Which Episode Is "The Death Of Butcher Girl" By Jin Qilin?

★ Jin Qilin

In the summer of 1999, an incident happened in a village. The only son of the Li family and his wife were riding a tricycle to do business at three o'clock in the morning. They were hit at a highway intersection. The wife was seriously injured, the son died on the spot, and the driver escaped. Well, his family offered a reward of tens of thousands of dollars to find witnesses, but nothing happened. For a while, his family became the focus of discussion among the people in the village. Some said it was deserved, some said it was a pity that the baby did not deserve to die, some said what could be done with money, some said retribution…it was all said. .

After a week, the perpetrator could not be found, so he decided to bury his son first. The head of the Li family went to ask Master Wang's family to paint the coffin. Because the person who died was a young man, it was very simple to just buy a similar coffin and have the painter paint it over with raw lacquer.

Master Wang heard that he was painting the coffin of a young man who died violently. (They were not in the same village, so he didn't know about it yet.) According to his experience, it is best not to take this kind of job. The evil spirit is too strong, and sometimes it is not good for oneself. good. So I wanted to refuse, but the Li family was very persuasive. In addition, my master also taught me some methods and some simple evil-proofing techniques, so I agreed.

Ever since he encountered some abnormal things, he began to believe in these weird things. Because it was buried the day after tomorrow. I deliberately went there at noon the next day, because the yang energy was strong at noon and I felt more psychologically safe. He also brought a brush left by his master. According to his master, this brush can ward off evil spirits. As soon as I stepped into the front door, I felt that the atmosphere was very depressing, and I felt chilly in the summer. The white coffin was placed in the middle of the main room, and a few wreaths of strange colors were placed there coldly on both sides.

Tu Mei was killed_Tu Mei died in what episode_Tu Mei Ying Luoyang

Master Wang exchanged pleasantries with the family, drank a few glasses of wine, and then started to work. Because he was a young man, he didn't need to be particular about it. He just slapped on the putty and started painting. It didn't take much effort to finish.

The master kept it for dinner. During the meal, the Li family suddenly said: "Master Wang, I heard that you still have some methods, is that right?"

Master Wang paused and felt vaguely bad: "Who told you that, I'm just a painter, I don't know how to do it. What's the matter with you? Isn't there a Mr. Yin Yang in your village, who is a god or something?"

The elder of the Li family offered another cigarette to Master Wang: "I can't bear to say anything, and besides, we don't want to make any publicity. The baby's father, my nephew, is in trouble. Alas, I'll tell you secretly. You know what happened in 1989?" Is there something about someone digging up a golden unicorn in my village?"

Tu Mei died in what episode_Tu Mei Ying Luoyang_Tu Mei was killed

"I know, it was such a sensation at that time, so many people saw it. What could it be? Is it your family…?" Master Wang's face was full of doubts.

The elder Li took out a breath of smoke and said slowly, as if he had returned to the past: "Yes, he is my nephew and his father."

Years ago, in the autumn of 1989, my nephew plowed the land and found a golden unicorn as big as a child's fist. At that time, the surrounding villages were shocked. It was not because he wanted to make a public announcement, but because several people had seen it. When he first dug it out, he didn't know what it was. Several people studied it for a long time, which episode was it in , and finally a teacher concluded that it was a cultural relic, or a piece of gold. As soon as he heard that it was gold, he went to the city overnight to find a relative and sold it. He said it was sold for 50,000 yuan. We don't know how much it costs. "At that time, the people were simple and simple, and no one went to report the crime.

"Good guy, he's so lucky to have sold so much, but what does this have to do with his current affairs?" Master Wang asked.

Tu Mei died in what episode_Tu Mei Ying Luoyang_Tu Mei was killed

"Excuse me, listen to me, there was a scene last night!" The old man from the Li family lowered his voice.

"Ah! What happened?" Master Wang was surprised.

"The baby came back last night and was looking for his dad. He got on top of his dad and said he wanted to kill him! He said his dad had killed him!" The voice of the old man from the Li family changed.

"What's going on? How can you say that his father killed him?" Master Wang was even more surprised. He expected something strange, but he didn't expect it to be so strange. How could his own child want his father's life? .

Tu Mei died in what episode_Tu Mei Ying Luoyang_Tu Mei was killed

"Oh, what a crime. In the end, my nephew was tortured so hard that he told me the truth. In fact, my whole family could have guessed this. He actually had a brother who was disabled and couldn't walk. He was paralyzed on the kang. Didn't he dig up a golden unicorn and sell it for some money? People's hearts turn bad when they have money. In a few years, he built a building by himself. It was the first building in my village. I felt that my life was very beautiful, but The only fly in the ointment was that he had a paralyzed brother who had to be taken care of by himself, so he took a break from farming and said he was going to the city to see a doctor for his brother. Unexpectedly… he actually carried his brother to the Wei River and picked him up. He threw it into a deep water place. He hid outside for a few days and came back with an urn. He said that he died in the hospital and was cremated. Although everyone in the village was suspicious, after all, it was their business and they were responsible. Most of them were just gossiping. That’s why the murder happened last night. Oh, it’s really retribution. Although I’m making money in business now, my descendants are gone.”

"It's no wonder. This matter really damages one's moral character. It's no wonder. Let me try it and see if it works. Whether it works or not depends on God." Master Wang said helplessly.

"Master Wang, let's not say any kind words. I will definitely not treat you badly." The elder of the Li family patted Master Wang's shoulder sincerely.

"You ask a few top gods to calm them down tonight. I'll come in the evening. I'll go back and get some things now." Master Wang explained.

In the evening, we started to practice. A circle of candles was lit around the coffin. The dark coffin seemed to be struggling. Master Wang calmed down and sprayed the coffin with wine. Then he used a brush to dip the reconciled gold powder mixed with medicine into the coffin. A symbol was drawn on the big head. There were some weird patterns painted on the coffin. According to Master Wang, these symbols and patterns are used to eliminate the hostility of the deceased. You can go to the deceased to rest in peace. Then I started to calm the mind and burn paper. I kept working on it until late at night before finishing it.

Later, his family was peaceful all the time . In the second year, he hired a son-in-law for his daughter-in-law. All the money he earned became someone else's, so people can't do anything. If you do something immoral, you will have to pay it back sooner or later.

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