Ghost Mask: Supernatural Cafe(6)

6. The most familiar stranger

On a Sunday in May, the supernatural coffee shop near Nanling University opened on time.

After finishing cleaning, a waiter wearing an "Ersson" ghost mask boredly picked up the morning news paper left by the manager on the table.

He accidentally turned to the large-print missing persons notice. It was so lively today. There were three missing persons notices posted in succession for sophomores from Nanling University.

Among them were two men and one woman. The woman's name was Wang Anli, a female student who dropped out of Nanling University; one of the men was named Zhang Ming, who had excellent grades, and his photo was attached to it. The waiter frowned, feeling very familiar.

The remaining man's name is Zeng Xiaosong, a sophomore in the art department. In the photo, he looks handsome and charming, with a bright smile.

"Hey, why is this Zeng Xiaosong so familiar? Strange, have I seen him somewhere?" The waiter grunted. By the way, he looks very similar to Zeng Xiaosong, especially the red mole at the corner of his eye. The death of Komatsu, the prisoner of delicious food , is exactly the same.

"G Ersson, what are you doing? Why don't you go and help in the kitchen?" A voice interrupted his musings.

The visitor is Miss Split, the secretary of Manager Pegasus. Everyone calls her Miss Split, and no one knows her real name anymore.

The waiter quickly put down the newspaper and walked to the kitchen with his head lowered.

"Xiaosong…Xiaosong! You must leave the supernatural cafe, otherwise you will become a ghost!"

A very vague word echoed in the waiter's ears. He was stunned for a moment. The tall figure looked so miserable in the dark corridor.

He couldn't remember his name either. Everyone called him Ersong, but the name Xiaosong made his heart ache.

A waiter wearing a "Black Spirit" ghost mask stood not far away, staring at him faintly, looking very much like a ghost…

No one has ever noticed that there is an extra story in the ghost story book in the supernatural cafe. The protagonists in it are named Zeng Xiaosong, Zhang Ming, and Wang Anli.

1. An alternative cafe

Zeng Xiaosong didn't expect that he and his classmate Zhang Ming would come to this famous supernatural cafe for an interview.

This is an alternative cafe near Nanling University. All the waiters wear various ghost masks: the decoration of the cafe is also quite spooky, with props from horror novels and movies, including red chairs with skulls. , bone-shaped coffee cups, scary and alternative ghost paintings on the walls, and eerie and elegant music flowing gently.

The whole cafe is filled with a gloomy but slightly fashionable atmosphere.

Today's universities are the most boring among young people who love fresh and exciting things. In view of the novelty and innovation of this cafe, they all bring their classmates or girlfriends here to enjoy an alternative time.

Zeng Xiaosong's family is not very poor, but because his girlfriend Hongni loves handsome guys who are generous, in order to trap Hongni, he can only work part-time on weekends.

It is said that this supernatural cafe needs to recruit two waiters, and the working hours are two days every weekend, but the salary is frighteningly high, it is actually 500 per day! This is a treatment that no one would dare to imagine!

Zeng Xiaosong and Zhang Ming once suspected that this cafe was engaged in illegal sales and other illegal activities, but after some investigation, they found that there was nothing suspicious about the waiters inside except wearing ghost masks to work.

Zeng Xiaosong was standing in a spooky cafe when a man wearing a red and hideous mask came over and patted him on the shoulder.

"Are you here to apply for a job?"

The voice was slightly distorted through the mask, and Zeng Xiaosong clearly felt a chill passing through his heart.

According to the figure of this person, he should be a man. Looking at the name engraved on the mask, it turns out that this person is actually the manager.

"Yes! We want to apply for a job as a waiter. Can you, the manager, take the exam?" Zhang Ming responded immediately. He glanced at the people drinking coffee. Sure enough, they were all college students. Their expressions were relaxed and natural. It seemed that they had good psychological quality. Still pretty good.

The manager nodded and took them to an office inside the cafe. The lighting in the office is also dim. There are three desks with weird patterns on them, and the chairs are also shaped like skulls.

