Chapter 219 The Setting Sun Like Blood

In the western sky, the crescent moon has completely covered the Taibai Jinxing. Huang Laoyan looked up and said with satisfaction: "Little girl, the time is just right now. After the old man opens the seal, all these villains will be killed." Suppress and kill them all, and then we led the Yin soldiers to sweep across the Central Plains to unify the country;… [Read the book, please go to.]”

"Where is Youliang?" The old woman murmured with two tears in her deeply creased eyes, holding the seriously injured Mei Niang in her arms.

In the Great Muli Temple, Erya’s nightmare in her body desperately resisted the first Panchen Lama’s exorcism Gangdong. Just when she was about to collapse and die, fortunately Dudu poured mutton soup on the Gangdong, and the filth blocked it. The holy exorcism Sanskrit, which caused Rinpoche to fall short. At the same time, the nightmare in Youyan's body was stimulated unprecedentedly, causing it to rapidly deform and mature, and its power doubled. Therefore, when she fled the hall with Meiniang, even the "guardian" old lama Baimei Tashi couldn't catch up. I can't catch up.

"One-eyed Youliang?" Huang Laoyan was taken aback, and suddenly remembered that Youliang's little girl's name seemed to be "Erya".

Chung Yixian hesitated for a while, and then asked respectfully: "Senior, are you talking about that young man from Hedong with a disabled right eye?"

"Have you seen him?" Arya turned her head when she heard this, staring at her urgently and asked.

"Well, the old woman came to Lintong from Hanzhong by the same train as him."

"Where is he now?" A hint of surprise appeared on Erya's wrinkled old face.

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"Ah," Chung Yixian sighed, pointed at Huang Laoyan and said, "He killed him."

Er Ya was stunned when she heard the words, as if she couldn't believe her ears, two lines of hot tears spewed out, the flesh folds on her face trembled violently, and a hostility quickly spread from her whole body.

Once again, a biting murderous aura shrouded the top of the West Peak.

Huang Laoyan sneered twice, he didn't intend to tell her that Youliang didn't die, but included it in "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture". Encountering this fledgling young nightmare is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we must keep it for our own use. If we let it out, these two little beasts will probably go far away.

"How could this old man kill Youliang?" Huang Laoyan pretended to be angry and said, "He came to Lintong, but he eloped with Concubine Dong Gui behind the old man's back, what are you talking about? The girl's appearance has been ruined, and I will never spend my whole life with an ugly old woman. (Alas, young people nowadays are so easy to change their minds, it's simply out of date and immoral, eas;."

Erya didn't believe what Huang Laoyan said at all. Youliang once left a message on the wall of Lijiagou's old house. It can be seen that he still has a deep affection for her. How could it be possible to elope with Concubine Dong Gui all of a sudden?However, now his appearance is terrible, even if he doesn't care, how can he face it day and night as a woman?

Huang Laoyan watched Erya's face with cold eyes, and could see the contradictions and struggles in her heart, so he couldn't help but secretly rejoiced, well, it's not difficult to tame this young nightmare. The most important thing now is to quickly smash the warrior figurines to open the seal, and the rest will be discussed later.Thinking of this, under the astonished eyes of everyone, he slowly raised a hand

However, the palm suddenly and slowly fell down again, and quickly stretched into the skirt of the clothes and started scratching with an uncontrollable "chichi", and was still "humming" comfortably, as if extremely intoxicated and enjoying it.

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Uncle Fei heaved a sigh of relief when he saw it. The thousand-year-old nightmare finally responded. With a wave of his hand, Zhu Qiangqiang got up and wobbled to the front of Huang Laoyan. The "groaning and chirping" ** fell on the ground with all four limbs and rubbed its belly vigorously.

Huang Laoyan was in a trance at the moment, looking down at this naive big black pig with eight eyebrows, and involuntarily stretched out his hand to gently caress the smooth mane on its back.

This move surprised everyone on the top of the mountain. What happened to this thousand-year-old nightmare?

"Meow, woo woo woo" Meiniang was crying in pain in Er Ya's arms, several of its ribs had been broken, and its internal organs were shifted, and balls of blood-red foam were constantly oozing from its mouth and nose.

Erya looked at it sadly, Youliang's current whereabouts are unknown and Mei Niang's miserable appearance at the last breath made the resentment and nightmare in his body gradually condense.

Daoist Xufeng, who had been watching coldly, saw the change in Erya's expression at this moment, and couldn't help but worry. Huang Laoyan said that it is absolutely impossible for Youliang to elope with Concubine Dong Gui, but where is he?

Xu Feng glanced around, feeling that the atmosphere was getting more and more tense, and a fierce and bloody fight was about to break out.

Zen Master Gu Kong and Xue Daochan were whispering quietly.

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"Master, Erya is no longer the innocent little girl she used to be, but with her ruthless and decisive attacks, it can be seen that she has a cruel nightmare nature, and she will definitely become a demon like Huang Laoyan in the future. Now it's better to get rid of it before it grows bigger." Xue Daochan said with a cold expression.

"Amitabha, even though the old monk taught Youliang the 'Mengyi Shengong' as an expedient measure to obtain the "Dunhuang Heritage", after all, he still has the status of a master and apprentice, but now he wants to kill his apprentice's woman, you call me old How did the monk do it?" Zen Master Gukong shook his head and sighed endlessly.

