Yinshan Ancient Building Chapter 54 Mirror Conspiracy

Of course, this kind of forgetting can be accidental. In fact, there are many legends in the legend of evil gods that have been annihilated in history, but this kind of annihilation is generally large-scale, and not just one legend disappears. The chronology of legends will inevitably be accompanied by a complete blank of a certain historical period, without any information.

I think there is something fishy about this. There are many legends and old stories in the village. There is no obvious chronology, but there is no relevant legend about "there was an identical ancient village, but it was flooded". Is there anyone who doesn't want this? Legend spread?

Regarding this kind of COPY, I actually have a very strong intuition in my heart, thinking that it is a "mirror image conspiracy". The "mirror conspiracy" is a common trick in Japanese mystery novels. The core of the conspiracy is concealment, that is to say, Agui and his village are fake, built specifically to prevent others from discovering that the real village has disappeared.

The fundamental reason for such a strong intuition was the story of the Demon Lake told by Panma. My speculation at the time was actually a mirror image trick. The old archaeological team was wiped out and replaced by a new team of unknown origins without anyone noticing, which is the "mirror image".

This can also explain why there is a legend that a fire burned down the old village. The villages at that time were certainly not all on the slopes of the canyon. There were many sporadic buildings in the villages in the mountains, which were distributed far away from the village. The water of these villages If it cannot be flooded, but it must be destroyed, it is possible that wildfires were used. In order to cover up the traces of wildfires, this statement was finally used.

How many teeth does the legendary evil god have_How many teeth does the legendary evil god have_How many teeth does the legendary evil god have

Behind this trick is a big conspiracy, and it may be extremely bloody. All the people in the original village will definitely be slaughtered. The murderers may pretend to be villagers, live in the fake village, and implement their plan. This conspiracy happened A long time ago, a few years later, something happened in the jade mine, and then the village was flooded.

With so many things happening in one place, it is obvious that there is something hidden in the villages, mountains and rivers here.

Everything sounds too mysterious and impossible. I resist thinking in this direction. There is no way to verify it anyway. Now I can only suppress my doubts and wait for further investigation results.

My brain was completely exhausted, and I was just about to drink something to get some air, but the fat man let out a tut again, pointed at the picture and asked me: "Innocent, look at it like this, what image did you draw?"

When I got closer, I found that he had blackened some places with a pen. Soon my floor plan became mottled. When he picked it up and put it under the sun, I was stunned.

Legend of the evil god h_How many teeth does the legendary evil god have_How does the legendary evil god play

After a little processing by him, the entire village's floor plan turned into the shape of an animal, with eyes and claws. After careful identification, I immediately recognized it. It was a unicorn.

"It's getting more and more fun." Fatty murmured.

The hair all over my body stood up, and what I could directly see was that the Qilin looked very similar to the one on Menyou Ping. Holy shit! Have you really come to the right place? I said to myself, several concepts kept flashing in my mind, unicorn, tattoo, floor plan, and suddenly an idea came to me.

He was in a daze as he walked towards the Menyou bottle with the picture in hand.

I went up and said to him: "Quick! Take off your clothes!"

How many teeth does the legendary evil god have_How many teeth does the legendary evil god have_The legend of the evil god h

He was stunned for a moment and looked puzzled. I showed him the picture in my hand and kept explaining it in this way. He still didn't understand, but he still took off his clothes as I wanted.

I felt really itchy watching his grinding movements. I really wanted to kick him over and immediately stick him up to take a look. Only when he took off his clothes did I remember that the tattoos on his body were usually invisible.

I asked Menyoupin what was going on, and he told me that this kind of tattoo was made with the juice of a prickly plant. It is usually transparent and will turn black only when the body temperature exceeds a certain temperature. In ancient times, Miao people often suffered from damp-heat disease, and this kind of tattoo could be used to detect the body temperature of children.

Of course, if the body temperature exceeds a certain temperature, it can also be due to strenuous exercise, so the tattoo will appear when the person is fighting violently or is excited. Also due to different concentrations and different sensitivities to temperature, only extremely violent fighting can make all tattoo patterns appear.

The fat man got a hot water bottle and we forced the oil bottle to burn his chest. Sure enough, the black tattoo slowly appeared.

How many teeth does the legendary evil god have_How to play the legendary evil god_Legend of the evil god h

The fat man said, "Holy crap! This is a great trick! Why didn't I know this when I cheated before?" I started to look carefully at his tattoos and the map I drew.

"Look at the location of this ancient building." Fatty said, pointing to the direction of the path next to the tower, "If Banai is the same as this village, then the location of this ancient building at the bottom of the lake happens to be on the high foot of the little brother. In the position of the wooden building, if it is attached to the little brother’s body, it will be the eyes of the unicorn.”

"Oh?" I felt something in my heart, and after taking a closer look, it was indeed true. I thought that the fat man was really careful.

Does this have any profound meaning?

The fat man added: "This seems to confirm one thing, that is, little brother, you must have something to do with this."

How many teeth does the legendary evil god have_How many teeth does the legendary evil god have_How many teeth does the legendary evil god have

I cut it and said, isn't this nonsense?

The fat man is wrong, and this is of great significance to us as a guide. In the past, it was only an estimate that there might be some clues here, but now it is certain. Estimation and determination are two completely different concepts, and our approach will also change in the future.

I nodded, that was true, and besides, things in this village had just begun, and some things were going on.

The fat man then discussed some guidance with us, "We have some clues about this matter, and there is no need to be so anxious. Anyway, the village cannot suddenly disappear again. We must continue to stay and conduct a systematic investigation. In addition, the surrounding areas We also have to go to the villages one by one to see what we can find out. This is a long process. I think we have to stay here for a long time. We need to sort it out and go back to bring some things over first. Then maybe Stay here forever." Then he grinned at Yun Cai and said, "Girl, we have been getting along for a long time!"

Yun Cai also smiled, but his eyes unconsciously swayed like a bottle of stuffy oil.

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