The manager opened the drawer and gave Zeng Xiaosong and Zhang Ming a piece of drawing paper and a pencil respectively. "The interview at our supernatural cafe is very simple. You only need to draw the ghost mask you want to wear, or describe it in words." That's it. The time is one hour. Are you ready?

"Okay, thank you!" Zeng Xiaosong took the paper, his expression a little stiff. Zhang Mingze smiled naturally and immediately sat down at the table to take action.

Before closing the door, the manager pressed a red button on the light button, and the light in the room suddenly became flowing. It turned out that the crystal chandelier on the ceiling was a rotating light, and the light looked even more eerie and confusing.

Zeng Xiaosong took paper and pen, sat down uneasily, and whispered to Zhang Ming: "Xiao Ming, I think… let's forget it. This cafe is weird."

Zhang Ming raised his head and glared at Zeng Xiaosong with dissatisfaction, "What, brother, this is just an atmosphere of terror created by people. You don't have to worry about it, right? Besides, there are so many college students all over the streets now. Yes, it’s even more difficult to find a part-time job. Think about it, it’s five hundred yuan a day!”

Zhang Ming's statement is correct. Nowadays, the unemployment rate among college students is getting higher and higher. It is not that easy to find a job with high salary and low competition. The supernatural cafe is just a superficial horror. In fact, aren't there so many students who come here to enjoy the world?

Zeng Xiaosong hesitated for a moment, and finally started drawing on the paper in silence. Zeng Xiaosong and Zhang Ming are sophomore students in the art department. They have achieved outstanding results. This kind of gadget is not difficult for them.

The ghost mask in Zeng Xiaosong's mind was named Ersong. It had wide eyes, bleeding from the corners of the eyes, and bright red flesh split from the corners of the mouth. It looked really scary.

After making the final stroke, Zeng Xiaosong's heart relaxed for a moment, and an ominous feeling rose into his heart.

Zhang Ming's ghost mask is called Hei Ling. He uses red and black color blocks to divide the mask. The squinting eyes, blood-red lips, and weird red nose give the whole picture a hint of coldness.

An hour later, the manager opened the door and took their work with a smile.

There were unexpectedly a lot of people waiting for interviews outside the door. Most of them were students from the same school. They were not affected by the gloomy atmosphere here. It seemed that there were just as many competitors for this well-paid part-time job.

On the fourth night, in order to celebrate the experience of entering the supernatural cafe, Zeng Xiaosong and Zhang Ming drank a pound of liquor at a small restaurant outside, and the two of them walked back to school drunk, supporting each other.

On the school walkway, there are dense trees on both sides, and the dim street lights cast their shadows faintly on the ground.

Suddenly, someone tapped Zeng Xiaosong on the shoulder from behind, which immediately reminded him of the manager with gloomy eyes in the supernatural cafe.

Zeng Xiaosong turned around, and all the blood in his body suddenly froze! The chill surged up like alcohol, and he stared at the masked man standing behind him with wide eyes!

In that mask, the blood-red eyes were wide-eyed and bleeding from the corners. They looked scary and ferocious. The man waved his right hand to say hello to Zeng Xiaosong!

"Ah!" Zeng Xiaosong yelled, turning his head in horror, his heart contracting violently, and there were waves of severe pain.

That mask was exactly the ghost mask he drew in the supernatural cafe that morning!

Zhang Ming looked back at him strangely, "What's wrong? What's the ghost's name? Are you drunk too much?"

"Zhang… Zhang Ming! I, I… I saw… the man wearing the ghost mask!" Zeng Xiaosong stammered.

"What, you really drank too much, there's no one behind you!" Zhang Ming laughed and patted his head.

Zeng Xiaosong was startled and immediately looked back. Sure enough, the masked man evaporated like air, leaving no trace at all.

But he clearly saw that the ghost mask he drew was worn by a person here. It was really strange. Maybe he was really drunk and dazzled?

Zeng Xiaosong returned to his dormitory, took a random shower and went to bed early. His headache returned again. Maybe it was because of drinking?

2. If you don’t leave, you will become a ghost.

Zeng Xiaosong and Zhang Ming unexpectedly received the recruitment call a week later.

