time. After arriving at the place, he found a corner to sit down, fell asleep after a while, and woke up long after the song was over, so he hurried back alone in the middle of the night, returning to the village passing a cemetery, and encountered a ghost hitting the wall. When I returned to the village after dawn, I started talking nonsense. For example, he said that xxx is too pitiful, and the house he lives in is too short and can only be crawled in and out; Xiao Ma also mentioned that a couple of old people are very affectionate over there; He beat Xiao Ma and asked Xiao Ma to send a message asking xxx to send him money, etc. This shocked and frightened the onlookers, because he could not know the condition of these people, most of them died during the Republic of China.

When he asked these things after he woke up, he looked blank, but some old people in the village confirmed Xiao Ma's statement: for example, the one who lived in a low house, his family was too poor when he died, and he was buried with a straw mat; The loving couple was very loving and died on the same day, which became a big news at that time; as for the scoundrel who was a bandit before his death, he had no one to go to the grave after his death and had to rely on robbery, and that xxx was the nephew of the bandit.

The second thing is about his death

When Xiao Ma was four or five years old, his mother died of illness. At that time, Xiao Ma’s younger brother was only one or two years old. The old Ma was both a father and a mother, and it was hard to bring them up. Needless to say. It was the wheat harvest season when Xiao Ma was 18 years old, and Lao Ma took advantage of the coolness to gather his family to start the wheat harvest early in the morning. During the wheat harvest season in rural areas, both wheat harvesting and planting are required. The time is tight and the task is heavy, because missing the harvest time will affect the harvest of the year, so that time is very hard. But the child was ignorant, he just felt too tired and couldn't get up on the bed. His father slapped him angrily and joined the wheat harvesting team.

When he was in the wheat field, the pony really vomited. His father was too busy to take care of him, so he let him sit on the ground for a while, and the others continued to work. When I came back along the wheat ridge, I found that the pony was gone. I didn’t see the pony at lunch when the heroine was dead , and I didn’t see it at dinner. The pony didn’t come back until the evening. I didn't take it too seriously, because the mother died, the child without a mother is a grass, and the brothers and sisters in the family are free-range. On weekdays, they just go to the house of a classmate and relative to eat and live there. The family is used to it.

Three or four days later, the moment of terror came. There is an idle yard near the old horse’s house. There is a dilapidated house in the yard. It is the old house of the old horse’s house. Because it has been abandoned for a long time, it is very desolate and dilapidated. In addition, Xiao Ma’s mother died in the old house, and there are few family members on weekdays. Patronage, no one comes in now that the farming season is busy. Just three or four days after Xiao Ma disappeared, there was an unpleasant smell near the abandoned house, and flies were buzzing in and out of the house. With a premonition, he rushed into the old house and found that the pony was hanging from the beams, because it had been changed beyond recognition for too long.

The pony's hanging can only be regarded as a sensation, and what happened after that is a horror. One day not long after the incident, when the village school was over in the afternoon, almost all the people at home in the whole village flocked to Pony's house, and Pony possessed her sister.

I clearly remember that when the heroine died when the scene was revealed , the old horse sat on the grinding table in embarrassment, sadness, and grief, his eyes were red, and he kept cursing, "This scammer, this scammer Ghost!" Elder sister Xiao Ma was lying in the yard, and an old lady from the village was sitting on the saddle next to her, and the two were having a conversation. The old lady asked "Xiao Ma" why she hanged herself, and the voice from Xiao Ma's mouth was really Xiao Ma's voice, to the effect that it was xx (the first of the thirteen hanged people, and Xiao Ma was the second). On the way home from the head of the wheat field, xx said that this place is bitter, but the other side is good, and I can see my mother without doing farm work. Then he specifically said how xx taught him to hang himself. As soon as he said this, everyone present was in a commotion. xx's mother, who was also there at the time, was ashamed and quietly withdrew from the crowd of onlookers. Then the conversation continued, the old lady persuaded Xiao Ma to leave, and promised to burn paper money, marry a ghost and other conditions, and then Xiao Ma's sister came to her senses. Not long after, Xiaoma's neighbor, a young man surnamed Zhang, hanged himself again.

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