Haunted Night

haunted night

Li Erye is not the only person in the village who has seen the ghost of Liu Xiangju. My neighbor Zhang Erdan was also haunted by her ghost. At first, Zhang Erdan’s father heard a woman laughing outside the door when he got up to pee at night. When he opened the door and looked outside, he found that the wind was blowing outside, and there was not even a single person. A few nights later, when Erdan Zhang and his family were about to fall asleep, they suddenly heard a woman outside the door laughing and shouting miserably: "Give me back my body, give me back my body…" Zhang Erdan Dandan and his family were so frightened that they didn't sleep all night.

The next day, Zhang Erdan asked the witch from the neighboring village to drive away the ghost that came to haunt the night. The witch tried to drive out ghosts at Zhang Erdan's house. After a busy day, it was already dark, so Zhang Erdan left the witch at home for the night. In the evening, when he was chatting with the witch, he suddenly heard the old ox tied in the yard kick roughly, kick its hooves, and keep laughing like a human being, looking very restless.

Hearing this weird laughter, Zhang Erdan's hair stood on end, and his muscles became tense. He couldn't help but shivered and said, "What should I do? The ghost is on Niu."

The witch comforted him and said: "Don't be afraid, this female ghost is the ghost of Liu Xiangju, and she came to seek revenge for the devil who killed her back then."

Zhang Erdan asked puzzledly: "But there are no devils in our family, why does she always come here to make trouble at night?"

The witch didn't answer, and came to the old scalper, closed her eyes, and said something into the old scalper's ear, and the old scalper nodded towards her as if she understood her words. After a while, the old scalper calmed down. The witch also suddenly said to the neighbors: "Liu Xiangju's ghost told me that this yard used to belong to their family, and she was bullied by her little cousin in this yard, that's why she came here to make trouble at night."

At this time, Zhang Erdan's father also confirmed the witch's words. It turned out that after Liu Xiangju's death, her parents also got a serious illness and died. Since then, the Liu family's yard has become an empty courtyard. A thousand and one nights, a ghost story a night , an entertainer who wandered around the village, came to this village and bought this yard from Liu Xiangju's uncle. settle down.

After hearing how the witch and his father bought the yard, Zhang Erdan understood why Liu Xiangju's ghost often came to the house to make trouble at night. It turned out that this was also Liu Juxiang's home. After knowing this, he hurriedly asked the witch to cast a spell and ask him to leave. The ghost of Liu Xiangju. The witch asked him to prepare some sacrifices, went to Liu Xiangju's grave, and read the scriptures for Liu Xiangju. Since then, Liu Xiangju's ghost did not go to his house to make trouble overnight.

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