Since Zeng Xiaosong saw the ghost mask that night, nothing like this happened again, so he didn't take it to heart.

The two happily reported to work at nine o'clock on Saturday morning. Following the manager's instructions, they entered the cafe through the back door. The store manager named Qiye handed them two masks.

What is strange is that the mask Zhang Ming received was drawn by himself, and the mask of Zeng Xiaosong was also a ghost mask drawn by himself. It seems that the rule here is that all candidates can wear ghost masks of their own design and work while hiding their identity.

Later, the store manager handed two small magazines that still smelled of ink to Zeng Xiaosong and Zhang Ming. They were full of bizarre new ghost stories. The store manager asked them to find the inside when the customer asked to hear the ghost story. Read to them with interest.

"You must not reveal anything about your work here to anyone, because here are the rules of our cafe. If you reveal other people's or your own information, then we will never hire you again. Remember, this is Rules." The store manager repeated what the manager said and then arranged the work.

The supernatural cafe was as lively as usual, and of course, also as spooky as usual. Zhang Ming is in charge of private room No. 9, while Zeng Xiaosong is in charge of private room No. 10, serving coffee, requesting songs, or telling ghost stories to the guests.

The work was not as hard as I imagined, on the contrary it was very easy. The average customer is a well-educated college student. They only ask Zeng Xiaosong to order some coffee and some songs. The rest of the time, he can sit and leisurely read ghost stories in the small magazine.

At noon, during meal time, Zeng Xiaosong and Zhang Ming were led by the store manager to a small restaurant on the fourth floor, which was a dedicated restaurant for employees.

The food is quite good, with plenty of meat, fresh vegetables, and excellent soup. Zeng Xiaosong filled the meal and sat next to Zhang Ming, taking off his ghost mask.

The other five colleagues also took off their scary ghost masks and showed their true colors in Lushan.

Two of them were young girls, very cute, and they seemed to be college students nearby.

The other three are boys around 21 years old, all good-looking. But when Zeng Xiaosong looked at the third boy, he couldn't help but be surprised!

Isn't this handsome boy his best friend He Ning who has been missing for half a year?

"He… He Ning? Are you here? What… what's going on?" Zeng Xiaosong screamed in fright, and the spoon in his hand fell to the ground with a clang.

Zhang Ming looked at Zeng Xiaosong in astonishment, as if shocked by his surprise.

The boy glared at him coldly. He took a slow sip of the soup and replied calmly: "You got the wrong person. I'm not He Ning. My name is Heiguang, the masked man with the B-side ghost."

The waiters here all use their own mask names as their own names, which sometimes makes Zeng Xiaosong feel creepy.

"Xiao Song, do you know him?" Zhang Ming asked strangely. He finished the bowl of fish head soup. It tasted very sweet.

The other colleagues seemed not to have heard Zeng Xiaosong's words, and they all looked calm and relaxed.

"Zhang Ming, he is He Ning! We were classmates from high school to university! Don't you remember?" Zeng Xiaosong was shocked. He looked at Zhang Ming, who was frowning while eating, to make sure he was not joking.

He Ning, Zeng Xiaosong, and Zhang Ming are all high school classmates. The three of them have a very good relationship and were admitted to the same university together. But six months ago, He Ning suddenly disappeared. Relatives and friends have been trying to find him for half a year, but there is no news. But Zeng Xiaosong didn't expect that he would actually work in this supernatural cafe!

Three days before his disappearance, Zeng Xiaosong actually met He Ning because He Ning was an admirer of his ex-girlfriend. Because of a small misunderstanding, Zeng Xiaosong injured He Ning all over his body, but his life was not in danger.

Three days later, He Ning suddenly disappeared. At that time, Zeng Xiaosong was detained for questioning as a suspect, but was released without a certificate.

In general, Zeng Xiaosong only hurt He Ning, but did not kill He Ning. He also felt guilty for his disappearance. But I was still quite frightened when I suddenly saw him here today.