"The master is simply pedantic. There is a saying that 'there is no balance between good and evil since ancient times'. The demons are born to poison the world and harm the living beings. How can you and my Buddhist disciples just sit idly by? Eliminating nightmares and defending the way and protecting the common people are really infinite merits." Xue Daochan persuaded with righteous words.

"Mr. Xue is right," Daoist Jia stepped forward to take over the conversation, and said solemnly, "The righteous way and the evil religion are incompatible. Just now everyone saw that Youyan's attack was extremely cruel and vicious. Not only is it right and wrong. The old ancestor was seriously injured, and he even showed no mercy to a little girl like Mo Mo. As the former master of the Baiyun Temple of Quanzhen Sect, Pindao should uphold the teachings of the ancestor Wang Chongyang and eradicate this young nightmare for Tian Xingdao .”

Daoist Jia didn't like Youliang at first, but just now his prostitute Erya severely injured Patriarch and Momo, so he was full of resentment and wished to kill her immediately.

But Han Sheng is a loyal and dull person, and he doesn't want anyone to hurt Erya. Alas, the legacy of raising a tiger will eventually lead to disaster. Jia Daochang is an old Jianghu, he knows that it is impossible to kill this young nightmare by himself, so behind Han Sheng's back, he encourages Zen Master Gu Kong and Xue Daochan to join forces, so that it can be done.

Xue Daochan was in the middle of his heart, so he nodded and said in a low voice: "Now when Huang Laoyan seems to be out of his mind, the three of us are attacking Young Nightmare, everyone must not have compassion in our hearts, and we must not give him time to breathe, otherwise we will counterattack. It will be troublesome to come here."

Daoist Jia nodded: "That's right, good and evil fight each other, eliminate evil and do everything, and there should be no benevolence of a woman at the moment of life and death."

"Okay, let's start in a while, Xue will take advantage of the chaos to destroy the warrior figurine, and then try to deal with Huang Laoyan." Xue Daochan said in a low voice.

The two looked at each other, and then they connected with each other, and then they jumped up into the air and rushed towards the unsuspecting Er Ya.

In mid-air, Jia Daochang took off the buttons of his long shirt to reveal his dirty navel, and immediately used the unique skill "spraying the dantian" in "Xuan Tian Gong". In an instant, a finger-thick Xuantiangang Qi mixed with the smell of viscera burst out from the navel with a sharp piercing sound.

Xue Daochan's green light shot up all over his body, and at the same time he sent out both palms, and two blue lights struck Erya like lightning.

Seeing that the two of them had already made a move, Zen Master Gu Kong had no choice but to stomp his foot and let out a cold "meng legacy finger" with a "swish". Such a shot is the "Blood Zen" lore.

Huang Laoyan was sitting on the fleshy back of the eight-browed pig at the moment, he seemed indifferent when seeing the three masters attacking Young Nightmare, instead he stretched out his hands gently, and used his nails on the pig's strong, fat belly. Scratching the itch.

It's too late, but sooner than later, when Arya sensed that the danger was imminent, it was too late to avoid it, and her body-protecting nightmare couldn't react instantly on its own in the early stage.

The green demon Xue Daochan's two bursts of green energy came later, and he heard two "chi chi", they pierced Erya's shoulders, and blood gushed out from the hole.

Immediately afterwards, Daoist Jia's foul-smelling Xuantiangang Qi hit the Tanzhong acupoint on Erya's chest, and the front skirt of the blue-flowered jacket flew into pieces, and the huge impact caused her body to retreat several steps in succession. And behind the feet is the cliff, and the voice of "poof" is sweet, and a large cloud of bright red blood mist is sprayed out.

Zen Master Gukong's extremely cold "meng legacy finger" happened to shoot Er Ya's stomach, and the cold air invaded the dantian instantly. She suddenly felt something move in her stomach, and then she groaned out of pain.

Erya didn't know that she was pregnant, and she didn't know that under the combined attack of the three great masters, her body had already shaken the fetal gas.

But when she saw her hair full of hair suddenly cracked and stood upright, her blood-stained old face was extremely distorted, her eyes were bleeding, she held Meiniang in one hand, and raised her hand to emit five-color nightmare light, but because she was injured first, that The color of the nightmare light has been mottled and dull and much shorter.

These phenomena naturally couldn't escape Xue Daochan's eyes. He was so excited that he laughed wildly, and couldn't wait to shout loudly: "Young Nightmare has been injured, everyone killed her in one go."

Shen Caihua, who was lying beside Momo, lowered his head and tears filled his eyes. Just now, Hansheng stopped him from fighting with Erya, but now he was concentrating on giving Momo the needle. The injury this time was really too serious.

Guiying sneaked away from Han Sheng, turned around and joined in the siege of Erya, he spat out a series of strange Sanskrit sounds like crazy: "Om, Nangjieshanatagahala…" The index finger of his right hand pointed upwards With a strong downward swing, he used the ninth form of the "Lard Oil Magic Art", "Opening the Heavenly Gate", and killed this villain who hurt Mo Mo.

The setting sun was like blood, and the top of the West Peak seemed to be shrouded in a red mist.

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