Resurrection Read Online

The old lama said, no need, it turned out that there was a storm yesterday, and I was a little exhausted. The old lama stopped him and said to his uncle: I have nothing to repay you. After ten years, I will give you a chance to be born again. When my uncle woke up in the morning, the more he felt the strangeness of the words, he seemed to understand something in his heart, so he quickly called his family over and told them that if he died, he must be buried in the ground three days later, because according to the local custom , People will be buried the next day after death, no more than 3 days. … Continue readingResurrection Read Online

Uncle's Strange Experience

One of the tables is my third uncle, fourth uncle, aunt, and a neighbor. "(This is what my mother described to me later) The fourth uncle immediately grabbed the third uncle with his hands, my mother pinched his tiger's mouth and said to me: "Go and call you Granny Zhang!" When I was at home, I suddenly felt flustered. When I asked in front of the altar, I knew that someone in your family was suffering from a sudden illness. Granny Zhang snorted coldly in her nose: "Those things are at fault again. My third uncle loves Baimasha, and the next year must be very bumpy. Afterwards, my third uncle felt a lot of emotion, saying that some things in this world are really true. Can't explain. … Continue readingUncle's Strange Experience