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The students all held their breath and remained silent.

My heart was pounding. Although I don't believe in ghosts and other ghosts teaching dance steps , the permeating atmosphere was like a pair of blood-stained hands wrapped around my neck, making me suffocate. Kexin Zhang Lilimao and I were so close to each other under two side-by-side tables that we could feel each other's rapid and even breathing. At this time, something like a drop of water fell on my arm – Kexin was frightened and cried, but she didn't make a sound, she was so scared.

Then I felt her getting closer and closer to me, almost cheek to cheek. Her two hands pulled me hard, causing my arms to hurt.

The music stopped.

There was no movement outside the door, but it always felt like someone was sucking the meager air.

Through the window, the moon shook off the dark clouds and slowly emerged. But at this time, the moonlight made me feel that the atmosphere was more solemn. So she hoped that the dark cloud of frustration would catch up with her again and cover her.

"BB-B——" At this time, someone's BP machine rang, which was extremely deafening in this dead silent room. After a few beeps, I pressed it.

There was still no sound outside the door.

Chen Tao suggested calling the police. Although several people in the class have mobile phones, they all keep them in the dormitory. What should I do? The door can’t be opened. Besides, this is the third floor…

Chen Tao said in a low voice: "Who is willing to go and make a call with me?"

I–many people answered in hushed tones. What’s even more surprising is that more girls than boys ask to go with them.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Chen Tao decided to go out with me only and leave all the girls behind.

"Don't leave, we're afraid…" Ke Xin and Zhang Lili held me back and didn't want me to leave.

I patted the two of them on the shoulders: "Don't be afraid. You and Zhang Lili stay here and don't move. Remember not to make a sound. We will find a way to rescue everyone."

I quietly crawled to Chen Tao, and we opened the window and prepared to go out.

Under the moonlight, there are shadows of people.

Chen Tao and I jumped onto the concrete waterproof platform on the third floor and moved slowly side by side.

"Wait – wait – I -" At this time, Li Xian jumped down with a flashlight.

Chen Tao: "Why are you here?"

Li Xian: "I want to go with you."

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Chen Tao: "Oh, please stop causing trouble!"

Li Xian: "How can this be called causing chaos?"

I urged: "You're already here, stop talking and leave quickly!"

We moved to the second shift next door and knocked on the glass quietly a few times. Not reflected. So I knocked again, but still no response. Li Xian took a flashlight and looked into the classroom along the bright light. "Oh my god…" "What's wrong?" I asked him. "See for yourself…" After saying that, Li Xian pressed his face against the wall motionless. I took a flashlight and took a look. I couldn't believe it – everyone in the classroom was lying on the ground. "Let me have a look!" Chen Tao took the flashlight from my hand, looked around, and leaned against the wall, numb and speechless. Although I couldn't see his expression clearly, I was sure that fear was dominating his whole body.

"Quick, look at the people in other classes!" Suddenly Chen Tao urged me to move forward quickly.

Afterwards, everyone in the class within sight was lying on the ground.

Who did this?

The few of us were leaning against the wall, no one speaking.

"What should we do?" Li Xian said.

"It's broken!" Chen Tao said suddenly.

"What's wrong?" Li Xian and I asked him at the same time.

"Our class…" Chen Tao said and went back the way he came. "Our class…" Li Xian and I also suddenly woke up under Chen Tao's reminder – we had a premonition of what might happen. So we went back the way we came.

Chen Tao looked into the class with a flashlight. After looking around, he turned around and squatted on the spot without saying a word, holding his head. "Damn it," Li Xian and I knew that the classmates in the class had also suffered misfortune.

I'm a little heartbroken, and I should at least take my regrets with me.


Twenty-three years ago, a fire destroyed the college. A total of sixty-seven people were killed in this incident. The bodies of all the victims were found afterwards, except for a girl named Jin Xuexin from the dance department who was missing. Since there was no basis for the cause of the accident, the incident was treated as an accident. The parents of the students who were killed once gathered to protest and litigate for compensation, but in the end it was settled. Twenty years later, the college was rebuilt with private funds and renamed Dongli College. It is now a key school in the city. But no one knows the truth about that incident.


