Red Lotus Blooms In The Heart

In this small town, the most people are not people, but the proud beauties, red lotuses. A few flowers are planted in large tanks on the balcony of every household.

The name of this small town is Honglian Town. There is a Honglian Lake in the town. There is a little red ripple in the lake, which is Honglian.

Most of the lotus flowers here are very small, only as big as the fist of a newborn baby. The petals are pink, but the stamens are deep red, like blood, shining iridescent in the sun.

But in the center of the lake, there is a lotus that is very different. Not only is the whole lotus red, but its branches are also red, like human blood vessels. Moreover, its size is countless times that of those pocket lotuses, like a bathtub.

This naturally attracted countless people to visit Honglian Town. And Yang Yang is one of them, and his companions are Yu Xin and Tong Qing.

Yang Yang met two girls in the town, Qinglian and Lianxin. All the children in this town are named after Lian.

Qinglian, how did the town grow such a big lotus? Yuxin was very curious, standing on the boat, looking at the lotus in the middle of the lake.

I don't know either. Qinglian paddled the wooden paddle slowly, smiled softly, and answered the question that the other two wanted to know.

Don't pick the lotus here, otherwise Lian Xin pretended to be mysterious and said.

How about otherwise? Yuxin is a lively and mischievous girl. Just after she asked if the lotus can cure the blood demon , she picked a delicate pocket lotus and admired it in the palm of her hand. I have never seen such a small lotus, the world is really wonderful.

You have picked them all, otherwise it is useless. Lian Xin chuckled and rowed the boat. When facing those lotus flowers, her eyes were full of tenderness but also a little disgusted.

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There are many people taking pictures by the lake, there are also a few boats on the lake, and there are not a few people picking lotus.

In the lively crowd, under the cover of feasting and feasting, a silent death came.

Early morning, Tong Tong, Yu Xin. Yang Yang knocked on the doors of Tong Qing and Yu Xin, but none of them were in the room.

When Yang Yang called them, it all showed that the phone was turned off. What's going on, where did everyone go? Yang Yang was a little anxious, those who came together must go back together, but nothing happened.

What's wrong? Qinglian came out of the room yawning.

Tongtong and the others disappeared. Did you see them?

Qinglian was startled, and quickly woke up Lianxin.

Shouldn't they become one of the lotus flowers? ! Lian Xin covered her mouth, as if she was afraid of missing something.

Yang Yang was stunned, and realized that there was a problem, so he stared at Lian Xin: What do you mean? Make it clear to me!

Qinglian lit the bed sheet with a lighter, and in the light of the fire, a red lotus opened its petals beautifully on the bed, showing a strange phenomenon from blooming to withering to several people.

_The blood demon in the blue cat_Can the lotus detox the blood demon

Remember what Lian Xin told you yesterday, don’t pick lotus flowers? Everyone who picks lotus will disappear the next day. This happened in our small town too.

Haven't you looked for it? Yang Yang asked suspiciously.

I searched for it, but I couldn't find anyone alive or dead. It is said that every time a person disappears, many lotus flowers will grow out of Red Lotus Lake, so people in the town say that whoever picks lotus flowers will become lotus flowers.

After hearing this, Yang Yang's eyes suddenly turned cold, and he ran to Honglian Lake to have a look, it was true! In the middle of the lake, quite a lot of beautiful lotus emerged overnight, surrounding the big lotus. Swaying in the morning breeze, proudly showing off their beauty.

The lake water was still clear, the wind blew past it gently, and the lake surface rippled round after round, like a light blue brocade with pleats.

There were bursts of mournful cries and noise from the street, and Yang Yang ran towards the source.

What happened? Yang Yang asked an old woman who was crying.

I got a daughter when I was old, but now my daughter has disappeared here. Those who are sad are also missing family members and friends. Now they are communicating with the mayor of this small town.

Yang Yang's complexion is not good, more than one person is missing, it seems that he will go to the lake tonight to find out.

In the dark night, Yang Yang quietly went to Honglian Lake when he was sure no one was following him.

Big? Gorefiend Big Thrall

The hazy moonlight poked its head over the calm lake, and all the red lotuses glowed like a dream, as if they were in a fairyland, and even the moonlight couldn't help being intoxicated. This is also a beautiful scenery worth watching in Honglian Town.

But Yang Yang was not in the mood to enjoy the scenery at this time, so he reached out to pick the lotus flowers by the lake, to verify what Qinglian said.

Stop, you don't want to die! With a scolding voice, Yang Yang's outstretched fingers were stopped.