"What, how do I know him? Xiaosong, are you scared to death? Although the atmosphere here is not right, everyone is a college student, do you really believe in evil?" Zhang understood Zeng Xiaosong and answered seriously.

Zeng Xiaosong's brain became even more confused. He tried his best to talk to Zhang Ming about his past life with He Ning, but Zhang Ming just looked indifferent and firmly said that he didn't know He Ning.

Are there such weird things happening in supernatural cafes? I met a friend of many years but couldn't remember it. Is this like being brainwashed in a novel?

Until the end of lunch, He Ning took Zeng Xiaosong's questions and questions indifferently, with a very indifferent attitude. When he put down his job and put on the scary ghost mask called Black Light, he looked at Zeng Xiaosong with a strange look.

Zeng Xiaosong didn't eat anything at all. He ate some random things and ended up hastily.

The day's work ended easily. When he got off work at nine o'clock that night, Zeng Xiaosong took the day's salary from the manager and returned to school with Zhang Ming in a complicated mood.

Regarding Zhang Ming's denial of He Ning's existence, he seemed to wonder if he was hallucinating. But that colleague named Heiguang does have a face that is no different from He Ning!

After sleeping until midnight, at two o'clock in the morning, Zeng Xiaosong woke up to a strange knock on the window.

Dong Dong…

A series of rhythmic knocks on the window sounded like a very impatient person reminding the sleeping classmates inside.

Zeng Xiaosong's bed was close to the window. When he looked out the window through the dim light, he was immediately scared out of his wits!

Outside the glass window on the fourth floor, there was a dark figure standing, whose face was unclear, because he was He Ning wearing a "black light" mask!

He Ning's prisoner Xiao Song died while he was hurriedly tapping the food on the glass window. Under the mask, those eyes with cold light were mysterious and quiet. At a sudden glance, he thought it was a legendary evil ghost with a ferocious face!

Zeng Xiaosong was so frightened that he huddled up holding the quilt. He didn't dare to open the window, let alone draw down the curtains. If He Ning outside was even slightly dissatisfied, his life would be in danger, right?

"Xiaosong…Xiaosong! You must leave the supernatural cafe, otherwise you will become a ghost!"

He Ning knocked on the window outside and warned Zeng Xiaosong.

The wind blew sadly, and unknown birds were crying sadly. Zeng Xiaosong still did not dare to express his anger, and the bed frame shook slightly due to his trembling.

"Xiaosong, are you awake?" Zhang Ming asked unexpectedly from the lower bunk.

"Yes…yes, Xiao Ming, didn't you hear any noise outside the window?" Zeng Xiaosong seemed to be relieved. It was the safest thing to have someone awake with him.

"What's the sound? I woke up early in the morning, drank too much water, and just went to the toilet." Zhang Ming answered matter-of-factly.

Zeng Xiaosong was shocked. He suddenly sat up and looked out the window with wide eyes. There was silence outside the window. Apart from the lights and the broken shadows of flowers, there was no trace of He Ning.

But just now he clearly heard He Ning knocking on the window, and he didn't even see Zhang Ming come back from going to the toilet. What happened to all this?

3. The split female ghost in side A is actually Wang Anli?

Early the next morning, Zeng Xiaosong went to work in the supernatural cafe as usual as if nothing had happened. He regarded the horrific incident in the early morning as just a hallucination. Besides, such a high salary is simply impossible to find in China, let alone being paid on the same day!

Everything was normal at work that day, and Zeng Xiaosong gradually got used to this scary atmosphere. Sometimes he would stay in the supernatural cafe to work all day long when there was no class, in order to make more money and solve the mystery of He Ning's disappearance. puzzle.

But why doesn’t Zhang Ming remember He Ning at all? Zeng Xiaosong found this the most difficult to explain. If he wasn't pretending, would there be any other reason?

On Friday night, Zeng Xiaosong bought a crystal necklace worth 999 for his girlfriend Hong Ni, and the two spent the night affectionately.

In the early morning, Zeng Xiaosong woke up with a dry mouth, and Hong Ni was sleeping soundly next to him. He noticed that the phone on his bedside vibrated and the screen lit up.

