Real Ghost Encounters

My mother is a bold and careful person. She said that my grandfather was a teacher and only educated her all his life. Death is like a lamp going out, so she never believed in ghosts and gods.

I was about seven or eight years old at the time. I was afraid of ghosts and always liked to listen to ghost stories, so I pestered my mother and asked, "Mom, have you never met a ghost since you were a child? Or is it a ghost?"

My mother said: "I never believe in ghosts, but I have encountered ghosts."

"It's very interesting." I hurriedly asked my mother to tell me about the ghost encounter in detail.

At this time, several people had gathered around, all staring wide-eyed, eager to listen to my mother.

"At that time, your grandma was still alive, that is, my mother-in-law. I was working at the door that day, and suddenly I was anxious, so I went to my mother-in-law's room to find a toilet, because her room was downstairs and closer. Grandma's toilet It is placed behind the door of the room, and there is a large grain cabinet next to it.

I pushed open the door and saw an old woman bent over with her hands on the grain cabinet. At that time, because of the urgency to urinate, I thought it was my mother-in-law who was making rice bran by the cabinet to feed the pigs. Because I was in the way, I stepped back in a hurry, only to see my mother-in-law just came from the opposite side, still holding the washed clothes in her hand. I was so surprised, I turned around and walked into the mother-in-law's room to look, but the old man was gone.

I told my mother-in-law what I saw, and she said that it must be her mother-in-law who passed away long ago. "

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After listening to the story, I knew that my dad was an old cadre who came down from the battlefield. He was less superstitious than my mother, so I turned around and pestered my dad to give me a reasonable explanation, because my mother didn't lie.

My dad patiently explained to me: "What kind of light under what circumstances cast shadows on the place where the deceased person stayed…"

At that time, I didn't quite understand it, and I was dubious about my father's explanation, he just didn't want me to believe it. I hope that I can also meet ghosts, even if I can meet any kind of light or thread. Anyway, I would rather believe in something than believe in nothing.

I look forward to it every day, but I haven't found any miracles. Later, my mother got sick and left me, and I gradually forgot about it.

At the end of May when I was 16 years old, when Qingshui snails were in full bloom, people were groping for them in the small river. I accidentally discovered that the snails in the valley were big and numerous.

It was only four o'clock in the afternoon, so I hurriedly found a rice washing basket and set off alone.

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The ravines are narrow and shallow. There are not only a lot of snails in it, but also crabs and small fish, which makes me very happy.

I felt and felt along the creek, forgetting the time.

The sky turned gray, and finally I couldn't see the snails clearly, and the valley was not easy to walk. The Yellow River ghost thing 2 , it turned out that the valley had come to an end, so I straightened up and wanted to climb to the path on the valley.

When I looked up, an old woman in her 80s was smiling at me on the small road.

The old woman was wearing a blue cardigan, with her white hair tied behind her head, and a silver hairpin. She was leaning on a crutch painted crimson in her left hand, and holding a blue calico bundle in her right hand.

I was in a ditch under the road, too low to see my lower body, and she looked very kind.

The Yellow River Ghost Affair Novel Star Soul_The Yellow River Ghost Affair 2

I politely asked her where she was going? She told me that she was from Gaozhuang, and that she went to see Wangjuan, the grandson of Jincun, and was going home now.

I groaned, and found a stone ladder not far away to climb to the path, and hurried on the way home after reaching the path.

After walking for a while, the sky became dark.

I suddenly thought something was wrong: just now the old lady was facing the road leading to Gaozhuang, but there was at least ten miles from where she was standing to Gaozhuang, and it was all up the mountain, so I just walked this way, the sky was dark I can't even see clearly, she can… Thinking of this, I turned my head and looked around, but there was no one. I didn't care to wipe off the cold sweat I was frightened, and ran home in one breath.

When my father saw that I was flustered and out of breath, he blamed me for playing until dark before I knew I was in a hurry to go home.

I hastily told my father how I met the old woman. I hope he can analyze and answer me.

Dad thought for a while and said, "It's a little strange. If you don't mind trouble, you can go to the homes of all the girls named Wang Juan in Jincun to find out if there is any grandma who lives in Gaozhuang to see her today."

I was born with an undying temper.

That night I asked all the grandmas named Wang Juan one by one, but none of the grandmas belonged to Gaozhuang.

I was about to go home when a kind-hearted person heard that I was looking for someone named Wang Juan, so he thought for me and told me that there was another family in the village, and the house was built far away from the village. In that family, there is a daughter named Wang Juan.

I looked for it, and saw three people standing at the door of the house. I thought it might be a family.

They curiously asked me who I was looking for? I said directly, "Looking for Wang Juan".

A woman in her fifties gestured her head to a girl who was around my age and said, "This is my daughter named Wang Juan. What can you do with her?"

"Oh, is Wang Juan's grandma from Gaozhuang?" I asked.

"Yes, Wang Juan's father was married to my family back then. Her grandma died more than 30 years ago. Do you know if her grandma is okay?"

Ah! My eyes widened and my mouth opened wide.

I talked about the clothes of the old lady, and asked her if she looked like her grandmother? The sixty-year-old man next to me was listening carefully.

At last I heard him speak: "You describe the dress exactly like my mother's funeral, how do you know?"

I blurted out: "She came to see Wang Juan today." After I finished speaking, I turned around and walked home, only to hear Wang Juan's family members say: "Is it really so effective? I worshiped grandma at home in the afternoon, and grandma really came. Then How did she know? Hey, hey…" I didn't dare to answer the words anymore, I pretended not to hear.

When I got home, I said to my father: "This time, it is really confirmed that I have encountered a ghost. I know you can't explain it to me this time. Even science may not be able to explain it clearly for me. The ghost grandma can tell me I have spoken, and she looks really kind, and she never harmed me, so no one could doubt that she was a ghost at that time."

Dad looked at me with weird eyes and said, "That can explain that she must be a good ghost."

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