The Revenge Of The Braided Girl In Night Park: The Horrifying Adventures Of A Lovelorn Teacher

The following is a ghost story that Mr. Lin Jun told about his personal experience. The ghost story I will tell you today is called – The Girl with Two Braids. I shouted at the figure in front of me: "Girl, I'm not a bad person, I just want to ask why you are here so late?" I came to my senses and ran down the mountain, but I didn't expect the girl with braids behind me to chase me! That night I met the ghost of a girl! I heard from her family that she loved to wear two braids when she was alive! … Continue readingThe Revenge Of The Braided Girl In Night Park: The Horrifying Adventures Of A Lovelorn Teacher

Deadly Curse

The first curse is for those inhumane thieves. If they don't stop their evil hands, then… Yes, it's this crutch. It's right under his feet, like a poisonous snake, making a cold laugh. He's dead, Fu Ming said to himself, stay calm, maybe it's just a coincidence! The second curse is for those unscrupulous robbers. If they continue their evil behavior, then… … Continue readingDeadly Curse

Read Online

The scholar who died in the same coffin sighed and said, "To be honest, we are both ghosts in the underworld. The two ghosts were filled with grief and indignation, and they hugged each other and cried bitterly. Although they could not be married in life, they wanted to be a pair of "ghost mandarin ducks" after death and accompany each other forever! But one is a scholar who is well-educated and well-mannered, and the other is the daughter of an official. It is impolite to have sex without a host." The ghost scholar said, "This is not difficult. I will write a marriage certificate, put my name and Su Yu's name on it, and then write your name, uncle, who will be the host. … Continue readingRead Online

The Driver's Supernatural Story In "Fail To Rescue"

Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital in time, otherwise the driver might have bled to death on the roadside. Many passing drivers drove away when they saw the car accident, but when they saw the money all over the ground and saw that the driver was dying, they stopped to pick up the money. Although the beautiful father's companion did not have any accidents, he was very unlucky. He was either sick or had a fight with someone and ended up in the hospital. … Continue readingThe Driver's Supernatural Story In "Fail To Rescue"

Liaozhai Ghost Story: Xiangyun Online Reading

"[Ghost Stories in the Ghost House] The young master seemed to be in a dream at this time. Without saying a word, he let Xiang Yun into the house and made love with her. — Wonderful ghost stories are all in the Ghost House: –Every turning point in the story is full of surprises and changes, especially the encounter and separation between Qiao Sheng and Xiang Yun, and their interaction with the Vixen family, which adds depth and complexity to the story. … Continue readingLiaozhai Ghost Story: Xiangyun Online Reading

Midnight Knock On The Door

At two o'clock in the morning, he heard someone knocking on the security door of his house in his sleep. He was shocked when he was woken up. He then turned on the light and looked at the wall clock on the wall. It was only two o'clock in the morning. Who would knock on his door? door? No, there is such a bold little girl now who dares to stay out after midnight, and now she dares to knock on the outer door of other people's houses? So he opened the small iron window on the security door and asked, what happened to the girl in the middle of the night? … Continue readingMidnight Knock On The Door

The True Experience Of A Fortune Teller

My second uncle is a fortune teller. Let me tell you a few real things about him (my second uncle has passed away). 1. He once came to my house to tell fortunes. My grandfather tested him to see if his calculations were accurate, so he gave him the birth date and horoscope of a dead person and asked him to tell the person's fate. As a result, my second uncle said: , what should this person do if he has no longevity? There was no fortune-telling for the next few days. Legend has it that fortune-tellers are very taboo about this matter.

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Hanged Man

The Hanged Ghost is a big warlord who does all kinds of evil and is known as General Dogmeat. Look at how many people have died, but I am the only one who is safe. No ghost will take me away first. The hanged ghost quickly said: He died suddenly and could not be reborn, so he could only wander around the house. When the plague broke out, many ghosts came looking for a substitute. In order to repay her kindness, she told the ghosts that her friend was the substitute she liked. The new ghost didn't dare to argue with her, so her friends were safe. The hanged man was overjoyed and saluted.

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"The Female Ghost In The Back Seat" Taxi Ghost Story Online Reading

There's a female ghost in the back seat! The car is obviously empty, where did this female ghost come from? But Xiaorou was absolutely sure that she was definitely not mistaken. The female ghost was clearly sitting in the back seat of Xiali's car at that time. He was driving home when he suddenly saw a woman wearing a red down jacket standing in the middle of the road. When the car drove in front of him, the driver was horrified to find that the woman had no face and only had long red hair hanging down to her chest.

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Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng Chapter 36 The Broken Plaque

Zhang Yicheng was stunned, "What does he have to say?" Following Boss Dong's direction, I saw that there was indeed a fragment of a plaque in the bookshelf, with the four words "Revolution Chen Lixin" written on it. The inscription on the plaque was already incomplete. Zhou Yunran seemed thoughtful, "Brother Dong, can I see this plaque?" "Of course, when this plaque was written, there was no word "Jian Xiu"…" Zhang Yicheng said. "Boss Dong,…you have to think about it…" Zhang Yicheng gingerly handed the bottle opener to Boss Dong.

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