Who would send a text message at this time? Zeng Xiaosong squinted his eyes in confusion and opened his phone sleepily.

"Xiaosong: Are you okay? Long time no see, I'm back. Although you pushed me that day, I will definitely come to play with you! Your baby Wang Anli"

The phone fell to the ground with a bang. Zeng Xiaosong's face turned pale, and the fear in his heart expanded. In front of me, I seemed to see her terrifying appearance, with blood all over her body and missing limbs.

Wang Anli? Isn't she Zeng Xiaosong's ex-girlfriend? But she died just seven months ago.

Wang Anli is a petite and exquisite girl with pure and cute appearance. She is a student of the Design School of Nanling University. The two dated for a year, but Zeng Xiaosong met the sexy and charming Hong Ni and broke up with Wang Anli.

Wang Anli is a relatively affectionate girl. After all, Zeng Xiaosong is also one of the most handsome men in the school. He has excellent academic performance and is quite talented. How could she let go so easily?

As a result, she shamelessly pestered Zeng Xiaosong. While waiting for a red light at an intersection, the two of them had an argument over their breakup. Zeng Xiaosong accidentally pushed her, and Wang Anli accidentally sat down on the road. A speeding car knocked her away instantly…

Because he was afraid of being responsible, Zeng Xiaosong was so frightened that he crawled and ran away.

Later I heard that Wang Anli was confirmed dead when she was sent to the hospital. Of course, Zeng Xiaosong did not dare to attend her funeral.

But the number now sending messages to Zeng Xiaosong turned out to be Wang Anli’s before! Zeng Xiaosong was so scared that he could hardly breathe and quickly deleted the text message. I started to feel trance-like until I went to work.

Fortunately, there were not many guests today, so Zeng Xiaosong was not criticized for his poor performance. The text message from Wang Anli kept appearing in front of his eyes, so he simply asked for leave in the afternoon and went straight to Wang Anli's home.

No matter what, Zeng Xiaosong must solve the mystery of the death message, so he planned to go to Wang Anli's house to find out more about it.

The person who opened the door for him was Wang Anli's mother, whom Zeng Xiaosong had met twice. Mother Wang now looks older, with wrinkles on her face like tree bark.

As soon as Mrs. Wang saw Zeng Xiaosong, she dropped the ball of wool in her hand and chased him with her broom like crazy, "You brat, you still have the nerve to come to my house, you die!"

Mother Wang's yelling and cursing attracted the attention of people around her. Zeng Xiaosong avoided Mother Wang, thinking that in this scene, Wang Anli must be dead. It's just that no one saw her hanging out with Wang Anli, so her relatives didn't directly link her death to him.

Zeng Xiaosong escaped in embarrassment, and the mystery became bigger and bigger. If it wasn't Wang Anli, why did she know that he pushed her?

Back at the Supernatural Cafe, Zeng Xiaosong felt extremely uneasy. He Ning's eyes were calm, as if what happened that night was really just Zeng Xiaosong's hallucination. Zhang Ming also has no interest in He Ning, which shows that he has completely forgotten about He Ning.

It was dinner time again, and this time, the manager Pegasus and the store manager Qiye were also sitting at the dining table. At the same time, there was also a person wearing a Splinter Ghost mask among his colleagues.

The mask of the Splinter Ghost Mask is mixed with three colors: black, red, and white. Her mask is more sinister and terrifying than any other mask. Zeng Xiaosong once heard that the manager had a very capable secretary, and this secretary's ghost mask was called splitting.

Zeng Xiaosong clearly felt that the masked man of the Split Ghost had been staring at him, and he felt a strong uneasiness in his heart.

"It's rare for everyone to get together. Now Miss A-side Split is back. Let's welcome her with applause!" As soon as the manager finished speaking, everyone immediately applauded enthusiastically and then neatly took off their masks. The masks of the employees here are all ranked. Miss Split's mask is ranked A, and Zeng Xiaosong's mask is ranked G. They should be arranged in the order of first come.

I saw the Split Mask Man elegantly taking off his ghost mask, flicking his hair, and a beautiful and pure face appeared in front of everyone.

