Chapter 280 Weird Sound

A strange voice hovered in the room, calling Yang Jian's name, looking for him like a ghost. This is the method of ghost-eyed detective Yang Jian. He was already terrified just by being careful of those ghost ropes floating around. Because I feel that this person's ability should be the strongest among the three, and the woman who was hung up is the weirdest, and her voice actually has a feeling of controlling people, no, even ghosts. But Yang Jian believes that if the ghost on this woman revives, or if she controls it perfectly, it will definitely be a very scary thing. … Continue readingChapter 280 Weird Sound

Ghost Stories From Liaozhai: Injustice In The Mirror Read Online

When he was going to sleep at night, he suddenly had a dream. In the dream, he saw a beautiful woman in bright makeup bowing down in front of him and saying, "I have practiced underground for hundreds of years, and it seems that I am about to achieve great success, but tomorrow I will be able to do it." It is impossible to escape from a catastrophe, and only you can save me. When he was sleeping at night, Xie San dreamed that this woman came to him crying and said to him: "I have been refined, but you destroyed me. Daoxing, this is also a predestined doom, how can I hate you. … Continue readingGhost Stories From Liaozhai: Injustice In The Mirror Read Online

Chapter 191 Introducing Ghosts Into The Mirror

Seeing him fleeing away, Zhang Wei sneered: “If you are acquainted, let’s see if you dare to take pictures of me secretly next time.” This time, you dare to come and beat us. If you don’t give him a little color, you will see that this kid is going to be lawless. Next time it falls on me, let him experience what a supernatural event is. “Yang Jian said: “Now I have roughly understood where the ghost came from, and the source has been found. He had guessed before why there was no shadow in the mirror on the second floor. But why did the ghost in the ghost mirror leave the mirror? If the ghost like Zhang Wei left, why didn’t the other ghosts in the ghost mirror leave? … Continue readingChapter 191 Introducing Ghosts Into The Mirror