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Wolf's Nest Ridge was originally a place where wolves haunted.

In the early years, the wolves here lived in groups and howled every night. Occasionally, they have to go down the mountain and enter the village, running wild in the village, disturbing the villagers' lives.

Later, the number of families at the foot of the mountain increased year by year. When the popularity is high, the "wolf spirit" is not so arrogant. One grows and the other fades, it is the natural law of the world.

Later, preparations for war and famine were carried out, and militia divisions were established. Every village has a semi-automatic rifle. When there is no war in the world, people will "use wolves as enemies" and conduct live ammunition exercises. After one winter, at least a dozen wild wolves were killed by guns. After a few winters, the Wolf's Nest Ridge has been sparsely populated and nine out of ten holes are empty.

What followed was gate ditch padding and land reclamation. The few surviving wild wolves could no longer live here, so they had to leave their homes and go outside the mouth to make a living.

Since then, Langwoling has become the name of the village at the foot of the mountain, which is a name for nothing.


The head of the township suffered from distress and was lying in the township government compound and rolling in pain. Taking medicine, injections, and infusions didn't work, so they sent someone to find "Bite Er".

Langbiteer is the nickname of the village head of Langwoling Village.

When Langbiter was young, he was the company commander of the militia in the village. In that era, it happened to be the age of idleness, and the wolf was carrying a semi-automatic rifle all day long, wandering around and bombing. I pretended to be two things in my heart: one was to find the eldest girl and the young daughter-in-law in the village; the other was to go into the mountains to fight wolves. No matter whether it is a human or a wolf, as long as you let him stare at it, you will be doomed.

One night, he took a few militiamen to dig out the wolf's den on the wolf's den ridge. Killed a big wolf and killed two little wolf cubs. Accidentally, one ear was bitten off by the female wolf who had just returned from hunting. As a result, the nickname "Wolf Bite" came into being.

The villagers wished behind their backs and said: Retribution, why don't the wolves bite the dick, so as to save the women in the village from suffering.

Lang Biter was hated by people in the village, but he was greatly appreciated by the Minister of Armed Forces of the commune.

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The Minister of Armed Forces surreptitiously bombarded Wolf Biter's son, and Wolf Biter rewarded the Minister of Armed Forces with wolf skins, wolf meat, and wolf water that he had hunted. However, the Minister of Armed Forces has an old problem of heartache. Whenever he falls ill, he will die of pain and roll around smoothly. But after eating the wolf's heart sent by Langbai'er, the disease has gradually recovered. The relationship between Lang Bite'er and the Minister of Armed Forces has thus become closer.

Later, the commune was transformed into a township, and the minister became the head of the township, and Lang Biter naturally changed from a militia company commander to a village head.

This time the village chief's old illness relapsed, and the village chief Lang Biter was so anxious that he got angry and licked his teeth: Now that you can't even see wolf shit, where can you get wolf's heart?


Lang Biter was so worried that he didn't know where to go. The daughter-in-law of Zhuzi, who lives at the root of Langwo Ridge, came to the door in a panic, saying that she had found a pack of wolf feces at the gate of her house.

When Wolf Biter found wolf dung, he couldn't help but tremble in his heart. He regained his energy immediately, pulled on his shoes and ran outside. The turmoil and stumbling have already wiped out the village chief's reserve.

Zhuzi's daughter-in-law chased after her and shouted: "Village chief, village chief, slow down, I haven't bothered to tell you about my business…"

Ruthless shit was everywhere in Langwoling in the early years, and it can be seen everywhere, usually like pig shit and dog shit. But now it has become a rare rarity. When the village chief, Lang Biao'er, was out of breath and ran to the door of Zhuzi's house at the root of Langwo Ridge, a group of people had already gathered there to watch, and some commented on the circle of wolf shit on the ground, plausible…

Seeing the village head approaching, the people took the initiative to retreat and make way for a passage.

The village head, Lang Biao'er, hurried forward, first walked around the poop three times, then lay down on the ground, looked up and down, sniffed left and right, and almost tried to taste it. After careful study, he slowly got up and patted the soil on his hands and said: "It's wolf shit, and based on the pig hair in this shit, I can conclude that it's a real wolf shit. "

At this time, Zhuzi's daughter-in-law came to the front in a panic, and begged with a look of horror: "Village chief, you have seen this with your own eyes. We dare not live in this place any longer. You have to find a way to give it to us in the village." Let’s approve block housing bases, this pillar is in a coal mine in Tangshan, only my child and I are at home, sooner or later it won’t turn into wolf shit…"

Some people in the crowd echoed the voice and interceded for Zhuzi's daughter-in-law. But the village chief turned a deaf ear to these things, and said without knowing the sky or the ground: "There is no place to find if you break through the iron shoes, and it takes no effort to get them." Then he walked away excitedly.


