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That day, I met my neighbor, Uncle Niu. He passed away a few years ago. I have been away from home for the past few years. Only dead people can meet dead people. When I met him, I broke into a cold sweat on my scalp and my legs became weak. I thought I was dead.

In the afternoon, I found out from others that I had misremembered the news. I will regret it if you don’t read Fourth Master Qiao’s story . It was Uncle Niu’s wife, Aunt Ma, who passed away a few years ago. Then I breathed a sigh of relief and was glad that I was still alive. , even a little excited, "Actually, death is not scary at all, haha!"

Is the fourth master Qiao dead?_The descendants of fourth master Qiao_If you don’t read the story of fourth master Qiao, you will regret it to death

The excitement continued into the evening. Insomnia. I decided not to sleep and turned on my phone to send text messages. I unexpectedly found that there were many names of unknown people in my phone directory. It felt strange. I muttered in my heart: Who touched my phone? But I didn’t want to delete the list and wanted to find out what happened during the day.

When the newspaper arrived the next morning, a piece of news came into view: "Forty people were killed in a huge car accident." The list of victims was also listed. Seeing the long list of names, I thought of my mobile phone and my mobile phone. Directory on the phone.

If you don’t read the story of Mr. Qiao, you will regret it to death_The descendants of Fourth Master Qiao_Is Mr. Qiao dead

Fumbling around, I took out my phone…

You'll regret it if you don't read the story about forty people named Fourth Master Qiao . They are exactly the same as the names in the newspaper! My hand holding the phone trembled, I swallowed, and tried to dial one of the numbers – the person's name was "Huang Yan" ", I asked: "…uh…hello…Huang Yan?"

If you don’t read the story, you will regret it to death_Is Fourth Master Qiao dead_Fourth Master Qiao’s descendants

"Yes! Who are you?"

I hurriedly hung up the phone and stared wide-eyed. The sky outside the window turned yellow and dark, and the building under my feet seemed to be shaking. At that time, I just wanted to run away! But where could I run to? I didn’t know. I want to find a companion, where is Keren?

I was the only one standing at the bottom of the building, sweating and panting. It turned out that I ran down like crazy and forgot to take the elevator! "When escaping from an earthquake, you have to take the escalator. I was calm and wise to do so!" Justify yourself. But there was no earthquake! It was just that the sky was spinning a little and the ground was spinning a little.

When I woke up, I found myself lying in the ward of the emergency room.

I saw Aunt Ma!

Aunt Ma said: "Young man, please take it easy in the future. Don't be in a hurry all the time. You are prone to high blood pressure. Your uncle Niu died of high blood pressure a few years ago." I kept nodding, then nodding, motionless. , stared at Aunt Ma's slightly cataracted eyes, and listened to her finish.

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