The dullness of late September is unbearable. The wind was mixed with dust and yellow leaves, and a kite with a broken string was flying on a tree not far away.

After taking a year off from school, I entered this unfamiliar school. In fact, I didn't want to go to school anymore, but I felt bored after a year of neglect, so I picked up my schoolbag again and walked into the campus.

The school is located on the edge of the city, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Today, report to school. Freshmen are like slaves doing all kinds of voluntary labor, and teachers are like overseers, wishing their heads could rotate 360 ​​degrees. After looking around the school, the visual sense is quite good, but the style of the building has a bit of a Western charm, which seems out of tune with the surrounding scenery. No matter how you look at it, this school looks like an ancient castle. I began to suspect that the person who built this school was not Chinese. Such a magnificent building must be expensive. When it comes to the school's teaching quality, it is not among the best. When it comes to the school's environmental facilities, it is among the best among its peers. This school is the first choice for most students because the tuition is relatively inexpensive. It’s no wonder, it’s just right. Dad believes that the most important thing is to have a good environment for studying. Only in this way will you not feel like studying in prison and be physically and mentally exhausted.

The classroom I want to go to is on the third floor – I still prefer the first floor. Walking in the corridor, you can hear the echoing footsteps. The classroom is on the westernmost side of the corridor. When I walked in, I felt a little strange. I think it was because of the wasted year. Not everyone in the classroom has arrived yet, there are only about twenty people. I looked at them with unfamiliar eyes, and they also looked at me with unfamiliar eyes.

"Brother, come here -" a funny-looking compatriot called, motioning for me to sit where he was.

His name is Chen Tao, and he is the first person to talk to me when he comes to school.

He was very talkative and talked about the girls in the class with a playful smile: That girl is pretty, but unfortunately she is a bit short; the one next to her… although it is not beautiful, she has an incredible figure; wow! That one over there is so charming…

Ha, a typical lonely and unbearable type.

After chatting with him for a while, almost all the classmates arrived. A teacher came in and told us to clean up first – the boys wiped the tables and swept the floor, and the girls wiped the windows. After that, he left.

Chen Tao and I were working and chatting.

He suddenly talked about a horrifying topic about this school: "Did you know that this school was once burned down by a fire…"

I shook my head numbly.

"You don't know? It is said that this school was burned down more than 20 years ago, and a girl Mo Ming disappeared – everyone in her dormitory was burned to death, but she disappeared mysteriously…"

"Who did you listen to?" I was attracted by this topic.

"You've never heard of it? This matter has been rumored for a long time!"

"I really haven't heard of it! How much do you know? Tell me." I asked.

"Haha, I'm sorry. I also heard what my dad said. I only know this little bit."

After the voluntary labor, it should be the opening ceremony between master and apprentice.

You can choose your seat freely, but you cannot sit with girls. I thought Chen Tao was very interesting, so I sat with him.

What appeared in the field of vision was a frail man with eyes. After pretending to cough twice, he began to introduce himself.

"Hello, classmates! My name is Dang Qianqiu – I am your class teacher. The party is the party of the Communist Party; Qian is the thousand of quick money; Qiu is the autumn of spring, summer, autumn and winter…" This Someone interrupted: "Teacher – why don't you call it swing, it sounds more pleasant -"

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A roar of laughter ensued.

Dang Qianqiu rubbed his eyes and looked a little unhappy: "Don't interrupt when the teacher is talking! I hate it!!"

At this time, you can hear Chen Tao's whisper: "Why is this teacher such a sissy…" followed by a small group of outliers.

"Who is it! Who is gossiping again -" Dang Qianqiu raised his voice.

Although Dang Qianqiu's voice was soft and smooth, this roar had an effect. The classroom was completely quiet.