However, Zeng Xiaosong screamed and looked at Miss Split in shock.

Isn’t this divisive lady who is the manager’s secretary none other than her ex-girlfriend Wang Anli? Doesn't her appearance match the content of the text message yesterday morning?

But isn’t Wang Anli dead? Why did it appear in front of Zeng Xiaosong?

4. Destined to die?

"Split, these are the two new colleagues, Hei Ling and Er Song. Let's get along well!" The manager laughed, thinking that Zeng Xiaosong was frightened by Secretary Split's beauty.

"Hello, welcome to our supernatural cafe!" Schizophrenia said in a sweet voice, not bad! This is Wang Anli's voice. There is no change at all. This is clearly Wang Anli!

Zeng Xiaosong looked at Wang Anli gloomily and murmured Wang Anli's name.

"Hey, Xiaosong, what's wrong with you? Do you know her again?" Zhang Ming pulled Zeng Xiaosong, who was in a daze, and asked strangely.

"Zhang Ming…she is Anli! Have you forgotten her too?" Zeng Xiaosong looked at Zhang Ming with a gloomy face and asked in a hoarse voice.

Zhang Ming shook his head, "Are you kidding me? When did I know such a beauty? If I had known her earlier, I would have definitely made her my girlfriend!"

Everyone was laughing and courting Wang Anli, and did not even notice the conversation between Zeng Xiaosong and Zhang Ming.

Wang Anli smiled brightly and raised a glass of red wine to toast Zeng Xiaosong, "New colleague, I hope you will become our official employee soon and work harder for our supernatural cafe!"

Her expression was natural, without resentment or surprise, and she clearly looked like she didn't recognize Zeng Xiaosong.

Zeng Xiaosong stammered in reply, "Ah… ok… ok…"

Zhang Mingze chatted with Wang Anli very enthusiastically, and the atmosphere of the dinner became high for a while. Only Zeng Xiaosong, whose face was pale and uneasy, glanced at Wang Anli a few times while eating.

Could it be that this Miss Split is just a girl who looks very similar to Wang Anli and not herself? But the little black mole under the corner of her mouth is exactly the same! How can people be so similar?

In order to clarify this matter, Zeng Xiaosong walked to Wang Anli's office alone after his colleagues left.

Just as he walked to the window, he heard a squeak, the window opened, and a light shone out, which startled Zeng Xiaosong.

He turned around and saw clearly the furnishings inside. Dim red light, a blue desk, two rotating black clothes, and a bookshelf full of books on one side. What is clear is Wang Anli standing in front of the window.

She was not wearing the Split Ghost mask, and her familiar and beautiful face showed a gentle smile to Zeng Xiaosong, with surprise in her eyes.

"Xiaosong, come in quickly, I've been waiting for you for a long time!" Wang Anli said, her tone as cordial as when they were passionately in love.

Zeng Xiaosong was so frightened that he took a few steps back, almost forgetting the purpose of coming here. He clenched his fists and struggled to squeeze out what he wanted to say.

"Anli…you…aren't you dead? Why…are you here?"

"What, I kept looking for you and you ignored me, how could I die? You really know how to joke!" Wang Anli stared at her almond-shaped eyes, as if she was angry before.

"No… no! It's not like that… I don't want to kill you… no!" Zeng Xiaosong yelled. In the corridor filled with ghosts, his voice was so hoarse and tragic.

"Hahaha! Zeng Xiaosong, I hate you! I am dead, but I will still come to haunt you! I am the first ghost here, you can't run away! Hahaha!" The gentle and elegant Wang Anli suddenly She laughed wildly, and her beautiful little face instantly turned into her split ghost mask. The eyes actually grew to the mask, and grew bigger and bigger, almost swallowing up the entire mask. In those two black hole-like eyes, flashes of light flashed. Glittering with blood, it’s eerie and terrifying!

Zeng Xiaosong screamed and ran towards the door desperately! But he tripped over something and fell to the ground with a thud.

He hurriedly turned around, thinking that Wang Anli was catching up, but the person he was pressing down turned out to be a person wearing a ghost mask!

