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On Li Lin's thirteenth birthday, her mother gave her a Barbie doll. This doll is very special and ugly, but Li Lin fell in love with it at first sight, and she still hugs this doll to sleep every day.

Soon, her father had an affair, and her mother committed suicide in a fit of anger.

From then on , Li Lin seemed to be a completely different person, taciturn and perverse. She felt that the only person she could rely on in this world had disappeared , and no one would like her anymore. .

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However, to her surprise, when she grew up, she actually received a love letter.

The person who gave her the love letter was named Li Cheng. Later, Li Cheng became her boyfriend.

Ghost Doll Hanako 2 stills_Ghost Doll Hanako Chinese version_Ghost Doll Hanako 2 stills

In the first six months, Li Cheng always maintained the image of a model boyfriend and treated her meticulously. It's a pity that the good times didn't last long, and finally one day, her boyfriend left her for the simple reason that he fell in love with another girl.

Li Lin had a feeling of being cruelly abandoned, just like when her mother suddenly left without saying goodbye, she was instantly surrounded by an endless sense of loneliness. In a fit of anger, she burned all the gifts her boyfriend gave her.

Ghost Doll Hanako 2 stills_Ghost Doll Hanako Chinese version_Ghost Doll Hanako 2 stills

You will have your comeuppance! She thought as she burned. The fire was burning in the kitchen, but unexpectedly, the fire got out of control. With great difficulty, Li Lin escaped from the raging flames, but in the next second, she remembered that doll!

She rushed back desperately and jumped into the fire. When Li Lin woke up, she found that her face was covered with a layer of gauze. Her face was burned, hideous, and ugly as a demon. It's just that she hasn't noticed it yet.

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On the day when the gauze was removed, Li Lin's father was watching her worriedly.

The gauze was removed layer by layer, Li Lin was overjoyed suddenly, pointed to the face in the mirror and said: Look! look! I rescued the doll!

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Later, Li Lin's father found the doll under Li Lin's burnt bed, and strangely, it was intact.

The doll's face was as ferocious as ever, and it looked exactly like Li Lin now!

He finally understood that this doll was a curse. Before the wife committed suicide, she passed all her hatred for her husband onto her daughter, so she gave her this doll.

And Li Lin's current face is the product of two heartless men.

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