Dang Qianqiu continued: "Just now a boy asked me why men and women cannot sit together. Regarding this topic, I don't think I need to say more. You boys should understand in your own hearts."

Chen Tao was dissatisfied: "I just don't understand, so I have to ask you, old man——"

Dang Qianqiu stared at Chen Tao and said, "Why do you have so many things to do? Ask loudly which female classmate is willing to sit at the same table with you!"

"You didn't ask, how could you know there wasn't one? School is boring to begin with, and then…" Chen Tao was a little dissatisfied.

Dang Qianqiu asked sternly: "If anyone wants to sit with this male classmate, please raise your hand!"

To his surprise, more than half of the girls sitting there raised their hands.

Chen Tao continued to incite: "Look, teacher, this is not what I wanted!"

Dang Qianqiu's eyes were round with anger: "That won't work either!"

Under Chen Tao's seduction, I moved into the school dormitory. In fact, if he hadn't said it was too crowded and busy, I would have moved to the school to live. My parents often worked night shifts and I couldn't stand the lifeless atmosphere of being alone. I like to sleep on the upper bunk. I feel comfortable. As long as the roof doesn't collapse suddenly, I don't have to worry about anything else. The lower bunk is Chen Tao.

There were two other people, one named Li Xian and the other named Zhang Xu. They were all silent and rarely spoke, perhaps because they were temporary strangers. The dormitory building is just behind the teaching building. Since I have Yang behind me, I feel Yin Qi as soon as I walk in. However, the dormitory is clean and quite pleasant. This is a rare sight in the boys' dormitory.

For this reason, my face showed unexpected surprise. We live in the easternmost part of the dormitory building, and only for a short period of time in the morning do we get the only glimmer of sunshine of the day. That's when I think the dormitory is the brightest of the day. Afterwards, the dormitory will look a lot darker, and your eyes will feel sore even after reading for a long time. For this reason, people in the dormitory are accustomed to reading with the lights on during the day. School management is very strict, lights must be turned off after nine o'clock, and if any person is found to shine brightly during inspection, he will be punished.

There seems to be a winery east of the school. Every morning when I open the window, there will be a scent of wine that lingers for a long time. This is my favorite scent again, and the moment I smoke it is worth recalling.

Finally, it was confirmed that there was indeed a large brewery over there. There is also a large vineyard near the winery.

Everything is as usual – class, get out of class, reading, eating, sleeping.

No one expected that disaster was coming.


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The bedding prepared by the school was relatively thin and of poor quality. I had no choice but to move it from home just to be comfortable.

Zhang Xu was the least peaceful in his sleep, snoring and talking in his sleep. Chen Tao couldn't stand it, so he used to listen to CDs to fall asleep. In fact, he doesn't like listening to music very much, so he accidentally typed the wrong one and couldn't live without it. The first time I bought a CD, Faye Wong was my first choice, and I fell in love with "Hypnosis".

Some things that happened unintentionally, we all thought it was Zhang Xu's dream or sleep talk.

The first month of school was fine until the second month.

Zhang Xu had a habit of going to the toilet in the middle of the night, once before going to bed and once in the middle of the night.

One month after the start of school on October 20, it was the thirtieth day. That night…

We played a football match in PE class that day and felt very tired. After studying in the evening, Chen Tao and the rest of us went back to the dormitory and collapsed. Zhang Xu's snoring was so deafening that Chen Tao couldn't sleep. He turned up the CD volume to the maximum, but it still didn't help. He became angry and stirred up Zhang Xu. Zhang Xu opened his sleepy eyes and complained and went to the toilet. Chen Tao laughed and said he was angry. Zhang Xu came back and climbed onto the bed, muttering, "Is there no water in the girls' dormitory building…"

Come to our dormitory to do laundry…" Everyone ignored him, thinking he was confused and talking in his sleep.