Yang Yang turned his head and saw Qinglian in a green veil chasing in the wind. The moonlight facing her covered her with a soft veil, as if she was returning or leaving by the wind. Never noticed that she was so beautiful, Yang Yang's heart broke a string suddenly.

Yang Yang still didn't withdraw his hand, even though the beauty was in front of him, he almost forgot the purpose of this trip, but this trip can't be fruitless.

He jumped and jumped into the lake. Under the projection of the moonlight, the lake is very dreamy. Yang Yang continued to go downstream, the darker it went down. Yang Yang secretly scolded himself for not bringing equipment, so he couldn't see clearly in the water.

At this time, a pocket lotus flower floated beside Yang Yang, and the whole lotus flower exuded a gentle light, illuminating Yang Yang's surroundings.

One person and one lotus float with the water, and the darkness beyond the light seems to hide countless unknown creatures.

Yang Yang used this lotus lamp to swim deep, so he saw many things that he should not have seen or understood.

Yang Yang was about to lose his breath, he emerged from the water in a hurry, took a few breaths of fresh air, and then went into the water again.

He approached the silt at the bottom of the lake at the fastest speed, what is that white bony thing looming?Yang Yang gently and slowly pushed the mud away

Yang Yang struggled to swim upstream and coughed several times. On the surface of the water, sparkling, the water lilies have closed their petals to recharge their batteries. It was too quiet, not even the sound of frogs and insects. Beautiful, still so beautiful, but Yang Yang seemed to hear the shivering laughter under every water lily.

His whole body was cold, and his goosebumps were shrinking in the water. He almost drowned in the water with just one glance. This time I have to go down again to confirm, who will know this secret?

When he returned to his residence, Yang Yang didn't realize his clothes were wet.

This small town is quaint, no matter where it is, it is full of classics. There is no electricity in this town, and everything is lit by oil lamps. Now that I think about it, the people in this small town are too cold, no matter how many tourists there are, the coldness of the people in this town will not be reduced at all.

well! You know it after all. A sigh echoed in the room, and the lights on the table were like beans, constantly swinging, and might go out at any time.

come out! Yang Yang roared, this town does not exist at all, it is an empty town, and those of us who are tourists just happened to have the same frequency as the town's radio waves, so we came in.

A picture appeared on the wall, it was a huge lotus, and there was a person sitting on the lotus, her cold face was familiar to Yang Yang, it was Qinglian!

Please tell me the story. Yang Yang looked at Qinglian with heartache. Under the big lotus flower at the bottom of the lake, he saw her in red clothes. Her body was not decomposed. The wrist-thick stems of the lotus flower were rooted in her heart. She was sleeping so beautifully.

that's a long story

The lotus in Honglian Town is famous far and wide. The mayor’s daughter, Honglian, likes lotus very much.

Honglian looked at the lotus in the lake and recited poems happily. She was not satisfied that the lotus was as big as the lotus, and the color was not unique. After a long time, I get tired of watching it.

She looked up ancient books and tried to cultivate new varieties of lotus, but all failed.

As she grows older, Red Lotus has gradually lost hope in cultivating new varieties, but when she no longer has hope, a book appears about how to grow new plants with humans.

The book says that if you plant lotus on the body of a man under the age of twelve, you can get a pocket lotus; if you use the body of an adult woman as a container to cultivate lotus, you can grow a large red lotus with the same body.

For the experiment, I killed my younger brother and planted a lotus flower, and I happened to be an adult at that time, so I used myself as a vessel to cultivate a red lotus. At that time, I was too excited and happy, and because I was young and ignorant, I killed the whole town and became the nourishment of the lotus. You can see that this is how the beautiful and peculiar lotus flowers come from today. There were tears and sadness in Qinglian's eyes. But the soul of this small town can no longer go outside the town.

What about the people who went missing that day? Why can't you pick the lotus?

They have become the fertilizer of the lotus. The lotus is the soul of everyone in this town. Once it is picked, the soul contained in it will have no place to rest, so it needs to find someone to become nourishment and bloom again.

Yang Yang listened carefully without interrupting her.

I am Honglian, and Lianxin is a person I made out of lotus pistils, and my heart is connected with me. Don't worry, as long as you don't pick the lotus, you can go out safely. Qinglian looked into the distance, her eyes were deep, and disappeared into the light.

When Yang Yang thought of seeing the moss-covered bones of the lotus at the bottom of the lake, and some fresh corpses, he felt a chill in his heart when he saw Tong Qing and Yu Xin. I still remember the gloomy look in the hole in the eyes with white bones.

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