The Angry Sea And The Sand Chapter 16 Meeting

I saw the change in the fat man's face, and I couldn't help but cheer up. Although this fat man is not very reliable, his performance in the ancient tomb is still remarkable. At least in terms of experience, I don't know how many times better. I have never I have fought independently, and I don’t know if there should be a mobilization or something before the fight, so I will just be a student for a while and listen to what he has to say.

The fat man ate a lot, and his belly was bulging. He patted it and said, "I have never failed in this sea bucket. I must make arrangements in advance to avoid being in a hurry when I go in. The inside is definitely not as good as a dry bucket. I will take a look first." How about the equipment you prepared for me?"

Aning said: "Mr. Wang, how sure are you about this time? Why don't we make a plan first and have a certain idea in our hearts."

The fat man shook his head: "It's hard to say. According to my experience, firstly, it is difficult to locate the sea fight, secondly, it is difficult to dig the hole, and thirdly, the situation inside is unknown. The first and second among them, we will leave it for now. Don't think about it, the main thing is the third thing. I don't know if there are any rice dumplings in this sea bucket. If there are, it will be troublesome. If not, then this sea bucket is just a dry bucket in the water. It can easily It can be taken."

Speaking of rice dumplings, I suddenly remembered what my third uncle told me about the monster I met in the tomb passage. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it might be the sea monkey I met on the ghost ship today. I don’t know if there are no rice dumplings, but there may be something more troublesome.” After that, he told these people about the thing he saw on the ghost ship. The others had already heard Zhang Tu talk about it in an embellished way, but Zhang Tu The focus of what he said should be how he saved Aning and I. What I said was much more plain. When I finished speaking, the fat man frowned and asked: "Fuck, is there really such a thing?" Plant something?”

I nodded and said, "There are legends about this thing in many places, so it shouldn't be wrong."

Aning nodded and said, "I heard it when I was a child. I thought adults were scaring me not to go to the river to play."

At this time, the boss of the boat intervened and said: "No, no, you don't understand. The fishing boats here have all seen this thing. Let me tell you, this thing is not a sea monkey, it is a yaksha ghost." !Those are all relatives of the Dragon King. If you have offended him now, he will definitely come back to take revenge. I think we should go back to the shore quickly, buy a pig, and invite a Taoist priest to perform rituals. Maybe he has a lot of money. , and they can let us go.”

When Zhang Tu heard this, he laughed: "Say, Mr. Ship, I shot the Dragon King's relative's shoulder to pieces, so am I not Sun Wukong?"

The captain was so angry that his face turned green, and he said: "You don't look like Sun Wukong, you are just a pig!"

We were all happy when we heard it. Zhang Tu pinched the fat yaksha ghost on his face and felt that he really looked a bit like it, so he couldn't help but feel depressed.

The fat man laughed for a while and said: "Since there is such a thing on the bottom of the sea, we must have weapons. If that sea Dou is their lair, then wouldn't we run to die? I said Miss Aning, you Have you prepared a fishing spear or something?"

Na Aning said: "We have considered this situation and prepared some diving guns, but these guns are large and can only fire one shot at a time. If there is an emergency, they may not be of much use."

I know that this kind of gun is fired by compressed gas, and its effective distance is less than four meters. Fortunately, it can also be used as a spear. However, the length of this gun is indeed too long, and it may not be able to be used in the narrow tomb passage.

The fat man ignored this and shouted: "It doesn't matter whether it's useful or not. You don't have too many guns. Bring all you can. When we go down tomorrow, I will lead the charge. Comrade Xiao Wu will follow me. You and that bald man will just go together." At the end, if I wave my hand as soon as I see something wrong, you will stop immediately; if I wave my fist, you will ignore everything and just run away."

We thought the arrangement was more reasonable, nodded, and discussed other things. I thought about the experiences that my third uncle had mentioned to me, and made some lists, asking them to prepare them overnight, such as search lights, daggers, and fire seals. , sealed bags, nylon ropes, carabiners, food, first aid supplies, gas masks, and treasure boxes. They were quite prepared, and they even prepared black donkey hooves.

After the instructions were given, it was almost dawn. The fat man said that we couldn't talk anymore. We couldn't get out of the water and had to rest. So they found a place to lie down. The coconut wine had a strong stamina and was blown away by the sea breeze. The blow made my head feel so heavy that I fell asleep for a few times and didn't wake up until the afternoon.

Several other people woke up earlier than me and were already getting ready. I washed my face with sea water. At this time, several frogmen had already floated up from the water. One of them took off his respirator and said, "Found it." It must be this place, and the thief's cave has been found."

When Aning heard this, he quickly asked: "Have you gone in to take a look?"

The man shook his head and said, "Yes, but the cave is very long. I dived in for a while, but I didn't see the end. I didn't dare to go in anymore, so I came out."

Aning nodded, asked the frogman a few more questions, then turned to us and said, "Okay, let's get ready. They will call us after they clean the hole. If there are signs of collapse in the hole, they will use scaffolding." Fix it.”

We each went to put on the wetsuit. It fit me and several others very well, except for the fat guy, whose belly couldn't be covered, and the belly button was exposed. Although it was not very elegant, it was still put on. After checking the equipment, we put on what we should bring. Wearing them all, they fell into the water one by one.

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