The next day, Kexin asked me who played piano music in the boys’ dormitory last night. I said that the people in our dormitory went to bed early and didn't even hear it.

Is there anyone among men who has such a high temperament? I doubt!

It has been two full months since school started on 11.20.

The food on this day was particularly good, stewed chicken legs and stewed pork ribs. Very full. When we returned to the dormitory, we couldn't sleep and played online games until late at night. We told Kexin in advance to call us in the morning. Kexin is the cutest and most interesting girl in the class that I have found in the two months since I came to school. She has long hair and loves to laugh. He likes to wear jeans and play football with us. He is as carefree as a boy. If nothing else, he is just timid and is most afraid of bugs, cockroaches, mice and the like. Most of the girls in the class were dull, but she was the one who stood out, and we all liked her.

At 6:30 in the morning, Ke Xin called Chen Tao's cell phone. He was still soundly sleepy and collapsed after waking us up.

It wasn't until there were ten minutes left for self-study that I became confused.

It was business as usual in the morning and afternoon.

Night self-study is just to kill time. Chen Tao told jokes that made all the girls lie down on the table and hold their stomachs.

When study hall was about to start in ten minutes, the power went out. Chen Tao shouted "Long live" loudly.

Everyone was preparing to go back to the dormitory in the dark. Unexpectedly, something unexpected happened: everyone clearly heard Li Xian shouting: "Who is this, why is the door closed?" Then some girls said they were scared. But Xin'er and Zhang Lili were beside me, each holding one of my arms, showing their timidity. Afterwards, many students opened their windows and shouted loudly: "Is there anyone there? Come here quickly——"

Looking around the school, neon lights are shining, but only the school has no electricity. Could it be that the insurance was broken? Someone still cut off the school's power supply…

The moon in the sky seemed to want to calm down this terrifying night, timidly hiding behind the dark clouds. The moon moves slowly, and the dark clouds also move with it, reluctant to leave. Everything walking in the field of vision at this time was groggy.

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Chen Tao kept banging on the door. If you want to kick it open, it's impossible, because there is a security door outside – 80% of it has been locked. So he kicked and cursed: "Who the hell is this? Let me know and I will crush him to death!"

Someone came over and Chen Tao stopped kicking the door.

"What happened? Why can't I see anyone…"

It was the voice of Uncle Song in the communication room.

After a while, a ray of light swayed through the crack in the door. Immediately afterwards, Uncle Song asked: "What's going on -" everyone shouted: "The door can't be opened – we are trapped in the house -"

"Why is this door locked…" Uncle Song wondered. "Everyone wait – I will open the door for you -" Uncle Song said loudly.

The sound of keys jingling in the corridor was silent.

"What happened – yes, why can't it be opened…" Uncle Song couldn't open the door of our classroom. So he said to us: "You guys wait, I will go to other classes to have a look."

Even the key couldn't open the door, which made everyone even more frightened, especially the girls.

A few seconds later, there was the sound of rapid footsteps – the footsteps stopped again a few seconds later and there was no more movement.

Not Uncle Song.

Shhh—a classmate prompted.

After a while, there were footsteps again.

Who is it?

"Ah——" Suddenly, a heart-rending cry came from Uncle Song. Things like iron rods fell to the ground, and the sound echoed throughout the corridor. The girls in the class screamed again and again.

Before the screams could be heard, another sad tune sounded in the corridor, lingering with resentment.

Kexin said that the song sounded familiar to her, as if she had heard it somewhere. She thought timidly for a while and vaguely said that someone seemed to have been let go in the boys' dormitory last month.

Zhang Xu came back from going to the bathroom in the middle of the night last month and kept talking about a girl washing clothes in the corridor… Could it be… that was also true? Thinking of this, I couldn't help but shudder. It's the kind that travels all over the body.

All the students were frightened and hid under the table.

After a while, footsteps were heard again, getting closer and closer. The desolate and clear music was not interrupted by this.

The terrifying rhythm spread rapidly.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s right outside the door.

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