That year, when the wolves in Langwoling were forced to move out of the mouth, there was a wolf that lurked quietly.

It is the she-wolf who was bitten by the wolf and took out the wolf's den, killing her husband and son, and bit off one of the ears of the wolf. The reason why it stays is to wait for an opportunity to avenge the husband and children who were bitten by wolves.

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However, if a lone wolf with weak strength wants to face revenge against a powerful human team, it is not easy. It had no choice but to suppress the anger of hatred, hide in the depths of the cave, try its best, and wait for the opportunity…

The cold comes and goes, the stars move, and the days pass by. Seeing the enemy having children and grandchildren, living a happy life, but God has never given him a chance to take revenge.

In the past two years, it has gradually felt that its energy is declining and its physical strength is exhausted. It is really worried that it will go on like this, and it will die before it avenges itself.

In desperation, it took risks. I sneaked into the village at night and walked around. But seeing the iron gates and high walls of the enemy's house, which is impenetrable, and the fierce big wolf dog guarding the courtyard, you are not allowed to get close at all. In the end, it had no choice but to leave a poop at the gate of the next house in Linggen, and set up a formation to lure the snake out of the hole.


The village chief, Lang Yaoer, had no idea that there was a wolf lurking on Langwo Ridge, and it was always eyeing him. It never occurred to him that this wolf shit was a bait deliberately lured by that wolf.

After leaving the wolf dung in front of Zhuzi's house, he rushed home excitedly to find the double-barreled shotgun that had been hidden on the roof shed, took the big wolf dog named Heihu, and headed straight for Wolf's Nest Ridge.

The wolf lurking in the cave couldn't help but chuckle to himself when he saw the wolf bite into the mountain. He cursed secretly in his heart: Wolf Fuck's Xiaodaokou Ghost Story Network , after all, fell into my trick.

The sky has eyes. For revenge, it restrained and endured in every possible way. It waited in the cave for more than twenty springs and autumns, and finally waited for this day. The fire of hatred that was suppressed in his heart suddenly burst out and hit his forehead. It was so burned that its five viscera were overwhelmed, its blood flowed, its eyes gleamed fiercely, and its whole body trembled. It can't wait to jump up, rush out of the hole, and start a life-and-death struggle with the enemy.

But as the enemy approached step by step, its mood gradually stabilized. After calming down, it clearly saw that Lang Bite was carrying a black and shiny double-barreled shotgun on his back, and a ferocious and fat wolf dog. Stay vigilantly around. Although the enemy is right in front of him, it is not easy to take revenge. Once you can't control your emotions, lose your mind, and act rashly, all previous efforts will be wasted and all success will be ruined. After living in the cave for more than 20 years, it has fully realized the beauty of the word "patience". Those who want to achieve great things must get rid of their impetuosity, practice calmness, assess the situation and seize the opportunity. Knowing that it is impossible to do it is the courage of the common man; knowing that it can be done but not doing it is also a coward. It doesn't want to be brave, let alone be a coward. It has to submerge itself and wait and see what happens. Once there is an opportunity, it will rush forward without hesitation and put the enemy to death.

However, until sunset, it could not find an opportunity to take advantage of it, so it had to watch the wolf bite down the mountain.

The next day, the story of yesterday was repeated.


On the third day, the wolf was a little unsteady.

Before dawn, it turned around in the cave restlessly, restless, and then simply walked out of the cave, looking and wandering on the mountain ridge…

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It was dawn, and the fiery red sun slowly rose from the east mountain, dyeing the mountains orange.

The wolf is lurking in the orange red, waiting for the enemy wolf to bite.

It was three poles high in the sun, and there was still no sign of Wolf Biting. The wolf felt a little cold. It was worried that Wolf Biter would give up halfway after returning without success for two days in a row? But after thinking about it again, no, because human beings are the most greedy animals, knowing that there are prey in the mountains, they will never give up.

Just when the wolf was thinking wildly and in a state of confusion, a little boy came up the mountain bouncing up and down.

The wolf's heart was moved. It knew this child, who was the grandson of Wolf Biter.

The wolf stuck out its blood-red tongue excitedly, and greedily licked its chapped lips. I secretly felt ruthless: Well, don’t you human beings have debts from fathers to sons to pay back? Today I want to pay back your debts from your ancestors and grandchildren, and give you a wolf-fucking wolf bitch to cut off your children and grandchildren, so that you can taste the pain of losing a loved one…

Just when it was hiding its murderous intent and was just about to move, it suddenly found a black muzzle pointed at here among the firewood in the distance.

