Needle-pricked Man

Many years ago, there was a bachelor named Erniu in the village. Erniu and his neighbor Li Qing were friends. The two often went to other places to do business together.

One summer, the two of them went out to do business together again. This time, due to good business, the two of them actually worked out of town for three months and made a lot of money. Li Qing had an old and a young child at home. After spending a long time outside, he began to miss home. Er Niu is the kind of bachelor who "eats for himself and the whole family is not hungry". Naturally, he is at home wherever he goes, and he never misses home. However, when he saw that Li Qing was homesick, he persuaded him to return home. He went to visit his house and brought some money to his family, so Li Qing said goodbye to Er Niu and went home.

Another half month later, Erniu suddenly had a very strange dream in an inn. In the dream, he saw Li Qing being chopped into serious injuries. After Li Qing was sent to the hospital, he sat on Li Qing's bed. See Li Qing in front of his hospital bed. After a while, he saw Li Qing's wife Axia pulling out the needle of Li Qing's infusion and then piercing the needle into his stomach. Then Axia got a lot of infusion from nowhere. The needle quickly pierced his stomach again. But at that time, he found that there was no bleeding or pain when the needles were inserted into his stomach. He just couldn't move or run away. He was so scared that he woke up from fear and found that he was sweating profusely from fear. It was dripping wet that I realized it was a dream. But strangely enough, after dawn, he began to feel unbearable pain all over his body. When he went to the hospital to see a doctor, the doctor couldn't figure out what kind of disease he had. The pain continued for many days without any improvement. One day he happened to meet an old monk sweeping the floor in front of a temple. The old monk saw something wrong with his expression, so he looked at him carefully and told him that he must have offended someone before he was pricked with a needle. If he didn't get rid of the person who was pricked in time, If he meets someone, he will be in danger of his life.

He thought about it and felt that he had never offended anyone. He just had a strange dream a few days ago about being pricked with needles. But that was just a dream. A dream wouldn't make him sick, right? After thinking about it like this, I didn't come up with a clue, so I returned to the inn where I was staying very depressed.

At night, he suddenly thought that Li Qing had been back home for many days. According to common sense, he should be back. Could it be that he was too in love with his family and couldn't bear to come back. Thinking of this, he called Li Qing's mobile phone number to urge Li Qing to come back. , but a sweet and crunchy voice came from inside: "Sorry, the number you dialed has been out of service."

He smiled inwardly, thinking that Li Qing was so in love with his family that he even forgot to recharge his mobile phone bill. He would wait for him to pay his phone bill in a few days before calling him. Thinking of this, he didn't think too deeply about it and went to rest. . But after a few days, he still didn't get through Li Qing's mobile phone number, and he felt more and more unbearable pain in his body. Only then did he have a premonition that something was bad, and knew that something must have happened to Li Qing, so he hurried back to the village. Only when we arrived in the village did we find out that Li Qing encountered a robber on his way home. During the fight with the robber, the robber stabbed him in the stomach with a knife and robbed him of all his money. By the time people found him and sent him to the hospital, he was already dying. At first, Axia thought Erniu was trying to steal the money her husband was carrying to report the family video , so she pretended to be a robber and killed him on the way. Her husband made a dough figure in the shape of Er Niu and tied the dough figure to the waist of a big poplar tree at the main intersection in the village. In order to relieve her resentment towards Er Niu, Axia went there every day. The man with the dough was stuck with a needle. It wasn’t until the police caught the robber who killed Li Qing the day before yesterday that she stopped pricking the man with the dough. However, she also forgot to take the man with the dough down from the big poplar tree, which led to the two cows. The pain in my body is unbearable every day.

After Er Niu understood the whole story of the man with the dough, he took the man from the big poplar tree and destroyed it, which relieved the pain on his body.

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