This is He Ning! God, how could He Ning appear at his feet in an instant? There was nothing here when he just ran by!

Zeng Xiaosong stretched out his hands tremblingly and climbed up. He Ning remained motionless. Zeng Xiaosong stretched out his hand to feel his breath, but he was no longer breathing!

Zeng Xiaosong quickly shouted for help. He just stood up and ran a few steps, but he heard someone laughing behind him.

It was He Ning. He got up. There was a pool of blood on the ground, which looked even more terrifying in the dim light.

He Ning laughed strangely twice and rushed towards Zeng Xiaosong. Zeng Xiaosong only felt a pair of long hands grasping his neck tightly, and the strong smell of blood hit his face. The smell seemed to be poured into his mouth and large intestine, making it extremely difficult to breathe.

The hand grabbing his neck became harder and harder, and Zeng Xiaosong's pupils gradually expanded. He struggled feebly, but still couldn't escape the fate that had been decided long ago…

5. The truth in death

In Wang Anli's office, Zhang Ming leaned on his chair with a smile and said to Wang Anli with a smile: "Haha, Anli, Zeng Xiaosong must be frightened by your video! This time, look at the list of French exchange students. Come and belong to me.”

Wang Anli snorted coldly and drank a cup of coffee with disdain, "That betrayer has been afraid of ghosts since he was a child. Fortunately, he is still a college student! I really vomited this bad breath. It's a pity that He Ning was persuaded by me to go. He murdered Zeng Xiaosong, but was hit by a car on the way."

The smile on Zhang Ming's face froze, and he felt a coldness coming out of his heart like smoke.

"Anli… He Ning is dead? But why… is he still working in this cafe?"

Wang Anli was stunned, and her face turned pale instantly, "What? Zhang Ming, this is not the joke. He Ning has died a long time ago, and my mother is still going to attend his funeral!"

At this moment, a hoarse scream came from the corridor, and Zhang Ming and Wang Anli hurried out.

In the dark corridor, there were pools of dark red blood blooming like the other side of the flower, and the bright red footprints were frightening. At the end of the corridor, two people were lying lifeless. One was Zeng Xiaosong who had just been scared away, and the other was He Ning who was wearing a mask.

"Ah…Zhang Ming! Zeng Xiaosong…is dead. Who is this person?" Wang Anli pointed at He Ning and asked tremblingly.

An ominous feeling made her whole body shiver. This time, something big had really happened.

"He…he is He Ning! He has been working in the cafe!" Zhang Ming felt a chill and couldn't help but step back.

He Ning, who was wearing a ghost mask, stood up and slowly took off his mask, revealing a face that Wang Anli was very familiar with – He Ning!

Wang Anli was so frightened that she screamed and ran away with Zhang Ming.

The corner of He Ning's mouth slightly raised into a smile, and in an instant, that beautiful face turned into a ghost mask – an E-faced ghost mask.

It turned out that Wang Anli did not die after being hit by a car, but in order to scare Zeng Xiaosong, she deliberately asked her family to tell Zeng Xiaosong that she was dead, and spread some rumors about her death in the school.

In fact, Wang Anli had to lie in bed for five months due to serious injuries. She strongly requested her parents not to announce the news, creating the illusion that Wang Anli was dead.

Then Wang Anli, who recovered, went to work in a supernatural cafe. She had to pay off her hospital debt, but during this period she happened to meet Zhang Ming.

Although Zhang Ming was Zeng Xiaosong's classmate, due to the competition for French exchange students in the school, Zeng Xiaosong became his strong opponent, so he planned a series of intimidation incidents with Wang Anli, who harbored hatred.

Wang Anli used the Ersong ghost mask brought back by the store manager to steal it and secretly followed Zeng Xiaosong; she used the number to send text messages to Zeng Xiaosong, hinting at her "revenge of the undead", all in order to put great psychological pressure on Zeng Xiaosong. , his grades will drop, and Zhang Ming will definitely be able to get a place as an exchange student in the name of his outstanding grades.

But what happened to the knocking on the window that Zeng Xiaosong had heard?

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