The wolf couldn't help breaking out in a cold sweat. Quickly put away his murderous intentions, crouched quietly in the grass, and did not move at all. After falling into a trance, he woke up from the dream, and it turned out that Wolf Biter was using his grandson as bait, and resorted to the unique trick of "I don't want the child to beat the wolf". It seems that the poison, ruthlessness, and absoluteness of human beings are far from comparable to our wolves.


The village chief, Lang Yao'er, knew that there were wolves in the mountains, but after walking around for two days, he didn't see any wolves. There was also the idea of ​​retreating, but it was just a flash of thought, because the township chief was eagerly waiting to eat this wolf's heart.

It was also out of desperation that he cruelly lied to his own grandson as bait, and made this dangerous move.

The little grandson was innocently playing and frolicking on the hillside, but Lang Biaoer hid in the firewood and pressed the trigger with his hand, hanging his heart in the air, not daring to be distracted for a moment.

Just at this time, I heard someone yelling "Village Chief, Village Chief" coming up the mountain. The wolf was so angry that he gritted his teeth and scolded: "Fuck the wolf, you are dead or on fire, what are you doing, how can I deal with you if you mess up my good business."

When he turned his face away, he was already in front of him. It turned out to be Zhuzi's wife.

Seeing Zhuzi's daughter-in-law blushing, panting with her chest heaving, she said, "Village Chief, you can make it easier for me to find you."

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At this moment, Lang Bite'er had already dissipated, staring straight at Zhuzi's daughter-in-law and said, "Why do you come to me in this wilderness?"

"What else can I do? I just want to ask you to approve a homestead in the village so that we can move. If the pillar is not at home, you can't watch me and my child live alone outside the village to feed the wolves."

"It's because of this." Lang Yao'er became suspicious, and immediately put on the airs of the village head, and said in an official tone: "The matter of this house base is not easy to handle, and several families in the village are watching it. "

"I'm not in a special situation."

"Special?" Lang Yaoer glanced at Zhuzi's daughter-in-law, and said with a smirk, "Since it is special, it must be handled in a special way."

"What special method?"

"Exchange your family's responsibility field."

"Okay, you can use whatever you say."

"Don't you need to discuss with Zhuzi?"

"No, I can take charge of this matter."

"Okay, then use your land in exchange."

As Lang Biter was talking, he had already reached between Zhuzi's daughter-in-law's legs.

"This won't work, this…"

Zhuzi's daughter-in-law instinctively blocked it with her hands, and said in a panic: "This is Zhuzi's private land, we can't let other people pick up the hoe…"

"Okay, I say yes."

Lang Bitinger pushed Zhuzi's wife to the ground without any explanation, and said while panting, "Anyway, Zhuzi is not at home, and this land is also deserted, so let me tidy it up for him…"


Lang Biter's grandson was having fun when he heard someone calling him "little friend, little friend" in a low voice.

He looked up and looked around, only to find half of his face exposed beside a big rock.

With half of his face facing him, he yelled furtively: "Little friend, come here, I have something good for you."

"No!" Lang Yao'er's grandson said indifferently: "My grandma said that I would not be allowed to talk to strangers. She said that there are bad people who shoot flowers to steal children's hearts and sell them for money."

Hearing this, Half Zhang Lian rushed over from behind the stone, picked up the child with his arms and ran away, and shouted fiercely: "Don't shout, I am the flower auctioneer who only steals children's hearts and sells them for money… …"

The grandson of Lang Biter struggled desperately and shouted: " Grandpa , Grandpa, save me…"

But his grandfather, Lang Yao'er, was sweating profusely at this time to steal and cultivate other people's private plots, and he had already thrown his grandson out of the sky, where his cry for help would still be heard.

The grandson didn't see his grandfather coming to save him, so he instinctively called out "Mom—" in desperation

Just this heart-rending "mother" suddenly awakened the motherhood of the wolf that had been dormant in the grass. It didn't even think about it, so it jumped up and rushed up, biting half of the throat of the face with just one bite. At the same time, a crisp gunshot shook the valley and Shafei's leaves fell.

The grandson of Lang Bite'er was saved, and he threw himself into the arms of his grandfather crying, but the wolf fell to the ground, whipped the animal a few times, and then straightened his dry and emaciated body…

The mayor ate the wolf's heart, and his illness naturally healed.

But according to rumors, the mayor's temperament has changed drastically since then, and he often roars up to the sky at night, like a wolf howling, and occasionally bites people, but the people who are bitten are mostly sycophants, gossiping, and bullying.

Of course, even if it is a rumor, it is not completely credible. I'm talking nonsense, so just listen to it.

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