The Ghost Is Around Us

Li Wenyu has been able to see ghosts since he was a child. When everyone was curious about ghosts, he thought ghosts were very common. However, it was rare to hear someone say that he could see ghosts. I had always doubted whether there were ghosts in the world, so of course I would not let it go. At that time, I thought he was joking, but he pointed to another girl and said that an old man passed through the girl's body. I asked in confusion: "Don't ghosts stay in uninhabited places?" … Continue readingThe Ghost Is Around Us

The Ghost Is Mad Author: Haunted House

The sexy ghost went straight up to her and chatted with her under the influence of alcohol: "Beauty, do you know it's very dangerous to be here alone now? But I have the desire but not the courage, and I can't use alcohol to boost my courage this time. For a while, both of them fell silent. My heart suddenly turned dark, and I was so surprised that I couldn't say a word. Could it be that Yuanzi is a ghost, or a sexy ghost? Suddenly I remembered the unnatural look on Yuanzi's face at that time. It turned out that she was a sexy ghost. … Continue readingThe Ghost Is Mad Author: Haunted House

Author: Haunted House

One night not long after, I received his call again. He was crying like a child, "Dong Ci, do you believe in ghosts?" When he saw me, his expression suddenly became terrified, as if he had seen a ghost in broad daylight. – If there were really ghosts in the world, wouldn't I, as a corpse makeup artist, have been scared to death long ago? … Continue readingAuthor: Haunted House

Cover Death Watch Three Campus Ghost Stories

The first ghost story: After the evening self-study, I stayed in the classroom for a while because I was not sleepy. I looked at the watch and it was almost 11 o'clock and the lights were about to be turned off. So I packed up my books and prepared to go back to the dormitory. At this time, the lights in the classroom went out. I walked towards the dormitory in the dark. The school was dark again. I looked at the watch and it was still not 11 o'clock. Could it be that my watch stopped? The second ghost story: The third ghost story: … Continue readingCover Death Watch Three Campus Ghost Stories

Chapter 52: Look At The Wax Leaf Jade Five Channels

"They are all from the lowest class," Ye Gui said, "I don't think I can support myself by practicing medicine." Ye Gui said, "The old lady can't see, but the man also thinks I can't see him." Teacher Li said, "There is a kind of ghost that specializes in seducing young women, the Ghost Wutong." Teacher Li looked at Ye Gui, "You shouldn't be able to see it either. Ye Gui looked at the monks who continued to chant the mantras, but they were very excited, because the scriptures they chanted were getting faster and faster. … Continue readingChapter 52: Look At The Wax Leaf Jade Five Channels

"The Strange Wooden Comb" Family Ghost Story Online Reading

Lianyi called her friend Jian Mo. Jian Mo's grandmother was a witch. Jian Mo had been interested in these witchcraft since she was a child. After graduating from college, she traveled around to those weird towns, saying she wanted to catch ghosts. "Oh~ stop talking…" Lianyi told Jian Mo what happened in the past few days, including the mysterious old woman in the ancient city and the wooden comb that could not be thrown away. Lianyi was horrified to find that the woman in ancient costume looked exactly like him. … Continue reading"The Strange Wooden Comb" Family Ghost Story Online Reading

Author: Ghost House

But whenever Zhijun worked overtime, Xinyue would definitely take her children to the old lady's place to eat, and the food would always be free. And she told her husband what happened to her, but Zhijun said that she was blinded and there could be no ghosts in the world. A few days later, the following thing still happened at night when Zhijun was working overtime and Xinyue took her children to have lunch. It turned out that he was responsible for the car accident. This is exactly what happens when evil comes to you. If you don't do bad things, you won't be afraid of ghosts. … Continue readingAuthor: Ghost House

Very Kidnapper, Please Don't Pester Him (4)

"Stop pestering him!" the girl said to herself, "otherwise you will die ugly!" The girl in red gritted her teeth and said, "Please, don't pester him anymore!" "The girl in red said, "Please, don't pester him anymore. Those who use witchcraft to harm others will surely suffer retribution, and you will not have a good death! It's really strange that you don't bother to solve it and just keep moving forward. Aren't you afraid of being strangled? … Continue readingVery Kidnapper, Please Don't Pester Him (4)

Something Ghostly Happened At Home

Is it a coincidence, but why does that ghost want to kill me as soon as it sees me? As long as he accepts the ghost, what he does will be meaningless. "No, this matter is not over yet. I'm afraid we have found the wrong ghost." It is possible that this will explain the matter. Then the ghost we collected yesterday was Wu Yuan's wife. She was raped first and then later. Killing, the resentment is very heavy, so he has never been able to reincarnate. … Continue readingSomething Ghostly Happened At Home

Haunted House

When it was almost dawn, Suwen finally stopped her tapping and lay on the bed without taking off her clothes. "A girl just jumped down from the building," someone said. It was a few days ago. We went to the bookstore and saw an old lady at the door. She was missing several upper teeth, so her smile was very dry. Looking back now, she seemed to be a witch. —Wonderful ghost stories are all in the ghost house:— … Continue readingHaunted House