Granny Mopping The Floor

In the second year of high school, under the arrangement of his parents, Chen Tang transferred to Yuncheng No. 1 Middle School, which is known as the "first place in teaching quality every year". Chen Tang's parents watched their son enter the campus gate with satisfaction. From their eyes, we can see how much they hope that their son can be admitted to any key university in China with excellent grades, but the ghost mother-in-law novel is just the dream of the parents. Chen Tang just sighed softly: 'Longtan' has entered the 'Tiger's Den' again, hey…..

Chen Tang lazily carried his schoolbag as heavy as a mountain, and entered the teaching building listlessly. Just as Chen Tang was about to go up the stairs, an old woman in plain clothes with a kind face stood in front of Chen Tang. I saw the old woman holding a mop tightly with withered bamboo hands, dragging every step with great effort, just not giving way to Chen Tang.

"Well, mother-in-law, step aside, I'm going upstairs to the classroom." Chen Tang said a little impatiently.

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But the old lady ignored Chen Tang, and just mopped the floor on her own, the dirty water on the mop splashed onto Chen Tang's surroundings from time to time, causing Chen Tang to dodge left and right, and the expression on Chen Tang's face began to change. Patience turns to anger.

"Get out of the way, old woman." Chen Tang said, pushing the old woman away and walking upstairs. He didn't take a few steps, but heard a "bang" from behind, which startled Chen Tang and thought he could do nothing. The old lady was knocked down by the force, and she quickly turned around to take a look, only to see that there was nothing behind her, and there was only a mop dripping on the ground. "Hey, depressed, this old woman has a bigger temper than me! She's as lazy as you, so she's leaving." Chen Tang took a look, went up to the second floor without looking back, and came to his own classroom – Class 187 of the second year of high school.

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The head teacher is surnamed Wang, and he is not very old. He has long black hair and fair skin, and is very beautiful. This made Chen Tang feel better immediately, and sighed in his heart: "I met such a beautiful class teacher, why not be shot." Teacher Wang invited Chen Tang into the classroom very enthusiastically, and Chen Tang found a seat by himself. When I came down, my eyes always looked at Mr. Wang from time to time.

After a while, almost all the students in the classroom arrived. Teacher Wang used his very gentle voice to read everyone's name, especially Chen Tang. Teacher Wang yelled three…four times before Chen Tang came to his senses. arrive. This allowed Teacher Wang to easily remember this 'special' student.

Ghost mother-in-law audio novels_Little monk, ghost mother-in-law_Ghost mother-in-law novels

The next step was for each student to introduce themselves on the podium. To be honest, in Chen Tang's opinion, this was the most boring thing.After a while, it was Chen Tang's turn to go to the podium. Chen Tang slowly walked up to the podium with a smile on his face. He was about to speak when he suddenly saw the corridor outside the classroom through the window.

There was a black shadow standing on the ground, Chen Tang quickly blinked his eyes, and then saw that there was nothing. "This is so evil, I clearly saw…" Just as he was thinking, Chen Tang suddenly saw an old woman standing at the door of the classroom. Looking carefully, it was the 'unreasonable' old woman he met at the stairs.

Ghost mother-in-law audio novels_Little monk, ghost mother-in-law_Ghost mother-in-law novels

"Student Chen Tang, classmate Chen Tang, are you okay?" Teacher Wang's unique gentle voice immediately reached Chen Tang who was in a daze on the podium. Chen Tang quickly recovered and smiled embarrassedly at everyone and Teacher Wang. , and soon finished introducing himself in a few words.

The time is so fast, in the blink of an eye, it is the evening self-study time of the day, the sky seems to be covered with a black cloth, and it is pitch black. Chen Tang is watching his favorite "Happy Men's Ghost Stories Collection" at his seat. Chen Tang's seat is next to the window, and outside the window is the corridor. Under the light, the dark corridor looks always Flickering and dimming, Chen Tang occasionally looked out the window to see if anyone from the Political and Educational Office had passed by, otherwise confiscating extra-curricular books would be a trivial matter and telling the parents would be a big deal.

Just when Chen Tang was reading vigorously, he only heard the strange sound of "creak, creak" coming from his ear. Chen Tang looked depressedly at the window beside him, but there was nothing there. Just as Chen Tang was about to continue reading Suddenly, a human face was tightly pressed against the glass next to Chen Tang. Chen Tang was startled and fell off the stool at the same time. The cold sweat on Chen Tang's face was like splashing water. I was horrified to find that the classroom was empty, and saw that the face on the glass was the old woman . The old woman had a ferocious face at this time, and she was not as kind as before. Her hands were like eagle claws, and she was scratching the glass vigorously, " Crunch…crunch…" The fragile glass was easily torn apart by the old woman like tofu.

Chen Tang screamed strangely on the spot, and planned to run out of the classroom. Just as Chen Tang got up, the old woman's thin body suddenly crawled in from the window. He crawled desperately toward the door with both hands, only to see the old woman grab Chen Tang's feet with both hands, preventing Chen Tang from getting out. It was very big, and a black-red liquid flowed out, and it rushed towards Chen Tang's face…

"Ah…" broke the self-study classroom, and several students suddenly grabbed Chen Tang who seemed to be in hysteria. Chen Tang suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the students around him, and immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Tone, several students next to him were asking what happened to Chen Tang, Chen Tang just slowly told them the story in the dream, several students looked down on Chen Tang after hearing it, only one girl Said: "I heard from the senior sister in the previous year that there was an old lady who was cleaning in the school and had an argument with a boy last year. The boy pushed the old lady angrily, and the old lady fell to her death on the spot. He lost a lot of money, and later that boy didn’t know what happened, some said he went to a mental hospital, who knows.” After Chen Tang heard this, sweat dripped down his face like a waterfall Suddenly, Chen Tang looked at the window and passed out.

The students turned their heads and looked, there was nothing on the window, but they didn't know who leaned a mop against the glass…

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